Today I’ll take you to Norway’s modest center with shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. Aker Brygge is a former shipyard area in Oslo harbour, right next to the City Hall and across from Akerhus Fortress. In 1982 work started on demolishing the former shipyards and workshops of Norway’s largest shipbuilding yard. The architects, had the dream of creating Urban Qualities , the atmosphere of a living city, with the intention of providing identity, intimacy, drama, monumentality, friendliness, contrasts, humor and the feeling of festival! Today the docks are said to have the greatest number of outdoor seats in Norway. Lets start with to pictures showing the contrast in old and new buildings (all pics taken with my Nokia mobile phone):

Aker Brygge, Oslo #1 Aker Brygge, Oslo #2

Aker Brygge welcomes you to a car-free suburb 365 days of the year. You can wander in the streets, along alleys and over open areas without having to think about cars or be afraid of running out in front of one. You can use your eyes , nose, in fact all your senses to absorb the cry of the gulls and the chugging of the motorboats are balsam for the soul and on Aker Harbour you can really wind down and treat yourself to a rest. This 62000 m2 waterfront area in Oslo center became one of Europe’s most exciting urban development projects. The clocktower seen near the waters edge was the original from the shipyard:
Aker Brygge, Oslo #6

They say this area is notorious as The place for rich people from all around Norway that come here for shopping and showing off. So lets have a peek then:

Talking about expensive and rich people. Just for fun I checked the prices: A nice five room apartment: 4,2 million $ or 3,2 million €. But then you have three terraces! If your interested, I know a good real estate agent :D

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  1. Ah, the good life, right? LOL I’d be so bored. Where would I have my garden? Where would my dogs play? Guess I am a country girl!
    Great pictures though and it really is a beautiful spot.

    I don’t know, but a nice place to visit now and then. I am a country boy you know!

  2. As you say, a nice place to visit, but it’s not for me. I’m a country girl and I couldn’t afford it anyway. Must be nice, I guess…
    Love and hugs, Diane

    Well, I didn’t spend a penny but had a jolly good time collecting info and taking pics for the post…

  3. It’s a nice place for people that love the smell of the salt sea, fish and food and the joy of people. You can rent a place for a boat, the seize you can live in year all over for USD 10.000. Then water and electricity is all included. You can then have a ships dog or cat, and have your own herbs and flowers at your boat.
    PS. I just posted my last one.

    Thanks Tor: your comments always enriches the subject!
    PS: Have red your post – got a heart attach first and then a real good laugh!

  4. I almost jumped on Tor’s suggestion about renting a place for a boat and buying a boat and live there…. Except from the fact that I think we’ve better weather here in Sweden than you have in Norway and you know how weather crazy I am! *giggles*
    It looks like an excellent place to visit in summertime to ENJOY and RELAX which doesn’t sound that bad to me… *giggles*
    (I’ve linked up this post now :-)

    I think Tor’s idea is great – at least in the summer time!
    Captain; There is no such as better or worse weather – its just a matter of the right cloths you know!
    Hope we can meet at Aker Brygge one day!
    (and I’ve liked up our Cyber Cruise:-)

  5. comme un souffle frais venu du Nord! un blog qui me fait écouvrir un pays

  6. wow, that place is so beautiful! and the apartments so expensive! :D but then again it would be a good thing if i get the opportunity to visit. :)

    Hope to see you at Aker Brygge one day then! :)

  7. What a cool patio! I love patios!

    Like I’ve said to the others: Hope to see you at Aker Brygge one day!

  8. A great place to unwind.It would have been nice to own one of those yacht.Dream on cheh ,dream on,lol

    Yea, dream on and remember; its always free to go with me in blogsphere!

  9. Let’s work for a few more years and then I buy that apartment and the yacht, of course! ;-)

    LoL, I should have to work a few more years too!

  10. Your photos are fawesome, as always! The clock tower is out of place and all, but it adds beauty to the place.
    Anyway, thanks for voting! :-)

    Thanks for your compliments and i do agree with you!
    Your welcome – of course I vote for you!

  11. That is my kind of place. I’m an ocean girl! I love that there are no cars! That must be so nice.

    I knew it would be perfect for you Sword Girl – no cars and in Oslo fjord reaching out to the Atlantic ocean.

  12. I’m loving the pictures you’ve posted! A friend and I joke and call the people “showing off their tan” as “starfishes” as reminiscent of how people look when they lay out on the sand. Beautiful site!

    Glad you liked it and your so right: Typical Norwegian: catch as many rise as they can get and of course to show off:-)

  13. The only thing missing, Renny, is a photo of our cruise ship! :) This is so how I remember that spot, across from the Akerhus Fortress. I walked into town by the City Hall twice and still have fond memories of all this newly-developed area. Now that I know a bit more about it, it’s even more special to me. Thanks.

    I’m so glad you could see this post Ginne, as I know you where on this very same spot in the cruise ship two years ago:-) I so much remember it was just after that we met in the blogshpere!

  14. oh i like the idea of a place with no cars. i like that very much!

    I knew we are two of a kind in that way too:-)

  15. The next time I have a few million laying around, I’ll keep this place in mind! It looks and sounds very nice, Renny! :)

    Tell me when you buy one of those flat – I wanna visit you en enjoy the view :-)

  16. I’m dying to visit there someday. Looks cool, a bit expensive though.

    Tell me when – I’ll gladly be your guide!

  17. Oslo looks like such a fun place to visit..and you know, i am just so surprised about the Nokia mobile phone!

    Remember: your welcome any time and I’ll bring my Nokia to capture the excitements!

  18. No cars to worry about…what a wonderful area that must be. I love shopping and I can pretend to be one of the rich and beautiful people! Seaside shopping, that has it all, doesn’t it. Fresh air and shops…what a wonderful combination.

    Aker Brygge must be a perfect place for you to go window shopping then!

  19. Beautiful place but too rich for my blood!

    Aker Brygge in a nut shell:-)

  20. it looks great!! and somehow a bit like Hamburg (around the Alster lake in the city), where we used to live and where we still have my husband’s family. And friends. A nice villa close to the Elbe River is very expensive but I can’t mention figures.
    I am also surprised about the quality of the pics taken by your mobile phone! of course I have an antique Nokia, lol
    happy weekend up north :)

    I’ve been to Hamburg but never at Alster like – have to go there next time!
    Thanks and happy weekend down south:-)

  21. one of my favorite spot in oslo just walking distance from where i lived at bygdoy alle

    Hello Sha! Great to hear from a local – maybe we can meet there one day:)

  22. What a BEAUTIFUL Spot, Renny….And I love that no cars are there…..Yje prices of the apartments are a bit steep, aren’t they? To say the least…LOL!
    It is always a great pleasure to see your view of your beautiful country….I always feel I have been on a little trip, myself…! Thank You!

    Thanks Naomi and you know I love to visit you in LA on your blog too!
    Well, almost the most expensive you can get in Norway.

  23. Oh what a great report of the city. I and think I’m extra spoiled by that great Movenpick photo of ice cream P and I would die for! That waterfront stroll looks up my alley and what I miss so much about the west coast here. We don’t have much of that and they are trying to pick it up quickly for the Olympics. I certainly hope people will influence them more to put out seating to enjoy this area more…
    Great pics and report. Now over to Toraa.

    I’m glad you liked it and also the extra picture of ice cream specially sent to you!
    I do hope you’ll get your Mövepick in Toronto in 2009 – wish I could bee there with you!

  24. I’ve tagged you…. *giggles*
    The Middle Name Tag Nag

    Thanks – I’m flattered of course, but please be patient as I’ve plenty og other tags to work on too!

  25. What a fabulous plan and it looks as if it works. No cars! What a bonus! A great place to hang out, meet people, socialise, eat and shop…all the great things in life!!

    You got it Ruth: a perfect place to relax and have fun – with or without money!

  26. I love the fact that there are not any cars. That way we must slow down and take in all that the area has to offer and use all of our senses. That is my kind of place!

    I knew you would like it Lisa and I do hope one day Tor and I can show you around at Aker Brygge and the whole Oslo City!

  27. You should write a book or contribute to wikitravel :-)

    Awwww Missy, what a compliment!

  28. Beautiful photos Renny and no cars !!!!!!
    reminds me of our lovely Tasmania :)

    Yea; glad you can imagine after all:)

  29. Love the tour. I’m ready to come back!

    Good! I know you was in Norway this summer and its great to read your posts about it!

  30. This is awesome! I would love to live on a boat for a while and enjoy the life. hmmm… know any rich man who would take me? kakaka…..

    Yea; who wouldn’t! I’ll keep my eyes open for you! kakaka…

  31. Thanks for this beautiful visit! More I read you more I’d like to travel an visit Oslo! You are a good reporter! Sorry if I didn’t come earlier to visit Oslo but I’m so busy! And since I participe to COT and PH, I do my best to give the most of comments I can and it’s always in hurry!

    Thanks for the compliments Claudie and I do hope you come and visit one day – I’ve love to guide you around!
    I know how it is and I really do appreciate your visit when you have the time!

  32. Fantastic photos, Renny! But I find the shopping in Aker Brygge really boring. We go there for the outdoor dining by the fjord. Ah, nydelig! :)

    Thanks Mark!
    I do agree about shopping, but then again thats not my cop of tea you know and of course dining by the fjord is great!

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