Mountain Life – The Spirit of the Norwegian Soul

Hello folks – Diane here! Again I have the privilege of sharing one of my experiences on my husband’s Terella. I have been off on one of my ‘girl’s weekends’ with my friends, and invite you along to experience the fresh mountain air, wild natural beauty, warm conversation, good food and a cosy atmosphere! Let me start with a mountain view to set you in the right mood:

Norway Mountains in Telemark

All of us ladies are married and have families, and we look forward to our girls trips with great anticipation. Its time for girl talk: laughter and relaxation. We must plan carefully what we will bring with us, what we will eat and drink because this cabin is ‘hike in hike out’ there is no road, no local store just us and the great outdoors! We also must plan a gift for the hostess, this time my friend bought beautiful Italian brandy glasses. So a bottle of Gaustadtoppen XO Congac (brandy) was an appropriate drink to have on a chilly terrace. To get a better look at this rustic cabin, click to see last years article.

The first day we went to Selstali. This mountain dairy farm lays 960 meters over sea level. The farm is run on old traditional farming methods and has no electricity and uses no modern equipment. They have 10 – 12 dairy cows and daily make fresh dairy products like milk, butter, sour cream and several types of cheeses. Visitors can enjoy a lunch of these fresh products along with freshly made flat bread and coffee cooked on the fire. It is a charming old world experience which is hard to find in our mass produced modern supermarkets.

The charm is enhanced by sweet little cows and sheep running about outside, unafraid of us visitors. The farmhouse is filled with original old furniture, like the hand crafted log stools and wooden farmers table, lunch is served by a crackling fire. The woods are completely still except the occasional Moo of the cows and the wind in the trees.

Start the vid below where you’ll have it all in a nut shell. Turn your sound system to the top so that you can listen to the music: Edard Grieg’s In the hall of the Mountain King!

Hope you enjoyed our photo collage! If you want more peace and beauty. Click to read part 2 of my post which feature Gaustadtoppen and Rjukan falls.

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