Third place on Weblog Awards 2007

Hello Blog World! Allow me to reflect over this weeks adventures as I’ve never had a more exciting week in my whole blogging life. It ended in a success as I proudly can announce RennyBA’s Terella is listed in the top three of Best European Blogs.
Let me first thank all of you faithful as well as new and hopefully regular readers for all your support and continuing voting during the week. It was a thrill of a poll and the race was close, thanks to all of you!

2007 Weblog Awards - Best European BlogThe day before the poll ended, I was on top and of course very excited. Never the less, as I’ve said in a lot of interviews the last days (see some example below): I don’t feel I’ve lost the gold medal but have won the bronze. To be listed among those 10 finalist was a great honor in itself and a thrill money can’t buy.

I hope you all will bare with me as I share some of my experiences from the week:

It started on Monday when Mrs. Lifecruiser made me aware of that I was listed as a finalist and even in the same category as her. We where both thrilled and from the beginning agreed to that we were happy to compete -not against but rather together in this. During the poll she has been such a great supporter so I want to thank her personally in this post.

From my first post announcing the nomination, all my regular readers gave me great support (thanks again!) Meanwhile, things really started taking off when one of Norway’s top newspapers interviewed me about my nomination and published it on their web site:

RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007

It was on Tuesday and I had almost 2000 visitors that day. Most of them at noon, so it’s obvious what Norwegians do in their lunch time :-)

The next day I was on national TV on TV2’s program ‘Good Morning Norway’. No pics to prove that right now, but I’ll ask them for the interview as I would like to put it on my Youtube account of course.
I asked and got this link from TV2 showing my interview:

Then the snowball started rolling and I was on some other net newspaper:
RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007 RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007 #3

It ended while I was in Milan and there was an article in my home county’s newspaper, Telemark Arbeiderblad:
RennyBA's Terella Weblog Award 2007 #5

On Friday, the local radio station from the same county interviewed me for their end of the week show. Their main guest was Bjørn Kjos, CEO of the airline company, Norwegian. We had a great chat on the air.

Again, I thank each and every one who supported and voted for me. I couldn’t make it without you! I hope you understand it has been a extremely busy week, so please don’t feel neglected if I have not been visiting you and commenting on your latest post. I’ll try my best to make it up to you and it starts on Monday when I invite you all to another celebration: RennyBA’s Terella’s two years Blog Anniversary with some surprises. So stay tuned and in the mean time: Have a great end to your week :-)