The naked truth about RennyBA

It’s avoidable. As a network evangelist and with a lot of great friends in blogsphere, a lot of you know I’m 55 today. So I can’t hide it and why should I – I mean the alternative is much worse :-)
So since its My Day and My Blog, allow me to be a bit personal and self ironic in sharing some good old days with you. I always want my readers to learn something from the daily life in Norway and this time I like you to meet a young county side boy who was born the 4th of November at 6:10 PM. Don’t expect me to have a picture from that day, but here I am at the age of 2 month:

RennyBA 2 Month
It was very popular at that time to capture your baby on a sheep skin and as you can see: I’m butt naked :-)

Let’s move on. I mean pictures say more than a thousand words:
RennyBA 4 Generation RennyBA 6 Month
To the left when I was baptized (4 month old): 4 generations Amundsen. To the right: 6 month old.

I’ve told you I love dancing, haven’t I:

RennyBA 5 years Dancer
The King of the Ball in Sailors Suite.

I’ve also told you I love outdoors activity, both summer and winter time:

RennyBA Ski Jump RennyBA Fishing
Ski jumping and fishing at about 5 years of age. There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes you know :-)

Times have passed since then – a lot – and often I wish like in the song: ‘If one could save time in a bottle’, but you can’t. Maybe that’s why one treasure once day more when getting older and you don’t take life for grantee.

Most of my regular readers knows me well from later time, as from my ‘About page’ and from ‘The face behind this blog’ post. You also know how I met my beloved wife from my ‘Internet Love Story‘ post. So let me end with some words my wife sent me today – as a tribute to my birthday. Some might remember that she is visiting her mother who is ill from cancer. She often appears as a guest writer on my blog, so I say as always: ‘Diane, the floor is yours’:

What makes Renny so charming is that he has a genuine curiosity and a willingness to see the world from so many different angles as humanly possible. That’s why he loves exploring the blogsphere so much. He really thinks it is just great to meet people from all over the world: from Australia to the Philippines, China to Canada and the USA. It was lucky for me that he had that natural curiosity, because that is how he ended up with a girl from the other side of the ocean – his curiosity and love for communication brought him first into my computer, then into my heart and soon into my arms – or was it the other way around – you know we can never decide:-)

He has taught me so much about nature and the great outdoors. I was kind of outdoorsy before but together we have experienced the nature close up and through all four seasons. As many of RennyBA’s posts can attest to he brought this American girl outdoors in all kinds of weather – and all kinds of clothes. He even got me wearing hats and long johns, and you know what – I don’t mind. I love our off season picnics and walks in the woods. I have climbed higher, walked further and swam in colder water then I ever imagined possible since meeting this special guy.

Happy Birthday RennyBA! And remember that I am thinking of you on the other side of the sea, just like the good old days – but this time my home is with you and I will be there soon!

I’m sorry this post became so long, but hey: it takes some time to tell about 55 years!