Autumn Glory in the Adirondacks

The autumn is so wonderful and colorful, I just can’t seem to let it go. After all my blog is about Norway, our culture, tradition and the significant change in the seasons and I love all four of them. Every one has its charm and fall is of course about the golden beauty. This post is inspired by my wife. From my Love Story post (scroll down for those who have not read it!) you know she is in the US to take care of her mom who is seriously ill with cancer. Diane’s home town is Saratoga Springs, NY and the first time I visited, it struck me how similar the nature and especially the fauna is compare to what I’m used to in Norway. Mountains and hills, lakes and rivers (I might miss the sign of the ocean and coast line though) as well as fur, pine, oak, maple and birch trees. Yesterday she was visiting Lake George and sent me this beautiful picture:

Lake George, NY

Actually the climate is very similar to what we experience in the south east of Norway too. They might have an earlier spring and a later fall – and okay: a bit warmer mid temperature in the middle of summer. I do remember one winter thought, that my wife was visiting and came back and told proudly that they had more snow in NY than here in Oslo LoL However being “famous” for being so brave as to move to Norway she would never admit that to her family! HeHeHe! Some might find it strange since Saratoga is at Lat: 42.76 while as Oslo is at Lat: 59.56. That’s the same as the southern tip of Greenland, Seward in Alaska or St Petersburg in Russia. The reason why it’s still similar to upstate NY, is the golf stream which pushes warm water from the south coast of Africa into our sea.

Speaking of Lake George, which is in the wonderful Adirondack National Park; I had a wonderful round trip there guided by my FIL and his wife two years ago in the fall. My very best experience from that trip was of course visiting the Olympic City Lake Placid. For a Norwegian it was a thrill and my FIL described it so well when he told his son on the phone when we came back: ‘I’ve never seen a grown man so excited in my life!‘ :-) So I end this post with a movee I made of pictures I took with my Nokia mobile phone from the window in the car cruising around the Adirondacks:

It really shows the beauty of the nature and the golden fall collars too – and again: it made me feel almost like home!

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