Hosting an immigrant has its advantages. My wife went to Norwegian language classes (governmental payed) when she came to Norway and met other students from all over the world. Some, from Bulgaria, Brazil and Somalia, are still good friends. Yesterday we were invited to the opening of the Chinese painting exhibition by Frank Woo in Lillestrøm (1/2 hour drive north east of Oslo). Frank is Diane’s best friend’s brother, a friend she also met at language classes.
Impressed by his personalty and fabulous work, I’ll gladly share this art adventure with you:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBorn in Hong Kong, Frank Woo’s artwork shows an inspirational blending of traditional Chinese colours and textures mingled with modern art and raw emotion. He is a self-taught painter, trained in print-making in Hong Kong. His travels and burning desire for inspiration brought him to Japan, to Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College to complete his Degree in Illustration. Today he resides in Malaysia where he expresses his artistic inspiration through both paint and sculpture. Distinctive brushstrokes and drips, characteristic of abstract impressionism, give the illusion of chance and movement to his artwork. Meanwhile each drip is highly deliberate, carefully placed and calculated to give the work the desired feel.

Wave is Frank’s first Solo exhibition in Europe. His travels through Japan and Asia, and his life as a foreigner, always moving through, relocating, struggling to belong, to find a place to rest has inspired the an art collection full of movement and searching. The cool basic water element, movement, waves of the Asian seas which give Japan and Malaysia life are interspersed with vibrant colours of passion and life, struggle and hope for the future. Franks cool waves interspersed with vibrant reds, black and gold are reminiscent of traditional Chinese painting, and the use of space gives an impression of landscapes and open seas.
Take notice of the circles in his paintings, symbolizing the sun or the moon, a metaphoric reminder of the important on focus of lifes target or goals. If you loose that focus, mankind fails. Here are some examples from the exhibition – click the pics for more:

 Frank Woo art Exhibition in Norway #2  Frank Woo art Exhibition in Norway #7 Frank Woo art Exhibition in Norway #4

The Mayor officially opened the exhibition together with a representative from the local Art Association and Culture Center. Then Mrs. Sollid from Norway-China Culture Exchange Center, one of the exhibition’s initiators, read a personal greeting to Frank from The Chinese Ambassador in Norway. There was some other cultural elements too, like a Norwegian violinist playing and a lovely contribution by ‘The Little Red Cap Art Kindergarten of Beijing’ in Oslo (I’ll get back to those charming girls). Here is small collection of pictures from the grand opening:

Then back to the Chinese children’s performance as promised. I just could not resist recording some of it and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did:

If any of you want to experience this exhibition in your community, Frank would be delighted to pay you a visit, wherever you are in the world! If so, or if you want to buy some of his breath taking masterpieces, send me a note and I’ll help you get in contact with him!
This exhibition is also a part of Chinese Culture Festival in Norway. Read my earlier post about food, song and dance!


  1. Wonderful paintings. I hope his tour is very successful.

    I do agree and hope the same for him!

  2. These truly are masterpieces. I’m so glad you were able to share this with us, Renny. I loved the children’s performance as well.
    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend! :)

    Your so right and I’m both happy and excited to be able to share. Yea, the small once where so cute.
    You too Lisa :-)

  3. This is wonderful! Thank you for cheering. The accordion reminds me of home. We had one back in the Philippines. I actually managed to accompany two wedding on it when I was just 10. I don’t think I can play it now though.
    Woo’s art is very elegant.

    Your welcome and I’m glad I could take you down the memory lane – I’m sure you’ll remember to play if you had one!
    Elegant and nice looking too ;-)

  4. I love the idea of the focus in life. Beautiful paintings. I find it really enjoyable being able to spend some time visiting art exhibitions.

    When he told me, the painting was even more interesting. I’m glad you enjoy art too!

  5. That is wonderful. Yes, very much true to his Asian heritage. I think it is wonderful to see all art forms from around the world. Thanks.

    Yea, there is obvious connection in his work. I think the same and are so excited about Frank bringing it to Norway.

  6. What a multimedia post :-) Thanks for the tour, you are a cultural ambassador of Norway :-)

    Thanks for the compliment Missy and also for the promotion :-)

  7. A beautiful exhibition! Thanks for sharing this with us, Renny! And the little girls playing accordion, look so cute! Beautiful way of life the artist had! It’s always a chance to meet an artist and to share his art universe! at this time Pierre is crying in front of the TV, watching the match Scotland/Argentine! !!!!Do you watch this too?

    I do agree; a once in a life time experience and very fascinating.
    I don’t watch the game – to busy preparing for the coming week.

  8. What interesting art! And what a cool way to meet people!

    Knew you would like it Teena.
    Maybe you and Gord will meet me and Diane one day too – you never know ;-)

  9. This is so inspiring indeed and what a nice cultural exchange too :D Yes I’ve enjoyed this and thank you for sharing.

    Good to know Frank can inspire and I’m just happy to share.

  10. Great artwork… and those Chinese kids are so cute!

    Thanks…. I knew you would like them Sidney:-)

  11. That is very beautiful, I like the gold infusion and how they are vertical rectangles…it reminds me of the Chinese scrolls. =)

    I do agree with your interpretation – well said!

  12. Very interesting art. A special style without no doubt. Looks Asian somehow. Love the gold touch. I hope he has successful exhibitions. He should have.

    Glad you liked them Captain – and interesting, indeed.
    I do wish him the best of success too.

  13. Thank you for the nice birthday wishes. Sorry for being late here to thank you personally and not only by my post on my blog, but you know the problems I’ve been having…. *giggles*

    Your welcome – everything for our Captain you know!

  14. I was very inspired by the paintings, they are even more captivating in person. Thanks for sharing this with me! You have such a natural talent for describing our experiences.

    Thank you my dear. To experience it with you double the adventure you know ;-)

  15. learning a thing or two about other cultures is good. actually immersing yourself, probably by traveling, is great!

    Yea; it really build down cultural, religious and other barriers you know. Traveling and visit in Blogshere is a great start!

  16. Ooh, that art is beautiful! I know art isn’t necessarily supposed to be about beauty, but it’s nice when you find art that is interesting AND pleasing to look at!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog while we were on the road, it was so nice to see your comment!

    You’ve got it Jen – I do agree!
    Your welcome – thanks for keeping us dated!

  17. Beautiful paintings, what a talented young man!! and loved the children’s performance as well :)
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog, I truly appreciate them. I am so thrilled and privileged to have made so wonderful blog friends! :)

    Well, at least his is talented *giggles* Glad you enjoyed the children playing too.
    Your welcome and again Happy Birthday – I’m glad to have you as a blog friend too you know :)

  18. Oh Renny these pieces are amazing! We have mural sized art in our home. He has an amazing imagination.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I do agree he is great and I just had to share you know.

  19. I love the pictures Renny!Frank Woo is a great artist :)
    the kids are so cute and they did a good job :)
    happy Tuesday,Renny!

    Thanks – knew you would love the kids too :)
    Happy Tuesday to you too – although you’ve probably gone to be now in your part of the world.

  20. thanks for sharing the paintings. he loves the color gold :)

    Your welcome – yes he does :)

  21. Very interesting, I like his paintings ! It’s always nice to have an international circle of friends it makes more open minded to everything.
    BTW have you been to Milano ?

    I do agree: Life has become much more interesting with Diane brining in people from all the world into the circle.
    I’m going to Milan in two weeks.

  22. how fascinating the connections that were made through language classes. what a wonderful opportunity. thanks for sharing these beautiful works with us. so simple and yet so rich.

    Yea, and Diane is a Carpe Diem type person. Your welcome – glad you liked them.

  23. I love Woo’s art—red is my favorite color and his works are so very expressive. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I knew you would Lisa and I’ve seen your great red colored picture at Flickr – they’re great!

  24. Thanks for taking me along.

    Your welcome and thanks for stopping by again!

  25. very cool and inspiring! And yes you are right about Thanksgiving in Canada…

    I do agree with you!
    Yea, I knew you where ahead of US in that tradition.

  26. These li’l performers are really cuty! My husband is into Chinese art.He’d love to see those paintings.He actually owns few hand painted Chinese silk neckties.
    I wish you have a good week renny! take care!

    I knew you would love them too CheH! Good to know your husband is into it and loves it too!
    Wish you a great one too!

  27. wow, thanks for sharing Frank’s artwork! they really look great. i like chines art too, especially when done in red and black (they’re my favorite colors too :))

    Your welcome – glad you like it and I do agree; the red and black once are breath taking.

  28. beautiful…beautiful paintings Renny….. I love the gold leaf….
    wonderful music too ……the accordian is such a wonderful instrument and the children are so cute :D

    I do agree!
    The accordion is very much used in the country side in Norway too and I thought this little girls played so well.

  29. Donica in particular would go crazy over his work, Renny. I need to show this to her!!

    How nice and don’t forget to give Donica a big hug from me when you show her :-)

  30. …and i can visit scandinavia–half a world away– virtually through your blog. btw, i linked you up. hope you don’t mind

    Thanks for stopping by, its always nice to welcome new readers – also half world away! Welcome back any time and thanks for the link love – I’ll check your later.

  31. some truly beautiful work

    I knew you would like it SF

  32. Fabulous art and the children of course are delightful, always stealing the show!
    What a neat way to meet friends Diane experienced.

    Yes, they won our heart of course.
    International experiences is great I think.

  33. What a lovely exhibit. If he comes to the midwest, I’ll try to attend.

    Thanks and why don’t you invite him over then – I’ll get you in touch with Frank if you like!

  34. Lovely sparks of gold in those canvases.

  35. Just found out about you and your blog from TV, and since I am always driven by curiosity…here I am. :)

    I love those paintings. Is there any chance of seeing Frank’s exposition in Oslo? Or anywhere else in Norway? I would love to see his art myself.

    A Romanian in Norway.

    Great to have a visitor and commenter from my TV performance yesterday – welcome back any time!
    I’m sorry, this was his only exhibition he will have in Norway, but why don’t you invite him to Romania.

  36. I forgot to say : Congratulations on your 2007 best weblog award nomination!

    Thanks – much appreciated!

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  39. So many good friends, So many places to travel, And so many wonderful things to enjoy, What a colorful life!

    You always share us such sunny feel, And I always glad to share your blog with my friends. Thanks Renny!

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