How would you like the chance to go through Internet history and even meet one of it’s inventors, and have a nice chat with him – all in one day? Well last night I did, and since my blog is about my daily life, mostly in Norway, I’ll gladly share this exciting moment with you:

Yesterday it was The Norwegian Computer Society‘s big event: ROSING, The IT Award Ceremony 2007 in Oslo. You can read all about last years event where I met the co-founder of Skype, Morten Lund in my ‘IT’s all about luck‘ post. As I said then: Awards are given out in categories like “IT Security”, “Usability”, “Competence”, “Creativity”, “Best Net Service” e.g. to software companies, consultants, organization or others that have provided some special and good solutions within IT and the Internet. This years key note speaker was no less that the father of the Internet himself; Vinton G. Cerf:

Vinton G. Cerf at ROSING 2007In his speech: ‘The Internet – Past, Present and Future’, Mr. Cerf took us through the history and development of the Internet from how it started in the beginning of the 60s with DARPA to ARPANET in the 70s where the Internet matured as a result of the TCP/IP architecture first proposed by Robert E. Kahn at BBN and further developed by Kahn and Cerf at Stanford and others throughout the 70’s. He also gave some facts and figures about the spreading and growth of the net and how he became VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google. I would like to stress on one crucial point though: Beside the protocol in itself, one of the most import factors for how the Internet has been created, is the design goals for this interconnection of networks:
• Any network should be able to connect to any other network via a gateway
• There should be no central network administration or control
• Lost packets should be retransmitted
• No internal changes in the networks should be needed in order to enable their interconnection.

So here we are, in a free network, where everyone can participate and share applications, informations and knowledge like in this wonderful world of Blogshpere where it really shows that it empowering people.

Vinton G. Cerf and RennyBABefore Vint’s speech, I was lucky to have a nice chat with him. He knew a lot of people important for the development of the net, including Norwegians like Paal Spilling, professor at the Department of informatics, Univ. of Oslo and University Graduate Center at Kjeller. I said I thought Spilling was the first one who connected to ARPANET outside of US, but Vint meant it was Professor Peter Kirstein of University College London (UCL). I promised i would try to find out more information about it and get back to him.
I also told Mr. Cerf that I would like to see him nominated for 2008 Nobel Peace Price like I announced in my post in October. He was flattered of course and said if so, Mr. Robert Kahn should be included too. I also like the idea of adding Tim Berners-Lee who wrote the protocol for information distribution known as WWW. Those three have provided some really important tools for free information availably which breaks down religious, cultural and social barriers in the world. I still am working on that and take it you support me :-)


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  2. What a great experience and report from this major event.
    And lucky you to meet and speak to such an important person. (Typical U, my friend)
    I was not there this year. Even invited – with a free ticket to go. My preference was my Mother – looking at all pictures taken during my visit to Ingelin.
    I know you know – family is priority #1.

    Thanks and yea: it was quite exciting.
    I know you where there last year when your boss won the price: IT-Manager of the year.
    Yea I know: family first and that’s why I have not been around that much in blogsphere lately.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening and how exciting to get to meet such an interesting person!
    It all sounds quite fascinating!

    Yea, it was great – a once in a life time experience.

  4. Wow, that’s pretty cool!
    The history of Internet is indeed fascinating. So many great ideas and people coming together and… here we are now!
    You’re lucky you went to this ceremony. Must be a great experience to chat with him!

    Your right and it become even more fascinating when meeting a man like Vint and he was a real nice person to talk to.

  5. I am learning everyday ! I didn’t know that Internet exists already such a long time ! I think I heard it in the 90th for the first time because my husband was one of the first programmers and analyst here in the country and started in 1972. He probably new everything before but I hated the word Computer and everything what had to do with it ! I just shut my ears ! I really discovered it two years ago in December ! And now see what I have become …… (lol) !

    I also wanted to inform the A-team that today I have my first post about Egypt, two short videos of a “Whirling Dervish” it is absolutely amazing how he can whirl and whirl around without getting dizzy and fall down ! (if you have never seen one it’s worthwhile !)

    Its older than one might think, but of course the growth has become amazing the last year and I’m glad you came with too as you are a great blogger.
    I will catch up on your later, but please be patient as I have and will be traveling a lot these days. This weekend Brussels is next.

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  7. Must be really great to experience this kind of event. Plus, a chat with Mr. Cerf is an added Wow! I wish you have a nice Wednesday!

    btw, I just tagged you if it’s okies:)

    Yea, very exciting and educating too you know.
    Thanks for the tag CheH!

  8. i definitely agree with your nomination. it makes worlds more sense than yassir arafat or al gore!

    Thanks – I knew I could count on you Lime.

  9. I know that this was really exciting for you !

    Now I know why it’s called Cerfing the net! :-)

    Yea, even more than exciting and you got it right :-)

  10. Dear Renny..this is just a quick stop over..I want to thank you for visiting..and if you find a bit of time, please visit this page:
    I have something for you…it isn’t a tag/meme …I just thought I”d so something different for my friends.
    Regards form Holland!

    Thanks so very much – I feel flattered.
    Please give me some time as its very hectic right now with family matters and a lot of traveling. Soon I’m off to Brussels for the rest of the week, so I’ll have to catch up on you over the weekend.

  11. Great! Must have been a wonderful experience!!! It really was a long time ago… Time flies by….

    For a network evangelist and Internet freak, it was a thrill you know. Well, Rome wasn’t build on one day either :-)

  12. Hi RennyBA, Bellated Happy Birthday my friend.Truly impressive and Congrat’s for the awards. Being genuinely happy is a powerful way to express your confidence and your expectation that positive things will happen and when you confidently expect the best, that’s precisely what you get.

    Thanks you so very much – how flattering – I’m blushing.

  13. That’s way too COOL! That’s more than meeting a rockstar. Actually it is meeting a rockstar geek! I mean, I worked for an ISP for my first job and I’m thankful for it because it launched me to where I am now.

    Hey, I just read your description in Technorati, you are a CEO. Wow! Hat’s off to you.

    I could not said it better myself – it was really cool.
    Yea, I’m a CEO – blogging is just a hobby you know.

  14. How wonderful that you got to meet this genius of a man and to tell him how you would like him to win a Nobel Prize! Your life has been very full and exciting lately Renny….My life has been very full, too…But with “CLEANING”…I have been very very busy trying to clean out as much stuff as I can from my house—a little every day—Some days MORE than a little, like today—-It was A LOT!….So I have not been around the net much myself but for very different and mundane reasons….LOL! I am very tired and am going to lay down and rest now…But, before I do, I wanted to say HI to you, my dear Renny, and again congratulate you on YOUR Award!

    Yea, it was just great. Your so right; life has been a bit to much of exciting I think, with all this traveling, celebrations and my MIL passing away. Now I’m going to Brussels for the rest of the week, so its hard to catch up in Blogsphere, but I hope people understand.
    It sound like you are quite busy too – take good care of yourself and have a great end to your week!

  15. That whole evening sounded so interesting, Renny. I didn’t know who created the internet, so you have taught me something today.

    I certainly support you in breaking down all the barriers that divide us as human beings…because we are human, no matter what we believe or practice. We all came into the world the same and we will all leave it the same way.

    It was interesting and I am so glad to share so that some can learn something too – one of my goals for my blog you know.
    I knew I could count on your support.

  16. I think you should gt the award next year !

    Awwww Sidney, how nice of you to even think that way. You have to find a parliamentarian to nominate me then ;-)

  17. You are clearly hobnobbing with the greatest IT people in the world, Renny! I’m so proud of YOU and you own accomplishments!

    I guess hobnobbing is my cup of tee :-) Thanks for the compliments too!

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Diane and the boys of course!!!

    Thanks – we had a lovely turkey dinner with the family tonight. I’ll post about it tomorrow.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving!
    It is 30 degrees here so I can’t imagine snow anymore.. ;-)
    Have a safe travel to Brussels… Take care!

    Wish you a great one too!
    You should have to look in your freezer LoL
    Thanks Sidney, I will – wish you where here to guide me.

  20. We too got the early snow. Funny enough though, here in Ontario Canada, the city of Toronto got only a dusting of snow that day and here in the rural area 1hr north of the city we got almost 6 inches of packing snow. It is about 5 days since the snow fell and it is cold enough to make it crispy and squeaky making the ski conditions perfect 30 min north of my home!

    Thanks for your weather report from Canada – now I envy you as the snow here has gone in rain again.

  21. I’m so glad you left a link to this post … very interesting, and “That’s” who you are! This time your page loaded up easily.
    The internet and computers are so interesting in my case, because I skipped from a commadore 64, to a year and a half ago when I started using a hand me down old Packard Bell – which I still use! I had no idea how or why internet worked.

    Great photo by the way :)
    Eric from “Speedcat Hollydale”

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