Autumn Glory in the Adirondacks

The autumn is so wonderful and colorful, I just can’t seem to let it go. After all my blog is about Norway, our culture, tradition and the significant change in the seasons and I love all four of them. Every one has its charm and fall is of course about the golden beauty. This post is inspired by my wife. From my Love Story post (scroll down for those who have not read it!) you know she is in the US to take care of her mom who is seriously ill with cancer. Diane’s home town is Saratoga Springs, NY and the first time I visited, it struck me how similar the nature and especially the fauna is compare to what I’m used to in Norway. Mountains and hills, lakes and rivers (I might miss the sign of the ocean and coast line though) as well as fur, pine, oak, maple and birch trees. Yesterday she was visiting Lake George and sent me this beautiful picture:

Lake George, NY

Actually the climate is very similar to what we experience in the south east of Norway too. They might have an earlier spring and a later fall – and okay: a bit warmer mid temperature in the middle of summer. I do remember one winter thought, that my wife was visiting and came back and told proudly that they had more snow in NY than here in Oslo LoL However being “famous” for being so brave as to move to Norway she would never admit that to her family! HeHeHe! Some might find it strange since Saratoga is at Lat: 42.76 while as Oslo is at Lat: 59.56. That’s the same as the southern tip of Greenland, Seward in Alaska or St Petersburg in Russia. The reason why it’s still similar to upstate NY, is the golf stream which pushes warm water from the south coast of Africa into our sea.

Speaking of Lake George, which is in the wonderful Adirondack National Park; I had a wonderful round trip there guided by my FIL and his wife two years ago in the fall. My very best experience from that trip was of course visiting the Olympic City Lake Placid. For a Norwegian it was a thrill and my FIL described it so well when he told his son on the phone when we came back: ‘I’ve never seen a grown man so excited in my life!‘ :-) So I end this post with a movee I made of pictures I took with my Nokia mobile phone from the window in the car cruising around the Adirondacks:

It really shows the beauty of the nature and the golden fall collars too – and again: it made me feel almost like home!

Speaking of October and fall: Don’t forget Lifecruiser‘s Halooween Party for bloggers going on right now!

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  1. Well, yes the colors might be the only thing I like with the autumn! Awesome photo really. One can almost feel the crisp air.

    But I do say, that US has much more nice autumns than we have here in Sweden, so I can understand why most Americans love the fall season. It’s not the same damp, gray and rainy season as it tend to be over here. At least it wasn’t when we were in the US for a month in 2005.

    Thanks for the tour and the linking to the Halloween celebrations, your such a nice blogbuddy :-)

    I’m not sure if one place is nicer than the other – my experience is that its quite similar, but of course it difference and depends a great deal of the weather. So far fall in Oslo has been beautiful this year.
    Your welcome and you know I think your a great blogbuddy too :-)

  2. what a beautiful picture. our autumn in my corner of Pennsylvania has not been so vibrant with colors as it usually is…bad weather conditions and serious gypsy moth infestation. thanks for sharing and i hope diane is doing well with her mom. in my thoughts and prayers…

    Thanks for the report from your part of the world – you are so right; it depends a lot of the weather and so far we’ve been lucky in Oslo this year.
    Diane is doing fine and her mum came home yesterday, so thats at least a bit of progress.

  3. Lovely picture Diane took, Renny, as well as yours from 2 years ago. That was just before we “met” here in Bloggityville. I started blogging in January of 2006. I’ll have my 2 year blogging anniversary in January.
    Our leaves have just the slightest hint of color. A few more weeks and we should have a lot more Autumn color on our trees and foliage.
    Have a great Friday and weekend, Renny. ;-)
    Love and hugs to you, Diane and your children,

    Thanks and yes I remember we met in the beginning of 2006. Life goes so fast – I have my 2nd year Blog Anniversary the 11th of November you know :-)
    I know you are a bit after us in the season change and I hope you’ll have a good one too!
    Wish you a lovely end to your week and thanks for your warm thoughts Diane!

  4. Yes, Saratoga and Lake George are very beautiful. I have been there several times. I tell people very often to remember that New York isn’t just New York City. Upstate New York is so beautiful, especially in the Autumn!

    Nice to know we’ve been to the same places then!
    Your so right and my wife always reminds people and emphasize that New York and especially upstate is NOT the City :-)

  5. those are very lovely pictures! i was in new york city from april to september in 2002 so i didn’t see much of the leaves changing their colours in autumn. but my friend told me that central park is a blaze of colours come october.

    Thanks and I’m sure The Big Apple is beautiful in October too.

  6. Love the colors! We have had many colors too but lots of rain which makes it hard to photograph in gloom. But the beauty does make up for it.

    Yea I know your fauna in Vancouver and climate is very similar to this and I do hope you’ll get some good photo weather soon!

  7. Lovely pic, i do miss autumn as I won’t get one this year, it being spring here. Sorry you miss her, but hopefully she’ll be back soon.

    Thanks and glad you could get some fall feeling on my blog then.
    Diane will be home in the end of next week and I’m looking forward to have her back of course.

  8. I love fall colors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t color very much where I live, but I like going to places who has very pronounce fall.
    Missouri has colorful fall…and it’s too bad I missed the driving trip I planned this year. School and all that stuff… then it’s too cold to travel after that.
    Lovely, lovely pic your wife sent.

    Glad we share the same interest for the nature beauty and hope you can make your trip next year then!
    Thanks for your compliment on the pick – Diane read this posts and comments to you know:-)

  9. The colors are so rich and vivid, they don’t seem real!! absolutely beautiful!!
    (Hope your MIL is doing ok…)

    Heheheh Mar – they are reall!!!
    (She is doing quite well and came home yesterday – at least a prof of a bit of improvement)

  10. Although I hate automn I must admit that the colored trees of your picture is beautiful ! Here I don’t notice any special beauty, to me it seems that the leaves are getting yellow and then the tree stripteases and all the leaves are laying around and it is dirty. I prefer spring when everything starts to bloom !

    Maybe it is depending a bit on how you look at it. I do agree autumn maybe a bit dark, gray and wet, but it has its charm and are colorful I think.

  11. Great slideshow and nice music to go with it! Thanks for sharing :-)

    Hi Missy, busy girl – thanks for stopping by and for your compliment ;-)
    I think the music from The Four Seasons of Vivaldi matched great too!

  12. I hope you get to visit the state of Maine someday. I think you would love it!
    It’s good to get excited in the way you describe.
    I enjoyed your tour and the music! Cell phones are amazing in what they can do!

    I hope so too – I know I will love it!
    Glad you enjoyed it and yea, my Nokia is a good friend for documenting quality time too:-)

  13. Thanks for pointing me northwest for a look at fall! What a lovely post. Here in Connecticut, we have not had a frost, so we wait a blast of color–or hope for it before the trees wither into winter!

    Your welcome – my pleasure and hope you’ll experience some golden beauty before winter too!

  14. Wow! As usual you have taken one of my pictures and used made the very best out of it, telling your story in your own special way. You do have a gift! And I just love it!! The colors look really great on the net, think I will go have prints made!! Keep up the good work!

    Thanks my dear – together we are dynamite you know and thanks for your help and encouragements – I’ll keep it up!
    Btw: Good to know your mum is home from the hospital today – wish you all a wonderful weekend :-)

  15. I hadn’t forget to update the Halloween schedule post with the shout out for the Halloween fun with you and Tor tomorrow – I just had some things that were of higher priority! (Yes, it’s possible! *giggles*)

    But, with this Alzheimer’s light brain you’ll never know, so I’m grateful that you kick my butts now and then ;-)

    Something more important??? are you playing indoor golf again Captain? LoL Well, its a pleasure to kick you or the ball for a whole in one then *giggles*

  16. Absolutely stunning photo and those photos you took with your mobile phone as well. Our trees here losing its leaves already.Pretty early autumn I suppose.Can you imagine,we just had our first snow this winter already?

    Thanks for your compliments CheH – I’m glad you liked it!
    Snow? You? In Germany? Your not suppose to get it before we get it i Norway! Send some up to us LoL

  17. What a magnificant sight those trees are…so colorful, they are beautiful. I hope Diane’s mother is not too poorly. Having her daughter there to take care of her will make a big difference.

    Glad you liked it too!
    I’m afraid Diane’s mom is quite bad, but you are so right: She is doing better and even could come home yesterday.

  18. That really is a lovely part of the US, I love east coast trees. You know, Mr Ratburn is also from New York.
    What amazing shots you have gotten with your NOKIA mobile phone…..
    Best to Dianes Mum…

    I knew you would like it and my Nokia is a great companion to document quality time you know.
    So I know more New Yorkers then – great!
    Thanks for your warm thoughts for Diane’s Mum.

  19. That’s a beautiful picture of Lake George that Diane took. She must be happy to see this lovely scene too. All the beautiful colors of fall.

    I don’t have the good fortune to see such lovely scene in Singapore. We have summer all year round. ish. When my students went to US to further their studies, they usually include some autumn leaves in their letters to me. I treasured all of them and have pressed them between the pages of my dictionaries. I hope to pick my own autumn leaves some day…..

    Regards to Diane and her Mum. Hugs.

    Diane is happy to see this fall scenery both in US and Norway :-)
    Give my your snail mail address and I’ll send you some colorful leaves – or even better: pay us a visit and collect for yourself…
    Thanks for your greetings to Diane and my MIL!

  20. Lovely looking area. You’re going to stitch the whole globe closer bit by bit Renny.

    Thanks for your sympathy around my dad’s incident.

  21. Well, I really like the trees turning into different colors and the color I mostly like during autumn is the green trees turns red. The pictures looks the same here in Chicago Lake. Nice captured anyway :)

    About the Halloween party I’m starting to write an article about it and thanks for sharing the link. Have a great day Renny…

  22. Nice to see the beautiful colors of autumn. By us it begins only a little. Yesterday we thought even have the lunch in the garden under the sun but we had my mother in law with us and didn’t want to stay out with her. You love and speak about the nature as no one else I know! I enjoy always to read you!

    I knew you would like it and I know we are a bit ahead of you, but hope yours will be as nice in a while too.
    I’m glad you’ve noticed and approve my passion for nature – its rather intense in Norway you know.

  23. I’m still keeping Diane and her Mom in my thoughts, Renny ~ I’m sure you miss her a great deal.

    Gorgeous pictures of autumn’s beauty! I just love the colors SO much!

    Thanks and I know Diane read this and appreciate your support too. Yes, I miss her and are glad she’ll be back on Friday.
    Glad you liked the pics too!

  24. nice fall colors Renny… Lake George is really beautiful…

    Im glad Diane will be with you this Friday… wishing my bests to her mom and you guys!

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