My trusty readers know that I love to share Norwegian and Nordic countries traditions, culture, food and habits. As I call myself a network evangelist and love to make new friends all over the world, I got another opportunely to widen my audience yesterday – an offer I can’t refuse! My blog friend in Singapore eastcoastlife, honored me with The Power of Schmoozing award! Here is what it’s all about:

The Power of SchmoozeSchmoozing as defined by is the ability to “converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection”. When it comes to blogging, schmoozing is your ticket to making new friends, getting yourself noticed and building a reputation. Some bloggers are gifted with the ability to effectively schmooze and others not so much. Mark and his friend Danielle wanted to recognize those bloggers who exhibit strong schmoozing skills. In order to do so they created the new Power of Schmooze award! They suggested to reward five bloggers friends who also are masters of the schmooze. Here is mine:

  • Queer Chef – Chas is my blog designer, a great schmooze blogger and also pretty darn good at networking with others. His blog is highly ranked and one of my favorite.
  • Lifecruiser – A truly excellent schmoozer from Sweden. It’s an honer to be one of their A-Team Cruiser Team member as Lifecruiser clearly knows the importance of communication in blogging.
  • Feverishthoughts – Tricia’s Musings in Canada -A nurse, A wife living the Fun fun social life. Her motto says it all: 1. Live life to the fullest; and 2. Don’t have any regrets.
  • TorAa Mirror – A great colleague and blog freind from Norway who call himself: Optimistic, creative with sense of humor and reflective. He loves his cats, his wife and always surprises his readers.
  • Gentle and Compassionate – Ghee in Japan was one of my first blogger friends. She never forget to laugh and change humorous talks with people and of course achieved ‘Top Mama’ award. She’s a truly gifted schmoozer.

As I had to stop at five among hundreds, I’ve tried to find a variety of blogger friends from all over the world. Now it’s up to these five schmooze-worthy folks to pass along this excellent award to others they believe have the power of schmooze :-)


  1. Woot! Very well written, you awesome guy! You did a great job, giving out the award to people from the 4 corners of the world. hehehe…..
    Ahhh, Lifecruiser! Great choice! She’s a real wonderful Schmoozer!!!

    Thanks – I tried my best to make a good global variety – it’s not easy only to pick out five you know!
    Your welcome and really worth every word – your the best Schmoozer I know!

  2. I’m the first today by you but the first “zombie” too! (see in my post)
    First felicitation for this award! I suppose you have the same muscles since the canoe! (smiling)
    I know 4 bloggers on 5! And I enjoy to visit the 5th : Gentle and compassionate with is a nice name and a lot of promise.

    yea, your always a faithful commentator – I’ve been at your blog (sorry you was kept awake all night!)
    Thanks for your greetings – so you recognize my biceps!
    I know you will like Ghee!

  3. Wow thank you very much for the lovely award and I have already visited all of the blogs that you awarded and they certainly deserve it as well

    Your most welcome Chas. I know you knew all of them and some was introduced to me be you, remember – thanks!

  4. I’m so flattered to be among your top five. Really. Hugs from Anna and me for this honour. And we miss you both. Also give hugs to the boys.

    btw . Busy is only the forename here now: Son and grandson – then my cousin (also our neighbour) invited us for coffee etc – tomorrow Ingelin and X will arrive. The 3 cats – they have stayed out like real predators since Seb arrived. Bad weather again. Better forecast for tomorrow.

    Your welcome my friend and I hope you’ll pass the token!
    Tons of hugs back to you from me and Diane!
    I can tell you are busy – remember to have fun too:-)

  5. As far as schmoozers go, Renny, you are definitely worthy of the award! Well done! :)

    Thanks Ginnie – an approval from you is an honor my dear blogger friend!

  6. Wow Thanks Renny. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of myself as as Schmoozer before but maybe I am? :) Thanks for the honor. I do agree with Ginnie – you are a first class Schmoozer extraordinare.

    Your welcome and it’s because I think you are a great networker too you know. Hope you find the time to pass the token!

  7. your networking alone makes you the schmooziest schmoozer in blogland. heheheheh. congratualtions.

    Awww, that was nicely said – thanks!

  8. Congratulation Renny on this wonderful award and yes you really do deserve it :D

    Thanks – I’m glad you think so!

  9. Congrats!

    Thanks Teena!

  10. It is so amazing that we are connected together by all but one of the bloggers.
    Oh the world gets sooo small.
    I like the “net”around the world shrinking

    I’m glad I’m one of your connection and your a great networker too!
    Your so right, blogging connecting people and build down religious and culture barriers.

  11. Congratulations Renny…you’re a real life schmoozer now…lol!

    Thanks Robyn – good to have the proof of the pudding you know:-)

  12. Mazel tov to you, Sir Renny! Carry on schmoozing! Kbyenow. :-)

    Thanks and of course I can’t stop now:-)

  13. oh i dont have that enough skills due to sometimes i tend to divert my attention very easy. i mean i cant focus on one thing like blogging :D
    congrats renny you deserved that :)

    Well, people are different and that’s good. I do think you have a great blog though!
    Thanks Scart!

  14. Renny,
    You’re right! You do have the power. How fascinating your video was (in the about section). I am going to enjoy learning about the Nordic countries through your eyes. My heritage is Swedish and Italian but I know so little about Sweden. I am going to stop by each of the blogs you awarded and check them out too. All the best from my side of the world to yours.
    Miami, FL – USA

    Thanks for your compliments and glad you liked my Digital Story about my blog too!
    I’s always great to welcome new readers and especially those with heritage from the Nordic and wants to know more – I just love to share, so welcome back any time!
    Nice of you to visit my friends too!
    Greetings back to you from Scandinavia:-)

  15. Hi Renny. Thanks for the comment on my blog. You know that Schmusen (pronounced schmoozen) in German means to cuddle/smooch? I guess it does have some connection with “converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection” as in “cuddling” youself in a conversation, social connection, and so on. ;)
    Congratulations on the award.

    Thanks for this information! This enriches the subject and I love it when commenter does that; kind of Schmooze or Cuddling:-)
    Thanks also for your visit and greetings!

  16. I’d say you are great at it! Definitely :) congrats.

    Thanks ET – Your a great fellow blogger :-)

  17. You well deserved it renny! congrats!:)

    Thank you very much dear blog friend!

  18. congrats, Renny! You definitely deserve the award!

    Thanks Duke – I’m glad you think so!

  19. You schmooze with the best of them! I think you invented it! I’ve visited at least 2 of the blogs you awarded and enjoy them a lot. You connect us all.

    Aww – thanks – what an honor and how sweet of you to say soo!
    I’m glad you took your time to visit some – blogging connecting people you know!

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  21. It’s about time you were awarded for the Schmooze Extraordinaire that you are!
    Congrat’s my friend . . . I’ll have to check out your friend’s blogs now.

    Thanks Ladybug – I’m flattered!
    Nice of you to visit my friends too – they’re all worth it:-)

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  23. Schmoose with a twist! Living in Scandinavia and not being free to travel too much really depresses me, but I can always learn something about the area with great photo’s, too!

    Thanks – tasted good!
    Travel along with me on my blog is for free you know:-)

  24. What a Schmoose! =D

    Well, living with Renny is an encouragement you know =D

  25. Oh so sweet award, Renny! Thank you for recognizing me!I appreciate it a lot!!
    I learned a new word today: schmoose!! how do you pronounce it btw?
    thank you again,Renny.I ll post this on my blog one day!!
    hugs and kisses,

    Your welcome Ghee, I feel you really deserve it!
    Looking forward to your post – keep me posted!

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