Show off your tan at Aker Brygge in Oslo

Today I’ll take you to Norway’s modest center with shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. Aker Brygge is a former shipyard area in Oslo harbour, right next to the City Hall and across from Akerhus Fortress. In 1982 work started on demolishing the former shipyards and workshops of Norway’s largest shipbuilding yard. The architects, had the dream of creating Urban Qualities , the atmosphere of a living city, with the intention of providing identity, intimacy, drama, monumentality, friendliness, contrasts, humor and the feeling of festival! Today the docks are said to have the greatest number of outdoor seats in Norway. Lets start with to pictures showing the contrast in old and new buildings (all pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone):

Aker Brygge, Oslo #1 Aker Brygge, Oslo #2

Aker Brygge welcomes you to a car-free suburb 365 days of the year. You can wander in the streets, along alleys and over open areas without having to think about cars or be afraid of running out in front of one. You can use your eyes , nose, in fact all your senses to absorb the cry of the gulls and the chugging of the motorboats are balsam for the soul and on Aker Harbour you can really wind down and treat yourself to a rest. This 62000 m2 waterfront area in Oslo center became one of Europe’s most exciting urban development projects. The clocktower seen near the waters edge was the original from the shipyard:
Aker Brygge, Oslo #6

They say this area is notorious as The place for rich people from all around Norway that come here for shopping and showing off. So lets have a peek then:

Talking about expensive and rich people. Just for fun I checked the prices: A nice five room apartment: 4,2 million $ or 3,2 million €. But then you have three terraces! If your interested, I know a good real estate agent :D

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