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Oslo; The City with The Big Heart

I often walk to meetings – why bother using the car? Besides: I usually go to work by buss:-) Then I stop from time to time and capture the pulse in the moment (its easy having my Nokia mobile phone at hand) -you never now what might be useful as a blogger. This post is this week’s collection from the City with The Big Heart. Let me start with one from a statue in front of the parliament – quite pulsing and passionate I would say:

Oslo;  The City with The Big Heart

You’ll never be claustrophobic in Oslo, there’s a great feeling of space. Norway’s capital, the oldest in Scandinavia, comes complete with clean air and water, wide streets and classical vistas. The city’s vast boundaries encompass huge areas of mountain, woods, sand and water, making it a great place for a weekend break of summer swimming and trail walking. Even in winter though, there’s plenty of warmth: shops are open late, pubs, cafés, and restaurants are crowded at all hours and theaters play to full houses. Most people are also say Scandinavia’s friendliest. Does any of my readers have any experiences? :D

A lot of places and buildings could be mentioned. Let me give you a couple of land marks and start constitutionally: The Parliament:
Oslo Parliament

The parliament is situated in the middle of Karl Johans gate. It was built in 1861-66 by the Swedish architect Emil Victor Langlet. In February 1814 the Danish Crown Prince Christian Frederik called together the most influential men in Norway to an assembly at Eidsvoll, and after months of discussions the Constitution was signed and sealed on the 17th of May 1814. The same day, Christian Frederik was elected King of a free, sovereign and independent Norway. With this, Norway had established its Constitution and founded its national assembly – the Storting, and 17th of May has been celebrated as the National Day of Norway ever since.

Another land mark could be The City Hall:
Oslo Town Hall

The sullen brickwork of the massive city hall, the Radhus, dominates the Fridtjof Nansens Plass. The city hall, opened in 1950 to celebrate the city’s 900th anniversary, is the most distinctive part of Oslo’s waterfront. In the first years many people complained about this “modern” thing, but popular irritation has today moved on to other targets, its twin towers – also called goat cheese, a Norwegian gourmet specialty – are now one of the city’s main symbols.

I told you, you’ll never be claustrophobic in Oslo. Another proof is all the lovely green lounges – examples of why its called The City with The Big Heart. Here is a collection, what do you think?:


If you like to explore Oslo even more, here are some links to earlier posts:
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  1. How nice to see some more of Oslo again – and something I recognize too :-)
    ….and fountains always are so refreshing!!!
    (I’ve updated my post with a link here now)

    Glad you liked it and could recognize. We just have to have a LifeCruisers gathering in Oslo one day!
    Thanks for plugging me – your a Captain with A Big Heart:-)

  2. Hubby has been to Oslo, sadly, I have not. Someday! It look s like a lovely city!

    Thats not fair and I’ll hope one day he makes it up with you:-) I’ll gladly be your guide you know!

  3. Oslo, or Christiania, or Oslo or Viken – the name has changed during the city’s 1000 year old history.
    Since I’m born in the area, have had family living here since the 1890’s (my grandfather – who actually was a Swede – Captain do you hear me) – and my grandson thus is the 5th generation here – well then – I can hardly comment -only say this: Excellent photos, Renny.
    PS. I’m going to post about Töcksfors – and our local guide there. You know him for sure ;D.

    I know you are a local Tor and a patriotic one too -no wonder with a city like Oslo!
    Thanks for your compliments and I’m looking forward to your report from our friend ;D

  4. You’ll never be claustrophobic in Oslo, there’s a great feeling of space.
    very true… the streets are so wide bygdoy alle is.. with lots of trees. I would walk from there to town then take the back streets behind the palace you never get bored….i love that city very much!!

    I remember now that you’ve lived here Sha and just hope you’ll come back and visit one day!
    Yea; Oslo is a compact city and you easily walk through down to in 20 minutes.

  5. Oh, I love the feeling of openness. Oslo looks to be such a lovely city and one I’d enjoy very much. I will certainly visit some day!

    You know your welcome any time Lisa – Tor and I will take care of you and show your around!

  6. It’s nice to see more great pictures of your town! Your cellphone camera is capturing in a very stunning quality!

    Glad you liked it and thanks for the compliments – won’t you come and visit one day?

  7. I have thought about a big heart in Oslo since a good Chilean friend of mine married a young man from Oslo some 25 years ago! they lived in Oslo a long time but not anymore.
    What wonderful vistas and great pics! Because of the stereotype of constant cold weather I wouldn’t have ever imagined these views were possible. Thanks for opening my horizons!

    So did you visit your good friend in Oslo then?
    Thanks and you really have a very good point here: I try to ghostbuster that myth or stereotypes about Norway the best I can. I’m glad I could widening both yours and all my readers horizons in this!

  8. That should have read “thanks for widening my horizons!”. And that’s another positive thing about blogging: it keeps my brain cells going!

    I thought you meant so – glad to keep your brain cells going too LoL

  9. You know that I love Oslo, Renny. No two ways about it!! I’ll never forget it. :)

    Yes I do Ginnie and I’m so glad you been visiting two years ago – hope you’ll come back to meet me!

  10. Thanks for bringing me to Oslo, I love fountains and I love that one with the bird, I think Fountain Number 3 and 4. And of course I love shopping in the evenings!!!( we don’t have much of that here although the rules are starting to be quite flexible) Of course I would look at the Landmarks and other sightseeing highlights before I start shopping. I have heard about the high prices in Scandinavia :(. Then again I have experience Scandinavian Friendliness as well, so I can assure you that this stereotype is correct! (I was In Sweden this Spring).

    Your welcome and I’m glad you like the pics and that you have gone through them carefully! The combination of culture adventures and shopping is a perfect match in Oslo. Yea, the prices are high, but the friendliness compensate for the most of it! Glad you’ve inexperienced that Scandinavia is a great place to visit!

  11. Thanks for the visit and thanks for linking my pictures too :) I’m touched :) what a very warm welcome from Fellow Cybercruisers.

    Your welcome – always good to have new cruisers on the team you know!

  12. oooops sorry about the typo, I meant Fellow Lifecruisers! I hope the Captain won’t be mad about the error and throw me off the ship ;)

    Your excused and so will The Captain do I’m sure! Shes a captain with a big heart to you know!

  13. Like Maribeth, I’ve never been to Oslo though my husband has visited several times for work purposes. I’d love to visit some day but for now I’ll take my time going through your previous posts.

    Your both should convince your husband to take you for a visit to Oslo then. I’ll gladly guide you all around!
    And of course, in the mean time, you can always read all my post to see how it looks like and how it is!

  14. I prefer old architecture and so love the older buildings shown hee. Even in Toronto, I like the older buildings at the university and parliament.
    I doubt I’ll get to Oslo so I’m glad to experience it here!

    Well, you have buildings in Oslo from hundreds of year back, so you wont be disappointed if coming over!
    Thats the good thing about blogsphere; If you can’t go there, you can always visit and surf around on my blog!

  15. This is amazing coz indeed walking trip makes us discover new surroundings ya! I’ve enjoyed this very much and you know what, it’s good form of exercising too Renny :D

    Your so right: I take the walks and you gives the advantage of my sharing – thats the amazing thing about blogsphere :D

  16. You have some lovely buildings in Norway and bad weather would never put me off visiting! I love winter and I love snow!

    Thanks and of course you know my saying: ‘there is no such as bad weather, only bad cloths!’ In the summer time you need almost none while in the winter time a bit more and wormer:-)

  17. The fountains are beautiful, Renny. Actually, all the pictures are lovely. I’m sure it’s just as beautiful in the winter season.
    Who’s the guy with the sculptures, just a tourist? ;-)
    Hugs, Diane

    Thanks Diane, I’m glad you liked them too! and your sooo right; winter time is beautiful too!
    The guy is an actor who is at one with the art. It was actually a film shot and I happened to pass by – my mobile phone is always on hand you know :D
    Tons of hugs back from me and Diane!

  18. i’m loving oslo now. you’re right.. based on your pictures, it’s place for claustrophobic. it’s like i can breather there easily. hehehe.
    i have the same question as diane j. hehehe. so he’s a famous actor? :)

    I’m glad I won you heart for Oslo then – come and visit and take a deep breath!
    I’ve never seen this man before – I just caught him in the act on the statue when he was dancing.

  19. You make me want to pose pictures of the great places in my city too .. .there are actually a lot when I think of it … its just really taken for granted … I love the shots you have of the place … makes me want to visit your place … I love how you captured the essence of the place.

    Please do and keep me post it as I would love to know about your city too!
    Thanks for the compliments and remember: your welcome all the time!

  20. u always love to travel around Norway :) i hope i could visit all the places here in Chicago too…

    Well, actually I love to travel everywhere:) Would love to go to Chicago too – would you guide me around?

  21. Oslo certainly looks like a beautiful city, Renny. I would like to visit one day…who knows? Thanks for the tour, it’s fascinating to see photos of where other bloggers live.

    I think so too! Really hope you can make it and tell me in advance so that I can prepare something special for you!

  22. I thought th guy in the first picture was your twin brother! ;-)
    Indeed a great looking city !

    You need new glasses Sidney LoL
    I do hope you’ll come and visit when you are back in Europe then!

  23. It must be great to have both the mountains and the ocean so close! What a magical place! :)

    Interesting observation – yea, Oslo have it all and almost in walking distance

  24. Will have to visit the east coast of Norway before I can answer. We had such a good time on the west coast that Oslo will have to be pretty spectacular.

    I know you had a great time at the west coast this summer. So next time make it on the east coast and you don’t have to compare; their both great!

  25. What I think is… I think I would like to come live there for a year or two! It’s gorgeous! And your Parliament is stunning! WOW!

    A year or two would make you addicted and then you can’t leave :-) I might be a bit patriotic, but at least come and have a taste!

  26. Lovely post, I feel right at home (smile!)
    I love Oslo, it does have a big heart. One thing I really like about it is it is not too big, but has several distinct districts, like the center of the city, Frogner, Majorstua, Grønnland, all of them are very different and have their own charm. Shopping and Cafés are great too!

    Thank you dear – for coming over and live your life with me – you are the most big hearted I know!
    and you’ve been living here so long so that your an expert on Oslo too – great to share the city with you :-)

  27. You’re tempting me to skip Sweden altogether in two years when we had planned to visit our foreign exchange student daughter and just vacation in Norway! lol. Thanks for stopping by Bloggin’ Outloud. You have the greatest pictures of travel and food. Love it! :-) Lyn

    Well, while your at it: why don’t do both countries – we are neighbors you know. Its only 6 hours by train from Stockholm to Oslo!
    Your welcome and thanks for your lovely compliments!

  28. Nice Renny to come back in Oslo with the lifecyber Cruise! It sounds to be very sympa to live in this important city! I recognize the fountain I saw a few time ago in one of your posts! Just I like in a town : to have the feeling to live in the nature in the same time you are in the center of the town!

    Glad you liked to come back Claudie and your soooo right, I’ve posted about that fountain a lot – all four seasons through!
    Oslo and Norway is all nature you know:-)

  29. If theres one thing you are, RennyBA, its pulsing and passionate!
    What would we do without your Nokia Mobile Phone? LOL
    Have a lovely week, Renny!

    Thanks, I’m flattered and my wife thinks so too :D
    Without my mobile phone?: impossible I guess – its a great communicating toy you know!

  30. We walk a lot too, though we have a car. You miss so much when you’re driving.

    I know you are an exercising family and often walk your dogs too and I do agree; You cant experience Oslo if you whizzing by in your car!

  31. Very interesting walk through Oslo, must be a lovely town ! and the fountains look very original !
    Please come over to stop in London/Croydon for a little walk ! Nice Pubs there too ! I have been there in August when I was in England. It’s a very nice place and better then Central London once you have seen all tourist stuff and museums !

    Glad you liked it – come and see for yourself!
    Off to London then.

  32. What a wonderful visit through Oslo! I would like to visit this place, someday. I want to see the fountains, take in the fabulous buildings, stand in front of that statue…see these things here in real life.

    Thanks and you know your welcome any time – I’ll gladly show you around!

  33. sorry i am so late getting here. terrific post as usual renny. i think oslo’s tourist board should be paying you a commission!

    Its okay Lime – your one of my most trustful readers and visitor and I know how it is to be busy!
    Thanks for the endorsement – I’ll pass it on to Oslo Tourist Bureau :D

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