Blog friends greeting and performance

This will be a different kind of post than I normally do, but hey: this is my blog and I like to freak out sometimes:-) Today I will congratulate someone, give you a good blog performance and a thank you note, so let’s go:

Happy Birthday Teena!First of all I want to say Happy Birthday to a blog friend from Canada. Teena was one of my first blogger friend and a great sponsor when I won the competition for ‘Blogs of Summer’ 2006. She lives in Toronto with her husband Gord and their dog KC, she loves base ball but also beer so as a Viking, we have at least some in common. I have a hard time making her taste my fish courses though:-( Teena was the one who convinced me to go on Facebook and that’s why I know she’s having her birthday today. I’ll post this just after midnight Norwegian time, so it might come up a bit early for her, but that woman deserves a long day of celebration – 24 hours isn’t enough! Besides, I think she’ll be on vacation soon, so I pop the cork and ask you all to cheers with me and visit to wish her a Happy Birthday! Not only that; She and Gord is celebrating their 5th Anniversary today – visit and greet them!

Then I promised you a blog performance: You see I got this vid link in a Facebook note from friend saying ‘Guess Blogging is exciting’. Well, I DO think so and therefor I’ll bring it on to you with my motto: ‘Make blogs not wars’ (this is much more constructive and fun you know) – and maybe I should add another saying of mine: ‘Blogging connecting people’:

Let me end this distinctly post with a very warm thank you to another blog friend of mine: Missy from London, who calls her blog ‘Letters to the Universe’. She’s not a poet, a gadget junkie and an escapist, but most of all she’s a traveler. This summer she was in Transylvania – and you know what: She sent me the most wonderful post card! So I want to return her favor by asking you please to visit her blog and tell her how sweet it was of her to remember me. Oh, and yes: check her Flickr photos where you can see more of her trips around the world!

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  1. Ah, thanks Renny! You are a great blog buddy! Gord and I will be going out for supper tomorrow night to celebrate. Alas, I have a company meeting the next day so not too many beers for me!! :)

    Your welcome and you know I mean it from the bottom of my heart!
    Wishing you a romantic dinner then, even with a few glass of beers LoL

  2. I already greeted Teena with a fab happy birthday! So sweet of you Renny to make a post for her!

    I know you are a blog friend of her too. Good of you to give her a good start to her day!

  3. Hi Renny,
    I do agree with you – this one is a bit different – but you know – I liked the post. And of course Teena got her well deserved BD greetings
    btw – it was rather curious to drive on E18 this early afternoon and suddenky see the roadsign:Mariestad – when we went back from Fårö and Gotland to day. And it was also heartbreaking to hear your voice from Mrs and Mr Lifecruisers wonderland,

    Thanks Tor – I just felt for freaking out a bit you know and Teena has always supported me!
    I’ve been to your blog and red your first report from your meeting with our Capitan – it was great – you know we wished we could join you! Thanks for calling me when you where there!

  4. Make Blogs Not Wars, true!
    My superior doctor in the hospital im working for is a Swedish and he said the small Scandinavian country is very lovely. How I wish I can go there :)

    True and make sense yea!
    Well, never disagree with a doctor you know:-) I hope you can come and check for yourself one day!

  5. That’s really so sweet and generous of you! I don’t think I have updated my rss feed to this new address…. you know you are the first blog I have visited in about a month!!
    missy x

    Your welcome and deserves it Missy!
    Glad I can get through to you right way then:-) I feel honored!

  6. What a generous post, Renny. You are a good friend to have.

    Thanks Robyn, that was a nice thing to say!
    Hope you visit and greet them!

  7. I’ve already been over to wish our dear friend Teena a happy birthday and anniversary too.
    The blog video is so very funny. Thank you for sharing!

    Glad to hear – I know your a blog friend of Teena too!
    Your welcome – I just could not resist sharing it.

  8. I will hop over to Teena right away ! It’s so nice what went on lately with the Blogger meetings ! First Claudie and Mar, then you and Tor and now Tor and Mrs. Lifecruiser. I feel “far” away here in my Waterloo ! Maybe if you come again to Brussels. Make blogs not war is good, but there are real stupid people who make war on blogs ! I dropped on one from an “Israeli/American Patriot” (that says it all) I never have read such posts full of hatred against all Arabs women and children included. He was happy when innocent people were killed and wrote it down. And on top of that, he didn’t have music on his blog, but shots of a gun ! So while I was reading his stupidities all 5 sec. I heard a shot ! I called my husband to let him hear it was so unbelievable ! I flagged his blog. I don’t know if he is still there, because he got a lot of insults and probably I wasn’t the only one who flagged !

    Good to know you’ll greet Teena too!
    Hope we can all meet one day!
    Well, the blogsphere is free and that’s a good thing – sorry someone has to misuse the ability!

  9. Well done Renny,
    This is a beautiful blog with really beautiful pictures. I wish I could be there right now ;)

    Thanks – always good to welcome new readers and I’m glad you liked it. You can always be here cyber vice:-)

  10. Yes, it truly is wonderful Renny! I’m so sorry that you and Diane couldn’t come to Fårö too, butt it was nice to at least speak over the phone for a while! Though maybe it was a bit much partying going on at that time… hm…. Could you here it in the background….? *giggles*
    Hugs and kisses from us both

    You know we would have loved to be there too, but good to hear you all on the phone anyway – gave me a good laugh – thanks!

  11. Renny this year we have to get together so you can show me around the winter sites. I will bring a bottle of some piemonte wine (maybe several) and you cook the fish!

    That would have been great David! Bring your wife and you can meet my American wife – a great international gathering in the winter wonder land you know. We gladly cook the fish for you and would love to share wine with an expert like you!

  12. Thank you for shining your schmooze on someone else! I like to refer people to my favorite blog spots…Not just so that they can wave hello but stop in for a beer or a fika om du vill!
    RennyBA and his fantastic camera…You are the man, dog!

    Thanks for your compliments – your so sweet and a real schmooze too!

  13. hello Renny
    Tomorrow I will discover the blogs you speak about! They seems to be full of promess! now I ‘m in the total night with a big party in my garden! A super DJ and young people who are dancing! I don’t arrive to find the good concentration! We are in a country side but I must control the sonority for the neightboors!
    Bis tomorrow then! I think I should have a little time in Farö just for me!

    Your a great blog buddy too and I’m sure you’ll find Teena’s blog interesting too!
    Your party sound like a blast – I’ll check you up tomorrow!
    Who doesn’t want to go to Farö:-)

  14. happy birthday to teena.
    and what a fun little vid. hehehe

    Glad you would join me! Good to know you saw the vid too!

  15. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for that! And will visit your friend’s blog next.

    Glad you liked it and thanks for visiting my friends!

  16. Your post made me smile this morning. Hope you are enjoying the end of Le Tour!

    Good to know I gave you a good start to your day then:-)
    Hope Tor Hushovd, the Norwegian win this year too!

  17. Hello Renny!
    I come back tonight to visit your friends’ blogs you speak about!
    And i’m very glad to discover them and all these interesting photos of Malte! Have a beautiful sunday Renny!

    Glad you paid them a visit and yes, Missy’s photos are great!
    Wishing you a good Sunday too!

  18. Oh Renny I could not agree more!
    Teena is a great blogger.
    I am hoping to meet here this year and have coffee, as we live close to eachother.
    I am sure I met her through you.
    She is diligent. She never misses.
    I love the facebook too! My kids got me on it and you and Teena popped in really quickly!
    She does a great job of showing people how funny and friendly Canadians are!
    Cheers to Teena!

    Glad you feel the same and I know you are good blog friends now too – If you met her trough me, I’m glad.
    I do hope you two get to meet – please keep us posted!
    Good to have you as a friend on FB Too!
    Yea; Cheers to Teena:-)

  19. Thanks Renny for the birthday song in Norwegian! :-) Your blogger friend sounds very special to you, so I will visit soon when I have some free time. :-)

    Your welcome – glad you liked it!
    Teena is a good friend yea and I’m sure you’ll find her blog great too!

  20. You are a very special blog friend to many people, RennyBA!! I still want to thank you for that special hug you sent to me via Claudie :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Well; blogging connecting people you know and what can be better than good blog friends. Glad you got your special hug via Claudie!
    Wishing you a good one too:-)

  21. I LOVED the video, Renny. How clever to use an old typewriter as a musical instrument! That’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. :)

    I do agree the vid is brilliant – so I could not resist sharing you know:-)

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