Start Me Up! It always begins with Start me up. Click to start the video below to get the feeling while reading this story about a magnificent Rockin’ good Wednesday evening in Oslo! With Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood on the stage, nothing can go wrong. You just have to get excited, you have to clap your hands, you have to shake your legs and jump and sing and go crazy – it’s Jumping Jack electrifying! The good Old Rocking Roll guys rule and they have been for decades – hey man; they or in their 60s and are still Rockin’ Strong!

The arena was Valle Hovin, actually the ice hockey rink from the winter Olympics in Oslo, 1952. You can store (literary) 40,000 people in there – and they did! We where there at 5PM, to get a good spot on the side where there is a small tribune and we weren’t the among the first:
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #4

To get the atmosphere, feel the anticipation and a closer look at the huge stage, I had to walk around before it was overcrowded. I had my Nokia mobile phone at hand of course and all the pics and even the vid is captured with this very convenient communication tool:-) I had to buy myself a European Tour t-shirt too of course. The Cap with the red tung I have already from their Voodoo Lounge Tour in Oslo 1995!
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #2Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #3

But then at 9PM the came on stage, and took the audience by storm and like crazy everyone was singing: Start Me Up:

Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #6

Keith was as sober as I have ever seen him and even did two excellent solo performance; ‘Wanna Hold You’ and ‘Miss You’.

It was a spectacular show: The stage, the lightening and the multimedia direction where everything could be seen on one big and two smaller screens – and the sound of course: Rockin’ Magnificent. In the middle of the concert they even rolled a small part of the stage out in the crowed, about right into the middle of the stadium, so everyone could get a closer look at their heroes:

Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #7Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #8

Mick was in his best mode and like a wizard charming the audience. He didn’t start the show by saying – Hello Oslo, how are you – he said it in Norwegian: ‘Hallo Oslo, hvordan står det til?‘! and between the songs, he flirted with us by talking Norwegians (in the native tongue he has done in all places they have toured this time!) He is just amazing and a living legend – A Rocken Roll Hero:
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #1

The song list on this tour:
1. Start Me Up
2. You Got Me Rocking
3. Rough Justice
4. Bitch
5. Monkey Man
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
7. Midnight Rambler
8. I’ll Go Crazy
9. Tumbling Dice
10. You Got the Silver
11. Wanna Hold You
12. Miss You
13. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll
14. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Sympathy for the Devil
17. Paint It Black
18. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

And then as a anchor – the top of the cream, when you really was taken down your music memory line:

19. Brown Sugar
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #9

They sing: ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want‘ but we did this evening – we did got all the Rockin’ Satisfaction you can ever ask for :D

This post is part of this years Cyber Cruise and Mrs. Lifecruiser have already warmed up by putting on lipstick and less clothing! Read more about: Lifecruiser cyber cruise and here is Cyber Cruise Calendar 2007.

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  1. Oh, I get to be first, that means I get the first row, yeah me!!!!
    Awesome post, RennyBa, it was worth all the waiting :) The song list is like a quick flash back, how wonderful. You know you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime,
    you get what you need
    . What a great post for a Friday evening!! congrats on a superb post, I feel like I was right there as well.

    Nice to get you into the Rockin’ mode Mar and thanks for the compliments – glad you could join!

  2. Wonderful! All those songs bring back such memories….

    Can you hear the music, can you hear the music?
    Can you feel the magic hangin’ in the air?
    Can you feel the magic? Oh, yeah.

    On Friday night she’s all decked out
    her high heel shoes, her dress so tight
    Dance, dance little sister, dance

    Ohh Yea – it’s in the air – just Magic!

  3. The concert was fabulous and you weren’t the only one using your mobile phone camera! If you look closely at the crowd you can see hundreds of little blue lights from people taking pictures and video with the mobile phone. The world is changing, you used to see lighters in the dark. Thanks for a super evening!! It was worth the crowd and the wait!

    Yea: If you look at the last picture, you’ll see hundred or more like thousands of small mobile phone screens lightening. Blogsphere rules the media arena nowadays!
    Sharing the evening was another exceptional quality time with you my dear!

  4. FABULOUS! They truly ROCK THE BOAT!!!!!! I’m thrilled to be here with you all! What a blast – and with a party before the concert too – and we’ll have an after party of course…. *giggles*
    More Dom Perignon to the cruisers!!!
    Quick, your glasses!!!! Stop clapping your hands for a second.
    Cheers for the old stones still going strong :-)

    Hey, keep away from that stage during the concert, we will go backstage afterwards – some way…. *giggles*
    *jumping up and down*

    PS. I hope everyone I’ve been inviting comes….

    And I am thrilled to have you with – Skåååååål and then on with a bit more lipsticks Capitan Sexy and get ready for the back stage *giggles*
    PS: There have been some already and I’m sure there will be more and more and more – thanks!

  5. Oh, and hi Diane!
    How niiice to see you here too and how fabulous you look tonight – no wonder Renny is so in love with you!!!!!
    U 2 rock!!!!

    Yea, it was a Rockin’ perfect Date you know!

  6. Oh what a great experience! That stage is spectacular. Last time I was at a big concert we were still using lighters to honor the band – now it’s cell phone screens. Thanks for the great description!
    P.S. I did get the snail mail and love it all!! Little Viking is on my desk in front of me. Yours is on it’s way this weekend. Sorry so slow.

    Glad you liked it too – it was a thrill of a life time and yea; time has changed from lighters to multi media phones!
    PS: I’m so happy you’ve got your little of package souvenirs from Norway:-)

  7. Magical with “Start me up!” Really you are the rock magician and your magic wand is the famous NOKIA!!! Thanks Renny to share this unique moment with us! It’s like we were at the concert too! Photos are super with the different color of lights!!! Too much! And the atmosphere of people who sing and applaud! How will I do now to go back in my cabin? I think there is a rock n’ roll party now on the Lifecruiser ship! I hear about Don Perignon, Côte de Provence, music , instruments (guitar, bongo basher, piper) ! After Monaco and its style of life now the rock n’ roll attitude!

    I’m so happy I could share this with you as an A-Team Cruiser too Claudie and glad you catch the spirit so well! When you go back to your cabin after all the Cyber Cruise rock n’ rolling, you will go with lovely songs in your head! But more Don Perignon first: Salute:-)

  8. Wow that looks awesome Renny! I like how the stage looks like!

    Good to have you with too Chase!

  9. Yeah, the old guys can still rock like nobody’s business! You did a good job capturing the excitement and the mood of the night, Renny. ;-)
    Have a great weekend, though I don’t think you can top the concert.
    Love and hugs, Diane

    In this case I would say; the older, the better – thanks for your compliments;-)
    A great weekend to you too!

  10. *appears with purple tufts of foam poking out from each ear* … What LOVELY photos’ Renny! So glad I can not hear them playing…. it really amazes me how BIG they still are, and the crowd that they draw! BUTT (as our dear captain would say) … to each his own! This WOULD be why we are all made different! Right? … What?… WHAT??? … ooooo! Sorry! I can’t HEAR you!!!

    LoL Melli, you have such a funny way of saying things – likes or dislikes:-) and I can see you loud and clear through the tufts (or was those for your ears?:-) Glad you liked the pics though *giggles*

  11. i had no idea you were such a big stones fan. looks like you had a fabulous time. thanks for sharing it with us all. giggling @ keith richards being as sober as ever. ;)

    Well, Bob Marley is still #1 for me, but Stones is Rockin’ good and it’s hard to compare!
    You see: Keith wasn’t at all about falling off the stage as he almost did in Helsinki some days before *giggles*

  12. Raindrops keep falling – and we are still in love – hmmm
    Thanks for commenting after such an event you D have had —
    We live in such a place – in silence and natural beauty – no words – only “beeing” can explain.
    btw Sunday Drunch -You and D can pick berries – just here – 25 minutes from U

    Hey; we are on a Stones Concert Man! No Raindrops in their Menu!!
    D is working this weekend, but I’ll ask her tomorrow – thanks for the offer!

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  14. Wow! It must have been awesome to have been there!

    It was and you know they served very tasty Norwegian beer too – I’m sure you would have loved it!

  15. Great post Renny! Rolling Stones ROCK!
    Amazing how well your pics turned out. My cell takes up to 3M pixels … guess I should start learning how to use it :-) Security doesn’t permit people to bring cameras to concerts here, but they can’t possibly begin confiscating everyone’s cell phones that walk thru the gates.
    Perfect song for an opener too.
    They were here twice. I missed the chance to buy a denim jacket for their Voodoo Lounge show as they were sold out, but did manage to get nearly the last one for their second concert 2 years later. It’s still good as new, and I’ll keep it to it’s very last dying thread :-)
    I was lucky enough to have floor seats about 50 feet away from the stage for the second concert! They put on an amazing show … the second every much as good as the first. If they come back you can bet to find me there again. Wild Horses … couldn’t drag me awayyyy …

    Thanks – start use your phone with the cam – it’s very handy you know!
    Security is far behind the technological revolution you know and the freedom of sharing in blogsphere is about worldwide democracies!
    Glad you got your jacked at last – did not see it in Norway though:-(
    If they get back I do hope you’ll keep us posted!

  16. Mick rules!!! I can not believe that Keith was sober!
    I’m gonna sneak to the front row somehow…
    I’m jumping up and down to “Paint it Black”…
    Rockin’ on!!! :-)
    Thanks Renny for sharing; you and your wife are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your enthusiastic comments – I love Rockin’ on too:-)

  17. Hehehe. Rock on!

    LoL – You too!

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  19. Wow – now that looks like a concert! Boy do you get around and do so much during the week. :) Great photos and the report. Enjoyed it and sort of heard it in my head too!

    I was magnificent! Busy or not: The Rolling Stones isn’t around all the time you know :D Thanks for your compliments!

  20. Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!
    Thanks for the Stones concert Renny. I’ve never attended a Stone’s concert before. The photos are outstanding!

    Glad you liked it and good to have you with!

  21. Wow! The Rolling Stones! Woohooooo! What an awesome post and photos! I love the stage! And the people…. oh my! They can really ROCK!!!

    Glad I can count you in among fans too – and that you liked the pics:-)

  22. THE STONES!!!!
    I would love to be in your shoes and watch their concert :)

    Glad at least I could share with you by this post then:-)

  23. I’m not much of a fan but I love Paint It Black and Sympathy for the Devil. Nokia rulez!

    Those are great – I agree!

  24. I really liked this post, Renny! I was able to show all my friends what a good time we had in a way that they could visualize it themselves. Really good job!! Showed it off at work too!

    Thanks my dear! Your a great blog supporter and a what a great idea to share our excitements with friends and co-workers too!

  25. Wow, how luck are you and your wife that you got to see this legendary band! They’re all “bad boys,” but their music is classic and rocks! Thanks for inviting me to the concert!

    yea, and the are best when at their baddest you know! Your welcome, glad you could make it!

  26. Thank you sooo much for this rocking event Renny! Excellent post and hosting of the cyber cruise!
    We had such a smashing time yesterday that I didn’t get to bed until the morning! It’s tough to play 20 year younger….*giggles*

    Your welcome – it was Rockin’ good to have you and the Cyber Cruisers with!

  27. Wow, I didn’t know a stadium something like that could possibly be in Oslo. Hehehe. Glad you had a good time at the concert. I’m not a fan of Rolling Stones, but I am of Gwen Stefani, who is having a concert here in Oslo in October! I’m excited!

    So have a good concert time too then and keep us posted!

  28. Envy… envy… envy…
    that is all I could think of!

    So you wasn’t there!?! What a pity!

  29. What a great summer night! Your pictures do a great job of conveying that electricity and excitement of a concert. Glad you had such a good time.

    Still summer in Oslo you know! Glad you got the atmosphere and thanks for your compliments!

  30. Fabulous post and you’re so lucky to have seen them. I imagine the tickets were expensive. Great playlist! Super pics too! I can’t believe these guys are still going strong.

    Thanks for the compliments. About 130$ per ticket and it was worth it! They are still going Stones you know!

  31. Oh man, RennyBA you saw the Stones!!! That is so cool. I have not ever seen the Stones, but I have seen, Aerosmith, Lynrd Skynrd, Yes, Queen…..
    All taken with your Noka mobile phone?

    Yea, I saw them and heard them! Havn’t seen those you mentioned though, but have heard them and love it!

  32. I am soooo envious! I love the Rolling Stones, after all they’re from my misspent youth…heheh! Brown Sugar has to be the best song…sounds like a wonderful night, Renny. Thanks for the photos, they’re great.

    It’ can’t be that misspent then LoL
    Hard to compare, but yea; Brown Sugar is one of the best. Thanks for your compliments!

  33. I like the music and the songs from the Rolling Stones very much, but I think they only should sing and do music by now seeing these old grandpas hopping around is a little ridiculous in my mind ! Mick Jagger has exactly the same age as me with 2 months difference and although I could hop around I don’t do it anymore, lol ! But that you enjoyed the show very much I can understand there always is a special ambiance. I am back from England, arrived yesterday and happy to find my usual keyboard, lol !

    Everyone has their own preferences. This was my wifes first Stones concert and she didn’t really understand the magic of it before she experienced it live. Now she’s converted.
    Looking forward to your England repports.

  34. Hi..
    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the invitation to Norway. I’d really like to go there someday. heard about great things about it.
    Btw, Really cool blog you have here… although I’m not a fan of rolling stones, you make them seem so extraordinary.

    Your welcome – I love to make new blog friends you know and you are welcome back any time!
    Thanks for your compliments … fan or not:-)

  35. Just checked out your video on Facebook….not bad for a little phone! :-) Sounds as if you’re floating high and having fun which is what summer is all about!

    Thanks for taking your time to even check my blog too then! Floating high was a good expression – yea we was!

  36. I’m taggin’ ya!
    Now give me that Norwegian beer!

    Thanks Teena – what a challenge and you want even a Norwegian beer – I’ll try to figure out something:-)

  37. Dropping by to let you know I have been listening to “Forty Licks” today…and enjoying it very much.
    I know it’s only rock & roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do!!!

    What a great way to get at least a taste of it from the sample tracks – thanks for sharing – I like it too!!

  38. Hi Renny,
    I see that I missed a lot in your blog. Will need to catch up!
    Wow! What a concert.
    Of course I will “fame” your blog.

    Hi Sidney, good to see your back – hope you’ve had a great time in Europe!
    Very nice if you’ll fame both me and my blog!

  39. Great One Rolling Stone…Some Great Work By You…..Appreciate Yrs Work,,,,,,

    Glad you like them too – thanks for your compliments!

  40. See You In Blogging To Fame

    Have been there – thanks for Faming both Me and My Blog. I’ve returned the favor of course and you are listen on my post!

  41. Yes, they’re old. They’ll probably still be playing gigs for nursing homes because people love to hear the songs of their youth.

    My Monday Memories today is about high school–although I’ve never cared that much for the songs (doo-wop and Elvis) of that era, I’ve learned to enjoy them from these various nostalgia tours.

  42. watching the Rolling Stones play is one of my greatest dream. Actually Mick Jagger will do haha. I so love their music. Considering they’re all in their supposed-to-be-resting-age, they still rock and rule.

    how I wish to see them play live! thanks for the visit. I really appreciate it when people give their condolences for my grandpa. and please tell your wife goodluck for her studies. I salute people whos love for learning still intack and never fades.

  43. I wish I was there!!!

  44. This looks like such a memorable evening! A once in a lifetime experience and you’ve been kind enough to “bring us along” with you!

  45. Something completely different than this post:
    So, how come you were at the Edinburgh Festival dressed like that Renny? *giggles*

    I was on Lifecruiser’s Cyber Cruise you know – had to dress properly of course:-)

  46. Do I have to sign up to Fame You?
    Wow cool rolling stones!

    Yes you have, but its piece of cake and you can nominate your blog too!
    Cool is the right word!

  47. hello renny, wow u rolling stones, u had rock Friday. Thanks for sharing videos renny. U always had fun :)

    Your welcome – glad you liked it too!

  48. Looks like an awesome show! I’m glad you had fun. :-)

    It was unforgettable and we had a great time :-)

  49. That’s one concert we’ve not yet seen, Renny. Maybe one day they’ll come to Atlanta…or Amsterdam. And knowing Donica, she’ll buy tickets on the spot!

    You can check their program on their website! Hope you’ll see them live too – keep us posted!

  50. The stage is just so grand. I think they came in Sweden aswell ;)


  51. Oh yes they are great!
    Saw them twice in Argentina, during the Bridges to Babylon and Vodoo Lounge concerts, amazing. And Mick Jagger is just.. amazing. I mean, the guy is over 60 man! And can rock you all the way!!
    Just one obs. I don’t know how it was with your experience in Valle Hovin, but I saw U2 one year ago… and all the beauty of the stage (no doubt the more important thing is the music and the band, but…) just got lost until very late, due to the light of our norwegian summer.
    My point is: they should make these concerts late. Starting at 10 pm, as the earliest!
    Cheers Renny, happy that you experienced the Stones!

    Hi Alfredo, my wine friend – always good to see you. I do envy you seeing Stones twice in Argentina!
    I know the show would have been even more spectacular from the start if it had been dark. The reason why they had to start around 8PM, is that there is a regulation at Valle Hovin of that every concert has to finish 11PM the latest :-(

  52. Hei!
    Elsket virkelig denne bloggen din. Hvordan du virkelig får frem hvordan det var på konserten. jeg var der selv, og det var strålende gøy! Selv har jeg vært på to av Stones konsertene som har vært i Norge, (Valle Hovin i ’98 og denne), i en alder av bare 16 år! Fant bloggen din på facebook, under et bilde fra gruppen “vi som skal se stones!!” Så om du skriver noe mer om stones, legg igjen en beskjed på gruppen på facebook!

  53. Exellent,thanks for sharing .Such a wonderful post.

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