Equinox and Fall season in Norway

Hosting a blog about the significant four seasons in Norway and the Nordic countries, it would have been a disregard not to mention todays calendar milestone. We share something that only happens twice a year as all my blogger friends around the world has the same length of day and night. For some its the start of the fall season, for others spring time. For more facts, your welcome to read my equinox spring post here! Some of you have asked for a typical fall type of food in Norway too. Here is the Lamb in cabbage served and we had it today.
Since its Sunday, my wife and I shared another quality time in the forest to get the right season chance mood. We where seeking the natures fall golden collars and found some, but also some very typical Norwegian:

Equinox: Fall In Norway #1 Equinox: Fall In Norway #2

By a lake there was a family gathering. A first grade class children and their parents had a cook out to enjoy the nature and get to know each other. If you look closely at the left picture, you’ll see smoke from a bone fire where they cook sausage stacked on a branch. Read more about this special Norwegian recipe from my last years post: ‘Bonfire at the Easter Egg hunt‘.

I told you this was a typical Norwegian weekend habit. We just love to be out in the nature – whatever season or weather. Today it was misty and 10C (50F) and I took a lot of pics. Some of them prove my saying: ‘There is no such as bad weather – only bad cloths!‘:

There was one episode that really caught our attention: A family going on a Robinson expedition. I thought the story was so cute, so I had to share it with you. At first the children got a bit of help to land safely on the island:
Equinox: Fall In Norway #4

Then they opened their back bag with sandwich for lunch. There was a duck couple swimming by and of course the children wanted them closer so they feed them:
Equinox: Fall In Norway #3

A Challenge to my readers:
On the right side of that picture, you see a stick with a direction sign on top. Can anyone imagine why this sign is there out in the water?!? (maybe Norwegians should be excluded in this contest LoL). I’ll make an update in a couple of days to give you the answer – so stay tuned!