Cultural pearls in medieval surroundings

After all the positive response on my last post (scroll down and check!): ‘Wandering through time in old Mariestad’, I’ll gladly give you all a follow up. There is always new jewelers to explore in our vacation city you know. This time it’s the medieval cathedral.

Wandering through time in old Mariestad #12

Mariestad Cathedral was built between 1593 and 1625 as a consequence of religious controversies between Duke Karl (later King Karl IX) and his brother King Johan III. In 1580, Värmland and the nothern part of Västergötaland had been detached from the diocese of Skara and given a super-intendant or their own, residing in Mariestad. The Duke had the new cathedral build mainly according to plans made by the Dutchn Willelm Boy for the church of Saint Clara in Stockholm, thus freely copying his brother’s most important church building in the capital.
The nave gives a most remarkable impression of unbroken unity, following the traditions of the late Middle Ages, vigorous vaults span a considerable width without supporting pillars.
The present day appearance of the cathedral was brought about in a restauration 1902-1905 by the architect Folke Zettervall who removed the rough cast and gave the spire its present height.

When my parents where here for a visit, we had this cultural highlight experience: A concert in the cathedral. It was the organist Ulf Lindstöm playing and Anders Andersson singing. The cathidral has an amazingly good acoustic! Among a lot of, he sang some nice once of the Norwegian, Edvard Grieg and it melted my heart of course:-)
Wandering through time in old Mariestad #13

(picture above is taken with my Nokia mobile phone – the two others in this post with my Nikon Coolpix S2). After the concert I went to Andersson and honored him for the lovely Grieg songs (I’m a Schmooze you know:-). He smiled, was flattered and said: ‘No problem, I’m half Norwegian you know!

Close to the cathedral, when wondering Old Mariestad the other day, we found even more beautiful wooden houses which happens to be the rectory:
Wandering through time in old Mariestad #11

With its large and verdant grounds and its outhouses, the Vicarage forms the boundary between the old and the new parts of the town.

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