Some wonder why Scandinavians often (read always) talk about the weather. The answer is simple: Because we have a lot of it:-) Since many of my regular readers often ask or wonder about the weather, I have decided to give you some facts and figures about our climate. With its northern location, Norway is often regarded as a cold and wet country. In some aspects this is true, because we share the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia. But compared to these areas we have a pleasant climate. Thanks to its location in the westerlies, on the east side of a vast ocean, with a huge, warm and steady ocean current near its shores, Norway has a much friendlier climate than the latitude indicates. Also it varies quite a lot from the north to the south and from the west coast to the east. So let’s concentrate of the capital in the south east, deepest in the Oslo fjord. If you like to locate it, click here on My Google Map of Oslo!

This summer I would say we’ve had kind of extreme weather with quite a lot of rain (three times as much as normal) and an average temperature in July of 16C (60F) where as last year 20C (68F). Let me summarize it all in one picture as we call it: ‘green winter’ since often a picture says more than a thousand word:

Sorry the pic here is a bit blurry, but if you click on it, you’ll have a sharper and larger picture (taken with my Nokia mobile phone of course:-). Anyway; it shows what I’ve said a while ago: Norwegian is also famed for being born with their skies on – and they never let go a chance to practice. This picture also reminds me of another saying of mine: There is no such thing as bad weather – only bad cloths – and this man shows we can dress for every occasions and loves outdoors activities!

A bit more facts as promised before i let you go for now:

Temperature in July in Oslo:
Average high: 22C (71F) – Average low: 12C (55F) – Warmest ever: 32C (90F) – Coldest ever: 5C (41F).

Looking at the whole year through, Oslo has a hemiboreal continental climate and the average temperatures are:
April – May: 4.5 to 10.8 degrees Celsius (40F to 51F)
June – August: 15.2 to 16.4 degrees Celsius (60F to 61,5F)
September – October: 6.3 to 10.8 degrees Celsius (43,3F to 51,4F)
November – March: 0.7 to –4.3 degrees Celsius (33F to 24F)

So now you understand why we always talk about the weather and also have learned how to dress for all kinds (remember; no bad weather only bad cloths!). You can’t just look at the calendar before you decide what to wear and since we love to be outdoors (winter as much as in the summertime) the first thing you hear in a house in Norway in the morning is (well after good morning and I love you and all that stuff:-): ‘What will the weather be like today?’ – and don’t blame us!
So if you wanna chit chat with a Norwegian, a good thing is to start talking about the weather – it kind of literary break the ice :D


  1. So true! We always talk about the weather.
    Here in northern Norway the summer has been fantastic and at times too hot for my taste ;)
    You southerners have my sympathies.

    Good to see another Norwegian here too Thomas!
    I know and thats actually kind of interesting; either its you up north or we down south who have warm, sunny weather – seldom both. You northerners deserved it this year:-)

  2. well now i know how to start a conversation. you really have had a very cool summer. my goodness.

    Always good to know how to warm up a Norwegian you know!
    Did you mean we had a very cool or cold summer? LoL

  3. Eh…yes. I was struck by the weather yesterday. They promised SUNNY weather, so we ordered tickets to the secret island. And what came? Not sunny…
    Wanna come and almost see my secret island? *giggles*

    So then I hope you had more than just your bikini with *giggles*
    Have been there and just loved it!

  4. That is way too cold for me!
    I am used to 30 ° C at the minimum ! ;-)

    But Sidney: even if your living in the Philippines – you are an European after all!

  5. so, how’s the weather there today? :D
    coming from a tropical country, i would certainly freeze there even if it’s 22C and would have to wear at least two jackets. even when i visited the US in springtime, i felt like i was in a freezer. :)

    :D You picked that up very quick!
    If you live here, you’ll get used to it. Even with -22C we don’t need more than one jacket, but we know how to dress under it too:-)

  6. Remember, theres no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.
    And please, do not turn over the porsgrunn!

    Your Right Susie and I do remember you reversed that saying when you had your orange breeches in India this spring – to keep the heath out!
    Won’t turn over Porsgrunn porcelain either – especially when having fish soup LoL

  7. Good post Renny. Talk about the weather is often just a matter of sharing information concerning practicalities. When someone asks “Should we go to…..” or Shall we have a barbecue on Saturday?”, the common response is “Do you know what the weather will be like?” because that decides whether the suggestion is a good one or not.
    My teenage daughter often asks “What’s the weather like?” or “Will it rain today?” before she says “Good morning.” I reckon she’s too tired to see through the window or herself :-)

    Thanks RS and you are so right, but then again you are a Norwegian and know the regime.
    Its the same in our house too – teenager always wants reassurance from adults I think:-)

  8. I’m fascinated by the way Norway goes up the coast and curls over the top of Finland. I think your warmest temperature would be too cold for me…but I shouldn’t be a whimp, I know.
    My youngest daughter’s partner is Finnish. Although he was born in Australia, they like to keep the Finnish customs and I just love his mother’s little “S” cookies, as do the kids!

    Glad you noticed the Google Map then! Coming from Australia (was visiting Perth in December 10 years ago you know), I’ve notice there is a slight different, yea!
    Good to know you potentially have a Finnish family member then – those cookies are just yummy!

  9. I agree with that: there is no bad weather… and I noticed the difference when we moved to sunny Spain: our wardrobe was considerably reduced!! because the weather doesn’t change that much and since it is seldom at freezing point (winter in Barcelona is like your April-May weather, sorry about that!) we don’t need bulky winter clothes.
    Maybe that’s why we like skiing so much…and we need an extra closet for those outfits!

    Ineresting observation and of course the winter wardrobe is quite big in Scandinavia. But then again we really can go out and enjoy the fresh, crispy air and the joy of skiing and scateting!

  10. Guess hows our temp these days? It’s less 20°C. Today 16°C This is crazy! thinking that it’s still summer here.uh well, i hope you have a nice weather this weekend though! take care!

    So your having green winter in mid Europe too right now – remember its still some left of the summer 2007! Hope the same for you and your family!

  11. Most conversations in this neck of the woods lead to the weather too. On super cold days you can always count on at least one or two “cold enough for ya?” comments and on the melting hot days there’s the ever reliable “hot enough for ya?”

    Good to know we’re not the only once obsessed by the weather then:-)

  12. Be assured Belgians also always talk about weather in each an every conversation from the street cleaner over the postman, to the top City employee ! and especially this year. We had the coldest summer since 50 years or more I guess and I believe more and more in global freezing then global warming !

    I know you’ve had it too Gattina and I’m worried about the same!

  13. Climate forges the mental of people. We admire here the personality of vikings. People who aren’t afraid to work, a sens of solidarity with good laws, honnesty, a life in harmony with the nature and always looking for a bio and modern economy. Don’t think we are lazy in south but we have so much to learn with north lands.

    Its an interesting challenge, yes.
    What a flattering endorsement to us Vikings – thanks! We don’t think you are lazy and we have a lot of traditions and history in commend you know!

  14. Hehehe..nice one so as you are reading my comment now Renny can you look out of your window and check out the weather now kekekek…
    Have a wonderful weekend Renny :D

    Looking out in the summer night: I see stars on a black, clear sky!
    A great one to you too:-)

  15. We are driving down to Oslo tomorrow for a birthday party out on the fjord. I am crossing my fingers for good weather…..

    Wishing you a lovely celebration – crossing my fingers and toes for you!

  16. Sending sunny skies and warm weather to you and yours from Southern New Mexico. (97F or 36C)

    Thanks DD – we can use it this weekend as we are back in our vacation home!

  17. That’s very true…the weather is a constant topic among husband and I talk about it constantly! :P
    Sending you warm greetings from Holland..and have a great weekend, Renny! :)

    See; the weather keeps the conversation going:P
    Thanks for your greetings and a lovely end to your week too!

  18. And we are waiting for rain…send some drops please, Renny! :-))
    But maybe we will have pretty soon a lot of rain from the new Hurricane DEAN who is coming our way next week some when. Just now going soon towards Jamaica…we hope he will turn into the Gulf of Mexico and just now there is the path where it’s going open, but maybe Luisiana (again!!) or to the west Texas or Mexico… we will see!

    I don’t mind sharing – its on its way:-))
    I do hope this hurricane will be milder – we don’t want you to have another Louisiana disaster this year!

  19. It’s been soggy as well lately here in Bergen but still there are tons of tourists and I am hoping that the sun will shine again so I can take a lovely walk

    Well, to be soggy in Bergen isn’t that unusual you know – but hope you still will have some nice sunshine this summer too!

  20. My dear friend, this is not a pleasant reminder – not at all.
    But our friends from Holland, yeas, they said: we have the same climate, but not a Nature you have.
    What a reliefe— We are going to their Wedding Party —

    And my latest is from Drøbak – with Captain as a hungry gueast – he – he

    I know Tor, but its the trues though:-(
    Glad to know your Holland friends could experience some of the lovely Norwegian nature then! Wishing you a lovely party!
    I’ve seen your lovely post from Drøbak – really worth reading – thanks for sharing and good to know our Captain got some Lutefisk:-)

  21. PS – jeg laget en link fra bildet av Lutefiskmuseet i Drøbak til

    Okay of course – thanks for plugging me! Hope all liked the Lutefisk then!

  22. I read on Aftenposten that autumn may be slightly warmer than usually. Hopefully, there will be less rain so you can enjoy the “warmer” temperatures:)

    So your reading the biggest Norwegian newspaper on the net – thats great! I red the article too and hope they are right in their forecast:)

  23. Thanking you for the weather report! Always love them! :D

    Your welcome – quite different from Down Under I guess :D

  24. I don’t think I could TAKE THE AMOUNT OF COLD WEATHER YOU HAVE THERE IN nORWAY. (Sorry about those caps…lol)…
    My blood has thinned out living in Southern California for these 46 years…! We need RAIN desperately though….Though Summer is NOT the time we usually get any rain….but you never know. We are down a foot of rain this year…they say it is the driest year in L.A. since they have been keeping records…!

    Don’t you worry Naomi! Just you come over to visit and we’ll find some appropriate cloths for you!
    So lets exchange then as it seams like you have what we want and we have what you want:-)

  25. Another soggy Saturday here too!

    We’re in Sweden again this weekend and actually have had a great, sunny day.

  26. My dear friend, you are sitting abroad, like the most of our nations Grande Intellectuals (Authors, composers and painters) and commenting this summer. This Summer we had 4 unforgetable days together – even canoing and our charming ladies went swimming as well 2 days in a row – butt, statistics can be hard.
    btw. We will walk “Kyststien” tomorrow – the southern part of it and watch out over the Oslofjord.

    You mean like Bergman for instance?
    Yea, we had a great time together in Swede this summer and it really shows how much fun you can have whatever the weather!
    Please keep us posted about your trip tomorrow!

  27. Aha, that Kystien that Tor is mentioning sounds like something for the cyber cruise – I got the cruise radar on obviously! *giggles*
    The weather. is a sad story. I just wanna go cruising…. *giggles*

    See my comment above – I try to encourage him!

  28. hi Renny -talking about the weather eh?
    today in Australia (down under) two hours from Sydney …….it will be 18 degrees and raining :)

    Sounds like a typical summer day in Norway this year – but then again it’s your winter season :)

  29. I must remember to tell myself that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. But what shall we do here in the U.S. when it gets so hot– over 100 degrees F? There are only so many clothes that we can take off and appear in public! LOL
    Best wishes to you for a wonderful Sunday.

    Well, there is light fabrics that gives you a chilly feeling i should think, but over 100F hmmmmmm, I take it your nude beaches are overcrowded then LoL
    Wishing you a good one too and a great week ahead!

  30. I just read a blog post by a weather aficionado who travels often. We are fascinated with the weather, too. So many TV channels and web links to weather sites! For all we have and do and know, maybe we just want to sit back and watch the clouds roll by!

    Hi Sandy, nice to see you!
    I checked your interesting post too – thanks for sharing!
    A real good advice – lets just admire the weather as it is:-)

  31. right now, all we have here is typhoon. hehe. i guess somehow weather could also be an icebreaker here… “what do you think? will it rain?” coz even if the sun is really hot and shining, the rain could just surprise you :)

    You really know how to talk with a Norwegian:D

  32. Weather is a really good conversation ‘ice-breaker’ isn’t it. My memories of weather in Norway are of summer warmth. I visited a long time ago now – on my first overseas adventure at age 15. It felt safe enough to travel by myself in those days. I stayed on a little island off the coast of Sweden for a while, Norway visible across the fjord. It was warm enough to swim in the sea at 6am each morning. Pleasant memories.

    What a wonderful Scandinavian visit experience you’ve had and thanks for sharing! You’ll just have to come back so I can show you around a bit – its still safe you know!

  33. This must be why the Scandinavian immigrants in the US settled in the upper Midwest–cold. Discussing the weather is common around here too–usually complaints that we aren’t somewhere else. Cold and rainy today, just in case you needed to know, in northern Ohio. After Good Morning, etc., my husband always reports the weather forecast because he watches as he dresses (and I’m at the coffee shop).

    I think they where seeking similar climate and nature, yes!
    So maybe this kind of conversations is going on in the morning all over the world after all then:-)

  34. It’s a lot hotter and dryer in the summer here in Toronto.

    So why don’t you share – just a tiny bit then Tenna :D

  35. I LOVE all kinds of weather, Renny, so I know I would love Norway weather year round. And I do always like when you say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. So true. :)

    I know you do as the true globetrotter you are – even visited Norway once and you just have to come back. Maybe in winter next time!

  36. Yeah, now I always check what the weather or temperature is… And excited to see the five-day weather forecast in the newspapers. I never cared about this back in the Philippines. :)

    So your a real adjusted Norwegian now then Mark :)

  37. We sometimes share your weather but we have more sunlight in winter and less in summer. We are warmer too in summer and for the last few summers it’s been very hot. This summer was extremely dry!

    Interesting observation and I do think your right. I’ve also heard that it has been dry in your part of Canada this summer too and as you know, very different from our south Scandinavian weather this summer.

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