I’m proud to announce that RennyBA’s Terella is nominated for The 2007 Weblog Awards. This year it were 4000 nominations and they choose only 500 finalist blogs, so it’s such an honor just to be one of them! There are five categories and my blog is placed in the category of “Best European Blog”.
To me this is a great encouragement and inspiration to keep up sharing about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, traditions and habits (and sometimes a bit of food). My trustful readers know I’ve learned that blogging is ”a givers gain‘ – the more you share, the more you get. Never have I learned so much about others by reading the comments and reaction and of course in returning the favor to read about others daily life and countries.
This really proves my saying: ‘Make Blogs not Wars’ as it build down cultural, religious and other barriers. Getting to know each other and achieving a better insight, makes the world smaller, more trustful and open I think! Never have I met so many lovely people and learned so much from all over the world, since my last two years of blogging. Let me use this opportunity to thank you all for your visit, your comments and for wanting to make friends with me.

<The 2007 Weblog Awards

You may vote every 24 hours until the 8th of November and you do so just by clicking the banner above. I’m looking forward to get your support!

Not only that, but my blog friend from Sweden, Lifecruiser made it too: Congratulations x millions! As good neighbors, showing that we can live together in peace and harmony; we’ve agreed to that we are competing together and not against each other. For us it’s a win-win situation. So vote with your heart and remember you can vote every 24 hours and by this, you can give us both a fair share :-)

Btw: It’s my birthday tomorrow so please come back and celebrate with me :D


  1. Renny, congratulations on getting so far with your blog in the nominations. I voted for you and will do so until it closes. Your terella is very informative and I love reading about and seeing photos of your beautiful country. Well done!

    Thanks a lot my dear blog friend from down under – your always such a great supporter – thanks for your compliments too. It’s a great encouragement to keep on blogging!

  2. Oh wow!!Congratulations!!You deserve it Renny and of course,I will support you.
    Advance Happy Birthday too!! Cheers!!Sure,Ill drop by again tomorrow :)

    How shall wee see the other nominees btw?just to click?ok,im clicking now. :)

    BTW,pls read my update HERE if you find time.
    Happy weekend,

    Thanks dear Ghee – I knew I could count on you up until the 8th of November.
    Thanks for your greetings too and welcome back tomorrow.
    Yea, just click and you’ll find the nominees – and the you vote by your heart :-)

  3. Congratulations! That is an accolade – I have voted and will do so every day!

    Come on , Renny!

    Thanks Diane, you know I count my blessings!

  4. Congratulations Renny! Keep on!

    Thank you so very much Ambrozo!

  5. well, congratualtions. that is pretty exciting to be part of the field once it has been narrowed down so far!

    Thanks Lime and yea; exciting is the right word!

  6. Even though I already have congratulated you, I’ll say it again: Congrats x millions. I’m so pleased to be in there together with you :-)

    PS. Things are a bit tough at my end right now, I’m not feeling well myself and with sickness around my near and dear ones too, but I hope I can get back here tomorrow too for your birthday!

    Thanks and you know I feel the same :-)
    Sorry your having trouble at your end so I do understand if you cant make it tomorrow!

  7. I’ve been over and voted. Good luck to you and happy birthday tomorrow ;-)

    Thanks a lot – good to have support from Norwegian blog friends too and thanks for your greetings ;-)

  8. I love it

    Thanks Bjarte – great to have support from a good colleague from Norway too!

  9. Voted, good luck Renny!

    Thanks Deborah – your always there when a blog friend need you :-)

  10. congrats renny! my plug ins are a bit down right now, when they’re back ill go vote for you.

    haha thnx for the visit, hope to see you there again!

    Thank Lad – you know you can vote once a day!

  11. I’m looking forward to the butt kicking contest between you and the Captain, will you take it in turns or just go for it….sounds interesting

    Well done on the nomination I shall do the same each day.
    Cheers Mark

    LoL – she is Swede you know, and a good friend you know. It’ll be the most friendly but kick you’ll ever see :D
    Thanks for you vote: today, tomorrow and the rest of the week!

  12. Congratulations Renny. You can count on my votes!

    Great – another Norwegian colleague’s support – Thanks Francis!

  13. Gratulater med dagen! I have also voted for you above and really hope that you win.. You are my all time favorite blogger. Really! Also, I know you and Diane travel alot, next time you are in sørland let me know, we have a nice place and would love to share some slow food! Or if you just want to plan a trip and come down bring the kids we have 3 . I mean it! Come and visit, bring Tor and Anna!:-)

    Awwwww Gretchen, your to kind – how nice of you – thanks for your compliments!
    And you really give an offer one cannot refuse. I’ll try the best I can to make an arrangment and tell you in advance – you know I would love to be back in Sørlandet and visit you!

  14. You have my vote too, my friend. And have a very happy birthday tomorrow!

    What an honor Glenda. You know I admire your work and your blog!
    To everyone: Go visit her blog and vote for her too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Voted! :)

    Yet another Norwegian colleague’s support – I’m overwhelmed – Thanks Britt!

  16. Hey there! Looks like you are doing okay while I’m out of town. Plenty of people to keep you busy!! I’m voting now!

    Hello my beloved wife – at least I’m doing it all openly and for you to join too :-) Miss you – good to know your home soon dear!

  17. Hei Renny. Jeg stemmer på deg.

    Thanks Signe, I knew I could count on you!

  18. Oh, and you can count on voting here too. It’s so good to see one of my favorite blogs being given such recognition. Well done. I so agree with all you say about learning about life in other parts of the world. It can only lead to better understanding.
    I can’t be around and about on blogs as much as I would like because I want to spend as much time as possible with my mother. My thoughts are with Diane and her mother too.

    Thanks for your vote, your compliments and for taking your time to visit and give me this feedback. I know you are busy too, thats why. Tomorrow I’ll give and update about Diane and her mother.

  19. Renny Congratulations on your nomination!! As always, I will root for you!

    And Happy Happy Birthday too! You’re right, you have reasons to be happy!

    Regards from Holland :) ..and may your weekend be fun filled!

    Thanks – I knew I could count on my best blog friend from Holland. Thanks for your greetings too – hope you’ll be here tomorrow and celebrate with me too!

  20. I voted — of course. Besides, I’m French: voting is a way of life for me! :lol:

    I’m glad your work is acknowledge. You are a quality blogger and I an tell you’re passionate about your subject. It’s always refreshing to see something different and I’m glad I found you !

  21. Congratulations, Renny! I’ve just voted for you and I’m sure you’ll make it to the TOP! :-)

  22. hei renny.. congratulations on this nomination… well we shall vote then
    hello from florida .. am too far away from europe now at the moment

  23. Congratulations Renny. You have done a great service to your readers worldwide.

    I’ve always wanted to know more about Norway, and I get that here. It’s simply wonderful to read your blog.

  24. George Karahalios

    Well done Renny
    Happy birthday and best success
    if you take the prize I want bbq, remember? :)

  25. Of course you have my vote and support.

  26. Happy Birthday Renny!! George is a mutual friend of ours ;) Have a great day.

    Ange R

  27. Nice work Renny and happy birthday

  28. Dear Renny, George Karahalios is a mutual friend. I stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday and read what you’d written above, then read through some of the many comments your friends have written.

    I don’t know your blog, but I can tell you are a lovely human being! You are so right when you say that learning more about different cultures, and importantly, getting to know people and sharing ideas and knowledge, helps to break down barriers.
    I also voted for you – congratulations on your success with your blog!

    Take care, Renny
    Marie [a Canadian living in England] ;->

    Good to see another friend of Geroge – thanks for your greetings. I’m really overwhelmed by all the visit and comments.
    Thanks for your compliment – glad you agree with my philosophy!
    Thanks for your support!
    Welcome back – Wishing you a great week ahead.

  29. Som den teknologiske frontrunner du er vil det glede, men ikke overraske, om du går av med seieren.
    Og gratulerer med bursdagen :)

    Tusen takk Rune :-)

  30. Helsinki cheers for you too!!

    Thanks – great to see another Nordic neighbor!

  31. Congratulations Renny. You have done a great service to your readers worldwide

    Thanks – what great compliments!

  32. Congratulations Renny!!! And happy birthday!!!

    Thanks Irene!!

  33. Congratulations, RennyBA!
    I voted and will come back and do it again.

    I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Susie – your such a great blogger friend – I knew I could count on you!!

  34. Hei Renny. Ha en fortsatt fin helg!

    Tusen takk Signe – see you at the office on Monday!

  35. Oh sheesh, I almost forgot!


    LoL – You didn’t forget, but thanks (again) anyway!

  36. Done, Renny….
    And I will be back to vote each day….!
    A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAR!!!!!! I hope you will have a Wonderful Celebration…..

    Thanks Naomi – I knew I could count on you dear!
    I’ve had a wonderful day and are of course overwhelmed by the response on this post!

  37. wishing you all the luck,keep ur great work.

    Thanks for the encouragement and greetings.

  38. Great Job Renny! You deserve the award this year… Hope the judges feel the same way….
    Good luck,
    Bob Chapman

    Thanks Bob, good to see you here!

  39. Renny, congratulations !! Have a great birthday !! Good luck !!

    Thanks David, good to see you here too!

  40. Happy Birthday

  41. congratulations for the Nomination and Happy Birthday !!!

    Thanks for your greetings and for taking your time Gina!

  42. Congrats!

    Thanks Eirik – great to see a good Norwegian blogger friend here too!

  43. I’m not the greatest blogger my self, but your blog is certainly my absolute favorite

    Thanks Klaus – great to see another good friend and colleague from The Norwegian Computer Society!

  44. Happy Birthday Renny…

    After looking at the finalists, I’m not too pleased. Actually there are many whom are supported by money and are paid to blog with full advertising involved. For you to achieve a ranking here is great, but really the categories don’t really relate to who is really a European blog! Those would be the ones who aren’t funded by other means… Well at least in my own mind…

    Wishing you luck and votes!

  45. Happy Birthday to you Renny and Congrats to you! That is sooooo nice!

  46. Hi Renny. Happy birthday – and good luck!

  47. Hei R!
    Here we are, voting for you!
    Congratulations for the nomination, which is a prize on itself!
    All the best:

  48. I just discovered that we have same birthday! Congraulations! Good luck to your nomination!

  49. Vote for you and all the best from me!

    Thanks Kai – my greetings to you and your wife too!

  50. Happy Birthday to you, Renny –
    And traditional Lithuanian acclamation:

    Ilgiausių Metų, Ilgiausių
    Ilgiausių Metų, Ilgiausių
    Ilgiausių Metų, Linkime
    Valio, Valio, Valio, Valio
    Valio, Valio, Valio, Valio
    Valio, Valio-o-o-o !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Eugenijus – great to have support and greetings from Lithuanian too!

  51. Gratulerer med dagen – du har fått min stemme

    Hilsen Atle

    Tusen takk Atle!!

  52. Go Renny Go

    Thanks Man!

  53. Congratulations!

    I just found out about you from our friend George and look forward to reading on a regular basis.
    I’m tell my author/readers at http://dailywarren.com and post where I can.

    Thanks Warren – always great to welcome new readers and make new friends. Gorge is a true network friend you know.
    Thanks for your support – you have a great web site too!

  54. Flott Renny; du overrasker stadig! Stemmer selvsagt på deg – og grattis med dine unge år! Vi holder oss jo godt…!

    Thanks Torbjørn. Long time no see – lets meet soon!

  55. Congratulations, old man.I have voted!

    Thanks dear uncle – great to have your support too!

  56. Gratulerer med gårsdagen. Klem fra Signe

    Tusen takk for god klem Signe!

  57. Hei!
    Gratulerer med dagen som var. Håper du vinner.
    Takk for tipsene relatert til studiene.
    Har stemt på deg- Lykke til!

    Thanks – great to see some of my students at The Norwegian School of Management here too!

  58. Congratulations, a winrar is you

    Thanks Roy – much appreciated!

  59. Hei! Da har jeg stemt, lykke til!

    Marianne :-)

  60. Hei Renny
    Har lest vg. Lykke til. SIgne

  61. Jeg skal se på frokost TV i morgen og gleder meg til å se deg. Lykke til.

  62. Ha en hyggelig kveldg og håper mange stemmer på deg. Signe

  63. A friend of mine told me to check out your blog. This is just the kind of substance I was for. I wish I’d have come across your site earlier.

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