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Expat Travel and Chech tagged me with this Face Behind The Blog meme. I’ve also been tagged similarly by OldOldLadyOnTheHills , Mrs. Lifercruiser and Teena, so I take this opportunity to link them and show my gratitude.

RennyBAI’m an ordinary Norwegian born in ’52 in a small town, Porsgrunn, two hours drive south of Oslo along the fjord. I have a M.Sc in Economics and worked within IT (Information Technology) since ’75. My trustful readers knows I’m a network evangelist, an always on person and then addicted to the Internet. So of course you’ll find me in FaceBook and LinkeIn as well as on my own homepage.

EUCIPProfessionally as CEO of EUCIP Norway, I’m involved in a certification project. We are literary driving the Informatics competence in Europe. Click the logo to check out and read more about it!

DianeCA_RennyBA10 years ago, on the net, I met the most wonderful woman. from US. It started in a newsgroup, then mail and chatting. Then she came over with her two boys and we got married 8 years ago. So I have three children and now two bonus children. We love outdoors activities, exploring nature, playing golf and enjoying each others company making food and henging out with friends. Most of our spare time we spend in our vacation home in Mariestad, Sweden.

RennnyBA_CrabMe, myself, I love all kind of winter sports, golf, tennis, hunting and fishing. Since childhood, I’ve learned how to clean and prepare all kinds of sea food you’ll find in the Nordic Ocean. I love traveling too and my profession have brought me mostly all around the world and of course through Europe in particular.

This meme is intriguing also because of its origins. David Airey began this in May 2007. It is growing and he is keeping a record of its growth around the world. My interest? Traveling, exploring blogsphere and graph theory. It would be grand to mathematically graph the growth of this meme. Here is the way to do it:

Step 1: Post a short article with you photograph(s).
Step 2: Include links to other people that have displayed a photo, or include their photos in your post, adding a reference. Include a link back to Airey’s post.
Step 3: Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.
Step 4: E-mail Airey and he will list you on the original post. (This step is not required but unless you do this step, the whole point of the network is gone.)

I tag:
BrykmantraAl’s Time OutTorAa’s Mirror and House of Lime.

Today I found that Thomas – technical blogger, have an updated list of The Face Behind The Blog Collection. Its interesting to see how long and far this meme has gone!

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  1. Well, well, nice to know you mr RennyBA. The face behind the blog. Thanks for tagging me on this subject. I’ll come back to that when we return to our Winterhome.
    In the meantime, have a wonderful week.

    Thank you Sir TorAa! Welcome back and please keep me posted!
    Wishing you and your beautiful wife a great one too!

  2. You have always showed the face behind the blog! and it’s nice to read a bit more about yourself. I have an MA in Economics and worked over 10yrs in banking, took a sabbatical when we came to Spain because it was only supposed to last 3-5 years…almost 14 years ago!

    Thanks Mar, your a trustful reader!
    What a long sabbatical. I’m glad your doing so well in Spain then!

  3. Thanks for joining renny! you really is the beautiful person behind the blog! Keep up the great work!

    Your welcome – thanks for the invite – I promise:-)

  4. Thanks for joining in Renny!
    I’ve added you to my original list.
    All the best.

    Your welcome and thanks for starting it all – a great blogsphere idea!
    All the best to you too and keep up the good work David!

  5. So, we’ve already seen a bit of your face around, but now we get to know you a bit more – and it’s always nice to see you :-)
    It is a great meme this and I’ve been tagged too and will do it as soon as possible!

    Glad you don’t get tired of see and read me Captain!
    Looking forward to your post too then:-)

  6. Thanks for your active participation. If every surfer were like you, it will be great! Cheers from Fruity

    Thanks for your compliments – I’m flattered Fruity!

  7. well, i learned a few more things about you, renny. and i just love the picture of you and diane on your skates. i will try to get to this in the next week or so. thanks for the tag. :)

    Always try to give my readers something new you know and actually had great fun finding documentary pics!
    Keep me posted – I wanna learn more about you too you know!

  8. Hi Renny,
    Thanks for the link to your website. I could not remember your link but I am back and I still love your pics on your site. Have a great day.
    God Bless, Barbara

    Hi Barbara, nice to see you back again and thanks for your compliments! A great one to you too!

  9. You forgot to tell that you are a very kind man. Of course most of your visitors know this already.
    And you are now finaly linked. Blogs (World).

    Thanks for your compliments Sidney and also for listing my blog – it’s all an honor!

  10. Amazing! I like this meme because you get to hear about the person behind the blog.

    Glad you liked it and I’m over to visit yours too.

  11. Nice picture of you ! Unfortunately I don’t share your taste for winter sports ! I hate winter and snow when everything is so white, cold and boring ! I would like to be a bear and sleep until spring!

    Thanks Gattina! Well, people are different and thats good. I do understand your point of view, but i disagree that winter is boring: check my post of winter in categories :-)

  12. Renny,
    I was tagged by some dear soul and then forgot about it, so thanks for providing the data here! It’s nice to learn more about you. I have been wondering how memes work and how they make the rounds, etc. It’s fascinating. Thanks for shedding some light on that one, too. Nice to know more about you!

    Glad I could remind you then!
    I think this growing phenomena is fascinating too!

  13. No wonder you love the brought you Diane! That really is amazing when you consider a few generations ago, all the choices would be limited to your own little town. Things have changed dramatically. Hiow lucky is that for you two?!
    You are also lucky you love and excel at your job. It brings you opportunities you love and finances that allow you to own a beautiful summer house. here, a much smaller percentage own cottages. The maintenance of just one place keeps us busy and spending money!!

    Your so right and I feel lucky to be in the generation I am and also to have an interesting and challenging job:-)
    I understand what you mean about the summer home, but also your cottage is lovely too – as it is a typical Norwegian one!

  14. This is a very interesting MEME, though not exactly like the one I tagged you for, which you may decide to still do, or not! (lol)
    I love that you met your dear beautiful wife through this amazing phenomenon we call “The Net”….And that was NEW info for me…I had not known that, my dear Renny…..Thanks for sharing these very interesting facts about yourself!

    Thanks – I know – I had to do it my way!
    So now you know why I am addicted to the net too LoL

  15. Mmmm… and what a handsome face it IS too!
    (((((Thanks for stopping by the party, Renny!)))))
    It would NEVER be the same without you – or the Norwegian version
    of the birthday song!

    Now I’m blushing Melli!
    Your welcome and Happy Birthday again to you!
    Go visit her and greet her every one!

  16. Mieeuw – Part 2 is posted,
    Stompa and his Cousins
    PS Thanks for nice words – will you visit us during the Fall/Winter?

    Have been there – nice read!
    We would love to visit and memories those lovely days of summer with you in Mariestad:-)

  17. hi renny, you’re looking good! :D it’s nice to know more about you. have a nice day! :D

    Thanks Carlotta, I am flattered! Wish you a good one too :D

  18. A good meme to propagate indeed! In just one single post, I got to know the face behind this blog! Cheers from your neighbor in Göteborg.

    Thanks for your compliments! Always good to see neighbors from Sweden around – Cheers!

  19. we have the same experience I meet my hubby on the net too 8 years ago :D
    It’s always nice to know you Renny and I must say that you are a GREAT person :)
    take care and have a good one!

    i do remember now that you hit yours the same way :D
    Thanks for your compliments!
    Wishing you the same!

  20. Just read your Mariestad entry now. Aha,,,so you got a summerhouse there! Unfortunately I haven’t been there. The closest I experienced the place is through Mariestad’s Beer. Hahaha! Do they have the brewery there? Hmmm…it would be nice to have a brewery tour.

    Good to be able to show a Swede around in his own country then! Yea; Mariestad Beer is my favorite too and I think they have a brewery there. I’ll have to check and keep you all posted:-)

  21. Ooo… I get to know you and Diane a little better. This is an interesting meme.
    You have actually looked under the kilt of te Scotsmen? hehehe…. Now, I’m interested in the VIkings!!!

    Glad you liked it my blog friend!
    Well the one I was was dancing and then you saw most of it… so I finally got your attention then:-)

  22. very interesting to read your background Renny …and such a romantic story about you and your wife… :)

    Flattering that you found it interesting ….and it still is romantic :D

  23. Nice to learn more about you, Renny :)
    That’s so cute how you and Diane met.

    Teena; I thought you knew all there is to know already LoL
    Yea, a great love story, don’t you think :)

  24. I will contest today! I find there is no parity here on blogsphere! One man for… how many women??? Tor and you are the only men who visit me on my blog against many, many women!!! It’s like that with teachers one man for many, many women!!! At school we have a director, a man for about 15 or 16 school-mistresses!!! Find the error! Good! to come back at your post I find you have a good life ! So a good star in the sky!!! I like sport too! Hope this end of week I will have time to run and swim!!!

    This is a very interesting observation Claudie. As a matter of fact, most of my readers are woman too! I think its because of the subjects we post about: more about the daily life and motional experiences in stead of things, technical issues and gadgets. I think men often are to afraid to share and express their thoughts about what happens in life – they are hiding behind facts, figures, bits and pieces.
    Thanks for your compliments and have a great swim – please keep us posted!

  25. I hope I remember this tomorrow. If I do I will do this.
    I didn’t realize your wife was from the US. What a small world! ;-)

    I hope you do too – keep us posted!
    The world is smaller and gets even smaller thanks to modern communication technology!

  26. Renny this is such a sweet post and telling us more about yourself…I’ve enjoyed it and it is amazing to meet the woman you love through the net :D

    Thanks for the compliments – I’m glad you enjoyed it and of course happy to meet my wife this way :D

  27. I would say wonderful take of this nice meme from David!

    Thanks Chase – coming from you who always does those things so well, its an honor!

  28. renny, this is fun way to know each other.. hmm you met yr wife onthe net? wow! anyway you seems to have many readers ;-)

    Its a great way i think – wanna participate? Yes, I met Diane on the net – a modern love story don’t you think!
    Yea, I have many and also trustful readers and take it as an honor. Thats what inspires me to go on and its a ‘Givers Gain’ you know. The more I give the more I get ;-)

  29. I love the face behind this blog, Renny. :) Yours is maybe the most informative blog anywhere. Keep it up!

    I’m flattered Ginnie! Your compliment means a lot to me as I always wants my readers to experience and learn new things from my posts. With encouragements like that I’ll promise to keep up :D

  30. awesome post/meme! I loved it. Now that I finally had time to read your blog/any blog for that matter.

    Thanks and thank you for inviting me to do the meme!

  31. I must return to Oslo! I was there for a week of work a few years ago but did not leave the airport, literally. I love open spacious towns and need to get started working on my own blog instead of visiting around the world, lol!

    Your welcome any time and you know I will love to guide you around!

  32. Hi Renny,
    I am Brykmantra’s wife. I am delighted you tagged him. I love it when he gets into posting. He is really, really funny by nature. By the way your Oslo post was remarkable. What a gorgeous city!!!!! It takes your breathe away it is so lovely,
    Thanks for sharing. Great blog. Keep Mark on his toes!!! He is really quite talented even if he is mine.

    Hi Karlyn, its always great to see you and I know you and Mark is trustful readers and I’m glad you like what you see.
    Please keep me posted about Mark’s tag from me!

  33. Hi RennyBA, good to know in some more detail about you in this post. Also, congratulations on the new blog; I like the new look-and-feel of this blog. Will be back.

    Thank for your compliments and welcome back any time.

  34. very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understand it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

    So thanks for your visit and comment anyway – always great to welcome new readers!

  35. Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate your feedback, Renny!

    Zaki Rostom

    Your welcome – always nice to welcome new readers!

  36. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages??

    Use Google Translation in the sidebar on this blog.

  37. Hi Renny. I came across your blog when I visited DimLamp’s blog site. I have to say that I am glad to have clicked on the link that took me here. I have never been to your part of the world. Perhaps some year in the future. I do travel much of the world now in my retirement.

    Come and visit my site and discover more about who I am and how I see the world.


  38. The serial number of a human specimen is the face, that accidental and unrepeatable combination of features. It reflects neither character nor soul, nor what we call the self. The face is only the serial number of a specimen.

  39. Dear Renny
    It’s my great opportunity to visit your site and read your incredible thoughts. It’s really interesting how you have experienced so much from the world of Technology. Norway has been one of the most friendly nations of my country Nepal and it’s really great to see beautiful and stunning pictures shared by you via flicker. I used to work as a radio host in my country for almost 2 years and I’ve been studying and staying here in new Zealand since 8 months.

    But, as international students can also study free of cost in Norway, I’m planning to come to your country next year. It’d be very amazing to get connected with such a wonderful person like you. Even being professional, your time, efforts and desire to communicate with the world has demonstrated the high degree of your simplicity. Keep it up and go on offering much to the world.


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