Summer vacation is the time for fun and trying things we don’t do everyday. If you can’t play and be a bit childish, you have lost something in your life. Playing together with friends doubles the enjoyment, and since we have my college and blog friend Tor and his wife visiting our vacation home, adventures is been taken to newer dimensions.
My regular readers knows Tor has brought along their canoe and we had a great time paddling yesterday – please scroll down to my last post to see for yourself! Today we had another great day at Lake Vänern in Sweden and since I always want to give my readers something new, I used the vid recorder on my Nokia mobile phone to capture it all. If pictures says a thousand words, hopefully a video says even more:

Like I say in the video; we’ve had the worst summer weather in years lately. Mostly cool and rainy: more like 15C (60F) than 25C (68F). Today we had fairly good weather, at least when we were at the beach. Just as we came home again the rain came pouring down! If anyone has some: could they please send over some hot summer weather as we are tired of this green winter kind :-)


  1. With good friends – timing is not a matter of discussion – and weather can be what so ever – it’s a matter of harmony
    Sitting in a canoe – then you know what friendship is all about – discover the silence and nature together – besides working/paddling as a team.
    This video is what I will call a trailer for this Saturdays events.
    Thanks for having Anna and me as your guests.

    Your welcome and I really mean that you’ve taken funny summer to another dimension!
    Actually I thought the vid came out quite well too:-)

  2. Wow. I like the place. Very remote. Away from the urban sprawl. I guess if one had enough of the city one can easily enjoy that lake.

    Yea, you might say it’s rural and I just love it!

  3. That was so much fun to watch! It is also great to hear your voice. It makes you seem much more real. Does that make sense?

    Thanks for the complaints and it did make sense!

  4. Hi Renny! I hope you and your friends are having a lovely weekend :)
    It was nice to hear your voice at last, I’m glad too that you’re able to capture this moment, something you could always watch and watch again when vacation with friends is over. Lovely memory, don’t you think so?
    Regards from Holland…groetjes!

    But we have – a real good one!
    I’m flattered that you liked to hear my voice and you can hear more from the post of the story of my blog here!
    Hilser from Norway:-)

  5. i wonder how long it would take me to get to norway if i start paddling now, and can i tug warm weather behind me….

    Just close your eyes and start paddling! With that warm breeze behind you, you’ll be here in a minute :-)

  6. Well, it’s 86F here right now at 5 pm and that’s cooler than usual, believe it or not. It’s usually in the upper 90’sF to over 100F in Arkansas in the middle of July.
    Surely you can find a way for us to combine our weather and split the difference so we can all be happy! ;-)
    I enjoyed the video and the scenery, Renny. I find it’s not much different than some of the scenery here where I live.
    Enjoy your weekend with family and good friends. :-)
    Love and hugs,

    Thanks for being so gallant to share some of your summer weather – we do need it!
    Glad you liked the vid and that we – even if living in such a big distance – that you share some of the beautiful nature scenery.
    We do enjoy – right now Tor sits besides me at 2AM and checking – just about to get some sleep :-)

  7. Canoing is an absolute passion of mine. I haven’t done it for years but I swear I was born in a canoe. Lovely area for your trip.

    It’s been cool here for the last few days too with similar sounding weather. Rain, gloomy and cool. It seems this summer we’ll be swinging from heat waves with temps in the 40’s with humidity too cool weather days like we’ve had recently. Odd weather.

    Renny I noticed you respond within your comments. Have you heard of the Comment email responder plugin? If this is a wordpress site you can add the plugin and it will place a tiny envelope beside each of your commenters names. Just click the envelop and it takes you down to the reply area and when you hit submit the commenter gets an email that shows them how you replied on the blog. That’s what I use. It’s a fantastic plugin. Here’s the link to the site if you are interested:

    I’m glad we share this passion then – as well as blogging!
    Thank you so much for sharing this responder plugin – really! I will look into it later and try myself as I love to get and give personal response!

  8. i just come back from Sanary sur Mer where I saw the firework of the National Holiday and arrived at home I was curious to know if you posted a new billet! Nice to see that you had good time at the lake with the canoe! And a video! I’s a thing I never do. A video on my blog; I will do it one day!

    I’m glad you had a jolly good evening on your National Day too and flattered that you had to check my post. Glad you liked the vid and happy if I could inspire you to do the same!

  9. HI RennyBa
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Looks like you and Tor and your families had a lovely time at the lake with the canoe. Look forward to seeing some more photos and please come and visit again.

    Your welcome and I liked your blog.
    I guess there will be more pics at Tor’s today, so stay tuned!

  10. How cool! I loved the video and hearing your voice! More I say.. I’m really starting to want to get a new camera so I can do that again (videos)…

    Thanks! and year, it’s fun and do you mean a mobile with cam like mine?

  11. I LOVE canoeing, Renny, and love that you were able to share the experience with your blogger friend. Those are the moments on which we hang our lives and remember forever! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks and you know I love to share. Yea, these are treasureable memories!

  12. Oh that looks as if you would have a lot of fun ! Don’t worry about the weather you will get the heat we have since Friday (around 30°) probably too it moves north ! It’s really terrible from one extreme to the other !

    We did – wish you where here to join us!
    Extreme is the right word. Today it’s sunny but also strong winds.

  13. Renny – Maine is also have a weather challenging summer – hope you find the sun before the snow begins again :) Your pics and video from Sweden are a testament to the joys of summer – Enjoy!

    Seams like one report extrema weather all around the world!? Glad you liked the pics and video!
    To all: Go visit Hexe and see her posts about their visit to Norway!

  14. Sending some hot weather your way, Renny ~~~~ :-)
    I love your videos! Canoing is such fun.

    Thanks – I can feel your warm wishes is on the way:-)
    I knew you would like canoeing too!

  15. I have to come back some other time to see it, the internet connection has been too bad here today butt I finally got a post up. *mutterings*
    Yes, the weather isn’t too good here either, which is VERY UNUSUAL. Today it has been sunny, but very very windy. We have never had such a strange summer!
    I’m glad that all of you are having a good time – making me look forward to meet Tor and Anna here soon!

    Sorry to hear about your bad connection – I’ll check up on you soon!
    The weather here is exceptional too – strange – we’ve had sun but very windy too. Tomorrow seams to be like a normal summer though (for a day)
    We had the very best time together and thanks a million for all the kisses from you ;-)

  16. Renny
    Nice picures, guess the rain didn’t hold you guys up!!
    Ever get your sandals? Thought I saw a good fit.
    Kay L

    There is no such as bad weather you know, only bad cloths and in the summer time you don’t need that much!
    As for the sandals, I bought the gold platforms, thank you :-)

  17. Hi RennyBA You sure do know how to have fun with your NOKIA MOBILE PHONE! lol

    Glad you liked it – a great toy you know :-)

  18. Renny,
    the 3 of us watched one (2) more time this video-
    — Do you think we will come back – LOL

    I’m glad we have this wonderful memories here to share too – to watch them again and again!
    – I hope so, course it was the best experience this summer to us:-)

  19. How exciting to have the best of both worlds Renny….how often do you spend time in Sweden? I’ve been to Stockholm and I found the standard of living is pretty expensive back then.
    You guys really know how to enjoy and as you rightfully mentioned…it certainly doubles the joy! I wish I was there to have triple fun with you folks :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog and hey….love Toraa & his wife too :D

    Thanks! Well since we have our vacation home here, we spend much of our spare time in Mariestad. Stockholm is the capital, so it might be a bit expensive, but generally Sweden is cheaper than Norway.
    Crazy boys will always have fun you know! One day you just have to join us please, to triple the fun!
    Your welcome – I enjoy reading your posts! Hope you visit Tor and tell him personally:-)

  20. Well, you certainly do have that beach to yourselves but it’s too bad I couldn’t send you some heat waves that we recently had. Man, it was stifling and no rain, just hot and steamy. Cooler now and about 23 C We finally got a bit of rain for the crops. Keep having a ball!

    Yea, it was nice and quiet. Maybe your weather will come later on to us.
    Well, since Tor and Anna has gone, the ball is over but not our vacation so stay tuned :-)

  21. Great little Video, Renny…And you are right…A Video is even more wonderful than a picture…for certain things….Like showing us exactly where you were and who was with you…It sure looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Abiut that rain: You send some here and I’ll send you some Sunny Days…lol!

    Glad you liked my little presentation live on the beach too!
    You can have as much rain as you wish – let’s exchange:-)

  22. seems like the weather isnt going straight at what its name suggest.
    summer isnt summer for the whole of its period.
    here in our country same goes with yours.
    by the way, that canoening video really is fun to watch. i repeated it 3 times actually hehe.,
    have a great day ahead.! I got diabetes news for all of you.

    The weather is a bit strange yea, but we have fun anyway.
    Glad you liked the vid as much as we enjoying shooting it!
    Wish you a wonderful summer week and I’ll go and check.

  23. Wow renny! I just loved hearing your voice!:)Thanks for sharing this video Our summer is finally back & we’re getting humidity that I really hate Uh well,I still hope to enjoy this summer though despite of its unpredictabilities.

    My voice seams to be popular LoL
    Your welcome and I’m glad you finally got the summer weather then. We are enjoying our vacation whatever weather you know.

  24. Summer is 15C-25C? Wow, I expect the winter to be very cold then? Around here, that temperature is winter temperature and already I feel like dying in the cold. =( I guess I would never be able to stand winter in Sweden.

    In winter it can be down to -20C, so it’s quite a different. I just love that season too – crispy and fresh – as soon as you learn to dress for the weather. Check my post from category winter and you’ll see!

  25. Do you know how hot it is in Singapore? 35C !! Gosh! I’m practically baked! You can have the heat. And …. come and get your award from my latest post! ^-^

    Maybe something between yours and ours would be perfect. Come on over and we’ll cool you down LoL
    I’ll be right over – so exciting!

  26. i had fun watching the video renny and u have a little british accent how was it? 15C? that must be so cold yekz!

    Glad you liked it too! I don’t know about the British accent – more like Scandinavian I guess:-)
    Well that day we where lucky to have more like 20C and that was good enough.

  27. You have a nice voice! It looks like y’all had a blast! Great video! :D

    Thanks for your compliment (blushing:-) Glad you liked the vid too :-D

  28. The place looks nice and actually somewhat reminds me of a tropical beach

    Well, your the expert ;-)

  29. Great clip, and you have a nice cam/broadcast voice. :)

    Thanks Mark :)

  30. Looks like a fun place! I hope no one fell in :) Brrrr!!!!

    That’s no problem Teena – we’re Vikings you know :)

  31. Sorry I am so late getting here. The lake is so pretty! Our lake here in NY has rocks and no sand! But we are a bit warmer but also have lots of rain! The small video was a wonderful way to share and I really enjoyed it!

    Don’t you worry, its good to see you back again!
    I’ve been in Adirondack, so I know what you mean – a beautiful landscape and actually quite similar I think.
    We’ve had loads of rain the last day in southern Scandinavia – the summer time is weatherly strange!
    Glad you liked the vid too:-)

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