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Mountain Life – The Spirit of the Norwegian Soul

Hello folks – Diane here! Again I have the privilege of sharing one of my experiences on my husband’s Terella. I have been off on one of my ‘girl’s weekends’ with my friends, and invite you along to experience the fresh mountain air, wild natural beauty, warm conversation, good food and a cosy atmosphere! Let me start with a mountain view to set you in the right mood:

Norway Mountains in Telemark

All of us ladies are married and have families, and we look forward to our girls trips with great anticipation. Its time for girl talk: laughter and relaxation. We must plan carefully what we will bring with us, what we will eat and drink because this cabin is ‘hike in hike out’ there is no road, no local store just us and the great outdoors! We also must plan a gift for the hostess, this time my friend bought beautiful Italian brandy glasses. So a bottle of Gaustadtoppen XO Congac (brandy) was an appropriate drink to have on a chilly terrace. To get a better look at this rustic cabin, click to see last years article.

The first day we went to Selstali. This mountain dairy farm lays 960 meters over sea level. The farm is run on old traditional farming methods and has no electricity and uses no modern equipment. They have 10 – 12 dairy cows and daily make fresh dairy products like milk, butter, sour cream and several types of cheeses. Visitors can enjoy a lunch of these fresh products along with freshly made flat bread and coffee cooked on the fire. It is a charming old world experience which is hard to find in our mass produced modern supermarkets.

The charm is enhanced by sweet little cows and sheep running about outside, unafraid of us visitors. The farmhouse is filled with original old furniture, like the hand crafted log stools and wooden farmers table, lunch is served by a crackling fire. The woods are completely still except the occasional Moo of the cows and the wind in the trees.

Start the vid below where you’ll have it all in a nut shell. Turn your sound system to the top so that you can listen to the music: Edard Grieg’s In the hall of the Mountain King!

Hope you enjoyed our photo collage! If you want more peace and beauty. Click to read part 2 of my post which feature Gaustadtoppen and Rjukan falls.

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  1. Hey! There’s my post already! You are fast :-) It looks very nice, you did a good job putting it together. Looking forward to seeing what all your friends think of my adventures :-)

    Hey – I’m an always on person you know :D
    Its you who did a good job – I’m only the piano player you know and looking forward to the same as you!

  2. what a marvellous weekend Diane…..how refreshing it must be out in the mountain air……looks idyllic !!!!!

    Thank you! I just love to be outside and meet life where it happens :-) And with an address like Laketrees its obvious that you are that kind as well!

  3. What an exciting day and a wonderful bonding with your friends Diane….of all places the mountains…ahhh…can I join in next time ?

    Yes, put on your hiking boots and come along with us, our parties are usually BYOB (bring your own bottle) just so you know, so don’t forget to plan ahead ;-)

  4. Welcome aboard Diane, how fun with a wify cyber cruise post :-D
    Magnificent top picture. Ahhh…. breathing the mountain air….
    It’s great with those old mountain farms keeping us reminded of how things were back in the past. It’s hard work.

    The Selstali webpage made me feel at home at once, I could almost fool myself that it was in Sweden – the music could have been Swedish as well, so similar to our folk music up in the north of Sweden where we have our mountains :-)

    I want to see the rest at once…*giggles*

    Honored to be aboard Captain! I have to check in from time to time, my hubby is having way too much fun with the ladies while I’m out with my friends ;-) I so much agree that Selstali can remind of Swedish farms as well, we have so much common history. We have been visiting Swedish farms as well you know, last year we spent out summer Just farming around! We are in Sweden so much we are almost honorary part time Swedes you know!!

  5. no wonder you look forward to this time, diane. a beautiful setting with lovely friends and food! thanks for sharing:)

    It’s really the combination which makes it so great you know, good food, good friends and no interuptions – no trying to get attention away from the television, no trying to yell over the teenagers radio, no fast food, no cars…in short no stress! Quality time!!

  6. It sounds much like the Pennsylvania Dutch Country here in the states. I shall be going there next week for a German Dog show.

    Oh how cool, you know I am originally from upstate NY so I am one of the few in Norway who knows what Pennsylvania Dutch Country is! Yes it reminds me of our mountains and farms back home as well! Enjoy your trip!

  7. Thanks Diane for bringing us to the Mountains of Norway. Those are beautiful pictures, I can almost smell that crisp and cool mountain air, but mostly I love the great picture of the mountain and the lovely cows. Oh and the music is also very nice.
    Renny I’ve read that post about Bulgaria. That was a nice post and I would be linking that on my next post about Bulgaria. The culinary posts was also very good, hmmm, I can almost taste that shopska salad and baniza.

    There is beautiful farms and countryside in Bulgaria as well. I have a good friend who comes from a small farm town and we are hoping to be with her and her husband ‘home’ sometime to experience REAL traditional life and home made cooking! It’s fun to compare our cultures and traditions, that is part of the spirit of this blog!

  8. Those mountains look fabulous! Very peaceful and relaxing! Welcome aboard!

    Thank you, its great to be onboard after being land locked for so long ;-) We had a great time making contact with nature and each other, you get to know your friends really good sleeping 4 in one room in bunk beds without electricity or lighting…going potty in groups and that sort of thing hehehe. I have to admit the cruise is a bit more luxurious!

  9. Wow. Amazing views. I also went on a girls’ night out with a load of fellow mums and wives at the weekend…but unfortunately it was to a show which involved ‘ the ancient art of genital origami’ – enough said. :) The scenery certainly wasn’t as impressive. :) I’ll be back to learn more about your beautiful country!
    best wishes, Linda

    Ohhhhhh! Chipendales!!! Well thats another kind of bonding, but for the record, I’m IN! LOL!!

  10. Hello again Diane. What a wonderful place to spend the weekend. I find there’s nothing so refreshing as a weekend spent with dear friends with the beauty of the mountains all around.

    I so much agree. I spent as much time as I can with my girlfriends. Having moved from all my friends in the US, I have really understood that making new friends takes time and just like all relationships it requires care and prioritizing. I love to be out in the wilderness and focus just on US!!!

  11. wow! i liked all the pictures in the video. very charming place indeed. the background sound also spiced it up. nice job!

    Thanks! We girls take credit for the photos and Renny gets credit for the presentation and musical accompaniment! Together we are dynamite!!

  12. Hi diane, another outdoor lover here….but honestly there is something about norway outdoor life that i cant find anywhere else in europe ok sweden has it.
    i just feel like packing my thermos and spend my time with you up there….
    its amazing what nature can offer to us… but if you ask me this is one reason i fell in love with noraway… the mountains and the sea… ha det bra

    Thanks!! I so much agree. You don’t need more then a thermos full of coffee and a little snack and a trip out in the great outdoors! And you know coastline, mountains, and forest are something we have plenty of. Might as well appreciate it! After all it’s a natural treasure in itself. Ha det bra du også!!!

  13. This looks like a beautiful place. Close to nature and far away from city life! Life at its best.

    You must not take it the wrong way, I really love city life. I am naturally a City girl at heart, coming from NY. But the country and the nature is a treasure we cannot forget! So it is best to enjoy it all!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. What a beautiful place! And a wonderful post on your trip with your girlfriends. How I wish I could join in. The mountains, the cows, the fresh milk and newly baked bread. Ahhhh…. that’s what I want!

    Are you an east coast American! I am too! I so much remember my father taking us to Vermont to enjoy the mountain life. I love the mountains now and am very happy for his example. Enjoy what you have around you, nature is everywhere!!

  15. Besides the fact that it must be a very beautiful landscape (my feet are hurting from climbing and my back from carrying all this stuff) it’s also nice to be “only girls” lol !

    Yes it is fantastic to be on a girls trip, and I will give credit to Renny and the other girls husbands who watch the kids and keep the home fires burning. I never had this kind of chance before but I am sure happy I have it now!! Girls just wanna have fun you know!!!

  16. The scenery is beautiful ! and the girls just know how to have fun. Love the photo collage but I am curious: is it cognac or is it champagne?
    Looking forward to part 2 in those beautiful yet unpronounceable places :)

    Part 2 is coming on Thursday, and it is definitely brandy, although I love champagne. Brandy is kind if a European thing you see! As far as the girls and the scenery go I agree with you, it can’t be beat!!!

  17. So rustic and peaceful looking there. Thanks for sharing Diane, and welcome aboard :-)

    Thank you for welcoming me! I am a bit of a land lover but you know it is great to join the party on board as well!!

  18. Hi Diane, good to see you again. That countryside looks just beautiful and I love your little cottage…by the way…Peer Gynt is a favourite of mine also, well chosen!
    I really think we need getaways like that once in a while…guys too, to get together with good friends for a weekend of good food, wine and lots of laughter. I hope you came back refreshed.

    I came back very refreshed. Such getaways are good for the family too, I think. When we have a chance to charge our batteries we have more to give them when we get back. Thanks for stopping in!

  19. Wow – what beautiful pics! I love the lush colors in the large first one and the slide show is so interesting with culture! Great post Diane and thanks Renny for tempting me. ;-) 25C yesterday in North Vancouver, summer is finally here. :)

    Thanks, it was a great trip! You are having a cool summer too? We have had a very chilly summer and now its almost over!! Enjoy your 25C!

  20. Having been to all of the nordic countries, i still believe Norge is the most beautiful because of the fjörds! From our new stuga you can see them in the background! Nice job, and I will be back for part 2!

    I do agree, the fjords make the Norwegian Landscape very dramatic and special. This trip was at the edge of Hardangervida with the deep Rjukan valley beside it. Enjoy your stuga!!

  21. There is nothing like the mountains of Norway! Fantastic. I have not been to Selstali in Telemark but your pictures says it all. :)

    I don’t think Selstali receives very many visitors. It’s pretty far into the forest, but worth the trip. Thanks for stopping by!!

  22. hi again diane!
    i like your picture of the mountain. it isn’t taken with the reliable nokia of renny right? hehehe. and it’s also great to have a day with the girls :)

    No Renny’s reliable Nokia was attached to his belt as usual, and therefore home on the sofa while I was running around with the sheeps! I think I used our Nikon. We have a couple other cameras. Hope you get a day with the girls soon too! Think everybody should have one!

  23. Oh, what a blessing to have a holiday with wonderful friends! That picture on the top is truly breathtaking, Diane. Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

    Thank you for coming in and reading us :-) A weekend trip with my girlfriends really does the trick to get our batteries recharged again. We do this 2 or 3 times a year. Just a weekend of course.

  24. Lucky you to have such nice weather.
    Girl’s days out are always fun.

    The pictures make the weather look better then it was! It wasn’t good at all when we went to the farm, thats why we chose that activity instead of a longer hike. The day I took the picture of the mountains was much better of course. But as we say in Norway: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

  25. Looks like a lovely weekend away with the girls! That’s so much fun every now and then, isn’t it?

    Yes it is! I have seen on your blogg and facebook that you too take time out for your friends! They are an important part of life, take care of them and they are there when you need them.

  26. The mountain looks gorgeous. What a fun girls weekend with good good, drink, and friends :)

    Yes the drink was good good hehehe were you peeking in the cabin windows?? The friends are good too!

  27. You had good time at the mountain! Nothing better to forget our modern and closed life! A time just in harmony with the nature! I adore that!

    I just love it as well. I like my PC, my TV and my mobile phone, don’t get me wrong … but they kind of interrupt the daily life sometimes too. Steal our attention away from person to person contact. We all need harmony and balance in our lives.

  28. Diane – Sounds like it was an absolutely wonderful day and that photo’s just gorgeous! I adore beautiful mountain photos like this.

    Thanks! I just wish the camera could really capture the experience, this is just one glimpse of what all the senses could enjoy.

  29. The breathtaking mountain view, says a lot about how much the atmosphere contributed to your fun filled ‘girls’ weekend’.You are right,the picture actually sets the mood of the reader :)
    Loved reading your refreshing article.Keep up the fantastic work.


    Thanks! Its fun to come in and share my experience with you all. I can’t think of a better place for a girls weekend.

  30. Looks like you had a fabulous time. The quaint wooden furniture, the cows and sheep, and landscapes outside… so many lovely places I still have to visit. :-)

    Come on over and enjoy them, and take time to enjoy your own local treasures as well. You don’t have to travel far to have fun!

  31. Diane,
    I’m from the east coast of Singapore, a tiny country in South-east Asia. :)

    Oops sorry! Renny told me yesterday. When I hear the words east coast I immediately associate it with the eastern USA where I came from. Wrong hemisphere :-)

  32. Wow, Diane! How refreshing to be up in those mountains with “babe” friends! It is breathtaking.
    You are lucky to live in a place where such beauty and wilderness is close by!

    Hey great to have you along!! Next time you can take us out in the wilderness in Canada…there is lots of it to choose from :-)

  33. * Hi RennyBA:)
    Thanks for you visit my blog , it was great indeed to see/meet GINNIE in Holland,she’s a very nice person , we had a great time, both like photography Ha!
    We/I Love Norway we have been there a couple of years ago, in Bergen I remember that town very well and many other places, very very bautifull your country is, we had not enough time to drive around, so we might like to visit Norway again and make some more trips around , You r blog is great to explore a bit of Norway!! :)
    Thanks for your visit on my blog, Please come back again You are very welcome:)
    JoAnn :).

    Hi JoAnn – your welcome and thanks returning the visit! I’m sure you had a great time with Ginnie – who wouldn’t. I know Ginnie was in Oslo just some weeks after we met in blogsphere and I do hope you’ll both come back to meet me!!
    Thanks for your compliments – always great to welcome new visitors and of course you are welcome back too!

  34. Hall of the Mountain King always puts a grin on my face when i hear it. It always has this cheeky and mischievous quality. Sounds like that cognac must’ve gone down really well in those brandy glasses ;D

    Glad you like Grieg’s music too and I so much agree with you! The cognac was a gift to the cottage, but we had a taste of course and its delicious:-)

  35. Many thanks for taking the time to put this interesting information together. I am going to without a doubt bookmark your website to return again. Carry on the excellent job. By the way, your RSS feed won’t operate in my browser (google chrome) how do I repair it?

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