Chinese Food Song and Dance in Oslo

We’ve had special visitors from Xinjang, China recently week as part of the Chinese Cultural week. [Before reading on; click the vid at the bottom to get the mood music!]
Last Sunday they gave a breath taking performance in Oslo Concert Hall. I’ll get back to that, but let me first take you along to Peking Garden where a Chinese friend of mine invited my wife and I, plus 4 others to dinner. I love Chinese food as it is very different and very tasty, although a bit more spicy than Norwegian food. The restaurant has a nice Chinese ambiance. Their menu has everything including beef, lamb, pig, chicken and of course duck as well as fish and even the more spicier Sezchuan dishes. The service is excellent and it was interesting to hear my friend and her discussing what we should have to eat in cantonese. This setting puts us into the right mood for the evening. Let me give you a peek:
Peking Garden in Oslo Norway

We began with hot and sour soup as a starter (to the left):
Chinese Hot and Sour Soup Chinese five Dishes
and then a five dish culinary feast including stewed beef with Chinese melon, sweet and sour pork, steamed cod, chicken chopsuey and tofu with spicy vegetables.

After a lovely dinner and interesting conversation around the table, it was time to see the show. Through our friend, we where invited by the Chinese embassy and of course for a Norwegian it was very exotic. Let me give you some background from the program: The Xinjiang Song and Dance Company was established in 1949. Its composed of artists from 12 ethnic groups of China, which include Uygur, Kazak, Han, Hui, Kirgiz, Ozbek, Tatar etc. The company is one of the leading performing arts institution in China. I had my Nikon CoolPix S2 camera with and even if the lightening for such a camera wasn’t that good, you know I gladly share some with you. I hope you’ll get a good impression of this magnificent dancers:
Chinese Dance an Song
Believe me, the troupe gave a lovely performance. I heard they have won 6 gold awards and 2 silver awards in the friendship Art Festival held in Pyongyang, North Korea, in which 80 countries from around the world participated. They have also visited Moscow in 2002 together with China’s Olympic Bidding Committee and staged a successfull performance.
Xinjiang is called Country of Songs and Dance as a shining pearl in their country. To give you an impression of how they where shining, I’ve made a movee from some of their acts. If you look carefully, you also see a Norwegian Folk Dance group guest participating:

I also experimented with the video function on my camera. Bare with the quality, but if you like to see them dancing and also hear the lovely music, you might like to start this vid:

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  1. What a great evening, Renny. I love authentic Chinese food, the spicier the better for me.
    Hope you and Diane have a wonderful weekend. I’ll bet it’s getting cooler there and the days are getting shorter, as they are here.
    Love and hugs, Diane

    I do agree: Chinese are very tasty!
    Thanks and I do hope you and your family will have a good one too! Its about to get more chilly and the days are shorter now, but then again the nature is getting more colorful.

  2. It really looks gorgeous. Their outfits – love the colors – and the excellent dance!!!! What a spinning! Must have been a very exotic experience yes :-)

    Yea, it was amazing Captain – glad I could share the adventure with all the Cyber Cruisers :-)

  3. Hey this is wonderful…if you ever visit me I’ll squeeze in something to cook for you and your wife. Now let’s see, sweet & sour fish, fried beansprouts/cabbage/greens, corn or peanut soup, tofu with minced pork & mushrooms…..and anything that you would like :D

    What an offer: your cooking sounds delicious and I know you are an expert! I’ll try to talk Diane into visiting you :D

  4. What a great evening you must have. I love Chinese food. My daughter’s birthday is today and for her party a week from now, she wants me to do Chinese cuisine.

    I send my Birthday Greetings to your daughter then and she made a great food choice!

  5. Hi RennyBA,
    Congrats! I’ve awarded you with the “Best Kept Secrets” blogger award, which keeps a running blog roll of all awarders & should boost your readership & the awareness of your blog considerably. You can pick up the award at my music blog, http://musicunbound.blogspot.com. Enjoy!

    Woooww, I am so happy! This is such an honor – thank you very much! I’ll be right over and will think of the best way to announce this honorable award!

  6. Oh Congrats on your “Best Kept Secrets” award. I been trying to keep you as my little secret for years but you keep getting out!!! The article looks really great! and Oooooooooooohhhh I am so dying for Chinese food right now, you wouldn’t like to surprise me for dinner would ya????

    Thank you my dear and remember you are a great contributor on my blog and one of the reason for this award!
    I hope your happy with my surprice for tonight – don’t tell anyone!!

  7. LOL at “a bit spicier”. There is nothing spicy to be had here! I could not make it to the music because I was salivating over dinner. What a disappointment because we are having Kessler for dinner! The dancers video is lovely, show them before the food (*slobbers*)!

    Glad I could accompany you in your dinner making then and hope it was as delightful!

  8. This was truly a treat!! very enjoyable. Our neighbors came back from China last year after living and working there for 3 years. I have heard very interesting stories!

    Glad you liked it Mar! Yea: the world has become smaller and I hope you’ll share some of the stories with us!

  9. I would so LOVE to have been there, but this is the next best thing! I can almost taste the food. Absolutely glorious, both the food and the dancing, costumes, music, everything. A very special experience and it’s great to be able to share it. Thank you.

    Experience in blogsphere is a great substitute I know. I’m glad you had a good time reading and watching.

  10. Fantastic food & performance! I love their costumes! Very extravagant!
    Good to know that you love chinese food. Our food is pretty much similar to chinese foods. I can assure you’ll love filipino foods as well:)
    Have a great weekend to you renny & to your family!

    I knew you would love this CheH and glad I could share it with you as an expat Filipino!
    Wish you all a good one too!

  11. Hi….this is the first time im here…… Nice blog……. Good photos………

    Its always nice to see new readers – welcome back any time! And I’ve visiting yours too of course and really liked it!

  12. What can I say butt – this is exotic – we are in the mountains – and dancing trad valley Norwegian Dances – uu hh ohheei
    We are on net at least

    Thanks – it really is exotic Tor!
    I do hope your having a great time celebrating Anna’s birthday on top of Norway!

  13. outstanding photos! What a fun time for sure. Learning, eating and enjoying culture! Thanks for sharing.

    Coming from a great photographer like you, thats really an honor! Your welcome – you know I love to share:-)

  14. lol at ‘Chinese are very tasty’. Yup, I’m tasty.
    I’m glad to hear that you enjoy Chinese food. If you go to China, you would be amazed by the variety of food and the millions of way they cook it. You would enjoy it as well. The Chinese believe, Any living things under tha sun can be eaten. You need to have a strong stomach. :)
    Make plans to come visit me in Singapore. I’ll bring you around to see our beautiful tropical island and taste our local food. er… it’s very hot here, most of the times.

    I know you are more of an expert than me and I’m willing to try most all kinds of food and actually have quite a strong stomach:)
    You know I have been in Singapore once – 10 years ago – but would love to go back and have a guided tour with you!

  15. That’s one of the most breathtaking stage designs I’ve seen to date. Very impressive images captured by your camera for lighting conditions of this nature.

    Thanks so very much for your nice compliment! I took more than 50 pictures and are glad some came out pretty good.

  16. Great post, especially the pictures and video. I had the pleasure of visiting Beijing recently, so I was able to eat ‘authentic’ Chinese food finally and see a lot of historical monuments in and around Beijing. Incidentally, other than Indian food, Chinese food is the other most commonly available cuisine in India.

    Thanks! Must have been great to experience the original then – thanks for sharing! Would have loved to go to Beijing next summer: The Olympics you know:-)

  17. oh it looks like it was really a wonderful tie to experience a different culture. the dance troupe must have been such a highlight. just marvelous.

    A cultural and a sensational feast you know:-)

  18. Sounds like a fun night! There’s a yummy Szechuan restaurant I like to go to called Szechuan Szechuan. They have delicious chicken :)

    There you go again: Chicken – and now the Chinese way :)

  19. Everything is so appealing to the eyes and ears from here! I’m gonna look at your pictures more in flicker! Y’all must have had so much fun!

    Glad you liked it and thanks for visiting my Flickers too!

  20. LOL! *clapping* Oh, Renny! This just looks like such a FUN evening out! WOW! I am loving it and I wasn’t even there! I do LOVE Chinese food – but confess, that while I have tasted other things, I can only ever order Moo Goo Gai Pan – because I just love it soooooooo much! I do not care much for the spicy Szechuan food though. I like sweet and sour almost anything though! LOL! That show looks like it was just fabulous! SO bright and colorful and exotic! Mmmm! GREAT for you to have such an experience!!!

    Thanks for the applaud Melli! I think yours and my taste are pretty much the same :D

  21. Wow! What a nice day. Good food, great performance.
    I guess you know understand my love for Asia!

    Glad I could share it with you too Sidney and I do understand your love for Asia and my compliment for the way you show it on your photo blog!!

  22. I like Chinese Food but more Canadian Chinese and not anything with fish. I love the rice dishes and vegetables, chow mein and chop suey. They don’t seem to be that big on dessert except for almond cookies and fortune cookies.
    Very bright and colourful show.

    I do understand Ruth, but aren’t you tempted to try it the original way once in a while :D We did not had time for dessert, but I’ve heard they are nice and sweet.

  23. How colourful that dancing is. I enjoy Chinese culture like that, it’s so different to what we’re used to.
    As for Chinese food, oh joy! It’s one of my favorites and it’s pretty good for you, too…makes a nice change.
    Thanks for the interesting post, Renny, I’m glad you had such a great night and that you shared it.

    I do agree; different and exotic!
    The food have become one of my favorites too!
    Your welcome – I love to share with the rest of the world you know.

  24. this looks like a spectacular performance Renny…….and the costumes are exquisite !!!!
    the food looks delicious……too …what a marvellous evening…… :)

  25. What a wonderful evening you must have spent ! And your video is very nice. I just started to use this function too on my camera and now of course I like it very much it’s so much more lifely then photos. I am back from Italy into a “normal” world at least concerning internet connection ! I have never had such a bad connection since I am blogging ! Not even from Egypt or Turkey. From 1 h Internet I could use maybe 45 min at the beginning and then 15 the last 3 days ! It was awful. We arrived home at 1.30 pm made the trip in two shots of course. Now I have to catch up on all news in blogworld ! and especially on the Cruise ! So I have a lot to read, lol ! Sorry that I couldn’t comment, because of this bad connection.

  26. Sounds fabulous! I love Chinese food, but you made me curious of Norwegian food. Did you ever do a post about the “Norwegian cuisine”?
    Happy Fall Equinox!! ;-)

  27. Renny, We were not there in person, but you brought us to this spectacular show and dining. May we pay the half? Last Saturday in October? You remember? jeah.

  28. You have good time Renny! I’d like to taste all this food! And the show!!! The colors are wonderful!

    Glad I could share it with you Claudie!

  29. Interesting read, that was. My wife is Chinese, so we have lovely home cooked Chinese food all the time. Im trying to encourage her to add them to this chinese recipes website too, but her english isnt really up to it yet. I’ll subscribe to your site for later reading if you don’t mind!

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