As many of you know I often post about quality time with my wife. This time I would like to invite you to a gourmet adventure with my children. My regular readers would probably say it is about time I introduced them, and of course I do so with pride. Its actually not that often we go out just the four of us, however since I like to be kept up to date, I invited them to historical grounds at Grand Café in Oslo last Sunday. The Grand Hotel, built in 1874, has been an institution in the Norwegian capital for over a century. The meeting place of the cultural heroes of the the 19th century bohemians like Wergeland and Henrik Ibsen – who even had his own table and now has a menu named after him. Your can read all about the place from my post when my MIL was visiting last spring!

So back to the jazz brunch with my children and my presentation. I had my Nokia mobile phone cam at hand as always. This time I’m not quite satisfied with the pics quality, but I hope you get the idea:

See more pics at Photobucket

To the right you see my oldest son, who has just finished his bachelor in economics and in a week he will be going on a back packer trip in Asia for four months. To the left is my youngest son, who now is studying for the same bachelor degree and came home from a back packer trip to Asia and South American in May this year. You see my family just loves to explore just like their father. Then you see my oldest daughter, who works as a marked analyst. Let me add that all of us studied at the same university (BI – The Norwegian School of management) where I now am an adjunct lecturer, so you may say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree :-)

Lets not forget the food and the music! To give you a glance of the atmosphere, I took some pictures of the buffet or smorgasbord if you like. The selection is impressive and you can see in details from my last post:

See more pics at Photobucket See more pics at Photobucket

We enjoyed the jazz brunch from noon until 3PM. Time goes by so quickly when you are in good company. We were all brought up to date on each others daily life and of course Øystein got some good advice for his coming trip. Thats what I call a gourmet quality time!


  1. Your children are very nice looking, Renny, and it looks like you had a very pleasant time. Of course after reading about and seeing the pictures of your smorgasbord I’m now hungry!
    Have a great mid-Autumn week. :-)
    Hugs, Diane

    Thanks for the compliment and of course I agree :-) I knew you would love the food too!
    Thanks and I wish and give you the same.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place. It’s interesting to me that everyone went to the same school and studied very similar subjects. My brothers and I all went to different schools but studied similar subjects as our father. So even if the apple does fall geographically far from the tree it might not fall that far from the tree in terms of interests.

    Its a great place – welcome over and try!
    Thanks for sharing your family education experience too.

  3. How wonderful to meet your children! such a nice picture of all of you. From another family with degrees in Economics: Mr. Mar , myself and now our son 19, who is in his second year.
    The place looks lovely and reminded me of a place in Hamburg where we used to go for Sunday brunch and live jazz music, in an old restored factory (for this purpose) and it was called… Die Fabrik!!
    It seems you enjoyed such quality time with your children!

    I’m glad I finally found a good way to present them you know. Great to know your family education history too.
    I would love to go to Die Fabrik one day.
    Yea, the very best way to spend a Sunday I would say:-)

  4. How wonderfully nice to meet your children, Renny. They’re so much a part of who you are, even if we don’t hear about them all the time. Thank you!

    I’m glad I could share and introduce them of course as I am a proud father and of course they are an important part of my life.

  5. So glad to see your children, Renny. They are good looking and well educated like their father.
    Hubby also has his degree in Economics. From Middlebury College in Vermont.

    My pleasure Maribeth and thanks for your compliments.
    Maybe I could be a guest lecturer at Middlebury one day:-)

  6. are you also an economist? i thought you graduated from an IT course. hehe. and i was surprised to see your children all grown-up. i thought they were still small, as in kids. coz i thought i saw their pictures in onje of your posts before and i can remember they are small children. not grown-ups. hehehe.

    are they going to visit the philippines? how about you and diane? when are you coming to asia? :)

    IT was included in some of the subjects you know.
    Which post was that where you saw my children as small?
    Well, the only one who is going now is Øystein and he hasn’t decided yet.
    Me? As soon as I get an invitation LoL

  7. What a lovely photograph – you must be very proud of them all! It’s interesting to see that they are all studying the same subject – my two boys are as different from each other as it is possible to be – in looks, tastes, interests and career paths yet luckily they are very good friends :-)

    Thanks and yes, I am proud of them!
    Well, I’m actually surprised that they all chose the same way, but as long as it is what they want, I am happy.

  8. Quality gourmet, indeed! Funny I thought your daughter is the youngest of the three! (she resembles you the most, by the way) I wonder what’s in that Ibsen menu? I will not be surprised if his menu is full of drama; like something to order in times of serious conversation? LOL!

    Interesting observation MOGLi and your not the only one who say so. You can find the Ibsen Classic menu here and you’ll find your quite right :-)

  9. How lovely that you all get to mesh your various schedules and catch some time together.

    Well, actually it took a bit of planning since we’ve talked about it since summer time.

  10. Thanks for the link to the menu, RennyBA! Ahh, fish and mussel soup for starters! Very fitting in a rainy autumn day. And the world famous sandefjord sauce on norwegian salmon. And the layered Napoleon cake for dessert! Ok,,,I’m getting hungry. *mogli digs for something edible in the fridge*

    Your welcome – I just love to share genuine Norwegian menus you know – hope you found something inspiring in the fridge :-)

  11. Your family looks so sweet. It nice to see! Thanks for keeping up with my blog! It inspires me that someone is actually reading :) I appreciate it.

    I do like your blog – it’s always interesting to see Norway through and American immigrant:-)

  12. Ah, very lovely indeed, both the explorer family and the Grand :-)
    …and, yes, I had to go back to the earlier post to drool over the food photos…. *giggles*

    I knew you would like it.
    Hope you found something satisfying!

  13. How nice to have lunch with your children at such a lovely place. It must be gratifying to see them as grown ups who are creating their own lives.

    It was a great gathering and of course I’m glad and happy for them.

  14. time together with family is the best.
    i’m familiar with henrik ibsen,

    lastly, i’ve linked you up. hope for an exhcnage. thanks

    I do agree!
    Nice to hear you know our national famous writer – what have you red of Ibsen?
    Thanks – my blogroll is updated.

  15. what a beautiful family you have! thanks for introducing them to us, ^^ it’s nice to know that you always enjoy your time with them whenever you can. :D

    Your welcome – we really enjoyed this quality time :D

  16. You have lovely children Renny.
    My mother almost got all her girls into accounting, then I went rogue. I finished Biochemistry instead. She’s an accountant in the Philippines.

    Thanks Midas!
    The most important is that you’ve find the right place in life for yourself of course.

  17. it looks like a lovely reunion for lunch. you must be so proud of your children. thanks for sharing them with us. :)

    It was and I am – thanks and your welcome :)

  18. Great to meet your children, Renny! :-)
    I’ve been to Oslo twice, but not to the Grand Cafe. I’ll make sure I do the jazz brunch next time I’m there, as it looks and sounds fab!

    The pleasure was mine :-)
    I do recommend a visit – tell me in advance so that we can go together!

  19. What a beautiful family you have, Renny! I really enjoyed this post.

    Glad you liked it Lisa.

  20. Thank you for introducing us to your lovely and clever children, Renny. Dining out is a great way to have time to talk and catch up with them isn’t it. I did the same last Friday with my 3 children – with some sadness really. My daughter, a meteorologist, is moving approximately 3,500k away to work, at the other side of Australia, so it may be a long time before we dine all together again.

    Your welcome and glad you could do the same although I know its hard to know your daughter would move so far away. I wish her good luck with her new place then!

  21. What a lovely experience that must have been. I have gone to a wonderful jazz brunch at a restaurant in Chicago when I visit my sister there. It is always so much fun. Next time I will bring my camera too!

    It was just great and i do hope your next one in Chicago will be the same and are looking forward to your post about it – keep me posted!

  22. Hi Renny
    Thank you for introducing your very clever children. I can see you are so very proud of them and rightly so.
    I love going out for brunch…it’s a lovely way to dine out and you’re right, time just runs away.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week (counting down to the weekend) and that your Norwegian weather is not too cold yet.

    Your welcome and yes I am!
    I’m fine and will keep you posted. The weather is great and sunny and you know: never to cold if you know how to dress properly :D

  23. what a nice portrait of a father and his children! they’re all beautiful Renny! and thank you for sharing this, i think this is my first time to see your children here?
    The pics tell us that you had a blast!!

    Thanks for your compliments and yes, it was the first time with us all together.

  24. looks like you had a wonderful time……Renny
    how nice that they love to travel like you and are all settled in their chosen careers…….and very attractive too I might add :)

    Thanks for your compliments :-)

  25. Indeed, that was on gourmet quality time…with all your children present! I really thought your daughter was the youngest ha ha! And they all look gorgeous, btw. I hope Øystein will have a good time in Asia!
    Cheers to you Renny, for having these beautiful wonders!

    Yea; A thrill money can’t buy you know. Your not the only one saying Kristine look the youngest but she is the oldest :D
    I hope Øystein will have a thrill of a life time too – he is leaving on Sunday.

  26. What a good looking crew. It’s nice to see them. What great stories must be shared about backpacking trips. Did your daughter ever do any exploring? I am envious of the wonderful history of your city and it’s landmarks. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to tomorrows post.

    Crew – I liked that expression! Thanks for asking as I can see I forgot to mention; Yes, Kristine was in Asia/Australia for four month 7 years ago.
    Thanks for your compliments – my next post promised will soon be on.

  27. It looks and sounds like a lovely brunch :)

    Yea, it really was Teena :D

  28. Dear Renny,
    it’s about time we meet at Grand Cafe jazz brunch.
    I wish I was the fly on the wall – cause I do suspect this event was a blast (as always with you), more than you wrote here.
    We are only about 23 minutes away. From our Winterhome. To Grand Cafe in Oslo.
    But, we will meet for a very special occasion. Soon. But regret Diane can not be here, due to your MIL’s condition.

    PS (in Norrwegian – try to translate): Vi skal stenge av vannet og fixe resten i sommerhuset lørdag.
    hugs again
    Anna & Tor

    To meet at Grand was a great idea – lets do it when Diane comes back from the US.
    See you next weekend!
    I just give up translating – my live dictionary is not here you know :-)

  29. Nice to see your other children, Renny. I believe I’ve only met Justin (what an intelligent kid, btw). :) I’ve always wanted to go there for the Sunday Jazz Brunch, but never got to it. Maybe soon. Btw, we provide the flower arrangements there so when you drop by there again and see the flowers, that’s us. And we go to the Cafe every Tuesday to replace them. Just a tidbit i’d like to share. :)

  30. What lovely children you have! Kristine is beautiful! My oh my! You are probably going to be a granddad within these few years’ time. hehe….
    And what a wonderful place to have meals! I would love to visit and have my meal there. I love Norwegian salmon.Do you eat it raw?

    Thanks for the compliments and I so much looking forward to be a grandfather you know :-)
    Your welcome to join me for lunch there any time. The salmon is normally smoked or fermented and taste just delicious.

  31. A beautiful time with your children in a marvelous place. I see you have two travelers! And three economics! My daughter Anaïs is looking for a year in London as an au pair. Mine are more interesting by arts but it’s not very easy and art schools are private here and very expensive.
    Have a beautiful Sunday, Renny!

    Thanks – well all three of them are travelers as I forgot to mention that Kristine have had her Asian back packer trip too.
    Hope Anais will have a great time in London and hope you will find a way for Mine too!
    Wishing you the same!

  32. I just red your story, so wonderfull and warm hearted…. No words for it, but thanks for sharing:)

    :) I am back from my short trip to South of Italy, thanks for ‘not forgetting me’ I posted an overview of pictures from my holiday , soon more… Have a great sunday!!!

    Greetings JoAnn:)

  33. You got such a lovely family. Family time is quality time.

  34. ah renny one of my favourite place for brunch is this place
    i have been here few many times and this place is timeless
    happy for you that your kids are doing well

  35. Sad to notice that dianne is missing in this family pic due to her mom’s condition. I hope she’ll be back to your arms in no time!

  36. tell Øystein to visit the philippines. and i am inviting you and diane to visit also. you have a free lunch here. hehehe ;p

    Thanks for the invitation (I’ll pass it on to Øystein of course). I do hope I can claim my free lunch one day ;p

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