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I scratch your back – you scratch mine!
I’m itchy – mind wise – this weekend. It all started with an invitation from a new blog friend of mine, Deborah Petersen, inviting me to Blogging of Fame. To me it’s another opportunity to meet new friends and explore the fascinating world in the blogsphere. My trustful readers know I love to share about Norway and the Nordic countries: our culture, traditions and habits and I also like to read other blog friends thoughts, ideas and experiences from all over the world. Blogging of Fame has open a new channel and more possibilities to expand my network, so since my motto is ‘Blogging connecting people’, I said to myself: Carpe Diem!

Blogging to FameRennyBA’s Terella is given the honor of being one of the 500+ pre-selected!! This actually brings an unique opportunity for everybody to be part of a Mega event in making a list of 9 A-List Bloggers. You can be part of it by either entering your own best blogs or just giving fame to your favorite blogs and bloggers. More than $100,000 awards including $80,000 is to be given in cash. Click their logo to read the contest rules

You’ll scratch my back?
It’s as simple as this: If you like My Style and even more My Blog, click on the widget below (register please if you haven’t already -no strings attached) and fame both me and my blog!:

Then I’ll scratch yours!
I will return the favor of course. Everyone who fame both me and my blog, will be listed here on my post. I will update constantly, but if your vote has slipped my mind, please don’t hesitate to mention it in your comment to this post! Of course I start with the one and only Mrs. Lifecruiser who honored me to be a part of The A-Team Cruisers.

Hope to see You on the list soon too:

  • Deborah Peterson
  • Maribeth
  • Sarbarth at Espreson
  • Las Caras de Miles Vorkosigan
  • Pearl
  • Maria Fischinger
  • Megha
  • Mauro
  • Kim Barker
  • Mohammed Karjatwala
  • Greg
  • Teena, my blog friend in Toronto
  • Maryann Ville
  • Elizabeth
  • Thesserie
  • ReasonableRobinson
  • Moksha
  • Eastcoastlife, my blogfriend from Singapore
  • prettytin
  • Vanessa
  • Jeruen
  • Tatiana
  • Petercrys
  • RT Cunningham
  • harleyblues
  • Charlotte Rains Dixon
  • Claudie, a good blog friend from France
  • Karen’s Kooky Blog, from Texas
  • Michelle, a great sponsor from Pennsylvania
  • Fleur de Lisa, a good blog friend from Indiana, US
  • Diane, my beloved wife!
  • Mother of Invention in Ontario, Canada
  • Diane from Arkansas, US
  • Moderately Confused Pinay in Deutschland
  • American girl living the good life in Norway and loving it!
  • ShreeRadha
  • Mar, a good blog friend in Spane
  • Mark, From tropical Manila to four-seasoned Oslo
  • Sweet Girl
  • Duncan Mitchel Flohil
  • TorAa, good colleague and blog friend in Norway
  • Expat Travels: From Switzerland to Canada
  • AL Bjørnstad, one of my first blog friend:-)
  • Jennifer, mostly just stuff that is funny
  • Manuel Aramis Miranda Perdomo
  • Sue’s Daily Photography
  • Shadow Falkon
  • Pearl Pirie – A more or less vegetarian in Canada
  • adavait
  • Rani A. Narayanan
  • Chas – My one and only; Blogdesigner!
  • The one and only; Desert Diva!
  • Renato dOxaguiã
  • Jean Grey
  • Marie Winger
  • Hexe- A good blog friend in Florida
  • Vicky Anglin
  • Life from Cotojo
  • Sidney Snoeck – A wizard behind the camera!
  • Rajesh Pandiyan
  • Kenjal S
  • Sneha ……
  • Sueblimely
  • Michelle Churchill
  • Shawn Carpenter
  • PERU Agloco
  • Michael de`OZ
  • Dalila
  • Merry
  • Keller Gábor
  • CodeGator
  • OilOffMar
  • Mahdi Parcham Azad
  • Beth Pena
  • Catherine Morgan
  • John Christopher Thomas
  • Ginnie Hart, a good old blog friend:-)
  • Carol Hamel
  • Everson S.
  • Ayush
  • Nadia Ellen
  • Charme
  • Matthew
  • Qurratulain
  • Mahesh
  • jyoti
  • Author Fred Stopsky
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    1. Thanks for the mention and linky love Renny :-)
      Great to see you on board, and great that you’ve already been selected. You have a very nice quality site, and I’m glad you made the pre-selections :-)

      Your welcome – after all it was you who invited me into this!
      I feel honored to be selected of course and thanks for your compliments:-)

    2. Thanks for the linking :-)
      So, were do you want me to scratch now….? No, not there!!!! *giggles*

      Your welcome and thanks for faming me!
      Scratch me anywhere – as long as you keep your hat on ^-^

    3. Hey there kiddo. It pleases me to see you aboard at BTF. It’s about time, I might add. Welcome to the group, Renny, I’m one of the group’s Sistahs!

      Good to see you Saboma! Your an ultimate example of how one can meet new blog friends in BtF. Thanks for faming me and I’m glad to have you on the list!

    4. Hey,
      Just famed you–happy to help out, I love your blog.

      Thanks, your a great sponsor and you know I think your blog is very inspirational!
      Your listed on this post of course:-)

    5. Hello Renny,
      Thank you very much for the comment,appreciation,fame & off course for linking with me.
      Am delighted to see your site,and congratulations for your selection at BTF pre-selections.
      Good Luck & keep up the great work!

      Hi Megha, always good to see new readers around and thank for returning the favor and for your kind words!
      I really like your blog as well so keep up the great work too!

    6. Thank you for including Espreson in your lovely post.
      Thank you very much…
      What I want to favour is I need to show up your blog in my Friendly Links, so just
      give me this details: 1. Title of your blog, 2. URL of your blog, 3. Reciprocal URL, 4. Email, 5. Message(optional)

      Your welcome Sarbarth and thanks for Faming me and My blog!
      I’ve sent your requested details in a mail to you. Please keep me posted!

    7. Welcome to Blogging to Fame My New Friend !!!******
      Thank you for the Link Love, and your comment on my Blog !!!******
      Now I’m going to learn some more about Norway from you…
      Thank you RennyBA !!!******

      Thanks Greg! This is another great example of how to make new friends – good to have you on board too!
      Your welcome to read and learn about Norway and the Nordic countries any time!

    8. hiya Renny
      thanks so much for the link….I’ll add you to my buddies list and I’ve faved you at Technorati too ..:]]
      cheers Kim

      Hiya Kim! Your welcome and thanks for the additional adds – I’ll put you on my blogroll for sure:]

    9. hey, nice to be back here again. boredom sucks thats why i enrolled myself yesterday in a cooking class. i hope to learn western cooking more. i know a few Italian cuisine but id like to learn the Scandinavian dishes.
      ^^ thanks for the visit. sorry for not urgently commenting back. i really love reading your post.

      Good to see you again – no need to excuse your visit; your welcome any time. Good to know you can pick up some Scandinavian cuisines too:-)

    10. Hiya Renny…this is so cool :D I seem to have a pop-up problem though…shall try again.

      Hiya Shionge and thanks for your efforts – please keep me posted when you succeed!

    11. I THINK I just famed you but you know me and technology, I’m not guaranteeing that I followed the instructions correctly! You taught me how to link to someone and even that you mostly did it for me! HA!
      Good luck.

      You did – thanks for your efforts! I remember I helped you with your blogroll and are proud to still be on top of your list:-)

    12. Thanks!
      If u read my blog, I have just written about another Nordic country- Iceland.. could it be a coincidence since I clicked ur link right after that.
      My knowledge of Norway is from a novel – the best love story that I have read so far – “Thelma”. Have u read it? It describes Norway and its beautiful and proud inhabitants.
      It is great to know a Norwegian through u..

      I’ve red your post about Iceland – its great!
      I take it you mean the romantic tale of a Viking princess: I’ve never red the book, but know it is famous and good!
      Welcome back when you wants to read more about Norway and the Nordic countries!

    13. Woot Renny!
      Welcome to Blogging to fame!!!! I famed you already!
      Good luck!

      Thanks! I notice right now so your on the list on this post!
      Good Luck to you too!

    14. of course i’ve voted for you. have just registered :)

      Thanks good old blogger friend – I knew I could count on you! Hope you get your blog qualified too!

    15. Guten Abend Renny!:) Actually famed you this afternoon already even registered just for it;) and you know what? it’ll be well-deserved if you’ll get the grand prize with all the efforts you put in to every entry in this blog.Very well written & very informative!Wish you the best my friend!

      Awww, what an honor and wonderful compliments – I’m blushing! Thanks for your greeting my friends:-)
      Your on the list on this post of course!

    16. Renny, I did my best yesterday in between my visits to the “restroom” – you know we had friends out here in the Summerhouse once again. They can’t even sent a text message – so to explain a bloggers life – ha-ha – and one of them are an active journalist. Can you believe it?
      btw. Today I’ve more or less done nothing – had expected weather for a tour into the Forests to pick mushrooms – but once again grrrr. No – I refused. Even the Cats are frustrated.
      hugs anyway and happy life

      I remember you told me about this journalist when you where in Sweden with us – sounds wired:-)
      Sorry you did had the best weather and you know what: We are back in Mariestad and had wonderful, sunny weather – and we even had a connote trip inspired of your visit!
      Wish both you and Anna a great weekend:-)

    17. I famed your blog just now Renny! Have a beautiful Sunday!

      Thanks Claudie, your such a great sponsor too and now you are listed on this post of course!

    18. Just registered and famed your blog, Renny! ;-)
      Hope you and Diane are having a great weekend. :-)
      Love and hugs, Diane

      Thanks Diane, your always so supportive!

    19. Hi Renny… wow.. I replied to your comment on my site and then headed over here but didn’t have the time to comment and I was in hurry to only come back and see the post flooded with comments :) your site is clean and good quality… and am really glad you made it to pre-selections too! keep up the good work and keep in touch :) do visit again when you get a chance … my bests… tc

      Glad you came back then and thanks for the compliments! I’ll keep in touch:-)


      Thanks for the compliments and for faming both Me and My Blog. Your are listed of course and I wish you the best of luck too1

    21. Hi Renny…nice blog..great photo..this is my first time to visit your blog..i’am from indonesia-southEast of Asia
      For desert, we have a cup of tea or coffe and biscuit.
      But, looking your dessert…i became hungry:)
      i dont have visit Norway yet, but onetime,i will visit there,
      please visit my blog when you get a chance..
      Great weekend Renny..

      Hi! Always good to see new readers! I’ve been to your blog as I so much want to go to Indonesia one day. Your welcome to Norway any time!
      Wishing you a great week ahead..

    22. Renny, I’m quite confused. I clicked the logo link and… what’s next? Do I need to log-in or something? I clicked two more times.. and I.. I…. oh do I need to be a member there to be able to FAME someone?

      Sorry about the confusions and your not the only one K! Yea, you have to registrer to be able to Fame one, but then again your a part of it and will be famed too. Carpe Diem!

    23. I’m afraid I just don’t “get it”…All these Awards things in the Bklogesphere, and now this….Well, I’m afraid I don’t understand what it is all about…LOL!

      Thats totally okay of course Naomi. I know you are a great sponsor and a good blog friend anyway:-)

    24. Okay, Renny, I have now famed both you and your blog. ;-)
      Love and hugs, Diane

      Thank you Diane – you’ve always been such a great sponsor!

    25. Done! now I am looking forward to the celebrations the day you win :)

      Thanks Mar it was very nice of you my blog friend. If I win, will you go with to Chicago? ;-)

    26. Congrats and wish you well in the contest. I’ll try to figure out how to FAME you soon. lol, Lyn

      Hi Lyn, good to see you and thanks! I’m sure you figure out and please keep me posted!

    27. Good work on the fame way Renny :-)
      Wanna have a peek with London eye….?
      London is for your feet as Lifecruiser ship has anchored at Thames….. *giggles*

      Thanks and good luck to you too!
      Your post about London was great ->Go check everyone!

    28. Good luck Renny!!!! I famed you too :)

      Thanks AL, your one of my first blog friend you know and always has been supportive!

    29. Good Luck Renny! I’ve famed you now. And we are back from our weekend get away.

      Thanks and you are listed also! Your post from the weekend was great!

    30. Hi Renny!
      Thank you for include me in this honor list ;) I’m happy to be your guest here with a lot of good known people.

      Your welcome – it’s always nice to see new readers too and then BtF has brought us together – great!

    31. Hi Renny,
      I finally famed you. Good luck in the running!

      Thanks Pearl and I’ve returned the favor as I love your style and like your blog and have actually done so a long time:-)
      Good luck to you too!

    32. Hmmm should I try this as well or is it too late to try?

      No Chase, it’s not to late! So welcome on board:-) You can even still nominate your own blog!

    33. Good luck!
      Unfortunately for Blogging To Fame, lots of spam (with “I voted for you, vote for me” or “welcome! vote for me!” is undergoing, so this deters many people from coming back…

      Thanks and I’ve Famed you back of course!
      Sorry to hear about your bad experiences – I haven’t had any (so far!).

    34. Congratulations on pre-selection Renny. I agree with OOM though – there has been a lot of spamming and it has even extended to comments on my blog now.

      Thanks – and also for Faming Mine!
      Sorry to hear that you’ve had all this problems and its really a shame!

    35. u r a lovely human with true sportsmanship…pleasure to be ur friend!
      kepp up good work!
      regards, ruchi

      Pleased to be yours too!
      I will and you too!

    36. Thanks for scratching my back oh my website.Thanks again for the vote and comment on site of course.

      Your welcome – its a givers gain you know;-)

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