Blog friends greeting and performance

This will be a different kind of post than I normally do, but hey: this is my blog and I like to freak out sometimes:-) Today I will congratulate someone, give you a good blog performance and a thank you note, so let’s go:

Happy Birthday Teena!First of all I want to say Happy Birthday to a blog friend from Canada. Teena was one of my first blogger friend and a great sponsor when I won the competition for ‘Blogs of Summer’ 2006. She lives in Toronto with her husband Gord and their dog KC, she loves base ball but also beer so as a Viking, we have at least some in common. I have a hard time making her taste my fish courses though:-( Teena was the one who convinced me to go on Facebook and that’s why I know she’s having her birthday today. I’ll post this just after midnight Norwegian time, so it might come up a bit early for her, but that woman deserves a long day of celebration – 24 hours isn’t enough! Besides, I think she’ll be on vacation soon, so I pop the cork and ask you all to cheers with me and visit to wish her a Happy Birthday! Not only that; She and Gord is celebrating their 5th Anniversary today – visit and greet them!

Then I promised you a blog performance: You see I got this vid link in a Facebook note from friend saying ‘Guess Blogging is exciting’. Well, I DO think so and therefor I’ll bring it on to you with my motto: ‘Make blogs not wars’ (this is much more constructive and fun you know) – and maybe I should add another saying of mine: ‘Blogging connecting people’:

Let me end this distinctly post with a very warm thank you to another blog friend of mine: Missy from London, who calls her blog ‘Letters to the Universe’. She’s not a poet, a gadget junkie and an escapist, but most of all she’s a traveler. This summer she was in Transylvania – and you know what: She sent me the most wonderful post card! So I want to return her favor by asking you please to visit her blog and tell her how sweet it was of her to remember me. Oh, and yes: check her Flickr photos where you can see more of her trips around the world!