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The Significant Four Seasons in Norway

I originally had planned to just make an update of the last post with the answer to my little quiz about the sign in the water. Please scroll down and see the last picture in that post and the Challenge to my readers. Here is the proof: The sign on the stick is ski trail mark (taken January 2000 – that winter we didn’t have snow before later that month):

Skimarker on a Lake

While looking for the right picture of the sign to solve the riddle we found so many wonderful pictures from the same lake. This is a special place for our family. It is the first place I took my bonus children swimming when they came over as little boys, and the place our family has gone throughout the whole year, in all the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. Hope you get an idea in this movee:

Part of the Norwegian soul is enjoying the outdoor life and the nature. Taking the family back to the nature is a strong part of our value system. That is why you see so many families out with children of all ages. This place is a place for all four seasons. Its not just for the enjoyment of a mid summer swim, but a picnic or a camp fire can also be enjoyed in January. Its quite fun to sit on plastic cushions on the ice and snow bundled up well against the cold and eat a freshly grilled hot dog. It is a wonderful experience to go for a walk in the spring and look for the first flowers, or go out in the fall to pick berries and mushrooms…or just to get the fresh air. There is no such as bad weather you know – only bad clothes :D

Regarding The Challenge to my readers (on my last post):
Thanks to all who took their time to comment and participate in the contest! I really enjoyed reading your suggestions – some really creative and some really close. Please read my reply to each of you.
Some of you suggested the sign on the lake was way marks for snowmobilers and that makes sense. Let me however, take this opportunely to deepening what I call ‘The Norwegian soul’: There is strong restriction in use of vehicle on the countryside in Norway. When relaxing out in the nature, we don’t want to be disturbed by any engine sound. Besides; you miss the details and beauty of the nature if you drive around as in the stressed, urban life!

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  1. those were great pics! And yes you do enjoy the outdoors a lot. That’s exactly what I love so much too!

    Thanks – yes we do – and from you pics of the Canadian nature I know you do too

  2. Yes, it sure is wonderful to get out in the nature like this :-) I’ve always been out with dogs or horses out in the nature, alone, and that has always been so extremely refreshing of the mind.
    The photos is excellent. A heaven for kids too.
    Ok, skiiers, Could have guessed maybe, but I think I would have guessed ice skating in that case, that is very popular over here in Sweden.

    I’m glad we can share and that you know the Scandinavia way too:-)
    Thanks for the compiments and yes; a heaven for both the young once and the adults.
    It’s skating before the snow comes, then its all about skiing you know.

  3. Being in Norway also made me appreciate nature more and also made me aware that man should really take good care of it.

    I know you are adapted to Norwegian habits Chase and I do agree; lets unite to take care of the nature!

  4. And Renny, I am so sorry if I am not able to help you out with your blog now. My mind is not really in condition to do that yet but I will later when things get better.

    Thats okay my dear blog designer! I am happy with the way it is and wait for your improvement. Schoolwork always comes first!

  5. I LOVE that nature is such an important part of the Norwegian soul. And that family’s enjoying it together is also part of that importance….These are the deeper things of life and the things that stay with you and sustain….To appreciate the land and nature….a very high ideal, indeed, Renny.

    I knew you would understand the Norwegian Soul Naomi. Thanks for your compliments!

  6. oh i hadn’t even thought of the river freezing over! i would just love to come enjoy that river in all it’s states and i like what you said about the snowmobiling. i will admit i enjoy snowmobiling. but i agree about the engine sounds. i hate that in the fall people now used these loud leaf blowers instead of rakes. the quiet swish swish of a rake is so much nicer than the loud whir of a motor and blowing air.

    Well, the four seasons are really significant you know. Lovely, warm and sunny summer and even lovelier, crispy cold and fresh snowy winter.
    I’m glad we share the same idea of the goodness of silence:-)

  7. Oh skiing then. Oh also in Canada in Ottawa we have km after km of river skating in the Capitol city. A lot of folks take a short cut to work by skating on the Ottawa River to work.

    I know we have a lot in common when it comes to climate. Some skates to work in Norway too, but its more common to ski as we normally have a lot of snow.

  8. You are very right…there is no such thing as bad weather, but bad clothes! Yesterday when it was pouring rain here in Oslo, I had bad clothes :)

    Good to see a Norwegian supporter who have experienced it herself :)

  9. I understand that engines haven’t to disturb people in a so beautiful and quiet place! I didn’t anticipate and forgot the lake was freezing in winter! Photos are super! I imagine how much children must have fun here!

    Glad you did and practicality all lakes in Norway freeze in the winter time. Thanks for you compliments and I wished you could take your class up here one day!

  10. Ah brilliant post. How did you do those pictures like that? You must email me and tell me for it was brilliant. Very cool. They are fabulous…and brilliant post. From the heart…to the gut. You got me. Beautiful…God Bless! You made my day!

    Thanks for your compliments and I’m flattered I could even made your day! I guess your asking about my movee at Photobucket and I’ll answer you by mail.

  11. Haha Renny, many great answers to your challenge. Of course I was dismissed from the challenge…. Would not have been fair ;D
    You have a wonderful all year round place just “around the corner”
    hugs from the Summerhouse

    Yea, many great suggestions and I feel so honored that so many takes their time to comment!
    In Norway we all have wonderful all year around places and you have a jewelry at your Summerhouse!

  12. I did Nordic skiing quite a bit when I was growing up. (We have no hills or mountains here.) There is nothing like the peace and tranquility of being one with nature.

    Woow, I’m impressed Lisa – come on over and practice then! I would love to go down hill with you!

  13. Dear Dear Renny…I was talking to my brother today, you know my brother Gordon…And for maybe 15th time in a few years he said..”I want a simpler life…I want to move to Norway….!” He was in Norway a few years ago to speak at a Psychiatric type conference….He LOVED it there, except for the cold. Truthfully, I think that is the biggest thing stopping him…(Well, there may be many other things, too…..lol) But, “THE COLD”, at this stage of his life is a big factor….But the thing that l I love about this whole thing is: IF he did move to Norway, he would get to meet you and TorAa! I told him about this post…And the importance of nature and the land to Norwegians. He loved hearing about this….AND, if he ever gets his broadband thingy figured out, maybe he will come visit you and your blog!

    Yes Naomi, I remember Gordon and your nice posts about him. How nice of you to share this with me! I do understand his point of view and I might mention that some older people in Norway migrates to southern parts of Europe, or at least stay there in the winter time. Of course most of them keep staying in Norway for the same reasons as your brother would like to come over. If he comes over, you know both me and TorAa would love to meet him!

  14. awww… ski trail marks. I would never have guessed it because we don’t have snow in our country. :(
    I’ll get that present from you personally … one day. hehehe….

    I know EastCoastLife, but you should have remembered that Norway is LoL
    Looking forward for that day and then you’ll get a big hug for free too hehehe…

  15. “There is no such as bad weather you know – only bad clothes”
    My little challenge to you. It is 40 degrees C. It is too hot… and I am already naked! ;-)
    I am happy you are able to bond with nature so much. I am a city guy and I should go out in the nature much more.

    No problem Sidney; then you go skinny dipping ;-)
    Hope you’ll visit us one day when you are back in Europe and then we can enjoy the nature together!

  16. Ohh Renny, your pictures are so pretty… and Nordic culture, traditions, history… it’s so amazing. I want to visit your country one day…. :)
    I love your website!

    Awww, thanks for your lovely comments and you know you are welcome any time – in the mean time, I’m glad you enjoy my posts :)

  17. Your view of Norway and the four seasons is very dear to my heart, Renny. Maybe I was a Norwegian in my past life! :)

    Thank you; I feel flattered when you say so Ginnie and maybe you was – maybe there is a Viking deep inside you :)

  18. I love being out in nature as well. Good thing. With four dogs I am always outside with one or another of them!
    I am back from the dog show! Arnie did great! I’ll be around more now for commenting and hopefully writing too! I sure have missed the blogasphere!

    I know you do and It’s great to see you and the dogs on your blog!
    Congrats with Arnie – I know he would be good – after all its your dog!

  19. These are wonderful photos–a great message to all to enjoy God’s creation more. I love the comment about the wrong clothes. I’ll think of that the next time it is gray and cold in Ohio.

    Thanks for the compliments and I’m glad you like and will remember my saying!

  20. i agree with you. the engine sound would totally spoil the serene atmosphere of the countryside :D just curious… does snowfall make any sound?

    Glad we could agree on the importance of silence in the nature. No, thats one great part – it’s the total silence of beauty :-)

  21. hello there.. sorry it took me so long to drop by here.. been quite busy.. you have a nice blog.. and nice activity you had for your readers as well. take care.. enjoy!

    Don’t worry – no hurry – your welcome any time!
    Thanks for the compliments and encouragement – I will and you too!

  22. Hey Renny…I spoke to my brother tonight and as soon as he gets his Broadband straightened out…He says he would love to visit your blog!
    He again reiterated how much he loved Norway when he was there….!
    Who knows…maybe he will come there again just for a visit…!

    Sounds great and I do hope Gordon likes what he sees and recognize Norway from when he last visited!
    I do hope he decide to come back one day!

  23. Like you, our seasons are distinct. I’m not looking forward to winter :(

    I know Canada and Toronto is very much like the south part of Norway. The difference is that I love winter and snow then :D

  24. Hello Renny!!Nice to be back again to see your amazing pics and read your posts as well :)
    Thank you for not forgetting me :) You have a domain now,I can tell,congratulations!!
    BTW,can I see my award that you’ve mentioned before?
    thanx and regards!!
    hugs, ghee

    Hello Ghee, long time no see – so nice to welcome you back!
    Your ‘Power Of Schmoozing’ award is to be picked up any time!

  25. Nature is so much more important to us now because of living in Scandinavia . In America, there is limited ability to wander where you will and pick berries and or mushrooms. We have hiked in the Fjörds in February and it was so warm, you could sit in the snow without a jacket in the sunshine. We grilled hotdogs and marshmellows and it was a wonderful experience. The simple life here is much better than the hectic one we left, at least for us!

    I think you and my beloved wife from the US feels and experience very much the same and you both seams to be well adjusted to the Scandinavian style :D

  26. I think you are in a better situation than me, there is no four seasons in Greece and this summer was real hot, too hot!
    Enjoy your life.
    Regards from Thessaloniki

    You might be right, but also remember a lot of Norwegian goes to Greece to get more sun on their vacation. Maybe we are talking about the saying: ‘The grass seams always greener on the other side of the fence’.
    Thanks for your visit – always great to welcome new commenter’s!

  27. Despite the fact that autumn could be gloomy and winter could be harsh in Scandinavia, I learned to appreciate these changing seasons. Why we have only two kinds of season from where I come from: it is either 6 months rain or 6 months sun. How boring is that? :-) Excellent pixes in the slide show, btw!

    You seams to be well adopted then and glad you appreciate it :-) Thanks for your compliments!

  28. I am glad that quad bikes and the like are not allowed, to many places in South Africa are giving in to catering for them, I have nothing against quad bikes, but not in and around nature sensitive areas disturbing birds and animals.
    I recently met someone from Finland, very interesting time learning more about life in the Nordic areas.

    We think very much alike in this matter – I so much agree with you!
    Well, together with Sweden and Russia, the Finish is neighborers of Norway you know, so we have a lot in common.

  29. Amazing pictures. Theres something to be said for adapting to the changing seasons and embracing all sorts of weather. It makes life a lot more tolerable for one thing!

    Thanks for the compliments! Well said Hairy – your so right!

  30. My soul loves Nature too! However, I don’t know about the water chill factor, even in summer! I think you must have become acclimated to that! Mahalo for your visit to the Blond!

    Glad we are two of a kind and if you come and visit I’ll convince you its just freshen up your day to take a swim! I love to read your Blond thoughts:-)

  31. This looks so much like Canada! I don’t think I’d get homesick for the Canadian landscape if I visited and I’d have the added bonus of fjords and mountains. We are not quite as much of nature hounds as you are. I wish we were more so, especially in winter.
    Thanks for sharing the pics of your family.

    A lot of my Canadian blog friends have said so – I just have to come and visit you one day!
    Your welcome – wish you a great end to your week.

  32. Very beautiful and touching photos, Renny. I wish you a lovely weekend, my friend! XXOO

    Compliments for my photos is really an honor coming from you Lisa – a lovely weekend to you too!

  33. Renny! Your photos are absolutely wonderful. I have two little ones myself and an amazing wife. What a joy it would be to experience the Norwegian seasons with them as you do with your bonus children and your beloved lady.
    Thank you for sharing your view of the planet. Your Terella is quite inspiring.

    Thanks for your compliments – your welcome – and your always welcome with your little once to explore all seasons with us!

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