It’s avoidable. As a network evangelist and with a lot of great friends in blogsphere, a lot of you know I’m 55 today. So I can’t hide it and why should I – I mean the alternative is much worse :-)
So since its My Day and My Blog, allow me to be a bit personal and self ironic in sharing some good old days with you. I always want my readers to learn something from the daily life in Norway and this time I like you to meet a young county side boy who was born the 4th of November at 6:10 PM. Don’t expect me to have a picture from that day, but here I am at the age of 2 month:

RennyBA 2 Month
It was very popular at that time to capture your baby on a sheep skin and as you can see: I’m butt naked :-)

Let’s move on. I mean pictures say more than a thousand words:
RennyBA 4 Generation RennyBA 6 Month
To the left when I was baptized (4 month old): 4 generations Amundsen. To the right: 6 month old.

I’ve told you I love dancing, haven’t I:

RennyBA 5 years Dancer
The King of the Ball in Sailors Suite.

I’ve also told you I love outdoors activity, both summer and winter time:

RennyBA Ski Jump RennyBA Fishing
Ski jumping and fishing at about 5 years of age. There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes you know :-)

Times have passed since then – a lot – and often I wish like in the song: ‘If one could save time in a bottle’, but you can’t. Maybe that’s why one treasure once day more when getting older and you don’t take life for grantee.

Most of my regular readers knows me well from later time, as from my ‘About page’ and from ‘The face behind this blog’ post. You also know how I met my beloved wife from my ‘Internet Love Story‘ post. So let me end with some words my wife sent me today – as a tribute to my birthday. Some might remember that she is visiting her mother who is ill from cancer. She often appears as a guest writer on my blog, so I say as always: ‘Diane, the floor is yours’:

What makes Renny so charming is that he has a genuine curiosity and a willingness to see the world from so many different angles as humanly possible. That’s why he loves exploring the blogsphere so much. He really thinks it is just great to meet people from all over the world: from Australia to the Philippines, China to Canada and the USA. It was lucky for me that he had that natural curiosity, because that is how he ended up with a girl from the other side of the ocean – his curiosity and love for communication brought him first into my computer, then into my heart and soon into my arms – or was it the other way around – you know we can never decide:-)

He has taught me so much about nature and the great outdoors. I was kind of outdoorsy before but together we have experienced the nature close up and through all four seasons. As many of RennyBA’s posts can attest to he brought this American girl outdoors in all kinds of weather – and all kinds of clothes. He even got me wearing hats and long johns, and you know what – I don’t mind. I love our off season picnics and walks in the woods. I have climbed higher, walked further and swam in colder water then I ever imagined possible since meeting this special guy.

Happy Birthday RennyBA! And remember that I am thinking of you on the other side of the sea, just like the good old days – but this time my home is with you and I will be there soon!

I’m sorry this post became so long, but hey: it takes some time to tell about 55 years!


  1. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you have a great day on your special day and I wish you all the best of everything! hugs

    Thanks CheH and you are the first one to make my day the very best one – hugs back!

  2. You were soooo cuteey and adorable as baby!!! well, you’re still are anyway!:) happy birthday again! enjoy your day!

    Blushing :D

  3. No!!! Today is my birthday too!! It was odd enough that I am a DianeCA too but this is an even greater coincidence! It’s my 100th post at my blog too. A big day for celebrations all round!

    Have a wonderful birthday!

    PS I have voted for you and will continue to do so.

    Yea, that was a lot of coincidences – Happy Birthday and congrats to you too then!
    Wishing you the same and thanks for your support!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY X MILLIONS!!!!!!! May your birthday and the upcoming years be filled with joy and happiness together with Diane :-)

    Very cute childhood photos. Maybe you ought to have a sailor suit even now? Though the naked butt might be more successful…*giggles*

    *opening the Dom bottle*
    *spraying the whole place*
    CHEERS :-P

    *banging some balloons*

    I’ll repeat this quote:
    “Do the fun things first. The boring things get less boring when nothing fun is waiting. (Magnus Von Platen)

    Dear Captain and friend: thanks x millions for your greetings and warm wishes!
    Your such a party girls – fill some in my glass too and CHEERS to you an anyone else :-P
    I liked the quotation and you know what: Thanks to you I’ll rename my day to My ButtKickingDay *giggles*

  5. Butt naked, oh yeah! :D *lol*
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, RENNY!! May you heart’s desires be fulfilled today. I wish you health, loads of happiness and lots and lots of Awards from the blog-world!
    (am off to clicking the banner after vote for Renny coming right up! )

    Good to see you had a good laugh :D
    Thanks for your greetings and warm wishes!
    (thanks for your support dear blogger friend!)

  6. Ok, already voted for today…you know what, we need to campaign YOU and you just found yourself a volunteer :D

    Thanks – I knew I could count on you. Welcome on board as the first in my campaign crew then :D

  7. A very Happy Birthday, dear fiend and many, many more! I love the childhood pictures, especially the ski jumping one! Too cute. I hope you and Diane have a wonderful day today to celebrate!
    My birthday is the 17th! All of us, Good Scorpio babies!!!

    Thanks Maribeth – both for you greeting and also the lovely eCard you sent me – glad you liked the pics too!
    Yea, Scorpios rules – at least this month :-)

  8. Happy birthday to you, much fun, health, happiness and much more!!
    Your pictures are adorable and I particularly like the meaning of having 4 generations together in one picture, just great!!
    Loved seeing you on the dancing floor :)

    Happy birthday, feliz cumpleaños and all the best!

    Thanks for the warm wishes Mar!
    I agree: I can’t remember my grand grandfather, but very well my grandfather.
    Thanks for the Spanish greeting!

  9. Dear Renny,
    Happy birthday! Did not know we had birthdays only 4 days apart. Real scorpion you are! good one!! Check out my new adventure at Going to Antarctica end of Nov to finalize Seven Summits and collect 1,5 mill NOK for mine clearing in Afghanistan. Huge challenge!!
    Hug from Randi :-)

    Thanks Randi (yea, I know you are a scorpion too), really great to see you and you are such a great and successful world mountains traveler. Good luck with your new project for a good course!

  10. Dear Renny,
    I placed a ‘campaign’ on my sidebar..I’ll do it on 2 blogs.

    and please…’happy to do it, sir. :)

    Thanks a lot Thess – your such a great supporter!

  11. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, my friend. These pictures are fantastic, thanks for sharing them! :)
    “There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes.” ~~ SO true!! :)
    Sending you a birthday hug from Massachusetts, Renny!

    Thanks for your greetings and sweet words Lisa – glad you liked the pics and my saying too :)

  12. HAppy Birthday Renny!!!

    Thanks Vjai!!

  13. Happy Birthday Renny!! OMG your baby pictures are so adorable! I hope Diane is doing okay with her Mom!

  14. Happy Birthday Sweetie!! Your still just as adorable as you were in those baby pictures, just in a more big sexy viking kind of way. (I am the only one allowed to say that as I am Mrs. RennyBA). Still smooth on the dance floor too, so take some of these ladies out for a waltz and show them how gallant you are. Swing em around until they laugh like I do! I’ll be home soon :-)

    Thanks a lot my dear beloved wife – glad you see me this way. Welcome home – we miss you, you know ;-)

  15. Oh no,its not that long Renny..,I want MORE!! hey,i was here this morning waiting for your bday post.And it`s worth it!Woww!right,pictures say them all,what a charming baby and still charming not only on his 55th bday,but everyday I think ;)

    Happy happy Bday,Renny! I`m wishing you all the best and your family!
    Keep up being a good blogger and a friend!Blogosphere is not complete without you :)


    LoL Ghee, your so demanding! Thanks for your greetings, your warm wishes and also your encouragement – I’ll promise to keep on blogging :-)


    So happy to have met you and to be able to share your special days events weather and news, and all documented with a Nokia mobile phone…all except for the baby pics of course.
    And yes, you looked quite confident there dancing with the young lady, Renny!

    Have a wonder day!

    My pleasure Susie – so glad I met you summer 2006 and become friend with a great blogger like you too. Your always so observant and remember my Nokia cam:-)
    I loved to dance and still do you know!

  17. First of all, a big hug to you on your birthday! Diane’s words said it all, and I could echo the same – it’s your passion for meeting new people, knowing new cultures, and heralding the joys of networking that made us become friends. Btw, sooooo cute baby and kid pictures! I particularly liked the one where you’re dancing wearing a sailor suit. Be merry, Renny!

    Thanks a lot Mark for your warm thoughts and words. I’m glad I met you to and could welcome you to Norway as a good, old blogger friend!

  18. Happy Birthday, Renny! ^5!
    It’s about time I met someone older than me, doggone it. :)
    You’re not that much older; I’ll be catching up with you soon this coming July.

    Big Hugs to all from foggy Central California.

  19. 祝你生日快樂 !

    Yes, it means happy birthday… just trying to be original ! ;-)

    Wooooow Zhu – glad you did it your way – my first greetings in Chinese ;-)

  20. Renny, Best, best wishes

    U know us – Anna and Tor

    We really love U and you family

    btw – Mariestad 31 desember+ vi planegger for der – Og resten bli pr priv e-post

    Thanks a lot Tor & Anna – hope to see you at New Year too!

  21. Have a wonderful birthday and many, many happy returns of the day! I just wish Diane could be with you. I have of course voted for you, and I’m just waiting for the last 24 hours to finish before I try again:)

    Thanks a lot my friend – Diane will be here on Wednesday.
    I appreciate your support A.

  22. what wonderful pictures! such an alert 2 month old you were too! was it the cold norwegian air on your bare bottom that woke you up so much? hehehehe.

    really, i love all those old photos, how special to have them and what lovely wishes from diane. i’d very much like to hear the story behind that picture of you dancing, what a dashing little fellow.

    have a very happy and special birthday, renny and many more to you!

    Thanks and what an interesting observation – you might be right eheheheh
    Glad you like the pics and my wifes wishes. I just had to include them in the post you know.
    It should have been my Mum who told the story about me dancing – a long story, but let me share one little thing: The girl was furious if other girls where dancing with me LoL
    Thanks for your greetings Lime!

  23. Hi RennyBA,
    Only 55 years young????

    What a fantastic and cuty pictures of you!!! Thanksso much for sharing, yes!!!! I like looking at all old photo’s from everyone, so also from you! Have a great celebration day and enjoy life, you’re just so young…..
    What do you eat in the morning?
    Look at my blog and see my Dutch(part of ) breakfast:)
    Greetings JoAnn:)

    Thanks JoAnn – for your compliments and greetings!
    This morning I had scrambled eggs.
    i do hope you and everyone else understand that I can overcome to visit you all today – please don’t feel neglected!

  24. happy happy birthday Renny..
    YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED AT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!
    love Kim
    congratulations on your finalist nomination
    ps will vote for your award too :)

    Well, a bit taller (and wider) maybe :-)
    Thanks for your greetings and support Kim – I knew I could count on you :)

  25. Happy birthday, Renny! I hope you’re having a fab day!

    Thanks a lot Teena – wish you a great week ahead!

  26. Hello Renny
    A beautiful post still!You were so cute as baby and dancing with the little girl!
    And what a super uniform for a little boy! Happy birthday! full of good things for you and your wife! Congratulation for your performance in blogging and to have been selected as finalist.

    Thanks for your greeting, your warm thoughts and all your lovely compliments Claudie! I feel honored just to be listed among the Best European Blogs you know :-)

  27. A very big birthday wish to you, dear Renny! I love all of the photos- especially you in the sailor suit.

    Thanks Lisa – I knew you would like it.

  28. Happy, HAPPY Birthday, dear Renny! Wonderful pictures and memories. :-)

    Veni. Vidi. Voted.
    I came, I saw, I voted. ;-)

    Love and hugs,

    Thanks Diane, your such a great poem writer ;-) Welcome back to vote tomorrow too – until the 8th of November you know :-)

  29. Renny, happy 55th. You know you don’t look anywhere near that age. Diane must keep you young-looking.

    Happy Birthday, maybe you have many more wonderful birthdays!

    Awww, now I’m blushing Midas – thanks for your visit and greetings!

  30. Happy Birthday Renny!

    Wonderful pictures, what a sharp looking cutie. I agree with Lifecruiser, the sailor suit rocks. ;D Votes have been casted for both of you over here ;)

    A toast to both you & Diane ;)

    Thanks for the compliments as well as your vote – great to have support from down under too!
    Cheers R’acquel ;)

  31. awww Happy birthday Renny! you look adorable specially on the sheep skin and by the way congrats being one of the finalist in web blog awards ;)

    Thanks Scart – blushing – and also for your support!

  32. Happy belated BD Renny!!

    Hope you had a great one.

    Thanks Pearl – I had and are overwhelmed by the response here and by all the email greetings!

  33. Happy Birthday Renny! It has been a pleasure making your acquaintance.

    Thanks Nancy and you know I feel the same – and also love to read your photoblog!

  34. I’m a little late but happy birthday Renny! That “King of the Ball…” photo with you dancing is priceless, you definitely had the moves. You were showing lil’ miss lady up!

    Oh, I’ve been voting for you, good luck with the Weblog Awards!

    Thanks Tennis-friend – I love dancing as much as tennis you know :-)
    Thanks for your support too!

  35. > What makes Renny so charming is that he has a genuine curiosity and a willingness to see the world from so many different angles as humanly possible.

    I haven’t been able to shake this sentence that Diane wrote. It affected me a lot when i read it, experienced a level of shock – not negative at all, I just recognise this quality really well and i haven’t been able to shake it out of my brain. What do you think it is that made you like this? How did you develop the ability or appreciation to consider, take time to listen and learn of other perspectives? Did you parents have much influence in teaching you something like this? Any early memories of when you first began to approach the world this way? Or what was it that made you see the value of being this way?

    Anywayz, i shall try not to let it get to me too much. Can’t help but become curious as to what sorts of things lead to this way of interacting with the rest of the world.

  36. Actually – another question (only if you have the time to answer, i don’t want to impose). How do you deal with people who are the opposite? Those whom are close-minded and completely refuse to consider an alternative perspectives like you do?

  37. Du skriver at et bilde sier mer enn tusen ord. Av og til gjør de det. Andre ganger kan ett ord si mer enn tusen bilder. La oss ta bladet Shape up som eksempel. Her er 80% av bildene manipulert. Hva sier disse bildene da? Tusen bilder i dette bladet er verdt dette ene ordet: JUKS!

  38. Renny – Happy Belated Birthday! Diane’s tribute to you was lovely. I hope you enjoyed your special day and thank you for sharing Norway with us!

  39. Happy belated Birthday!

    What an amazing story!

    Thanks for your greetings and compliments Krystyna!

  40. OMG You are sooo cute!!!

    Thanks Chase – I’m blushing :-)

  41. Sorry this is belated but Many happy Returns for your 55th! I am right behind you, turning 54 in Dec. You were a really cute kid! You look so natural on those old wooden skis! Thanks for sharing all this and for Diane’s thoughts too. I wish her well at a difficult time.

  42. Ha! Happy Birthday, Old Man! (Although I’m only 2 & a half years behind you …) I’ll have to mark my calendar so I won’t be late next year …

  43. I LOVE it! Happy Birthday, Renny! :)

  44. what a wonderful story. AS usual I’m way too late… Geeze I need to get back to self enjoyment!

  45. Awww, how cute! Happy Birthday :)

    Thanks and I’m blushing :)

  46. Hi Renny,

    I finally got here to read all your b-day greetings, those childhood photos are cute. Hope Diane is doing well and everything is well with her Mom, I lost my Mom in June of this year but she is in a better place. You should go shopping at my online mall for a belated present, I am sure you will fine one at the 1000 stores at Why don’t you stop in today, maybe you can book a trip somewhere? Christmas is coming too, great place to shop without leaving the comfort of home. Have Diane shop at my mall. Have a wonderful day.

    God Bless,

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