RennyBA’s Desk Top Free View

I’m tagged again and of course flattered. This time by my good blog friends Chase, Duke and Thesserie. I try to return the tagging favor when I feel it supports the theme of this blog about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, tradition and habits. I have to do it my way, and this time it was about ‘My Desk Top Free View’. So here I have grab captured my desktop and I would say it fits the theme :-)


Believe me: This is how my desk top has been for more than a year. The picture was taken in January two years ago on an island 15 minutes from our house. Its a place with a lot of beaches and actually a nude beach as well, although its not used much in January. Since this was taken in the winter time, I called the post I made about it: Frozen Paradise. When you’ve read this post, you may click on the picture to read more about it.
As you can see: I like to keep my computer desk top tidy and clean too, just like my office – otherwise I feel distracted. Everything I need for all kinds of work (and personal things too for that matter), is in my computer and I don’t go anywhere without it. Of course I can’t hold all that on the desk top, but I know how to find it when I need it and by that I always stay focused.

This tag meme was started by iRonnie. You’ll find the post where he started the whole and with further instruction if you like to participate here. I’m supposed to tag some of my blog friends and here is the winners (no obligations, but fun if you’ll pass the token!):
TorAa, Expat Travels, Dackel Princess, Mark, EastCoastLife, Richard and Mrs. LifeCruiser.

iRonnie make a list of all participants and started with the first 100. Here is the list of the next 100!

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  1. Wow we have not have snow here for a couple of years, here in Holland it stays warm last years (warm is 12C at the lowest)
    Please come back and visit my blog, You’re very welcome:)
    Bye have a good weekend:)
    JoAnn :)

    We’ve had to warm winters in Norway the last years – hoping for a better one with lots of snow this year.
    I have been visiting again and I like what I see – good weekend to you too:)

  2. ahhhh.. I just tagged you with the same thing! Good thing you just did this! :D

    Thanks Duke – its an honor and since I’ve just posted this, I’ve updated the post to show the whole world I got this link love from you :D

  3. what a clean and beautiful desktop! I’ll get to this either the weekend or something like that…

    Thanks for the compliments – as you can tell its one of my favorite too.
    Please keep us posted when yours is up!

  4. p.s. is that photo located on flickr? I love that photo and would love to change it up as a desktop.

    Yes ET, you’ll find it her – what an honor to know you want it on your desk top too!

  5. I like your desktop, very peaceful to look at every day, haha! I like this meme, it’s so different from the usual run-of-the-mill tags (I did mine earlier this week).

    Thanks and yes: it gets me into sort of peaceful mind! I like yours too!

  6. Beautiful photo Renny !!!! the combination of the snow and the lake is stunning….
    have a great weekend :)

    Thanks – glad you liked it!
    A good one to you too :)

  7. sea mountains you and I are two peas in a pod renny…nature…
    its a soothing picture… I just changed mine again to boats and storm
    ha det

    Yea, don’t you think we go well together:-)
    Sounds like you’ve a nice desk top to then!
    Ha det bra!

  8. Renny, you have a stunning desktop!! better than windows featured pictures!
    Salamat (Thank you) for doing this tag, you really are such a great guy :) I will come back to catch up on my reads (your entries) as I am not in Europe right now, still on vacation in Thailand.
    Have a fine weekend, Renny !

    Thanks – I like to do it my way you know!
    Your welcome – have a great vacation and welcome back!

  9. Hi Rennyba?
    I saw your name on my blog and I am glad you are back!
    Well If you like what you saw yesterday, look at my todays post, its more like art, I like playing with photo’s and this one really came out well.
    I added a link from your blog on mine is that OKE?
    You can add mine on yours too, than we can find each other back easier.
    Have a breative weekend!!
    JoAnn from Holland

    Well, I like your blog too you know:-)
    Thanks for the link love and congrats with your nice post! Wishing you a great end to your week too!

  10. you know, interestingly enough my computer desk top is almost as messy as my real desktop….partly because the kids are forever messing with the computer desktop, though i take full responsibility for the real one.
    that’s a beautiful picture though, really lovely

    I should have known LoL My kids doesn’t even get close to my puter as they have their own.
    Glad you liked our paradise – maybe you wanna come over and go to one of those beaches, iin the summer time I mean!

  11. Renny, this is such a gorgeous sight! You are so lucky to have such beauty a mere 15 minutes away from your home. I can imagine that the nude beach would not be so busy in January! ;-)

    I knew you would like it. Well, there are people there in the winter time too, but not as nude as in the summertime :D

  12. Besides the beautiful picture, your screen looks rather naked, lol ! Most of the screens I saw were always overloaded with little icons !
    Don’t forget tomorrow I take the cruise to the Lake of Garda !

    I’m a clean minded person you know LoL
    Thanks for the invite – I’ll be there!

  13. Oh, yes, Chase did tag me too with this, so now I might do two… thanks… *giggles*
    Lovely desktop view you got there even though it’s winter, so I’ll keep away from it…. *giggles*

    I knew you have a rather new lap top so I was curious you know.
    I know you are a winter indoor person *giggles*

  14. Renny, I love that picture. I can actually picture it in one of my living room wall as a mural…it’s so wonderful!

    Thanks Midas and if you make a mural in the living room of it, please let me know!

  15. You really live in a beautiful place!
    I envy your order and focus!
    I live in a constant mess and I would love to be a bit better organized!

    Thanks Sidney! Well, I admire you being so focused when photo shooting you know!

  16. Good morning young man, can you remember I tried to make a photo of your desk-top photo? Last year in Mariestad. Result: refused.
    btw: Still in Amsterdam – a Sunday morning

    Yes I do remember and was wondering why I hadn’t seen it.
    Wishing you a wonderful stay – keep us posted!

  17. What a beautiful sight and a wonderful desktop picture….This is the kind of place I love to be now :D

    Thanks and you know you are welcome any time :D

  18. Oooo… here’s another lovely view in Norway.
    Oh no! You didn’t tell me the meme’s about my desktop view. It’s a nude picture of me in all my glory! Not Suitable For Work. kakaka…..
    Can I use my son’s desktop view instead?

    It was supposed to be a secret and now I am looking forward to your post showing an appropriate way to be dressed at our nude beach LoL
    No! Use your own, otherwise its cheating ;-)

  19. Hey friend,thanks very much for the lovely comments you wrote about my blog!I truly appreciated it:)
    I hope you have a wonderful sunday afternoon there in NO and wishing you a wonderful week ahead as well! take care!!

    Your welcome and it was from the bottom of my heart:)
    Our Sunday was okay after a blast of a party last night – wasn’t to bed before 5AM :-)

  20. Hello,
    We would like to do an interview with you about your blog for http://www.BlogInterviewer.com . We’d like to give you the opportunity to give us some insight on the “person behind the blog.”

    It would just take a few minutes of your time. The interview form can be submitted online at http://bloginterviewer.com/submit-an-interview

    Best regards, Mike Thomas

    Consider it done. I’m Looking forward to the outcome of this – as a blogger I’m kind of an exhibitionist of course and would love to see the increase of visitors.

  21. Gorgeous desk top. I’m not sure I would get much accomplished as I’d keep going back to that lovely picture and day dream.

    Thanks – I admit its hard not to stop working and just watching the picture and dream on sometimes :D

  22. you got a great desk top there! it reminds me of the fairy tale the snow queen (which is, by the way, my most favorite of all :D )

    Thanks and what a great fairy tale connection!

  23. wow!! really nice and neat desktop,Renny!
    btw,I did the power of schmoozing award.Its really an honor to receive it from you…and better late than never,I guess,LOL!
    hugs for your monday,Renny!

    Thanks Ghee!
    Great to see you’ve picked up the token and you really made some good choice too… yea, better later than ever – everyone is entitle to a blog brake now and then!
    Hugs for a great week to you, Ghee!

  24. What a beautiful place and a wonderful photo, Renny. No wonder you have it on your desk top. Hope all is well with you and Diane. Take care.

    Thanks Robyn!
    We are fine except for a hang over from a blast of a party this weekend :D

  25. Hi RennyBA!
    I still remember that you visited my blog. Thanks for the visit! Yes I had fun with Thess and Attina in England. I already posted our trips… after two months…. :D
    Your wallpaper is nice! I also like my desktop tidy and neat.I don’t even have a wallpaper. .) I get distracted too but my table right now is quite messy. I can’t woorkkkkkk!!! :D
    Anyway, I’ve heard about a place in Norway where the sun is not setting. Hah, I would like to see that.

    Hi, and I still remember you had fun with Thess – I’ll come and check your post!
    Thanks for liking mine – your welcome to use it and get even more distracted :D
    Ohh yea, you can experience the land of the midnight sun above the polar circle in the summer time!

  26. Beautiful desktop, so I’m not surprised you’ve kept it like that for over a year. Mine is has far more icons and I keep it plain blue, or I would be guilty of so much time-wasting if I had a beautiful picture to look at.

    Thanks – I knew you would understand :D
    Remember the picture is also an inspiration when I have my own brain storming you know :D

  27. I would never want to go past the desktop if mine looked like that, Renny! It’s heavenly!

    Feel free to use it on your desk top – it would have been an honor Ginnie:-)

  28. This is absolutely spectacular and embodies everything you also tell us about your country. Well, real hardy Norwegians would be on that nude beach anyway! LOL!
    I change my desktop every 2 days with a new photo.

    Thanks Ruth! I must admit, beaches are more popular in the mid summer time, but then also the nude one LoL
    Every 2 day was impressive!

  29. Gorgeous picture, though I’m not ready for snow just yet. We are having record breaking temps here! Today it was 29C with the humidity. I love it!

    Thanks and I can wait a couple of month too! Please send some heath over – we’ve had 12C today!

  30. That’s one gorgeous desktop view! I love it…but looking at snow all day might be a tad much for this warm weathered dreamer! Though I love the winter…dream of the first snow…and love to see the white when not one person’s boot has touched it yet…and the moon glistens on the top….
    Looking at snow in the summer might depress me! But then again…maybe not.

    Thanks! I just love the freshness and the quietness in this picture and since all seasons has its charm, I’ve no problem being reminded of winter time. So its not depress me, rather inspire me :D

  31. hi Renny …I’m back :)
    I have tagged you for a little meme if you have time…. :)

    Welcome back Kim!
    Thanks – I’m flattered and will see what I can do :)

  32. These are stunning photos. The gray skies bring out the intense colors! There is a loneliness about autumn that comes through in the grey, and you captured that!
    There is great wisdom in taking a break. At the university, we call it midterm, and it means another form of torture–exams. Perhaps we will find a way to make it a rest, instead!

    Thanks for your compliments and for sharing your view about the details – I’m flattered!
    I do agree with you and resting your mind looking at the nature is the best break there is I think.

  33. Hi RennyBA,
    interesting story and I love the photo’s too, I could not see the video show but I blieve this would be impressive too, you make a lot of work from your blog, very well done .
    For a change I also wrote a lot about the DUTCH “Zananse Schans”there are green wooden house and a lot of windmills, I write about the function and history , perhaps you are interested to see/red this? Mostly I show photo’s so this is an exception. (more words)
    Have a good weekend:) JoAnn greetings

    Thanks for the compliments – hope you come back and try to watch is another time!
    I’ll check as soon as I can!
    Wish you a great one too!

  34. These are professional shots,Renny!amazing!!you never fail us always :)
    btw,thank you for joining my community ontoplist.theres a chatting room there also,have you noticed it? :D
    hope you’re enjoying the weekend,Renny!
    hugs, ghee

    Glad you like this one too – your a trustful reader :)
    I registered to support you of course – who have time for even another community? :D
    I enjoyed it very much – just read my next post!

  35. Cool desktop, I’ve been using a shot I took in Phuket last February at Promthep Cape. Recently I’ve changed to a NASA satellite view of Taiwan, where I’m currently residing.
    No snow here, it’s still 30 degrees and upwards. We just caught the tail end of a typhoon named Frosa.

    Thanks – sounds like you have a cool one too!
    Thanks for the weather report too!

  36. that picture is really lovely… My desktop used to be my avatar pic for a long time … :) can you believe that? lol but recently changed it to something more serene… will be posting soon!!
    I love this blog and need to come out here more often… :)

    Thanks and I do believe you selfish Pearl LoL (just kidding!). Keep me posted about yours!
    Your welcome any time of course :)

  37. Hi, Renny!
    You’ve got a nice desktop with just a very few icons. Simply beautiful. The photo as well is simply great. You may also want to see my clutter of icons here.
    Thank you very much :)

    Thanks for your compliments and I have seen yours which is quite different but very nice too. I just love the diversity in what you see because of this meme!

  38. Finally – after days of agonizing over the decision whether to post my nude desktop photo for your tag, I’ve done it. I didn’t cheat, it’s my own NUDE photo. I did you a great favour, you owe me one. I won’t dare ask for your dick, Diane might kill me. wahahahahaha……..

  39. Oh ! yea, you can experience the land of the midnight sun above the polar circle in the summer time!

    Ohh yea, and you are welcome to visit and experience yourself any time during summer or The Winter Wonder Land in the winter time!

  40. Woah! That’s incredible, and you’re so right – lots more clothes necessary *wink* Thx for the visit, dear friend.

    I could not resist but compare it with yours you know, but just you wait and see in the summer time – your welcome ;-)

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