Normally I try to ovoid being too personal, sentimental or intruding if you like. This post might be considered different, but then again it’s a special occasion. I wish to send my wife a special greeting and reading through you will understand why:

How I met Diane:
My regular readers know I met my wife on the net about 10 years ago, but I don’t think I’ve told the details:

8 AnniversaryWe met in a newsgroup. 10 years ago it was a very popular kind of community providing selective information and a place for discussion. As active at The Norwegian Computer Society, we started our own, but there were no activities? I wanted to see how the most popular one was functioning, so I found ‘personal pen pals’ with more than 200 000 participants (quite impressive at that time!). I randomly replied to an entreaty from a person from the US presenting herself as interested in travel. In my reply I told I was from Norway, loved sailing and other outdoors activities – also in the winter time. I know this person got ca 50 replies and by coincidence mine was what caught her eyes. We had some more replies on the group and then to make it short:

I (who was the man) of course gave my mail address and then we started to exchange mails. You might say it wasn’t love after fist sight, but it was interesting to learn more and more and got more and more interested during this ‘dialogue’. Searching and exploring we challenge each other and I learned a lot, also about my self, my inner feelings and what I wanted in my life. Slowly I fell in love and wanted more, so we start chatting (at that time we used ‘PowWow’) and then we started to send pictures (I got my first digital camera at ’97). Then I took courage to call her and for the first time heard her voice! Then it was more intense communication with Microsoft NetMeeting and use of web camera and then I lost my heart ;-) I visited her and her family once and she came over to do the same. 8 years ago she moved to Norway, we got married and are living happily ever after :-) The picture to the left is flowers I gave her for our Anniversary 4 days ago.

I make this post also to cheer up my wife, Diane. Some weeks ago we where told that her mom vas very seriously ill from cancer. It’s hard in itself to get this kind of message, but even more when you are living so long apart. Diane has also been very busy lately with her part time job and studies for her Master degree. She had a paper to deliver a week ago and a test to take yesterday. Now she has gone to see her mother and the rest of the family. I do hope she can have some quality time despite the circumstances. In this I wanted to tell her I love her – that I want her to have a good time – that I miss her – and that the children and me welcome her back. For sure she will read this post and comments, so go on give her some greetings and warm thoughts.

May I also ad that her mom has visited us twice and we’ve had some wonderful adventures together. My best (and I think my MIL’s as well) memories was our trip to Bergen driving over Hardangervidda, Northern Europe’s largest high mountain plateau – click and read for yourself!


  1. What a sweet love story and what a fine romantic guy you are! I’m sure Diane is missing you as much :) I hope her mom gets better soon!
    Diane; have a nice time with your family! Get well soon wishes to your mom.

    Thanks – I know – and I miss her too :-)

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  5. A wonderful post full of love and affection, beautifully written and artistically decorated with those gorgeous flowers. You two are lucky to have each other . Happy (belated) anniversary and many, many years of happiness together.
    Keeping Diane’s mom in my thoughts, so sorry to hear about her not being well…

    Thanks Mar – it’s written from the bottom of my heart as i feel very lucky!

  6. You are a man after my heart – telling your wife this way how much you love her. Diane is a lucky woman :-)

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Nice of you to say so Britt-Arnild and you know I feel very lucky too :-)

  7. aww, thanks so much for sharing the lovely story of how you and diane met and fell in love. a belated happy anniversary to you both.

    and to diane, i am so sorry to hear about your mom. i do understand how hard it is to be far away at such a time. praying that the visit is a good one, and that she may be restored to health. big hugs to you, dear diane.

    Your welcome Lime and thanks!

  8. How GREAT that you all met this way…..And that here you are many years later, having an Anniversary! A VERY VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY dear Renny And Diane…..
    Diane; I feel for you in this difficult time with your moma’s illness….I have gone through that with my mother and so I know how very difficult this can be….Have a lot of fun there with your family, my dear, and particularly with your dear mother….It is so good that you can be there with her and make more memories for you and for her…..!

    Thanks Naomi – very sweet said of you!
    Thanks also for your thoughtful recommendation to Diane – I know she reads it and I do hope she will do so!

  9. What a wonderful story! Another example of the many ways in which the Internet (and technology) touches our lives outside of work and productivity. I am happy you found each other! Hope Diane’s mom gets better.

    Well said Shantanu – I do agree!

  10. Such a bittersweet time for you and Diane, Renny. Happy anniversary to you both. I hope Diane does well on her paper.
    Such sad news about Diane’s mother, but I hope they get in some quality time together on her visit. Life is so fleeting….
    Enjoy your weekend if you can, Renny.
    Love and hugs to you, Diane and the children.

    Thanks for your good and warm thoughts Diane. I’ll do the best I can till she gets home you know and have fun with the children.
    Love and hugs back to you and your family.

  11. Renny,
    here you do something very important – between the lines – you combine luck with sorrow: Generations. The lines of generations. Life as it is. Luck and what we all also know so well: Birth – love – life and death. A cycles there is – for eternity.
    Anna and Tor

    Interesting observation Tor (and typical you!). I was thinking of the same and deliberately wrote the post that way. I wanted to give Diane something special and the best I could come up with was my love to her you know.
    Hugs back to both of you – see you next weekend :-)

  12. Belated Happy Anniversary, dear Diane and Renny!
    Diane, your mother and your entire family I pray for. Also I wish you strength…and please do not lose hope. My family is going through the same right now…but there is hope.

    Renny, have a good weekend on your side.
    Regards from Holland.

    Thanks for your warm and good thoughts too Thess – and yes, there is always hope!
    Wishing you a good one too – all the way from Norway :-)

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about the illness of your wife’s mother! It is a bad situation, I know. I wish her lot of strength and believe me, there is always hope!

    I liked your love story. I and David, my husband, we met also in the Internet, 8 years ago. Your story could have been my story with some little variations. So, we have something in common together….smile..:-)

    Thanks for your warm words Susanne!
    Yea, we are not that seldom anymore. I think we have a lot together – blogging is one of them, I love to see your lovely pics you know :-)

  14. A lovely story! A modern love story! And the violet flower is beautiful

    Thanks for your visit and for taking your time to comment even if I know you are very busy.

  15. My best wishes go to Diane and her mother. What a touching story, Renny– and so well told. You two are very lucky to have found one another!

    Thanks Lisa! Se her comments below – she is so grateful!
    I feel very luck, yes:-)

  16. What a beautiful post, Renny. How often do we think to stop and recall with wonder our meeting of our special love. Happy Anniversary to you both, and please know that my prayers will be with you, Diane, and her family during her mother’s illness.

    Glad you like it and you are so right.
    Thanks for your greeting and good wishes for Diane!

  17. what a romantic story Renny…..and the flowers are beautiful…. :).. you must really miss Diane…..
    I wish Diane and her Mother every strength at this time…
    have a peaceful weekend :)

    Glad you liked it too and yes, I do miss her but know she is glad to be with her mom.
    Wish you a good one to :)

  18. Thanks for sharing this story, Renny, you and your wife are very lucky! I’m thinking good thoughts and sending my prayers to her mother.

    Your welcome Charlotte – thanks for your warm thoughts too!

  19. I was thinking, “that bouquet could have come from us” but then again, we didn’t have red carnations this week so it’s not possible. nice flowers, btw, great pick. and so sweet of you. i wish her and her mom the strength in this challenging time.

    Sorry I did not thought of that – I’ll come to you next time then.
    Thanks for your warm thoughts Mark, I’m sure Diane will read it too!

  20. I know 3 other couples who met on the net but you are the only ones from so far away. What a neat story. It is really amazing that a relatively short time ago, this would not have been possible. You two are a sign of the times!

    Yea, I know and blogging connecting people you know:-)


    Thank you Ruth :-)

  22. Hi,
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    I enjoy reading your blog. It is great to find someone who can find the fun things in life!
    I wish you the best in 2007.
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  24. Hi my love! thank you for such a great surprise. I am sorry (to all of you) that I haven’t been in sooner. I have had to wait some time to come over to NY and see my mom at the hospital, so today was dedicated to my family. But now I am finally getting in because I just had to leave my sweetheart a note so he knows all is well. Thank you for thinking of us, all of you!

    This is like the old times dear as we are used to connect via Internet :D
    Glad you liked the post and also to know you’ve arrived safe and sound with your family.
    Also glad you could see all this was thoughts and greetings from our blog friends!
    Thanks for your note – hope you’ve had a good night sleep and soon get rid of the jet lags:D

  25. That’s a really sweet story! Happy Anniversary, guys!

    Diane, my thoughts are with you and your family. I lost my grandfather to cancer but none of us knew he had it. In hindsight, I’m glad he went quickly so he didn’t have to suffer.

    Thanks Caledonia! Thanks for sharing your experience and I think you are so right.

  26. What a wonderful, sweet, loving tribute to your endearing relationship, Renny and Diane both. I’m so sorry about your mom, Diane, but trust your time with her will comfort you. And dear, Renny, you are the romantic man many women want to find. You rock! :)

    Thanks Ginnie from both of us!
    Thanks for your compliments and you know Diane will read your warm thoughts!

  27. What a lovely tribute to Diane, Renny and happy anniversary. But I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law. My thoughts are with both you and Diane.
    Hugs to you both

    Thank you my friend down under and also for your warm thoughts. Hugs back from both of us!

  28. What a wonderful and loving story! So romantic… Your wife is one happy gal to have you at her side! Thanks for sharing.
    All my best to your wife’s mom and family!

    I knew you would like it Tink:-) Thanks for your warm thoughts.

  29. Lovely story, Renny. Say hello to Diane and her mother, cancer is a serious thing. But luckily, she lives in the US, where better quality health care is available. Cancer treatment has come a long way the last 30 years, so what used to be terminal diseases are now curable.

    Thanks Simon – nice to hear from good colleagues too! Thanks also for your thoughts, I’m sure Diane will notice.

  30. awwww…. so sweet, so romantic! sighhhhh……….
    Happy Anniversary!!
    My best wishes to Diane and her family. Take care. Hugs

    I knew you would like it ECL and thanks for your greetings!

  31. Now it is morning, well late morning here in the US. Totally different time zone then my Renny :-) The jet lag is awful but I keep thinking – this too will pass!!! Just want to say thanks again for all your overwhelming comments and support. It is so wonderful to receive such love and support at a very difficult time when I find myself suddenly stepping in to moms shoes and pulling up not only my mom but the siblings as well. Now that we are all together I think the magic will start to happen :-)

    Thanks for stopping by again my love – I’m so glad you can experience and read all this care and warm thoughts for you from all our blog friends. Since I’ve other ways to keep in touch too, I know you are doing fine under the circumstances and have a good time with your family. You are doing fine my dear and I’m proud of you!

  32. This is so sweet. I really love hearing a good love story. And to your wife, I wish here and her mom all the blessings in the world!

    Glad you liked it Kristi and thanks for your warm thoughts.

  33. That is a beautiful post RennyBA and a wonderful story. I’d like to extend my very best wishes to Diane because I’ve just had to return to England from France for the very same reason. My mother too has been diagnosed with cancer. I think I must know how Diane feels and my heart goes out to her. It is so difficult living at a distance from your loved ones, and mine has been a much smaller distance than hers. Very warm wishes to all of you.

    Your welcome A.
    Thanks for sharing your story similar to Diane’s. I know she’s reading all your comments carefully and she is very grateful for all the support and comfort she gets!

  34. Beautiful story. Flowers make any woman happy. And I just love your pics below from your previous post… :)

    Thanks and what more can you ask for than a happy woman :-)

  35. I loved reading this, it is so loving and romantic and an inspiration to us singletons – that you can find a soulmate using the internet. I met my current partner online and I hope it works out as well for us as it obviously has for you both.
    I must admit to a jolt half way through the comments when I read ‘DianeCA’ as I too am a DianeCA, albeit one who lives in the UK!

    Glad you liked it and that we can inspire you – good luck to you and your partner!
    From one Diane to another – thats great :-)

  36. What an old softy you are. How sweet.

    If you say so Norma :D

  37. Renny, I just came back to say thank you for your very dear comment on my blog, and to say, I hope Diane is doing as well as possible. All of her family being together—that is a good good thing—for them and for their Momma, too!
    My very best to her and to you too Renny…the love you two share is so clear and lovely…it is palpable…!
    Bless you both!

    Your welcome Naomi and you know I love to read your entries too!
    Thanks for stopping by a second time and for your warm thoughts and wishes!

  38. Awww… This is so touching. I can feel your love to Diane and that you miss her and to be at her side supporting her in this tough situation she and her mother and family are experiencing right now. I know how tough and scary that is. One of lives downsides. *sigh*
    I’m also sure that you are one of her biggest consolations in life and you’ll walk through this together, even if you are apart physically from each other right now. You’re in each others hearts and that’s what counts.
    Many hugs to you two from us two – we’ll be thinking of you…

    Thanks – I have a soft heart you know. I do miss her but I also know that her mom needs her and they are having a good time together. We talk by phone every day and always support each other as liferoad partner.
    Thanks for the warm thoughts from both of you!

  39. Renny, Mazel tov to you and Diane on your anniversary. I met my husband through letters too. Reading your post brings back pleasant memories for me. Ours didn’t involve computers though, just snail mails delivered by canoe across the ocean.

    I am very sorry to hear about Diane’s Mom. There’s never the right word to say during this time, but I am saying a prayer for her Mom. Hugs to your wife.

    Thank you Midas and I’m glad you founds yours in almost the same way too!
    Thanks for your warm thoughts – you said it perfectly.

  40. Happy Anniversary to both of you. I met Odd actually online as well when I was searching for bands. I am sorry to hear about Diane’s mom and I hopefully she will have a speedy recovery

    Thanks Chase and I’m so happy for you and that you’ve found your Odd too!

  41. What a very special love story ! 10 years ago I did hardly know what Internet was ! If I knew ! Computers anyway were strange beasts to me although Mr. Gattino was an analyst and programmer. I wish all the best for Diane’s mother and that at least they can have a good time together.

    Glad you liked it – I had my first interent connection 13 years ago you know. I know you was a bit later, but now you are a wonderful blogger and a real good friend :-)

  42. Hiya Renny, this is a beautiful love story and at this techno-age whereby alot of people are so computer savvy, to me, internet love is questionable but you have proven me wrong :) I wish both of you well and everlasting love too.

    Sorry to hear that Diane’s Mom is poorly and I hope everything is progressing well for her….much love my dear friend to all of you.

    Thanks for your greetings – I’m glad to prove you wrong as there are some positive examples as well:-)
    Diane is reading this and I know she is so glad for all this warm thoughts and good wishes.

  43. Diane – I am sorry to read about your mother’s illness. I hope that you have some wonderful times with her while you are visiting. I’m sure you appreciate knowing that Renny is waiting at home for you and misses you.

    Thanks for your warm thoughts a good wished Hexe – I know Diane reads it an appreciate it!

  44. Renny, Diane is very lucky to have such a great guy! And I know she knows it and must feel blessed to have you especially at this difficult time for her.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you Diane, I know it’s tough because I’ve been thrue this too. Try and enjoy your time together and make some more good memories.

    Thank you Gretchen! As an American immigrant, you know how it feels too. When I talked to Diane on the phone today, she said she had a good time with her mom and her siblings.

  45. Renny
    thank you for sharing your love story with me. This goes to tell me that I should not loose hope to meet the man of my dreams.
    About Diane and her mother, I am very sorry to hear the news, but don’t loose hope, keep the Faith. I am a cancer survivor myself and even though it was a difficult journey I am now well and keep on fighting to succeed in life.
    GOD bless you both for such a wonderful loving relationship you have,

    Hi Evelyn, thanks for stopping by – good to see network friends from Plaxo too! Keep on dreaming and internetwork for it!
    Thanks also for your kind words and encouragement – Diane will read it and I’m sure she will like it and be inspired in helping her mom!

  46. I’m glad to hear your success love story thru the net. And to Diane, wish you have many more happy years to come for both of you. And to your mom, everything will just work out fine for you.

    Thank Fruity, for visiting and your nice comment and warm thoughts and wishes for Diane and her mom!

  47. A very nice story!
    It’s interesting to meet people on Internet, because 90% of the Internetstories are good. The problem is that you hear most about the 10% that are bad.
    Hope Diane and her mother are happy to see each other. To meet people on the Internet is good, but to meet them in real life is even better.
    I like that you are so open minded, and wish you all the best. See you both on the net and in real life.

    Hi Per Olav – great to see a Norwegian network colleague!
    I’m so agree with you and thanks for your compliments – see you soon.

  48. hi there RennyBA! Thanks for sharing! That was a great story and I send well-wishes to Diane and her mother!
    The flowers are beautiful.

    Hi – your welcome and thanks for your compliments and well-wishes!

  49. wow another interesting love story of a couple who met on the net. you guys deserve it others affection. I hope Diane’s mother will be fine soon and would live longer. have a great one renny :)

    Thanks for the visit and kind words. Wish you a good one too Scart :)

  50. WOW… I am late here again but seeing so much love and compassion fills my heart RennyBA … I am sure your love for each other will make just about everything right! I believe when we all pray together, the strength of our prayers increase exponentially and that is sure to make DianeCA’s mom feel and get better! Thanks for inviting to read such a wonderful story RennyBA….. made my day :)

    My bests to both of you, kids and of course Diane’s mom!

    Better late than never Pearl and thanks for paying the visit and for those kind words – glad I made your day and now you’ve made mine and Diane’s :-)

  51. That is such a sweet and amazing story! What a way to fall in love with someone =)

    One way of a million of others and it worked for us =)

  52. Hi,
    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog. It is great to find someone who can find the fun things in life!
    I wish you the best in 2007.
    Please take a look at my websites as well. I look forward to developing a friendship and networking with you. Let me know if there is something I can do to assist you with your business.
    With Regards,
    Karoly Domonyi

    Thanks for your compliment for the second time :-)

  53. Pssst. Don’t forget to post Your Oddly Ghost post tomorrow Tuesday :-)

    Rather busy for the time being, but I’ll do my best Captain!

  54. Happy belated anniversary, my friend! What a touching, sweet post. I love hearing how couples meet.
    I am so sorry to hear about Diane’s mother. I am keeping her in my thoughts, and will send healing prayers her way. My love to Diane during this difficult time . . . (((Diane)))

    Thanks Lisa for your nice words and your support to Diane.

  55. Wow, RennyBA that was lovely. Just beautiful. What a wild way to meet your spouse. Some day I should write about how my hubby and I met…on a bet!

    Thanks – looking forward to your story then – please keep me posted!

  56. I neglected to include how sorry I am to hear about your mother in law..she’ll be in my prayers

    Thanks – I know Diane reads it too and appreciate your support.

  57. a sweet love story indeed. hope she recovers from the big C

    Thanks Tutubi

  58. awww,what a beautiful internet story…
    you are both lucky to have each other and i think it s your destiny.but one thing I admire in this post,you are able to give inspiration and encouragements to lots of people who have their online relationship,i hope they could read your post :)
    i wasnt aware about pow wow,LOL!

    im sorry to hear about Diannes mom…

    more romantic story to come,Renny!! and more love to you and Dianne!! :)

    Thanks and I do hope many other will read it too:-)
    Diane will read about your support of course and we both thank you for your warm thoughts.

  59. Oh gosh, I’m seeing this a little late. First, Happy belated anniversary, you and your wife are very lucky. And I’m so sorry about Diane’s Mom. Hopefully there are medications/treatments that can beat the cancer. I send you and Diane and her Mom lots of well wishes and happiness. ((()))

    Thanks – better late than never you know.
    Thanks also for your warm thoughts and wished too – I know Diane read it too.

  60. I’m touched, very much, by this affectionate write up. No doubt your wife Diane is very lucky to have a loving husband. I wish I can also do the same thing to my girlfriend who will soon become my wife…
    Belated Happy Anniversary…
    I hope your mother-in-law can recover from her illness very soon…

    Thanks for your compliments and I do hope for the same for you and your becoming wife!
    Thanks for your warm thought for my MIL too.

  61. Great post and congratulations on your new award. Calling over from `The Queer Chef’, to say hi.

    Nice to see you again and thanks for your compliments!

  62. Happy Anniversary Renny and Dianne. This post is sweet!

    Thanks Liza and I’m sure Diane reads it with a smile on her face too :-)

  63. Thanks for sharing. Yours is the 2nd successful internet love story I have come across.
    Regards to Diane and pray her mum is recovering well.

    Your welcome – could you tell about the other one?
    Thanks for your warm thoughts for Diane and her mum!

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  67. Oh what a lovely story. I wish Diane well at this time too. From reading the posts for almost two years now, I have pieced together a loose idea of your story. It is no wonder you both found eachother. You both are such sociable folks, and are great at sharing. I call you my friends all this time because I hear more about what you two are passionate about than many of our friends. Our family enjoys reading about Norway life and we always hope that one day our paths will cross as well.
    Mine will pass close to Diane, for I leave on Thursday morning to travel through NY to Vermont for a conference.

    Thanks Lynn and I think your right; we where meant for each other.
    I feel honored when you call me (and Diane!) your friend and you know we like to read your blog and getting to know you more and more two. Over these two year, I feel we’ve achieved a lot and I’ll never forget your lovely decoration from last Christmas you know!
    We hope one day our paths will cross too – and who knows:-)

  68. What a lovely story. Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes for a Happy Future Together. It is always so nice to see your blog Renny.

    Thanks for your kind words and warm wishes Saami – its always nice to see you here!

  69. Great story Renny, and thanks for sharing it with us :)
    Happy Anniversary to the both of you from Norway, a little late though, but it’s the thought that counts, right :)

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  72. Yes,very nice story here mostly my story is from online dating from my closest friend from online too.Very inspiring who would thought that the online-dating make the impossible come true..well its for my own opinion of course i know each of one has own definitions but based of my insight i thanks god for bringing fate my life he he he now we are more than 2 years married still loving each other so much.

    thanks and god bless
    Ill pray for ur mother in law

  73. Wow, what a romantic story with a wonderful ending. Here’s to many more years of being forever in love! :)

    When the ending is good, I guess everything is good ;-)

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  75. wow! thats an awesome romantic story…
    Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes for a Happy Future Together..
    Diane, I hope your mum gets better soon..

  76. Beautiful story. And you’re right, that is a perfect Valentine.

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