My very good colleague and friend from Norway with his blog: TorAa Mirror, has a weekly event called Boats on Mondays. Its about time for me to contribute and show him some link love. My contribution this Monday will be a very special boat in which we both enjoyed paddling this summer when Tor and his wife visited at our vacation home in Sweden:


Both me and Tor posted about these adventures of course. So for those who want more details or for a faithful readers a flash back, click and read:
-> Anna’s Summer Memories and ->Live streaming in a canoe

Mountain Life – The spirit of the Norwegian soul:
A-Team CruisersTalking about link love; my regular readers know I have the honor of being an A-Team Cruiser at Captain Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise. You can read more about Lifecruisers Archive here or find everything in the known universe about it on Technorati.

This coming Tuesday I have the pleasure of hosting the cruise and have invited my wife to guest blog and share one of her special experiences in the Norwegian mountains this summer. My faithful readers have read some of her adventures before and actually her posts about the same charming spot on top of Norway is one of this blog’s most visited:
-> Wild Mountains of Norway and On top of Norway’s mountains. So for those who likes to know how an American together with three girlfriends survive in the Norwegian wildness, stay tuned!

Todays Cyber Cruise stop: ->Edinburgh Castle, Scotland and ->Croydon, England


  1. ha-ha my friend. What a delightful summer memory you post here. Yes, we had a very great time together in Mariestad and the surroundings. Those memories would never have been the same without posting it all in the blogoshere.
    My Boats on Monday will be posted Monday evening, after we have Voted. Butt, the canoe, which we all are familiar with, has been posted some minutes ago.
    PS. Looking forward to D’s mountain post.

    I knew you would love to memorize this Tor and yea, we had a great time!
    Looking forward to your Boat post this week too. Good luck with your choice in the election – I will cast my vote too of course!
    Welcome back on Tuesday – I know you will love Diane’s adventures!

  2. Yes, I remember your holiday in Sweden with Tor and Anna.
    I’m looking forward to reading about Diane’s adventures, too.

    Yea, I know your one of my trustful readers – thanks!
    Me too – I can hardly wait!

  3. Look forward to read your wife’s adventures in the mountains.

    I know you will love it Sidney – welcome back to read!

  4. Lovely shot, so peaceful, sunny and fun!
    Tomorrow is a holiday over here, it’s Catalonia’s national day. Looking forward to your cyber cruise post.

    Yea, thats what I call vacation quality time!
    Wishing you a lovely National Day then and welcome back to read about Diane’s mountains adventures!

  5. That sounds like something I’d want to read for sure. I’m a late comer on this blog, but I find the archives really interesting. Thanks for sharing Renny.

    I know you are fairly new but also a trustful readers and glad you find something interesting from my past posts too!

  6. That’s some great canoooooooing yes :-)
    Thanx for the linking, it’s needed if we’re going to get this cyber cruise going properly.
    Ha! I thought I didn’t have any good photos for my Monday post – I was up for a big surprise when going through them!!!!
    So this was the end of the secret islands day and it were ended with a certain nautical style….. *giggles*

    Yea, Swedish lakes can be very nice you know :-)
    Your welcome Captain and you know I want us to keep up!
    I’m heading over tonight – can hardly wait, but actually at work now – see you later!

  7. :) A very good photo!
    Is Diane going to write about the mountain adventure? It would be fun to read…

    Thanks and welcome back to read Diane’s adventures tomorrow!

  8. You know I love canoeing too, the only boat I own. Can’t wait to hear what Mountain mama has to say!!

    I know – Canadians and Norwegians has a lot in common you know.
    Welcome back tomorrow to read Mountains mama’s post!

  9. Lovely photos as usual! I never try canoeing in my life but I can swim decently well,what’s impt. I guess, is to have fun,whatever opportunities one might have & can;)
    And of course,I’m looking forward to read Dianne’s post!;) take care!

    Your so right: the most important is to have fun and if you can swim you can canoeing too!
    Welcome back tomorrow then;)

  10. I have always had a very special love for boats :-)
    Tuesday morning I will be in Oslo and plan to ha ve a macaron at Pascal at Aker Brygge (see my blog a few days ago for more detains about macaroons). Are you and Thor busy working or do you want to join me :-)

    Me too!
    Would love to meet you in Oslo. Read my mail to you!

  11. well i live on a 92foot boat cruising at 32 knots check this boat
    i prob have lots of boat photos on my file

    I know and I love to read all about it on your blog.
    Please complete the URL you sent!
    Hope to see some Boats on Monday post then!

    try that one…ok from now on i join the monday post of boats….

    Thanks for providing the link – the picture are great – welcome on board!

  13. I’ve only been kayaking once (last year) and I found it hard. And I was afraid of falling in! Ha!

    Well, I think kayak is harder than canoeing I think and why bother falling in :D

  14. I love boats and of course want to be out there too next year! We shall see.. Thanks for the support as always. I think today is just about the last day for voting but somehow I’m not so sure. It seems the voting is very flawed!
    Oh well – got some great new sunsets up too!

    I really hope you and P can make it – your more than welcome!
    Your welcome – I vote because I really like your pictures!
    It’s a lovely sunny morning here in Norway too today!

  15. I remember your nice holidays together with Tor and Anna and of course are waiting for Diane’s adventures in the mountains !

    I know you are a trustful reader Gattina – it’s always great to see you here!

  16. hi Renny
    looks like fun……if you ever come over to Australia…you and Diane must go canoeing in Lake Macquarie…..the biggest salt water lake in the Southern Hemisphere :)

    You know I would love to go back to Australia (was there in Perth, 10 years ago)!

  17. Then after you have visited Kim you should come to Victoria and visit our Gippsland Lakes – Spanning an area of 340km², the Lakes form the largest navigable network of inland waterways in Australia. I am just fuelling the New South Wales/Victoria rivalry here – they are two of Australia’s states whose inhabitants each claim theirs is the best :-)

    What a great invitation, not only from one but two lovely blog friends! I would love to go back to Australia and just love your nature

  18. Hi! I’m here from Captain’s Cruise blog and wanted to thank you for the tour!! Great photos!!!!
    Hootin’ Anni

    Always great to see fellow Cruisers – welcome back any time!

  19. I’m going to have to check out that Boats on Monday. You know I love canoing!

    Please do Tricia – we’ll love to have you on board!

  20. I thought I was going to meet Tor but got my months mixed up! We were here in Amsterdam at the end of August but NOT at the end of September. Boo Hoo. I so much want to meet both of you one of these days!!!

    Sorry you couldn’t make it this time then, but for sure: we all have to meet – the sooner the better!

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