Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore or Vint Cerf?

You might rise your eyebrows because of this caption, but let me explain, step by step and start with todays announcement from The Norwegian Nobel Committee:

The Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 is to be shared, in two equal parts, between the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold (Al) Gore Jr. for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.
First of all this is a great victory for the importance of science combined with the need of a communicator to open people and nations eyes for the course. I do hope this leads to that US now will sign the Kyoto Protocol and also recognize UN as the ultimate tool for peace.

The Norwegian Committee’s last years price was given to Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Bank. You can read about when i met him holding his speech by clicking here. These are examples of the variety and windiness of the price and how the committee try to address different aspects of peace achievement. That brings me to today’s subject:

RennyBA’s Nomination for 2008 Peace Price:
As my regular readers know, my motto is: “Make Blogs not War” and of course there was no blogging without the Internet. So whats more natrual than awarding the father of the net: Vinton G. Cerf:

Cerf is now vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. He is widely known as a “Father of the Internet,” as he is the co-designer with Robert Kahn of TCP/IP protocols and basic architecture of the Internet. In 1997, President Clinton recognized their work with the U.S. National Medal of Technology. In 2005, Vint and Bob received the highest civilian honor bestowed in the U.S., the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It recognizes the fact that their work on the software code used to transmit data across the Internet has put them “at the forefront of a digital revolution that has transformed global commerce, communication, and entertainment”.

The grounds for my nomination: The Internet has promoted peace in every corner of the world by bringing people of different nations closer together. It has made it easier for small nations to do business with larger nations and build capital and contacts. It has spread information in and out of countries which have traditionally had closed borders, and in that way it contributes to the break down of cultural and religious barriers. The globalization process brings nations and people closer together, and as this blog is an example people from different continents and countries can exchange ideas in a free and open forum.

I will meet Vint at The Norwegian Society’s yearly IT Award Ceremony and I take it he will be thrilled by the idea :-) We have also arranged a meeting for him with The Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration and Reform, to sort out the lack of good maps and pictures from Norway at Google Earth.

You see every parliamentarian around the world can nominate for The Peace Price. So why don’t you talk to the one you know, so that we can see Mr. Cerf getting the award he deserve next year. I can assure you, I’ll do the same! Are you with me?

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  1. I think I heard that stock in google has made Gore a millionaire many times over–I think he’s worth something like $90 million, much richer than the Clintons combined, but I haven’t checked the details, so consider it hearsay, not heresy.

    I actually have a mixed feeling about the money involved, but still I think its important to focus of the good course.

  2. I’m with you, Renny!
    Have a grand time on your talk with Mr. V. Cerf, I’m looking forward for your entry about this.
    Sending you and Diane regards from Holland. Thank you for your kind words re: my brother in law…I also pray for Diane’s mother.
    Take care.

    I will, and probably make a post out of it – so stay tuned – the IT award ceremony is the 19th of November.
    Thanks for your warm thought and regards and I send you the same.

  3. The Champagne is flooding over at Lifecruiser and the place is full of ghauls, witches and other scary blogger creatures.
    So, having any blood vessels over for the vampires I’ve invited tonight?
    *ghostly giggles*
    Oh, and promise: no worms in the champagne glasses!!!

    How can I resist – this is everything a man can ask for *giggles*
    So I’m heading over for the dead worms LoL

  4. Brilliant idea there! And may I also add that this prize should be shared with us Internet users? “YOU” was last year’s Time’s Person of the Year, right?

    Good to see you support the idea. If Cerf got it, its for all of us on the net you know! I cant remember it was me on Time’s but times go so fast you now :-)

  5. “Make blogs not war” is a very good motto.i do agree. lets share love through blogging.
    This is a pretty nice for all of us. Vinton G. Cerf,the father of the net. wow, i thought i was just a blogger, now i feel like a professional one by just knowing about it. :)
    Good for you Renny!Good luck and congratulations,too!
    Have a great weekend!

    Yea, a great way to share love and care you know!
    You are a part of an important movement in blogsphere you know – thanks for all your lovely contributions!
    Thank and I wish you a great one too :-)

  6. I am all with you, Renny!
    And as they seem to like to split the price these days, add a blogger or two! There are plenty of bloggers using the Internet to spread information of oppression and war.

    Hi Kai, good to see a good IT-Professional colleague from Norway!
    I do agree and the Price will be all ours :-)

  7. Good post Renny! You triggered this post on my blog http://fdsilva.blogspot.com/2007/10/following-announcement-of-this-years.html
    On other nominees for 2008 and …. linking Cerf & Gore. Maybe something we should discuss for the Rosing event.

    Thanks, good to see another colleague from The Norwegian Computer Society! Thank for plugging me!
    I’m serious about this and your suggestion for a combination is great – lets discuss it next time we meet!

  8. Yes, I agree with what you’re saying and the idea will surely attract a lot of bloggers and internet geeks!
    Since the internet has become the second world, what could be more natural than this candidate?

    Thanks for your support Captain and your a charming example of making blog not wars!
    Yea, second world or maybe second life :D

  9. Great Idea!
    As Renny says, please contact “your congressman”, “member of parliament” or whatever the term where you live, and ask her/him/them to nominate Dr.Cerf. It would be well deserved.
    Cheers, Edgar

    Hi Edgar, great to see another colleague from The Norwegian Computer Society. Thanks for your support and together with you lets show the world the original Norwegian Olympic Committee saying come true: ‘They said we could not do it – so we did!’

  10. Could I put in a good word for Tim Berners Lee? There are many who would say he invented the world wide web (and he’s a very nice man) :)

    An excellent idea A. I was actually thinking of him too as the web browser actually opened and made the net available for everyone. So lets say Cerf made the infrastructure and Berners-Lee made the navigation tool.

  11. Wow Renny I know that meeting will be a pretty cool event for you! Looking forward to reading about that as well!

    I’m looking forward to it yes and will most likely post about it too:-)

  12. What about the hackers, viruses, trojan horses, cons & crooks & fraudsters & cheats of the internet, porn, pop up ads, spyware, addware, internet addiction, stolen identities, time consuming and wasteful, big brother is watching…
    but I am still a big Internet fanatic! ;-)
    Great you will be able to meet Vinton Cerf ! Please blog about this meeting!

    You have some good points here Sidney, but that’s the weakness of mankind, not the net. Internet is a free world you know, so lets fight the bad and cheers the good together!
    I knew you think so and you are an excellent example of lovely things to share in your photographic blog!
    I think it will be hard not to post about it:-)

  13. Thanks for drawing my attention to this.. Renny……
    Vinton G. Cerf is obviously deserving for this nomination……
    have a lovely weekend… :)

    Your welcome – glad you liked the idea!
    Wishing you a good one too :)

  14. I am in. I love the Internet and can’t imagine life without it. Not just for blogging but for all the vast information I can get just by searching for it! I will help your cause, but you will have to tell what to do!
    I want to thank you for your visits. I have not been doing so well lately but am getting much better each day.

    Good to have you on board too Debbie and I do agree with you – how did we manage before we got the net?
    To help: You have to convince a parliamentarian – wherever in the world – they are the only one who officially can nominate to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
    Glad you feel better and better – get well!

  15. You’re nominated? thats cool I’m with you even though I’m here in Chicago. good luck meeting with Mr Cerf :)

    No, not me and like I reply to Debbie: only parliamentarian can officially nominate, but if you know one: talk to him/her about it!

  16. Very true ! I couldn’t imagine my life without internet anymore ! But still the majority of the people have only a very vague idea what it is. Of course not amongst the youth but already from 40 on there is a big lack. I personally was not so pleased with Al Gore I don’t know even why, he always seems to be as a “Show Man”. I liked him better when he was trying to become President.
    BTW Today I take the Cyber Cruise to the home of my friends in Italy which dates from 1462 ! So if you are interested to have a look ….

    You have a good point here Gattina, but the interest and amount of users increases day by day and blogging is a massive and major contributor.
    I do understand your point about Gore, but I think thats the point from The Norwegian Nobel Price committee, to award a person who really is an eyeopener and especially in America who need to contribute a lot to fight the global warming.
    I’m looking forward to read your post!

  17. I think that’s an excellent idea! He certainly would be a worthy potential winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Thanks for your support – I knew i could count on you.

  18. I’m with you 100% Renny! Fantastic idea indeed! Hey, goodluck to your meeting with Mr. Cerf.Kind regards from all of us:)
    Enjoy your Sunday pls

    Thanks CheH, both for your support and good wishes – have a great one too!

  19. Another support issue: I just found you over at web awards and of course gave you a score to support you – I’m sure you’ll be chosen as a finalist :-) Your blog rocks!

    Thanks for your support and score dear Captain – your a great blogger friend and I’ve returned the favor of course as yours rocks too!!

  20. Great article Renny, I hope you enjoy your meeting with Mr. Cerf! Pick his brains! :) I enjoyed reading your article very much.

    Thanks – always great to welcome new readers!
    I sure will and thanks for your compliments!

  21. Make blogs not war!! Especially ECL’s blog, a great stress reliever!

    Finally – after days of agonizing over the decision whether to post my nude desktop photo for your tag, I’ve done it. I didn’t cheat, it’s my own NUDE photo. I did you a great favor, you owe me one. I won’t dare ask for your dick, Diane might kill me. wahahahahaha……..

    A stress reliever for sure – the very best one and so is your desk top photo – what more can a Viking ask for – you’ve got me – I’m speech less! I know I own you one and since you’ve told me what you want ask for – what do you like then – anything ECL whahahahahah

  22. In those days, there ain’t lights at night and Edison made it easier for all of us. Then there is the net, contact have never been so easy and what’s next? Still dreaming of a time-tunnel so we can be in another place in seconds :) How about that…

    Next: well I think nano tech and bio tech will make it possible to transform us so that we can be sent through the net – see you soon :-)

  23. Hey Renny, Well you know what they say–great minds think alike, at least as far as posting about Al winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I love your motto, “Make blogs, not war,” and I agree. I get annoyed when people start talking about how the internet has de-personalized everything, because any blogger will tell you that is not true. Let’s work on your nomination for next year!

    We: great minds – I like that and that you liked my motto too :-)
    I do agree, as I think Internet has re-personalized and there are studies proofing that people who socialize on the net do it in real life too so let’s go for this nomination!

  24. ah renny a lot of stories to look forward indeed… i do support anyone who cares about our nature!!!
    lets vote for cerf
    ha det bra.. is boating on mondays on?

    Thanks for your massive support!
    Ha det bra du også.. I think Tor has put it on hold.

  25. This is going to sound bad but I’m so not up on what’s going on it the world. Alas, I have too much going on in my own. Sigh ….

    So good you can keep update by reading my blog then :-)

  26. And a great nomination at that.. Now I won’t go on about the states because the people have no control on what goes on in politics.. Enough said.

    Thanks for your support… point taken ET.

  27. Hmmm I dunno but Vint sounds like a good man. Honestly, I didnt like that it was this Yunus guy who got the Nobel last year since I find him manipulative and such a rat and an ugly one at that. I also didnt like how he used his speech to also grill Telenor.

    I won’t day I agree with you, but I do understand your point of view. The Telenor incident was a bit embarrassing I think too.

  28. I don’t really think Gore should have gotten this prize. I feel like he is just benefiting from the hard of work of scientists in the environmental community. That being said I like the irony in that the man you nominate is considered the “Father of the internet” and Al Gore has been ridiculed in the US for saying he invented the internet years ago. Not really sure what the story is or if it is even true or just an urban legend but I had to comment!

    I would say Gore or not – the most important thing is to set the global warming on the agenda is the most important thing.
    If anyone said Gore had something important to do with the development of Internet, I would say it’s a big exaggeration!

  29. Houaaaa! Nice to hear you will meet Cerf and all project around maps and pictures from Norway. I’m with you for 2008 peace price.

    Yea, I’ll keep you posted and thanks for your support too!

  30. This idea certainly makes sense and indeed the internet is without unfriendly borders. I’m glad Gore won and I hope they sign the Accord too.

    You are #32 who support Cerf – thanks!
    If it leads to that US finally agree with the the Kyoto idea, it would have been great!

  31. I was THRILLED for Gore, Renny, and do hope the US will finally sign the Kyoto Treaty. And yes, your Cerf should also get a prize!!! :)

    Me too, due to the fact Gore is an eyeopener and of course I hope the same.
    Glad you support Cerf as a candidate too :)

  32. Your Mr. Cerf sounds like a good nominee to me! Great post!
    Thanks for visiting my Yeats TT last week. I’ve been away for the weekend, so I’m very late to return the favor!

    Thanks for your support and compliments!
    Your welcome and I do enjoyed reading your post.

  33. OMG
    Sorry Renny, it’s been a hard week. But you told me beforehand. I cannot comment. My Employer is the Main sponsor for the event.

    I know Tor – enjoy your weekend!
    See you at The Rosing Award Ceremony!

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