From all of me to all of you out there in the blogsphere: Happy Halloween! I Hope you have fun and especially your children with all the anticipation, wearing the costumes, walking from house to house in a joyful and harmless trick or treat.
My regular visitors know that celebrating Halloween is something relatively new in Norway and you may read all about why and how in my previous post scrolling down or by clicking here. My first experience was with my oldest son’s classmates in 7th grade (more than 10 years ago) and since my American wife and her son’s came into my life, I’ve learned more about the history and background. Even more I’ve learned from my wonderful blog friends all over the world, an example of why I just love blogsphere. Its a givers gain you know! I don’t mean to be doctrinal, but I keep on doing it my way: so let me share some light research of mine and you can fill in when your commenting:

Blogging to FameThe term Halloween is shortened from All-hallow-even, as it is the eve of “All Hallows’ Day”, also which is now known as All Saints’ Day. It was a day of religious festivities in various northern European Pagan traditions, until Popes Gregory III and Gregory IV moved the old Christian feast of All Saints’ Day from May 13 to November 1. But lest not forget that it came from Ireland and is known in Irish as Oíche Shamhna, literally “Samhain Night”. Pre-Christian Celts had an autumn festival, Samhain, “End of Summer”, a pastoral and agricultural “fire festival” or feast, when the dead revisited the mortal world, and large communal bonfires would hence be lit to ward off evil spirits. We are talking about a tradition started more than a thousand years back and again a tradition European emigrants imported to America.

We talked about it at our lunch brake at the office today. Some where not aware but some who had children in preschool or primary school had kids with Halloween anticipation waiting at home. On my way to the buss at the end of the day, I passes Oslo’s ‘farmers or flower square’ and found one single stand which could remind of the day:

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In the last weeks, some of you have also been with me celebrating Halloween at Lifecruisers. It has given me more insight in how it this traditions is done in verius part of the world and I’ll gladly share it with you:
In Sweden from Mrs. Lifecruiser, in Spain at Maremagnum’s, in Belgium at Gattina’s and in US at The Bluest Butterfly as well as Sandy Carlson. Go and read to learn some more!

For those who are eager to Halloween Party after all this talking about it: Go visit and participate at Lifecruiser – all night long :D


  1. throwing in some Viking treats

    Happy Halloween!

    Hmmmm, the best Halloween treats I’ve ever had – nice and scary:-)

  2. The flowers in the market look wonderful. This time of year I love to make sweet treats made from freshly harvested apples. My parents just brought me quite a large amount.

    Happy Halloween to you!

    Knew you would like it Lisa.
    Please send some of those sweet apple treats over – my mouth is watering thinking about it.

  3. Boo! Trick or treat!
    It’s morning after Halloween in Singapore and I’ve visited the Captain in Sweden and TorAa in Norway. What a Spooktacular party at Captain’s!!! And TorAa and I had a fun time scaring the kids! hehehe…..
    Happy Halloween!!!

    From you, I think I would try some trick :-)
    Glad you enjoyed our Halloween Parties!

  4. oh i’d just like to wander through the farmer’s market! i miss having a nice one to go to.

    You know your welcome any time – I’ll gladly walk there with you Lime.

  5. The pics looks good. I miss these little markets… it’s so European come to think of it. We have the Byward market in Ottawa but again, don’t think of it in winter…

    Anyway, Halloween was fun. Not that I went out, I just handed out candies all night, but some kids had good imagination, so it was fun ;-)

    Thanks, and I think your right: we have a couple of them in Oslo.
    Good to know you had a good celebration too ;-)

  6. hey renny, this is netherchild. :D i made a new blog and i hope to see you there. and i would like to offer a link exchange if you dont mind.
    oh well, been away too long, to compensate my being away i read all your previous entry. what catched my heart was the entry you made for you wife on your anniversary. :D its lovely.
    me and my girlfriend actually met over online too. so i know the feeling haha. goodluck to the both of you and more years to come for your relationship. a belated happy anniversary.

    Hi LAD and welcome back – hope you found some interesting read browsing around on my Terella!
    Since me met over love once the same way, I wish you the very best too.
    I’ve been to your new blog and it’s great!

  7. Oh Renny, I missed out on your invite for the e-halloween!
    It wasn’t observed here…dutch (I will not generalize because some might) just aren’t interested in it. Thus no kids in wonderful costumes, no trick or treats, no egg-throwing..buhuhuu!
    good to know you had fun though :) …btw how’s Diane’s mom doing, if I may ask?

    Better late than never Thess and you know you are welcome any time!
    I know you are reluctant to this celebration too – but who knows, maybe next year.
    Thanks for asking: under the circumstances Diane’s Mum is doing relatively good. She is home, but need daily supervising from a nurse. Diane will be home tomorrow, so I’ll get all the details then.

  8. Happy Hallowe’en!

    Thanks – hope you had a good one too:-)

  9. The flowers are fabulous!
    We had fun last night asking candies from perfect strangers in their front door.
    What are we teaching our kids once a year?

    Sounds like you’ve had some nice trick and treat then :-)

  10. Yes, the origins of this fest are here, in Europe. American people took something of the old continent on their new world. This fest is total kao here now even in the supermarket …Now you can find already the toys for Christmas!
    I you just want to laugh come to see the end of Dracula’s cousin! you see, together we found the way to fight the vampire!

    I know and it’s a bit chaotic in Norway too as I’ve heard that they open their Christmas window decoration in Oslo the coming weekend – way to early if you ask me!
    Thanks for the invite – I was there and opened another bottle of champagne – cheeeeeeers :-)

  11. I’ve must have been really, really tired last night, because I read your post here and obviously thought in some miraculous way that I had comment it too… *giggles*

    I like the post – as usual – and the pics of the square with stands. We have the similar as I’m sure you’re already aware of – Hötorget – in the middle of Stockholm city.

    You commented on my previous post, but thats okay Captain. You where such a great host at the party last night – thanks for a wonderful cyber cruise time!
    Thanks for you compliments and yes; I’ve even been at Hötorget.

  12. Hi Renny,
    Thank you for your time visiting my site. Your Autumn pictures are wonderful! I will be posting more photos later, I have yet to take pictures of the foliage this year.
    I am very happy to find a blog from Norway! I am really interested at the culture of the people in Norway. I shall be coming back to your site later. As of now, I am signing off. Have a great day!

    Your welcome Tina and you know I love your autumn pics too!
    Its always nice to welcome new readers who like to know more about Norway – welcome back any time!

  13. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but like in Norway, it is gradually catching on. Our road is out in the country and is four km long, and our driveway is almost 200 metres, so we don’t get any trick or treaters around here.

    Thanks for letting us know how it is down under!

  14. Great pics! I love all the pics you post; makes me want to visit Norway very soon.

    Thanks for the compliments – your welcome to visit any time and I gladly guide you around.

  15. passing by Renny a belated happy halloween! hope you’re kids lots of candies :)

    Nice to see you on a Friday evening Scart – hope you had a good one too :)

  16. Isn’t it interesting how traditions differ around the world?

    Yea, its really fascinating Teena.

  17. Renny hi! Just a quick visit to wish you a fine weekend and to tell you that you have an award to pick up:


    Awwww, how nice and sweet of you Thess – this is a great honor! Give me some time to think about how to return the favor!

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