RennyBA’s Desk Top Free View

I’m tagged again and of course flattered. This time by my good blog friends Chase, Duke and Thesserie. I try to return the tagging favor when I feel it supports the theme of this blog about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, tradition and habits. I have to do it my way, and this time it was about ‘My Desk Top Free View’. So here I have grab captured my desktop and I would say it fits the theme :-)


Believe me: This is how my desk top has been for more than a year. The picture was taken in January two years ago on an island 15 minutes from our house. Its a place with a lot of beaches and actually a nude beach as well, although its not used much in January. Since this was taken in the winter time, I called the post I made about it: Frozen Paradise. When you’ve read this post, you may click on the picture to read more about it.
As you can see: I like to keep my computer desk top tidy and clean too, just like my office – otherwise I feel distracted. Everything I need for all kinds of work (and personal things too for that matter), is in my computer and I don’t go anywhere without it. Of course I can’t hold all that on the desk top, but I know how to find it when I need it and by that I always stay focused.

This tag meme was started by iRonnie. You’ll find the post where he started the whole and with further instruction if you like to participate here. I’m supposed to tag some of my blog friends and here is the winners (no obligations, but fun if you’ll pass the token!):
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