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Equinox and Fall season in Norway

Hosting a blog about the significant four seasons in Norway and the Nordic countries, it would have been a disregard not to mention todays calendar milestone. We share something that only happens twice a year as all my blogger friends around the world has the same length of day and night. For some its the start of the fall season, for others spring time. For more facts, your welcome to read my equinox spring post here! Some of you have asked for a typical fall type of food in Norway too. Here is the Lamb in cabbage served and we had it today.
Since its Sunday, my wife and I shared another quality time in the forest to get the right season chance mood. We where seeking the natures fall golden collars and found some, but also some very typical Norwegian:

Equinox: Fall In Norway #1 Equinox: Fall In Norway #2

By a lake there was a family gathering. A first grade class children and their parents had a cook out to enjoy the nature and get to know each other. If you look closely at the left picture, you’ll see smoke from a bone fire where they cook sausage stacked on a branch. Read more about this special Norwegian recipe from my last years post: ‘Bonfire at the Easter Egg hunt‘.

I told you this was a typical Norwegian weekend habit. We just love to be out in the nature – whatever season or weather. Today it was misty and 10C (50F) and I took a lot of pics. Some of them prove my saying: ‘There is no such as bad weather – only bad cloths!‘:

There was one episode that really caught our attention: A family going on a Robinson expedition. I thought the story was so cute, so I had to share it with you. At first the children got a bit of help to land safely on the island:
Equinox: Fall In Norway #4

Then they opened their back bag with sandwich for lunch. There was a duck couple swimming by and of course the children wanted them closer so they feed them:
Equinox: Fall In Norway #3

A Challenge to my readers:
On the right side of that picture, you see a stick with a direction sign on top. Can anyone imagine why this sign is there out in the water?!? (maybe Norwegians should be excluded in this contest LoL). I’ll make an update in a couple of days to give you the answer – so stay tuned!

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  1. Beautiful photos as always. Actually your photos remind me of the Ottawa Valley where my family had a cottage and of Northern Ontario. I think you’d like it here in Canada if you ever came to visit. ;)
    As for your challenge? Hmmm looks like direction signs to me. Do they point to towns or villages?

    Thanks! and you know I would love to go to Canada and meet all my blogger friends. How about a gathering in Vancouver on the Winter Olympics i 2008!
    The Challenge: No, they don’t but you are closer than you would think :D

  2. Renny, this is a wonderful reportage from Norway and the day of equal day and night. I hope many of your regular readers will like to see the splendor of our nature just around the corner. We are lucky … living here.
    btw. I’ll publish “From Birthday Dinner to Norwegian Mountains” on Tuesday.
    Ja, we are back in the Summerhouse. With the Cats.

    Thanks for your compliment and I do agree: we are lucky!
    Looking forward to your birthday post!

  3. this is my very favorite season of the year. i love the colors and the crispness in the air and i love the way the light gets all golden.
    as for the direction signs. are they are the confluence of two rivers? are they telling the distance up and downriver of different towns or other locations?

    I do agree with you; Fall is beautiful!
    The Challenge: No, well: not exactly, but you are quite close too!

  4. It certainly is beautiful with the calm surface of the lake!!! We have that saying over here in Sweden too, but I must say that more and more Swedes is keeping indoors nowadays…. (Including me! *giggles*)
    I have no clue what the signs says either :-)

    Yea, I just love this lake and place! So get more out in the nature and get some fresh air Captain *giggles*
    The Challenge: I did not asked what the sign says, but why they are there and for what purpose (clue: season!)

  5. Lovely pictures of the lake and surrounding area!
    And the signs are for winter when the lake is frozen over and snow covered. Skiers and snowmobilers use the frozen lakes as winter highways. Am I right??
    Love and hugs, Diane

    Thanks – glad you liked it!
    The Challenge: You really are into something here, but I wont reveal before I put up a picture to proof the fact in a couple of days – so stay tuned:-)

  6. i want to have a place near nature too, not in the big city.
    regarding the direction sign, does it point to the safe “land bridge” should the water freeze? guessing.
    here in the tropics, there’s no snow, just sun all year round except a few rainy days

    How about a cottage in the Norwegian mountains then :-)
    The Challenge: No, but you are of course into something too.

  7. It is so beautiful and peaceful!! I love this time of the year because I don’t have to wait until 10pm to light up a candle :)
    The pole must be an indicator for the winter season, just like in the ski slopes (can’t wait, can’t wait to go skiing!)

    Yea, it really is and you are so right: soon it will be dark at 5PM :)
    The Challenge: Hsssss, don’t tell anyone :D

  8. About the sign: I am guessing it has to do with the lake freezing in the winter and the possability it is dangerous to go out on it—So as a WARNING to possible skaters and walkers maybe???
    As always I love your pictures…BUT they go too fast on the Photobucket thingy…you can’t stop and check it all out—or if you can, I don’t know how…!

    Thanks for the compliments! If you click on the pics you get to my Photobucket account to see the pics as long as you like!
    The Challenge: Very close, but nothing about dangerous!

  9. You’re so lucky to have this kind of beautiful nature just around the corner!

    Yes we are and take fully advantage of it too!

  10. Norway is so beautiful! I would love to experience the short days and long nights, and the Norwegian fall. :)
    I think that stick is to indicate the water level of the lake. Do I get a present if I’m correct? hehe….

    So when can we expect a visit from you then? :)
    The Challenge: Sorry, no – but you can have a present when I see you anyway hehe….

  11. I understand you Renny! Out! Out! I adore to walk in the full nature and more wild are the landscapes and more I am! A quiet place at the lake! Then what can say the sign? No bath? No fishing?
    You never stop! After Chinese show a beautiful time in the nature! Beautiful is the life in Norway!!!

    Glad I get my message and invitation through to you then and I know you love to go out in the nature too! Thanks for your compliments!
    The Challenge: Sorry, no – here you can fish and bath as much as you like – as a matter of fact my wife and I just love skinny dipping here :D

  12. do the signs show the way to the Neighbors (Sweden? Finland?) or the North Pole? wild guess :)
    i love the lamb in cabbage dish, you made it sound so delectable. it might be a great way to convince non-lamb-eating members of my brood…
    you’re lucky to still see the gentle transitions of the seasons. here in New England everything is “out of whack”. must be global warming.
    the Norwegian countryside is just gorgeous!

    Glad you liked the lamb dish – hope you can convince them and please keep me posted!
    I feel lucky too and even if we’ve had some extreme weather this summer, its typical fall kind now.
    The Challenge: Sorry, your wrong – but a nice try :D

  13. The sign looks very ying-yang and equinox has this quality of more/less light going one way or the other. Stumped, so i will have to stay tuned!

    Seeing it as ying-yang was very creative! You’ll get the answer tomorrow!

  14. The equinox in spring and fall are always special times for me. I hope the family crossing the stream had nice tall Wellies on their feet! :-)

    Glad I could share my equinox experience with you then:-)
    Wellies and waterproof clothes are standard equipment for childhood!

  15. Now then, you skiing people do cross-country skiing, do you not? Those signs look very like the signs marking walking routes round here in France. Are they marking cross-country ski routes?
    Love your pictures: the reflections in the water and the colours just changing. It is a beautiful time of the year for colour but I suspect that scenery looks magnificent at any season.

    Yes we certainly do, so you are perfectly right – the first one to guess 100% right – congrats!
    Thanks for your compliments and I do agree with you:-) Actually so much that I’m working on next post about this scenery though our significant four seasons – so stay tuned!

  16. Ah that is great. My guess was it had to be marking a distance… But now I know it’s cross country skiing.
    What a beautiful post! And yes P and I would love to visit. I really don’t know what we will be able to get in next summer. All I know is that I miss my European sized holidays!

    Thanks and you know you are always welcome and Diane and I will gladly guide you!
    The Challenge: Well, Norwegians are born with skies on you know :-)

  17. Great pix, Renny. What a clear lake! We’ve been having summer temperatures still … it’s supposed to be 30C tomorrow!
    Does that lake freeze in the winter? Does the stick have anything to do with skaters?

    Thanks Teena! Woow: 30C in Canada – well it’s 12C over here today.
    The Challenge: Ohh yes it does – often from November/December and you can skate until the snow covers it all.

  18. sad… coz A guessed it. but my guess actually is.. it’s the direction of where the ducks are going. hahahaha.
    and i always love your quote: no bad weather, only bad clothes :)

    The Challenge: You always come up with creative answers – this was really a good one hahahha

  19. I did not read anyone else’s answer to your question, so I am probably repeating it. I believe the sign is for snowmobilers or cross country skiers.
    We have tiny stops signs along property edges here for snowmobilers. We have clubs all over rural Ontario, and there are Inns and clubs all over that are just for winter folk so folks can travel thousands of km to different destinations through rural scenery.
    We had a lovely Equinox here. The trees started to change colour to gold and red this weekend!

    Glad your having a great start to the fall season too!
    The Challenge: Thanks for your good spirit and answer without ‘cheating’:-) However, snowmobiler is not allowed on the country side in general. See me next post about it!

  20. Renny,
    I love all of your fun pictures! And its so cool to hear about what you are up to (like that you like to go out in nature on the weekends).
    Happy equinox!

  21. hey, man:
    long time no speak. Beautiful photos and what a great lake, too — reminds me of our Lake Ninevah in Mt. Holly, VT, right down to the mountains behind — and probably the mosquitoes, too, yes? As always, a pleasure reading your blog.

    Great to see you again Buddy! There are mosquitoes of course, but not that much – too short season and too cold in the winter time I guess.
    Thanks for your compliments!

  22. What a great picture display. I do not like snow machines disturbing the peace of nature either. I might have guessed what the sign was but maybe not.

    Thanks – glad you liked it! I agree, and I’m sure you would have guess after given it a thought.

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