Tonight Norwegians are celebrating in (I didn’t say on!) ecstasy after a surprise victory against Argentina in football. My regular readers know I don’t often talk about sports, but winning against a double world champion and a team ranked #2 on FIFA’s table (Norway is ranked 35) call for an extraordinary post. Last time I did it, was when we made a draw against Brazil. On top of that; Norway won because they played the best football so it was a rightful victory. Of course Argentina have great and famous football stars like Rodriguez, Diego Milito and Messi, but Norway has John Carew, a striker who double fired Norway to a surprise 2-1 win.

In this pictures (borrowed from ScanPix) you see Carew (#10) and Norway’s biggest football icon: Ole Gunnar Solskjær (#20) – known as the Sunny Boy in Manchester United (he could not play today due to a recent knee surgery).

Carew netted the opener on 12 minutes from the penalty spot. Then the big front man caused the South Americans plenty of problems and he almost struck again when he dribbled past three defenders into Argentina’s penalty area only to have his shot blocked. Argentina pressed after the break but, against the run of play, Carew added a second in the 58th minute when he deftly headed in a free-kick taken by Riise (a Liverpool player). Argentina, playing their first match since a traumatic 3-0 defeat by arch-rivals Brazil in the Copa America final last month, were without play maker Juan Roman Riquelme and defender Gabriel Heinze. With forward Lionel Messi well-shackled by Norway’s defense, it wasn’t until six minutes from time when Argentina pulled a goal back through Maximiliano Rodriguez.
Norway have sprung back from a dreadful start to their UEFA EURO 2008 qualifying campaign and are in a three-way tie for second in Group C behind leaders Greece. Next game on the schedules are against Greece and Turkey in October and November – so stay tuned!

All North American readers will have to excuse all this talk about football while you call it soccer. You see thats what the rest of the world calls it and it’s because this is the kind of game where you actually play with your feet :D

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  1. Toronto now has a soccer team that is in the same league as Beckham. He was in town a couple weeks ago (but didn’t play because of an injury). All the tickets for all the games this year have been sold out.

    I know he’s in a new American league now and he’s a good player. I met him once in Manchester in a restaurant where he celebrated his birthday with friends so Victoria was there too!

  2. Oh my dear bloggerfriend – you know that Norway never looses soccer-matches at home ground when playing with/against South-American national team. That’s for sure. Too long travel, or perhaps, they do not want to be hurt in the start of the new season.
    — I watch the match with half eye, from our outdoor platform – in between cozes from the cats, relief

    Yea, we have a good record there Tor and you might have a point there – but still; the Norwegian where playing amazingly good!
    — sounds like a good combination!

  3. football is not that popular here in the philippines, but i do think it’s a great sport. congratulations to the Norwegian team for winning! :)

    I know but glad you like football anyway and thanks!

  4. Congratulations!

    Thanks Sidney!

  5. Woohoo! Congratulations, Norway. To beat the Argentinians, wow! That’s so good…you do deserve to win. Well done! Maybe one day your team will come to Australia to play!

    Thanks Robyn! Did you know there was an Australian player on a team in the Norwegian national league?
    Maybe or hopefully we meet in the next World Championship in three years!

  6. Carew deserves a reward!

    I do agree – this time he was the best player in the match!

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  8. congratulations norway! gooooooooaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Lime! Wanna be the cheer leader in the next game? :D

  9. you’ve ranked top? wow!!! congratulations! :

    Thanks – and for Your support too!

  10. Congratulations! That’s wonderful, and your joy makes your post an extra treat. I used to watch football when I lived in Ireland. I loved the aerial shots that showed the balance and rhythm of the players on the field. A special magic–and a mystery for klutzes like me!

    Thanks – I was in ecstasy you know!
    Glad you’ve had the chance to see the beauty of football too:-)

  11. Was this the reason why there was heavy traffic everywhere last Wednesday? Hehehe. Congrats to the Norwegian team, though!

    But Mark; what that they only way you noticed it?? LoL

  12. Football (or soccer, as we call American’s call it) is becoming more popular here, but it still isn’t in the top sport. Of course, Beckham’s arrival has caused quite a stir.
    Best wishes to you and your wife for a lovely weekend.

    I know and whats even more strange, is that your football is called football as you mostly use hands!
    I know Beckham might rise the popularity and maybe Victoria too:-)

  13. Hello there!
    Thanks for inking at my blog..
    I have watched your Tube video about your Terra model and I think it’s really brilliant design. I love space and science infact I just finished tubing the “ubble in 15 years” at youtube. It’s so great!! I love I love!
    Have a great weekend!
    see you around, kiss – Fendi

    Your welcome and thanks for your support on BtF too!
    Thanks for watching and your compliments to the concept of my blog or my Little World:-)
    I’ll pop over to check your post and wish you a great weekend too!

  14. how wonderful to watch and see it happening! I’m very happy for it and I’d agree that many things in north america are backwards… But it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks as they say… Logical you are right! But how do you change people to football! =)
    And – Stay tuned for much needed support from a Canadian photo contest. Details to come as soon as i finish submitting the photo (end of the weekend perhaps)…

    I saw it on TV, but it was a great game anyway.
    I don’t know if the dog is that old, but hard to teach I’m sure LoL
    I’ll stay tuned of course.

  15. Well THAT is very very exciting Renny…Congratulations to Norway!
    BTW: I have tagged you for a MEME I just posted, which is kind of interesting and fun to do….IF you decide to do it, letr me know Renny…And I hope you have a lovely weekend, my dear!

    Thanks Naomi and also for plugging me – I’ll see what I can do but please be patient.

  16. Yey! Double whammy! Mazel tov to you! :-)

    Glad I could excite you too :D

  17. Congratulation for Norway, Renny! I ‘d like to see you and Tor on my TV in final!!!as norwegian supporters!!!

    Thanks Claudia and one day I hope Tor and I will be in the world championship too!

  18. Congratulations, Renny, and all of Norway. You can be totally proud of this accomplishment! YAY!
    And you’ll be glad to know that I finally registered and famed you! :)

    Thanks Ginnie!
    Your such a great supporter – thanks for Faming Me and also my blog. Your listed on my BtF post of course!

  19. Congratulations Renny! Thanks for visiting my site by the way.
    Sly from

    Thanks – your welcome and I really liked your blog!

  20. Well, I’m no sport fan either, butt understand your pride here. You’re just patriotic – as one should be :-)
    Congratulations Norway!

    Thanks Captain – a very diplomatic Swedish comment LoL

  21. Congrats! The Netherlands lost from Switzerland this week… :-(

    Thanks! I know you lost, but remember this was only a friendly game!

  22. My Good friend R.
    great to find you in face book.
    Nice to come back toread your articles. It is always a trip.
    Yes, you know… this article touch a bit my heart. My Argeniean “Futbolero corazón”. I can say many things. Argentina did not have time fortraining, they como all out of competition level because they were almost all of them, on vacation, bla, bla bla.
    None of this things take out the value and how much Norway deserve the victory they got. Nad statistics are starting to be build on Norway’s side!
    However… I went to the Ullevål stadium, and it was fantastic to see many things, that I’ll like to mention:
    How civilized and respectfull people acted.
    To see many kids – and beautifull arranged ladies – on the stadium. All safe and enjoying.
    How strange is to se a LOT of norwegians supporting their national team, with Argentinean T-shirts.
    How a great match played the enormous Mr Carew!
    What a pleassure is to see the magic spark of this natural born genius of Lionel Messi.
    The beauty of see the “celeste y blanca”.
    How – in general – amazingly boring can be the average norwegian supporter (don’t sing, don’t jump, don’t curse, no nothing. Almost like being in front of the tv)
    The happines of all norwegians, as if winning the final match on the world cup, beautifull!!!!!
    And that’s all my friend. Lets keep in touch!

    Hei Alfredo – good to meet you in FaceBook and also to see you here!
    I do understand you where touched by heart and of course Argentina normally is a much better team, but I’m also pleased and flattered that you give the Norwegians credit for well play in this friendly game. I wish they could play this good when more important games are played.
    I’m also really pleased to hear that you had such great time on the arena. Its flattering to hear that you where pleased to see the Norwegians in fair behavior but also ‘in ecstasy’ LoL
    I do agree Alfredo; let’s keep in touch!
    Klem fra Renny:-)

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