TorAa Mirror: Boats on Mondays

My very good colleague and friend from Norway with his blog: TorAa Mirror, has a weekly event called Boats on Mondays. Its about time for me to contribute and show him some link love. My contribution this Monday will be a very special boat in which we both enjoyed paddling this summer when Tor and his wife visited at our vacation home in Sweden:


Both me and Tor posted about these adventures of course. So for those who want more details or for a faithful readers a flash back, click and read:
-> Anna’s Summer Memories and ->Live streaming in a canoe

Mountain Life – The spirit of the Norwegian soul:
A-Team CruisersTalking about link love; my regular readers know I have the honor of being an A-Team Cruiser at Captain Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise. You can read more about Lifecruisers Archive here or find everything in the known universe about it on Technorati.

This coming Tuesday I have the pleasure of hosting the cruise and have invited my wife to guest blog and share one of her special experiences in the Norwegian mountains this summer. My faithful readers have read some of her adventures before and actually her posts about the same charming spot on top of Norway is one of this blog’s most visited:
-> Wild Mountains of Norway and On top of Norway’s mountains. So for those who likes to know how an American together with three girlfriends survive in the Norwegian wildness, stay tuned!

Todays Cyber Cruise stop: ->Edinburgh Castle, Scotland and ->Croydon, England