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Norwegian Rural Mountain Woods Scenery

Inspired of the great response from sharing my outdoor experiences from Norway and also the overwhelming feedback from my wifes mountains adventures in the last two post, we took another trip out to the mountain woods yesterday. Half an hour drive south of Oslo, you get to Drammen and from the city you can drive through a cork screw shaped tunnel ‘Spiralen‘; A 3.65 meter high and 9 meter broad tunnel which winds in 11 loops (each spiral has a 70m – 230 feet – diameter) to the top of Bragernesåsen, 200 (meter (656 feet) above sea level. On top you’ll find an Open-air museum, viewpoint, café and the very best; a wide network of walking paths. Before we take you for a walk, let me give you an idea of the view:

Norwegian Mountain View #1 Norwegian Mountain View #1

If you turn around from this view, you’ll see marked walking trails and suddenly find yourself in the middle of an open-air museum. Barns, a forge, storehouses, farmhouses, a sawmill, a water mill and town houses are arranged along the trail in small groupings, like a scene from Norwegian history. Let me give you an example showing the best picture (out of 50) we took yesterday:
Norwegian Rural Houses #1

Its a collection of 25 reconstructed houses from the the 1600s century up until 1950 around from the whole of Buskerud County. A couple of examples again:
Norwegian Rural Houses #2 Norwegian Rural Houses #3
A cultural landscape has been formed to present earlier farming methods and building traditions in the county. Many of the buildings are open to the public during the summer months, and, if you are lucky, you can buy old-fashioned sweets in the old village store. A visit here offers a great opportunity to experience history and impressive countryside at the same time.

Norwegian Waffles #1Walking around in these woods, we were lucky to find seasonal wild blueberries. We just had to pick some of course and most of them were eaten there and then, but Diane saved some for our lunch. So as we sat down at a mountain Dairy (my regular readers knows that my wife always have surprises in the back bag) and sat the table (a solid wooden one!), Diane came out with coffee, waffles and sweet goat cheese, strawberry jam as well as sour cream to put on top. Then I understand why she was so eager to pick blueberries and I gladly share this delightful fresh air gourmet lunch picnic in rural surroundings with you:
Lunch at the country side

If this isn’t kind of a life time experience and what you can call quality time, I don’t know what is :D

I also made a movee to give you an idea of the atmosphere in the mountain woods. We where actually looking for signs of fall in the nature this week (my blog is about the significant fours seasons in Norway you know:-) and if you look carefully on these pics, you might find the beginning of golden colours. Please turn up your sound as well and listen to the lovely Edvard Grieg’s; Piano Concerto in A minor:

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  1. my dear renny,
    that is just my idea of a perfect day. A nice scenery for a good walk. Waffles and jam together with the love of your life! What else can you ask for!

    Your so right: Quality time:-)

  2. Ahhh… just lovely picturesque!!!! High up with a wonderful scenery. Love the yummy waffles too of course :-P
    (We’ve had awful staying indoors weather over here)

    I knew you would love it and the waffles tasted real good:-)
    Captain. When will you ever learn my saying: ‘There is no such as bad weather – only bad cloths!‘ Get yourself a rain coat and get out in the fresh air :D

  3. Renny,
    I’ll share my apple-tinis if you share your waffles?

    Its a deal Hexe! When are you coming over to serve your drink and get the waffles? LoL

  4. Wow! That is some quality time…that waffles…my mouth waters from it. I almost forgot to enjoy the view because my mind blanked after that grand waffle.

    I do understand, and its the combination that really strikes me you know!

  5. this is what I missed in Oslo few mins drive out of the city voila countryside fjords….well i know that brown cheese ;-) love it or hate it but I come to love that one.. posted boats on mondays

    I’m glad you’ve had the chance to experience these possibilities yourself and also that you ended up loving the goat cheese :-)
    I’ll be right over to see your boat post!

  6. Wow, what a woman! I would’ve mapped a restaurant to pick up some goodies. You better hold on to her, she’s a fading type. What a treasure trove of memories, the two of you are truly blessed.

    Thank you! In Norwegian we say: you can only have as much fun as you make yourself. When it comes to Diane, I count my blessings every day!

  7. oh what a beautiful setting and i love the collection of buildings. i am assuming the ones behind you at lunch are the oldest types of buildings there. what were those particular ones used for? do they have any guides of the buildings of literature explaining about them? my kids and i volunteer at a local historical farm (maybe you remember me explaining my costume last year) so this sort of thing interests me. so does that yummy looking lunch!

    I didn’t find any dates for those building, but I assume they are from the 1700s and they are part of a mountain dairy farm and these were storage houses to keep the food cool, dry and away from animals. You can read a bit more about it on my post from Oslo Museum of Cultural History.

  8. I’d be glad to be your guide around my hometown. I definitely want to go to Norway, I have to convince my hubby. He doesn’t like to visit countries where he doesn’t understand the language. ;-)

    You know I would love to and lets make it even; You come to Oslo and I come to your town in the Netherlands! Your hubby will be fine in Norway – most of us speaks English fluently and actually there is quite a bit of similarity between Dutch and Norwegian!

  9. Love your blog! I’ve been working on planning a trip to Norway so I’m going to stop by and check it out here for good ideas.

    Thanks, I’m flattered! I do hope you find a lot of interesting tips and that it’s easy find what your looking for by ‘Search’, ‘Categories’ and ‘Archives’.

  10. wow cool country houses it’s like in the movie. Do they have electricity there? It’s look like far from the town. It’s nice to live on that place,scary at the same time coz it’s look like you’re in the middle of nowhere :D

    The buildings is not in use other than as part of the museum. In the old times, most of them did not had electricity, but a few may have now for the museum use. It’s not in the middle of nowhere, but Norway :D

  11. It looks so scenic! And you two look so cosy. :) Btw, finally made my move to WordPress. :)

    Nice comments – thanks and welcome over to WP!!

  12. What a day in the Hills north of Drammen. It’s a shame, we have never been there, and it’s only about 20-25 minutes away from the summerhouse.
    Beautiful photos, nice views and haha, as always some traditional snacks.
    btw. Må opp på naturens vegne og dermed virket forbindelsen igjen. Kanskje det er løsningen – hahaha.

    You just have to go there with Anna one day and maybe you could post about it too!
    Btw: Hope you could go back to sleep hahaha

  13. You are lucky to be able to live so close to nature. And you seem to eat healthy food! Fresh products from nature.
    Your country is really very beautiful.

    I know I am lucky and by this try to share it with the rest of the world too you know.
    Thanks for the compliment and I do hope I can show you in real life one day!

  14. BEAUTIFUL, in every way Renny….I said it before, and I will say it again. You live in such a Beautiful Country….Of course, the pictures you take really show us how very very beautiful it is! And the lunch Diane fixed for you….YUMMY!
    As you said….This is the life…What could be better? Nothing, except, if we were there to share it with you too!

    Thanks Naomi! I’m glad I can share this with you as much as I love to read what you share on your blog with us!

  15. Beautiful sceneries!! You’re right, what would be better than experiencing all that mountain glory?!
    and your wife’s waffles..yummy!

    Thanks – glad we can agree to that!
    Nothing is better that Diane’s waffles:-)

  16. What gorgeous scenery! I’m so glad you shared your photos. I truly miss the mountains, as where I live is extremely flat. Your photos bring the mountains to me! I think I’d be a bit nervous in such a long tunnel, though. But it would be worth the drive to see such beauty.

    Thanks – I’m happy to be able to bring the Norwegian mountains to you of course! Hope one day I can show you in person and don’t worry, I know how to drive in the mountains!

  17. Incredibly scenic! I would have loved to picnic there too. :-)
    Great pics (especially when you see them at full resolution.

    Your welcome for a picnic any time:-)
    Thanks for the compliments on the pics.

  18. What a heavenly day you two had, Renny! Such a delightful place! The photos are just awesome, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing. :-)

    Yes we had a great time! Thanks for the compliments on the pictures – coming from you who I consider a great photographer, its an honor!

  19. talk about beautiful photos, and then you tease us with those waffle treats. Did you know that was my favorite treat in Switzerland!!!!
    An open air museum reminds me of the Alsace region where they have that also, or switzerland near Interlaken… Ah culture, you’ve got it everywhere!

    Thanks! I didn’t know it was waffle – I thought it was Mövenpic ice cream:-)
    Never been to Alsace but would love to go as they have great white wine as well!

  20. What a beautiful day trip you had – the waffles looked absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks – It’s my pleasure as you know I love to share things like this!

  21. Beautiful, peaceful and interesting too. In fact even the journey there sounds interesting, going through the Spiralen!

    Thanks – I’m glad you found it readable. Yes; its exciting to drive around higher and higher inside a tunnel!

  22. I can attest to how very Norwegian this all looks, Renny! You and Diane are so blessed to have your quality time together…because you make it happen!

    I’m glad to know you’ve seen some of Norway with your own eyes Ginnnie!

  23. next year, my plans would be with the mountainside. but i don’t know if i’ll survive. heheeh ;p

    With some good recommendations found on my blog during the last two years, I’m sure you’ll survive :D

  24. Oh Renny, the photos are gorgeous and the scenery is breathtaking!!! That is my wish to live in such a beautiful place.I must make plans to visit Norway and maybe not return to Singapore. haha….
    Diane prepared a wonderful treat for you. So thoughtful and loving of her.

    I’m glad you liked it and of course you are welcome to experience in real flesh any time and thanks also for inviting us – I’ll have to talk to Diane about it

  25. That view…wow. The only thing I don’t like the sound of is the corkscrew tunnel…scary!
    Those blueberries and waffles, etc. have made my mouth water…I love those snacks.
    Anyway, I never get enough of looking at your beautiful country, Renny. Anytime you want to put Norway on your post is fine with me.
    Take care.

    But the tunnel is half the fun!
    Thanks for the compliments and I will keep on sharing from Norway:-)

  26. You can almost smell the fresh crisp air! Diane is amazing! Did she even make the waffles into hearts? This looks like our Pioneer Villages here.

    I’m glad I could make it so real for you and I do agree; Diane is! The shape of the waffles is made by our iron. Most all Norwegian waffles irons is like that.

  27. I have to agree, those waffles look incredible. A picnic table like that over here reminds me of the constant “swatting” and application of Aeroguard to keep the insects away. Do you get many mosquitos or annoying flies up that way?

    Hope you can come and visit and taste those waffles one day then!
    There was no mosquitoes there – a kind of advantage of living in a cooler climate I guess:-)

  28. Norway will always stay on top of my dream destinations list…no mosquitoes? my type of place… and you write so well about it. thanks for the wonderful posts and photos.

    Your welcome any time – we gladly guide you around. Thanks for your compliments – I’m glad you liked what you red!

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