Amature archiology on the way to Mariestad

On our way from Oslo, Norway to Mariestad, Sweden, only 30 minutes from our vacation home, you’ll find some historical treasure almost hidden in the landscape (click here to see on GoogleMap). The present day open man-made landscape here in the valley of Visman has agrarian traditions, as a place of farming and human settlement, going back to pre-historic time. When passing by the other day, my wife said: ‘You have to share this with the rest of the world’. So I jumped out of the car, grabbed my Nokia mobile phone and capture some of it to document this post – enjoy:

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Perching on separate peaks of north-south boulder ridge, conspicuously silhouetted against the surrounding flat country, are four burial grounds with total of about 100 burial mounds and stone-settings. Archaeological examinations have shown these graves to date from the Iron Age (500 B.C. – 1050 A.D).

On Vall is the largest prehistorical ground in the area, with total of 26 burial mounds and nice circular stone-settings. A number of graves have been eliminated, party by gravel-quarrying and construction of a road through the burial ground area.

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A couple of graves were archaeologically excavated in the 1960s. The finds – charcoal, incinerated bones and potsherds – have been dated to the Iron Age. The dead were cremated on pyre, and the grave mounds constructed over the ashes.

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North of Vall is Barbrohöyden hill with a burial ground consisting of three burial mounds and 12 circular stone-settings. This burial ground has not been examined archaeologically.

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