The Significant Four Seasons in Norway

I originally had planned to just make an update of the last post with the answer to my little quiz about the sign in the water. Please scroll down and see the last picture in that post and the Challenge to my readers. Here is the proof: The sign on the stick is ski trail mark (taken January 2000 – that winter we didn’t have snow before later that month):

Skimarker on a Lake

While looking for the right picture of the sign to solve the riddle we found so many wonderful pictures from the same lake. This is a special place for our family. It is the first place I took my bonus children swimming when they came over as little boys, and the place our family has gone throughout the whole year, in all the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. Hope you get an idea in this movee:

Part of the Norwegian soul is enjoying the outdoor life and the nature. Taking the family back to the nature is a strong part of our value system. That is why you see so many families out with children of all ages. This place is a place for all four seasons. Its not just for the enjoyment of a mid summer swim, but a picnic or a camp fire can also be enjoyed in January. Its quite fun to sit on plastic cushions on the ice and snow bundled up well against the cold and eat a freshly grilled hot dog. It is a wonderful experience to go for a walk in the spring and look for the first flowers, or go out in the fall to pick berries and mushrooms…or just to get the fresh air. There is no such as bad weather you know – only bad clothes :D

Regarding The Challenge to my readers (on my last post):
Thanks to all who took their time to comment and participate in the contest! I really enjoyed reading your suggestions – some really creative and some really close. Please read my reply to each of you.
Some of you suggested the sign on the lake was way marks for snowmobilers and that makes sense. Let me however, take this opportunely to deepening what I call ‘The Norwegian soul’: There is strong restriction in use of vehicle on the countryside in Norway. When relaxing out in the nature, we don’t want to be disturbed by any engine sound. Besides; you miss the details and beauty of the nature if you drive around as in the stressed, urban life!