Rolling Stones – A Bigger Bang in Oslo

Start Me Up! It always begins with Start me up. Click to start the video below to get the feeling while reading this story about a magnificent Rockin’ good Wednesday evening in Oslo! With Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood on the stage, nothing can go wrong. You just have to get excited, you have to clap your hands, you have to shake your legs and jump and sing and go crazy – it’s Jumping Jack electrifying! The good Old Rocking Roll guys rule and they have been for decades – hey man; they or in their 60s and are still Rockin’ Strong!

The arena was Valle Hovin, actually the ice hockey rink from the winter Olympics in Oslo, 1952. You can store (literary) 40,000 people in there – and they did! We where there at 5PM, to get a good spot on the side where there is a small tribune and we weren’t the among the first:
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #4

To get the atmosphere, feel the anticipation and a closer look at the huge stage, I had to walk around before it was overcrowded. I had my Nokia mobile phone at hand of course and all the pics and even the vid is captured with this very convenient communication tool:-) I had to buy myself a European Tour t-shirt too of course. The Cap with the red tung I have already from their Voodoo Lounge Tour in Oslo 1995!
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #2Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #3

But then at 9PM the came on stage, and took the audience by storm and like crazy everyone was singing: Start Me Up:

Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #6

Keith was as sober as I have ever seen him and even did two excellent solo performance; ‘Wanna Hold You’ and ‘Miss You’.

It was a spectacular show: The stage, the lightening and the multimedia direction where everything could be seen on one big and two smaller screens – and the sound of course: Rockin’ Magnificent. In the middle of the concert they even rolled a small part of the stage out in the crowed, about right into the middle of the stadium, so everyone could get a closer look at their heroes:

Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #7Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #8

Mick was in his best mode and like a wizard charming the audience. He didn’t start the show by saying – Hello Oslo, how are you – he said it in Norwegian: ‘Hallo Oslo, hvordan står det til?‘! and between the songs, he flirted with us by talking Norwegians (in the native tongue he has done in all places they have toured this time!) He is just amazing and a living legend – A Rocken Roll Hero:
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #1

The song list on this tour:
1. Start Me Up
2. You Got Me Rocking
3. Rough Justice
4. Bitch
5. Monkey Man
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
7. Midnight Rambler
8. I’ll Go Crazy
9. Tumbling Dice
10. You Got the Silver
11. Wanna Hold You
12. Miss You
13. It’s Only Rock’n’Roll
14. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Sympathy for the Devil
17. Paint It Black
18. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

And then as a anchor – the top of the cream, when you really was taken down your music memory line:

19. Brown Sugar
Rolling Stones in Oslo 2007 #9

They sing: ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want‘ but we did this evening – we did got all the Rockin’ Satisfaction you can ever ask for :D

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