Making contact with the Animals

My wife and I have the privilege of a visit from a little girl who comes and stays with us once a month. This weekend we took her to our vacation house in Sweden. For something fun to do on Saturday, we took her to a local mini zoo to experience and greet the animals. It was a great adventure and really took me down memory lane. Growing up in a small town with lots of farms, around gave a lot of opportunities to see and experience animals in their natrual environments. I know what it is to get up early to feed them. I know how to milk a cow or to shear a sheep (haven’t done it myself, but seen it a lot of times). There where also a slaughter in the city so I’ve seen how the animals are slaughtered and divided. My mom and grandmother often bought half a sheep, a pig or a cow and knew how to deal with it to make perfect portions for excellent food during the winter time.

To give you an example; this is me about two years of age together with a farm women feeding the sheep:
RennyBA Sheep feeding

This was what was running trough my head while entering the mini zoo with our charming and trustful guest. Together we could experience the same thing! The different animals were in pens, but you could easily open the door and get into them – and we did! Often I feel like children adapts the adults attitude and since I entered without fear: she came along too you know – as the most natrual thing in the world:-). Watching her talking to, touching, petting and feeding the animals was just like a thrill money can’t buy. So of course I had to capture almost every moment (I had my Nokia mobile phone at hand of course:-) and took around 50 pictures. So to give you an example, I had a bit of fun with my Photobucket account to make a movee for you to see what kind of animals you find in a Scandinavian farm:

So what I want to say with this post is that I feel we are missing something in our daily stress in the urban life. Whats natrual has become distant. (some of the parents at the zoo even prevented their children from going in to the animals because they said it was ‘dirty’ and were afraid of bacteria!) So the closest children come to animals nowadays is hamburgers provided by the modern and too officiant food industry and when you happens to drive out in the countryside and see a brown cow: they think its the one who gives chocolate milk. When a ram is something to be afraid of, the world goes in the wrong direction I think!
Other than that, I just wanted to share a jolly good and natrual time with the animals – another quality time with my wife and our little friend. Have a great week everyone :D And don’t forget to greet our four legged friends!!