Its fall break in Norway this week. That means a week off, at least for families with children, since the school is closed. I’ll get back to what a break at this time of the year comes of, just to mention that with all Norwegians having 5 weeks vacation per year (most take three weeks in the summer time), its good to have a break to charge your batteries before the dark winter. Today, the duration of daylight is 11 hours, in three month it will be 6, but then again in mid summer we’ll have 19 hours.
As I often say, I like the significant four seasons. This is an example of fall:

Fall at Akershus Fortress, Oslo #1 Fall at Akershus Fortress, Oslo #2
These two pictures are taken at Akershus Fortress in Oslo. I had a similar post last year with more fall colored pictures (also my 6th out of 360 most polar picture at Flickr).

Then back to this weeks break: As in many countries in the Northern hemisphere where farming was the main industry (up until 50 – 100 years back in Norway), the tradition is from when all children were needed at home for the harvest. Even when I was a child, I remember we were at a friends family fram to pick potatoes and carrots on fall break. I think what I’m remembering the most though, was jumping in the hay in the barn :-) .
This was what my wife and I talked about when going home from a great party last weekend. A friend of mine lives 1 1/2 hours north of Oslo and had his 60th birthday, and also has been married for 40 years (yea: 100 years anniversary!). During the drive, my wife was saying: ‘Hey, look at this lovely scenery! – you are looking for the right nature in fall colors for your blog my dear – it’s there!’
Let me show you some before I go on:

It was a gray and misty day so the light condition was less then perfect, but I hope you get the idea. At least it took me down the memory lane and we had great fun in yet another quality time sharing the good old days from childhood together. BTW: The last three pics are from the golf course, we haven’t given up the golf season yet you know!
Do any of you have harvest memories from childhood – fun in the hay maybe? :D


  1. Lovely Autumn colors, Renny. It’s still several weeks till we have good Fall color and until our usual first frost. It won’t be long, though!
    Fall memories? Watching the farmers harvest rice, soybeans, corn, milo and cotton. Hayrides and weiner and marshmallow roasts. The orange Harvest Moon. And many more!
    Hugs, Diane

    Thanks Diane! We had our first frost two weeks ago you know.
    Thanks for sharing your fall memories – those vegetables are quite different from ours! The moon we share though:-)
    Hugs back from me and Diane!

  2. I love fall, especially the beautiful colours in nature. Your pictures are great!

    Me too – thanks!

  3. Hello Renny!
    Beautiful landscapes! 5 weeks free! Good for enjoy the life! As teacher I have often vacation but really I need them!!! The pupils, king kids, take fast all my energy! Autumn begins just a little since two days but today I was always with my sandals. Perhaps it should be better if it was raining because our rivers are often dry! So Have beautiful time during your vacation! Hope we will have fun for Halloween!

    Hi Claudie, good to see you! My sister is a teacher too you know, so I know what you mean. I admire your passions!
    Sandals at this time of the year – I have to come and visit in autumn one day!
    Hope you’ll enjoy your vacations too! Are looking forward to Halloween partying with you and the other Cruisers!

  4. I’m missing the fall and his colors so much down here on Altitude 24. It has also his nice sides, of course, I know that…but after so many years, I’m still missing the 4 seasons.
    Your fall pictures are wonderful, Renny! Thanks for sharing it with a “homesick” Swiss…smile…

    Glad I could give you a colorful flash back from home then :D

  5. Lovely photos to look at, even though I don’t like the fall either, mostly because it announces the winter… *giggles*
    It looks about the same here in Sweden – very beautiful colors :-)
    I remember a lot of hay rashes…. *giggles*

    I know how you feel about winter and snow, but actually you can have as much fun in snow as in hay you know *giggles*

  6. It’s strange, that when we as kids were needed as harvest help, we then had only one day off from school – at least in Oslo – we called it “Potetferie” (Potatoe vacation) – compared with todays one week vacation and machines doing the job. Now it’s vacation – then it was work.
    But “jumping in the hay” – that’s something else – a classic *giggles* – but even that is history in the real sense – all hay are rolled up in plastic “balls” these days. So we have to do the jumping elsewhere. LOL.

    Potato vacation is a modern and urban thing you know city boy LoL
    I’m sorry the hay is just balls now too ;-)

  7. From childhood I recall going to Maine to pick apples. Now Hubby and I are harvesting out own vegetables and fruit for the long winter ahead. I love the change of seasons. I don’t even mind the shorter days.

    We had apples in our garden and was eating direct from the trees.
    How great to know you grow your own vegi then!
    I do agree; shorter days are always followed by longer you know:-)

  8. Oh lovely pics!
    We don’t get a one week fall break here in Canada, but our harvest Thanksgiving is this weekend, so it means a long weekend for all.
    It looks like your fall is as balmy as ours is. Record temperatures here for us. Some days going over 30degrees Celsius.

    Oh yea: I do remember that Canada has their Thanksgiving before the Americans.
    I’ve heard you’ve had hight temps from other blog friends in your area too – we have 15C today.

  9. This is yet another reason why I want to live in Europe. Currently we don’t have enough vacation to go visit you! I know, having a total of 12 days off in 2 years just plunges the moral that much more. I haven’t recharged my batteries since Aug 2005 and it probably won’t be again until Sept 2008 while we are in Europe…
    Beautiful photos! :)

    So then I hope you pay Norway a visit when recharging your batteries in September next year then – really!

  10. the fiery colors of fall are certainly a great contrast with the clear blue sky. i have experienced fall in the US but it was in the city. nevertheless, it was fun seeing leaves change their colors. :)

    Glad you like the pics and have experienced the four season too – even in a city.

  11. At least I still manage to have a bit of fall but I am going to miss this coming winter and I was really excited to go skiing with friends again. Anyway, hopefully I will be in Norway in less than a year.

    Glad you had at least a taste of fall before you had to leave Norway – hope to see you back sooooooon!

  12. it may have been gray and misty but that is probably reflective of the seasons too. i love the way the light changes in the fall, softens and becomes more golden.
    my grandparents had a little weekend cabin in the mountains and i remember being there all four seasons but i also remember always loving the colors of fall. hiking through the woods with my grandfather, leaves crunching underfoot and imagining we were on some great adventure.

    Your right Lime and I’m glad you got the idea and collar atmosphere anyway!
    I have some of the same experience – sounds like you’ve had a happy childhood too:-)

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  14. We’re having wacky weather here still. It’s supposed to be in the 30sC this weekend. Wicked for the beginning of October.

    So I’ve heard from a lot of my Canadian blog friends – strange. The forecast for Oslo this weekend is 10 – 15C. Could you send some over :-)

  15. I had (like everybody else) six weeks vacation per year when I worked in Germany. Plus two weeks every two years for further education in your field. And two weeks (in total) free in case of illness of your child until they were 12 years old. And time to go on a Kur (which I never used, since I was young, lol!) . No decrease in your salary due to the before mentioned issues…
    I love fall because it brings skiing around the corner :)
    Lovely pictures. A friend of my son is in Alta , way up north in Norway, we looked it up in google maps. I think I got the name right. An Erasmus student.

    Thanks for sharing your vacation tradition – it really enrichen the subject! In Norway you have 10 extra days for children care for free.
    You know I’m looking forward to the ski season too!
    Ohh in Alta (you spelled it right!) – a very nice place and he can ski a lot in the winter time then – and also experience the midnight sun from May next year! I know this Erasmus programs – a great way for young people to go around the world!

  16. What if you want to eat out? Are all the service trades also on vacation and the restaurants closed?

    No Norma, not in the cities, but they may have substitutes if some of the staffs has children in the family.

  17. Such beautiful pictures, Renny . . . what a wonderful thing to have the week off to enjoy some autumn beauty. I just love this time of year. I wish your friends a wonderful anniversary!

    You know I love the pics at your photo blog, so coming from you its a great compliment for me!
    I do agree and of course I’ll pass your greetings to my friend!

  18. I haven’t been around Akershus Festning recently, the pictures look lovely! I must take a walk down there. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Its suppose to be nice weather in Oslo tomorrow – go there, its breath taking in the autumn!

  19. It’s hard to imagine having only 6 hours of sunlight but then 19 hours a day certainly makes up for the shortfall……
    beautiful photos Rennie……..I don’t have memories of playing in the hay……but I do have fond memories of picking cherries when I was young and eating far too many :)

    I know it might be hard to imagine, but for me it has always been so, so I’m adjusted and loves it!
    I have some cherry memories from the summer time too :)

  20. Oh, childhood memories! I’ll trade anything to be in my childhood days again even for just one day. Enjoy your break and charge your batteries for the coming dark winter!

    I remember a song: ‘if one could save time in a bottle …….’ but we can’t, so better enjoy the moment and the season while we have them.

  21. We have only been in school 5 weeks and so this weekend is our long Thanksgiving. many go to their cottages one last time to close it up if not winterized. Do you Norwegians go there on this break or have you already closed up?

    I know you Canadians have your Thanksgiving this weekend – wish you a great one!
    Good question about the cottage Ruth: Those who have their cottage down by the ocean or sea, use this vacation to close up and those who have them in the mountains, often opens it for the winter season.

  22. wow. lovely pictures. i i want to see them in real life one day… i mean experience the seasons we don’t experience here… :) thanks for sharing them at least we have an idea…. from your viewpoint. :)

    Your welcome to experience on your own any time – I’ll gladly guide you around :)

  23. I will never get to experience the change of the four seasons, the experiences as well as virtually unless I stay long enough in one country and I wish that before my journey ends I hope that one day someday I’ll get to live in one.
    Meanwhile, thanks for the wonderful Nordic experience here…I’ve enjoyed it :D

    I know you are a traveler and that has its charm too I think. Remember Norway might bee a good option when you finally settle down then – I know you’ve had some great experience already :D

  24. The pictures of the golf course caught my attention. :) Are you playing golf too?

    Yepp, if you search on my blog you’ll find some posts about it!

  25. The seasons are amazing in this part of the world. Honestly, I can’t imagine living anywhere that doesn’t have the four distinct seasons. It makes for such breathtaking scenery.

    I do agree with you and have been traveling a lot to beautiful places, but always worship the significant four seasons.

  26. I look forward to the evenings when the kids want to do things inside or we can just play yatzi or something…there is something calming and safe about the winters in Scandinavia. Höst is wonderful in Sweden this year!

    I do agree with you: its such a great season for cozy, indoors activities!

  27. Hi RennyBA!
    Thanks for the info. I just finished viewing some of the pages in your Sports category. It was fun reading your entries about golf. You know, in my case, web design is just second to golfing. :) Blogging? Once in a while.
    Oh yeah, I would like to go to Norway too. Hub and I played golf in Sweden a few years ago. Wow, it was great. It was not that expensive. Is it also reasonable to play golf in Norway?
    Another thing that I noticed. Curling! My hub plays curling once in a while. :)

    I think we have a lot in common when it comes to sports and your web design capability is amazing – I’m impressed!
    We normally play golf in Sweden too – at our vacation home. Same conditions but a bit more expensive in Norway (as most things are). Curling for me was a once of a life time experience, but real fun :)

  28. I simply adore the top two photos. Such vibrant colors! We’re just starting to get a touch of fall color here, but it’s been so very hot.

    Thanks Lisa! The beauty of the fall collars never ceases to amaze me!
    Could you send over some of that heath?

  29. Lovely post and magnificent pictures. I adore the autumn colours. And thank you for the trip down memory lane. I too remember “helping” the farmer bringing in the hay :)

    Thanks – knew you would love it and glad I could take you with and memories the atmosphere :-)

  30. Fun in the Hay, indeed…LOL! I do remember going on Hay Rides in the summertime in Pennsylvania where my parents had a farm…It was a wonderful place. I wish I had more pictures of it…!
    These pictures though overcast certainly give one a feeling of the countryside and the Fall happening there in Norway now, Renny…! As a;ways, a real treat to come and visit you.

    I knew you had Tickets to Ride Naomi :D
    Glad yo liked the countryside pics and was hoping your brother Gordon was even more eager to come and visit you know – thanks for your compliments!

  31. It’s very nice to go through your lovely post.
    I don’t have much more knowledge about Norway, but through your blog I will get.

    Glad you like it and your always welcome back to know more – I love to share!!

  32. hi mr. renny! sorry for not commenting on your previous entries though I’m blurking your blog every now and then I just cant leave comment. Anyways, I love the norway’s fall color of nature and you captured picture very nicely as always :)

    Hi Scart,, thats okay – I know how it is – thanks for your compliments!

  33. Only 6 hours of daylight? Wow! How do you spend the remaining long dark hours? Do those months boost population numbers? Not the time for tumbling in the hay but a good rumble in bed! lol……
    Just to put your heart at ease, I will post my nude desktop view…. soon. hehe….

    You have a good point here ECL – how else to keep warm under the blankets?
    Can hardly wait to see the whole of you – keep me posted hehe…

  34. Enjoy your short vacation !
    Wonderful nature images as usual. Would be nice as desktop image!

    Thanks Sidney!
    Maybe a good idea for my desk top, but hard to change from the one I have you know!

  35. Fantastic view & shots as usual! It’s a dreamy like world to me:)
    Have a wonderful vacation & weekend to you & family! take care!

    Thanks and you know your world seams the same to me:)
    Thanks for your greeting – you too take care!

  36. I like those two photographs above. They are beautiful sceneries captured through your lens. Very well done…

    Thanks for the visit – glad you like the pics and thanks for the compliments!

  37. Renny – Gorgeous photos – this was always my favorite time of the year when I lived in Maine. The cooler weather and changing leaves make for some breathtaking scenery. In Northern Maine, students were also released for a week for potatoe picking. I don’t know if it still happens, but it did while I was growing up. A nice memory – thanks for sharing and enjoy your time off.

    Thanks – glad you’ve had the taste of the beauty of the significant four seasons then!

  38. Those last nine pictures look very like New Zealand, Renny, a beautiful country. But the first two of Akershus Fortress are lovely…I love blue skies. Although looking out my window, I notice clouds. Maybe we’ll get some rain, I hope so, it’s very dry and it’s dangerous for bushfires.

    Interesting comparing Robyn – been to Australia but not New Zealand you know.
    Thanks for the weather report – sounds very different from Norway nowadays. Bushfires sounds no good – keep us posted!

  39. It doesn’t get better than that, Renny. You have thoroughly convinced me that I would LOVE living in Norway all year ’round!!! :)

  40. I am now convinced that Norway is one stop we’ll make when we visit France…preferably when my 18 months is a little older.
    I have a friend who used to live in Norway. She told me that in winter, I had to make sure my feet is warm. She’s convinced that not having warm feet exacerbates bladder condition.

    Glad I finally have convinced you – welcome any time!
    Vice said of your friend – the cold is no problem if you know how to dress and warm feet, neck and fingers are #1 !

  41. Those are wonderful pictures! What beautiful autumn you have! Well I guess that’s fair enough if you won’t have too much sun in the next few months. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying 19 hours of it again :)
    By the way, I added your link about Bulgaria in my recent post about my trip there. Thanks and enjoy your autumn break.

    Thank for your visit and compliments – yes, times go by very fast you know; the challenge is to enjoy the present.
    Thanks for plugging me. Your travel report from Bulgaria was great too!

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  43. thank you so much this share

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