Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket“The more it snows
(Tiddly Pom)
The more it goes
(Tiddly Pom)
The more it goes
(Tiddly Pom)
On snowing.” ~ Winnie the Pooh, one of my childhood heroes :-)

Last night here just outside of Oslo we had our first snowfall. Well we have had a little snow before now but not enough to stick on the ground overnight. My wife looked out the window and was so excited she ran out in her pajamas and slippers and took some pictures, and I of course took some more on the way to work this morning. The quality could have been much better, but just to give you the proof:

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The winter season is beginning here. The days are growing shorter (sunrise 7:40, sunset 16:46) and the temperatures are growing colder. The ski centres are opening up and children are out in their snowsuits. My bonus child was so happy to find that when he came back from the US the ski centre he works at was open for the season. You see while most of the USA has had a mild fall, we have had a rather cold one. I think this is the first time for long the slopes have opened before the end of November.

And the snowy weather came just in time to add to our families Thanksgiving festivities. This year we were joined by my two children of course (the third one is on a back packer trip in Asia), and my two nieces plus one’s boyfriend. We were 9 people all around the table enjoying turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, stuffing, cranberry sauce and of course my home made gravy. Diane does most of the other stuff, but Renny is the gravy man. I use a lot of time cooking it and adding just enough seasoning. By the time we ate the cheese cake, or the nut cake, for dessert we were all so full and happy of course.
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Here is wishing you a Happy Holiday for those of you who are celebrating now…and even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving: try to take a minute to reflect over what you are thankful for..… even if its just the snow outside :-)


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  3. How lovely for you to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving in Norway. I love to hear of different traditions, and especially when they are “transplanted” from one place to another. When we lived in Paris, I used to have such difficulty finding the ingredients for what I considered to be a traditional Christmas, particularly mince pies.

    Funny too that you are the gravy man – I am the gravy and sauce person in our house!

    It has its advantages to be married to an American you know. My wife has sometimes difficult to find ingredients here in Norway too, but are well adjusted.
    Maybe gravy is a man thing after all then :-)

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  5. ah we had our first snow on monday. we got 8 inches, which melted away in a couple days since it got warm and rained.

    the meal looks lovely. i hope you all had a wonderful day. i am still full from yesterday!

    So your in head of us – I must admit it melted away here too, but it’ll come back you know.
    It was – we had – and I’m still quite full too. Never the less, I am in Brussels with Diane, so now we are going out for a romantic Friday evening dinner ;-)

  6. I envy your first snow. Sounds like you had a lovely meal. Ours was a bit crazy with the total count being 22 people. I disagree with gravy being a “man” thing as my grandmother makes the best gravy and I continue to try to live up to her recipe.

    You shall have to come and visit Norway in the winter time next then!
    I know you where a bunch of people as I saw your post about it.
    Okay, you win: maybe its more of an art form :-)

  7. That picture looks delicious… Enjoy your first snow, even though it’s not as much of a novelty as it is to me! I remember the excitement when I encountered my first snowfall in the USA. :-)

    Thanks and I hope you can come and visit one day in a wonderful and snowy winter day.

  8. The ski season has began in different parts of Europe, earlier than usual and I am looking forward to our ski-Xmas vacation. That’s why I am going to the gym twice a week and don’t have any excuse not to!

    It seems you had a wonderful family gathering with delicious plates, food for the soul and for the well-being! My husband is the hobby cook and the one in charge when it comes to weekend meals and celebrations. It’s a good mental exercise to reflect on what we are thankful for, usually we are just complaining about our wishes remaining unfulfilled…

    Its always great to read about your snow enthusiasm – you always sounds like a Norwegian :-)
    You’ve got the whole idea and the atmosphere so right Mar. I just love to cook together with my wife – even on workdays – one of my quality times you know. You are so right: we should count out blessing a lot more!

  9. I’m excited to see snow again, too, but I might have to wait until January since I’m escaping for a month to a tropical place. :) Nice snow shots and the table looks so inviting! :)

    So this is your second year of snowy experience in Norway then Mark. When will I see you in the ski tracks?
    Have a wonderful trip and welcome back in the new year!

  10. We had very nice Thanksgiving celebrations yesterday, sitting in the yard by temperatures of still 26C, with excellent food and after that a nice swim in the pool… quiet a difference, right?

    But I liked to see your snow pictures too.Thanks for sharing it, Renny!

    Thanks for sharing yours and for enjoying mine then. Yours reminds me of my experience more than 10 years ago, when I celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve in Australia. It was strange to have a swim in the outdoor pool right after we’ve popped the cork of a champagne bottle :-)

  11. I love Winnie the Pooh! We’ve had our first snow too – way up north though. It’s really quite chilly just now and I won’t be surprised if we have frost overnight.

    I knew you would like this cute little bear!
    Hope you’ll have snow real soon to then – keep me posted!

  12. Very light snowfall, not enough to cover the ground over here, but very, very damp and chilly – and windy. Freezing cold winds going right through our clothes, even the thickest winter jacket. Not my favorite kind of weather at all. I use to have ski pants in the winter, but not in the city when going out for dinner like we did tonight… OK, had to have more drinks to keep warm… *giggles*

    Well, as I’ve said in some of my replies, the snow was wiped away by rain the day after, but I feel there is more coming on soon.
    I know you dislike the winter time, but living here in Scandinavia that long, you should have learned to dress up to beat the cold :-) Of course more drinks helps a bit too *giggles*

  13. Belated happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Renny. Sounds like you’ll have a white Christmas, too.

    Thanks and yea; I do hope for lots of snow for Christmas.

  14. Oh that snow is wonderful. Glad you took the pics.. But I’ll remind you that although the states might have had a mild fall, Vancouver didn’t! We had way too much rain and it was far too depressing to enjoy. Toronto on the other was still wearing shorts in October… I’m not impressed! (especially when one NEEDS a vacation and isn’t gonna get one!)

    Glad you liked the pics despite the quality.
    Interesting to notice the different from the east to the west in the weather condition in Canada too.

  15. What a lovely meal and family time you had, Renny. And the snow was just the white icing on your Thanksgiving cake!
    I love snow and hope we have a lot this winter. The last several years we haven’t had much snow at all.

    Have a great weekend!
    Love and hugs,

    Yea we did and I’m glad you had a good one too.
    Snow frosts the nature beautifully I think :-) and I’m glad you will enjoy it too!

  16. Glad you got to participate in the traditional American tryptophan coma!

    Well, it made for a very relaxing evening you know.

  17. As you can see on my last post, we have snow as well!

    We had a big snowstorm these last few days (still going actually) with a very unexpected 25 cm of snow and more to be expected very soon. It’s a bit messy right now and confusing time we get used to it, cause even know it’s Canada, people are always taken by surprise every year! Funny ;-)

    Days are short here too… pretty much the same, sunrise about 7:30 and sunset at 4:30.

    I’ll hop over as soon as I can to see your snow :-)
    Woooow, 25 cm – I hope we get that and more as soon as possible – and you know what: Norwegian are always taken by surprise too ;-)
    So you have a bit longer days, but quite like us in Norway.

  18. Snow!! It’s the rainy season in Singapore now. It’s cooler and wet. I don’t like to go out in such weather. I would love to see snow. Too late for me to book a flight to a cold country, all the flights are full!

    Cold and rain isn’t that fun – that’s why i love the white snow.
    I’m sorry, but you can come next weekend? :-)

  19. The chilling cold is back again but it’s warm over here. Not for long as I have to head over to the north, near to the North korean border next month and it’s always minus 10 degrees over there. Well, for a change for layers of thick clothes

    Glad you soon will experience the lowly winter condition then and of course its great as long as you know how to dress.

  20. Belated Happy Thanksgiving Renny!
    Im so glad to hear from you again.I have to apology for not responding to your last email..ive been too busy lately..Condolence,by the way…

    its snowing already!i bet youll have white xmas then?i havent experienced a white xmas yet,but maybe this year,we will,in our future town.

    Have fun in your Travel,Renny,and take care always!

    happy weekend!

    Thanks Ghee, hope you have a great weekend too.
    Glad to see you too and no problem – I know how it is to be busy.
    White Christmas is the best you can have you know and really hope you’ll experience it too.
    I will – actually I am right now and Diane and I are going out for dinner in Brussels tonight.

  21. We had a white Thanksgiving also. I adore brussel sprouts be we didn’t have any with dinner this year– perhaps I’ll make some next year.

    Glad to hear that Lisa – makes it more nice and clean and even brighter I think.
    Brussels sprouts is actually one of my favorite vegetable so I hope you’ll try next year.

  22. You are indeed having the same kind of weather as us. You seem more excited about it than me, though :)

    I’ve red from other Canadian commenter here that we’ve had pretty much the same. I know you are not the thrilled about this season, but it makes it even better when summer finally arrive you know :-)

  23. We had our first snowfall back on Wednesday and a heavier snow on Thursday. It certainly looks nice.

    Glad to know and also that you enjoys it.

  24. Your Thanksgiving meal looks delicious! I am very envious. My son who is at home with me is a vegan, so I tend to cook the food he likes – there is no point cooking roast dinners just for me. Come Christmas, my youngest son will be home and I’m cooking up a feast!

    The weather here is grey and cold and when it’s not cold and grey it’s wet and cold – marvelous. :(

    Thanks – we had one vegan too, but she got some kind of vegi nougats.
    Hope you soon get real nice winter weather then.

  25. I can’t believe we beat you in the first snowfall! We’ve had 2 and my husband is going for his first cross-country trek today at a place north of us that got 30 cm!! He is so excited that he won’t even have to use “rock skis” (crummy skis that don’t matter if he gets scraped up!)
    But…our downhill places , well, only one is open. More will open once they can start making snow with colder night temps.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! You can be in charge of the gravy here anytime!!

    Thanks for your weather report too – and you know I envy you a bit since our snow has gone again – seams we have more to come during this week though.

  26. Beautiful table! You make me hungry Renny! Love the snow but don’t think I will see it here! Thanksfull for my future christmas vacation and so I will continue my job on the Lifecruiser ship.

    Glad you liked it Claudie and can’t we just wish you can have a white Christmas too :-)
    Hope you’ll have a great vacation and I’m looking forward to your posts about it.

  27. I am definitely jealous here because I am stuck here in the tropical third world and I just noticed that I am really a winter person since I love the cold and beautiful jackets that we usually wear during that season. Hopefully I am back home in Norway next year!

    I know since you have experienced it and I do hope you come back to Norway to experience it again – real soon.

  28. ‘Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (how lovely to be married to an american indeed, you get to experience this)

    Daylight is getting shorter, yes, but I don’t know about snow…Holland is unpredictable when it comes to snow…I wouldn’t mind having a white Christmas this year.

    Have a good week ahead, Renny!

    Thanks Thess – yes I feel lucky and honored.
    I was in Brussels last weekend so I know how it is around in your part of Europe – hope you’ll get a white Christmas too.
    Wish you a good one too.

  29. Hi, Renny! You’ve got an interesting snowfall there while we have those destructive typhoons here since the rainy season started in August.
    Happy thanksgiving to you and happy holidays to you and family…

    I’ve heard about your extrema weather and are sorry for you.
    Thanks for your greetings – hope you had a good weekend too.

  30. You have thanksgiving in Norway?

    Next you’ll be saying you have bonfire night too ;)

    Well, of course Norwegian don’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving in Norway, but since I’m married to an american, this is a bonus to me.
    Bonfire nights are very common though – in the summer time ;)

  31. I love Winnie the Pooh…and snow…and Thanksgiving. So much to celebrate in this post, Renny! :)

    I know we have a lot in common Ginnie and I do agree with you :)

  32. RennyBA, I am queen of gravy… ;)
    I mean Queen of Making Gravy…not eating it… :)

    Hope we can meet one day and exchange experiences then ;-)

  33. I only missed the X-mas tree and Santa – the food for T-G is not THAT different from Christmas – at least not the amount. LOL:

    Your so right Tor, its quite a lot like a Norwegian Christmas Eve celebration, except we normally have pinnekjøtt then.

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