The Face Behind This Blog

Expat Travel and Chech tagged me with this Face Behind The Blog meme. I’ve also been tagged similarly by OldOldLadyOnTheHills , Mrs. Lifercruiser and Teena, so I take this opportunity to link them and show my gratitude.

RennyBAI’m an ordinary Norwegian born in ’52 in a small town, Porsgrunn, two hours drive south of Oslo along the fjord. I have a M.Sc in Economics and worked within IT (Information Technology) since ’75. My trustful readers knows I’m a network evangelist, an always on person and then addicted to the Internet. So of course you’ll find me in FaceBook and LinkeIn as well as on my own homepage.

EUCIPProfessionally as CEO of EUCIP Norway, I’m involved in a certification project. We are literary driving the Informatics competence in Europe. Click the logo to check out and read more about it!

DianeCA_RennyBA10 years ago, on the net, I met the most wonderful woman. from US. It started in a newsgroup, then mail and chatting. Then she came over with her two boys and we got married 8 years ago. So I have three children and now two bonus children. We love outdoors activities, exploring nature, playing golf and enjoying each others company making food and henging out with friends. Most of our spare time we spend in our vacation home in Mariestad, Sweden.

RennnyBA_CrabMe, myself, I love all kind of winter sports, golf, tennis, hunting and fishing. Since childhood, I’ve learned how to clean and prepare all kinds of sea food you’ll find in the Nordic Ocean. I love traveling too and my profession have brought me mostly all around the world and of course through Europe in particular.

This meme is intriguing also because of its origins. David Airey began this in May 2007. It is growing and he is keeping a record of its growth around the world. My interest? Traveling, exploring blogsphere and graph theory. It would be grand to mathematically graph the growth of this meme. Here is the way to do it:

Step 1: Post a short article with you photograph(s).
Step 2: Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference. Include a link back to Airey’s post.
Step 3: Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.
Step 4: E-mail Airey and he will list you on the original post. (This step is not required but unless you do this step, the whole point of the network is gone.)

I tag:
BrykmantraAl’s Time OutTorAa’s Mirror and House of Lime.

Today I found that Thomas – technical blogger, have an updated list of The Face Behind The Blog Collection. Its interesting to see how long and far this meme has gone!