For a Norwegian with interest in culture, history and architecture, Brussels has a lot to offer. In this third post from our stay last weekend (please scroll down to experience the city and also our gourmet adventure!), we’ll share Brussels fish market in the street: Petite rue des Brouchers. Its a charming, narrow coble stone street with the typical architecture of the period. Side by side along this street, you’ll find restaurants showing their collection of seafood in front:

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It looks and smells so tempting with; lobster, crabs, shrimps, scallops, clamshell – all a Norwegian sea food lover can think of, and much more – have a look yourself:
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In the right picture, you see a young man climbing around making his sea food display look nice and inviting. He was very talkative (even more than me:-), and noticed that my wife and I where talking Scandinavian. He told us this was his families restaurant and since living in Sweden for a while, he talked almost fluently – for a Norwegian, no problem to understand. I’m not sure if I like their habit of eagerly inviting you inside – a bit too intruding to me – but all restaurants had this kind of charming, young, well dressed gentleman:
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He’s last tempting offer was: ‘Have the first glass of champagne or wine on the house‘, so how could we resist – besides we where ready for a nice treat and sea food is one of our favorites. The restaurant “La Bergerie” was the most pleasant experience. Nice and charming environment inside by the glowing fireplace, and lovely food too. Another gourmet sensation from Brussels – we started with Shrimps Cocktail or in French: Le Cocktail de Crevettes roses:
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Our main course: My wife had Poisson de Mer ‘Tilapia’ á l’Ostendaise (fillet of sole in a cheese sauce) and I had Tagliatelles au Saumas frais (lovely salmon):
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We ended with the dessert: La coupe glasée aux Cerises and nice cup of espresso :
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Now we are safely back in Norway and into the daily and ordinary routines. December is on, it’s Advent time and the anticipation for Christmas traditions has started. Yesterday i visited The Yule Market in Oslo – a very nice and exciting experience – so stay tuned!


  1. am i the first to comment??

    You are – one minute after I posted :-)

  2. Hello Renny,
    Howve you been doing?I hope you are in a great shape :)

    What a clean, colorful fish market!It would be a delight to shop there.
    Thank you for the visit,Renny dear and sorry for my late reply,too busy on weekends.

    Have a great week ahead with Dianne!!

    I’m fine thank you – lost my tennis game, but shit happens :)
    It was delicious, not only for shopping, but for eating.
    Your welcome and don’t have to exsuse yourself – I do know what you mean and I feel sorry I don’t have time to visit all my blog friends too.
    Wish you a good one too.

  3. Hi Renny, Brussels sounds wonderful. I think I’d really like to go to Europe because there’s so much to see…and you don’t have a whole continent to get to. Is it hard to traverse countries there?

    Hi Shoshana – it is, really.
    Hope you’ll visit one day and once you’ve gotten within Europe, it’s easy to traverse. So hope you’ll come to Scandinavia too :-)

  4. I was just going to say that about the Market. It’s clean. How would I know though, I haven’t been to a real fish market in ages!

    But it is nice and clean – the whole town is – very delicate.

  5. I like the look of that fish market. Could you get me a kilo of fresh prawns for Christmas please…lol! They wouldn’t be too fresh by the time they got to Australia would they?…phew.

    The restaurant meal sounds delicious…I adore salmon…and wine, of course.

    Glad you liked it. I don’t know about fresh prawns but don’t you get Norwegian Salmons in Australia?
    See, I love salmon too – and with white wine its just smashing good.

  6. How wonderful this looks! I love fresh seafood and enjoy it the fresher it is! I ate a lot of seafood on our cruise. Oh, that was lovely. This looks very fine, also.

    I knew you would love it and remember your report from the cruise.

  7. I am getting homesick now…
    It is indeed a nice neighborhood although you need to be careful about tourist traps. The food is not that good in all restaurants but all their displays are gorgeous.
    Good you picked a good restaurant.

    Hope it was okay that I took you down the memory lane then.
    I know – you just need to use your tourist guts feeling I guess. The one where was in is great.

  8. What a seafood heaven!!

    Well said SwordGirl!

  9. Welcome back home to a snowy December leading up to Christmas. How long does it take you to get to Brussels? Everything seems so much closer to you than it does for us!

    Thanks – its still mostly raining though :-(
    It takes less than two hours by airplane.

  10. what delicious photos and food….
    very cosmopolitan !!!!
    I’m sure that you and Dianne are glad to be home for the Christmas Season though :)

    Thanks – glad you liked them.
    Yes we are – nothing like home and to sleep in your own bed you know :)

  11. Nothing beats fresh seafood, and your meals look delicious! I love shrimp in particular.

    The Yule Market, eh? Sounds very interesting….. ;-)
    Have a great new week, Renny and Diane.
    Love and hugs,

    I knew you would like it Diane.
    There will be a Yule Market post very soon.
    Hugs back to you and your family.

  12. All those restaurants side by side. We had mussels as so may people do. I would agree about the “invitations” to go into the restaurants – some of them can really be quite insistent.

    Its a great view and mussels was an option – hard to have it all you know :-)
    I didn’t like the insistences either.

  13. Looks delicious. I don’t like those pushy eagerly inviting men outside the restaurants, I’ve seen it in several cities/countries. It seems like something that is spreading.

    It was very delicious, yea.
    Me either – it was very annoying.

  14. Now that looks like a lot of fun. i couldn’t help to notice the amt of coverings they have for the customers. I guess this is fully outside, and covered in case of the Belgium rains. It’s so beautiful though, and dinner outstanding!

    I’m rather jealous because the culture here is non-existant and P still can’t figure out why I would rather be back in Europe. Sometimes it hard to explain that I think. It’s where the heart is… Oh now for Christmas stuff, I can travel while on my computer at least. ;-)

    Your very observant – it was! Outstanding is the word!
    I do understand, but i guess its hard to understand before you have experienced it yourself.
    Your welcome to travel with me any time ;-)

  15. Wow RennyBA you sure do get to eat a lot of yummy things!
    Looks like you two had a lovely time, and thanks for the birthday greetings!!

    I just love food you know and don’t go for fast food.
    Your welcome – glad you had a great celebration on Saturday and the you got the roses :-)

  16. What a beautiful market, Renny. I would love to visit a place like this. I always enjoy fresh markets and try to shop at such places as much as possible. Fresh is best! :-)

    I knew you would like it Lisa and of course I agree: Fresh (and also fish) is my favo too :-)

  17. Hmmmm that looks yummy indeed! I always end up in that little corner too whenever we go to Brussels. Lovely corner although it can be a bit hectic sometimes when the waiters are competing for the customers. I love the way they decorate the restaurant outside with the bombastic seafood decoration.

    Thanks for the compliments – great to hear from another local too. This wasn’t the tourist peak hour you know.
    The sea food decorations was breath taking.

  18. You certainly made the most of that Brussels trip.

    I did and the best of all: together with my wife:-)

  19. I actually saw the pictures on Flickr before reading the post, but I’m glad I get your story now!

    I love fish markets – and markets in general. It’s so lively… And looks like an awesome meal!

    My Flickr pics in the portal to my blog you know :-)
    Nothing like fresh ingredients you know!

  20. Thank you sharing your trip with us. Upon seeing your first photo, I wanted to walk through the market and enjoy such a lovely meal. Have fun!

    Your welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed it too.
    You too!

  21. Oh my what a charming street and marketplace! I love the atmosphere and ambiance. :)

    And those food! Look so delicious. The dessert is displayed so nicely even though the content itself is very simple. What an art!

    And your photos are so clear and colorful. What camera did you use?

    Glad you liked it too :) – It’s important to serve the food in a nice way too you know.
    This time I used my Nikon Coolpix S2 cam.

  22. I love this time of the year everywhere, Renny. We were in Brussels one year over the Thanksgiving weekend, and even that was lovely. They were starting to put up all the Christmas things in the square. I’ll have to ask Donica if she knows that restaurant, since she’s often in Brussels!

    I do agree – a season perfect or traveling. A bit early to put up Christmas thing in November though – I think!
    Keep me posted if Donica has been there?

  23. What a gorgeous place, and that food looks amazing!!

    Glad you liked it Lisa!

  24. Brussels fish market looks very nice and my gosh the food looks delicious as well!! My aunt was there last November and Brussels is definitely one of my traveling destinations once I am in Norway.

    It was, but not as amazingly good as the fish market in Bergen you know. Maybe one day we can go to Brussels together?
    Btw: Thanks for straighten up my blog :-)

  25. as long as there’s free booze. hehehe

    tilapia! my favorite! hehehe ;p

    You’ve got it Tin-tin hehehe

  26. Heeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Thats (Brussel) something I would like to see in person, going to BRUSSEL with Christmas, so you are fulfilling my wish! I cannot go because I cannot find a dogsitter again ( we went too much on short vacations ) , so thanks for showing and YOU are very welcome to visit my blog too, I saw you added my blog on your linklist. Thanks I did the same (adding your link on my blog)

    I posted something yesterday/today about a DUTCH tradition “Sinterklaas” looks a bit like the Santa Claus from Christmas in other countries, though we have the “black Pieten” as the helpers , to give the present to the youngh children… Me toooooooooooooooo! I want a present but I am adult :) hahaha

    see you greetings :)

    Glad you liked it and that I could fulfilling your wish even if you could not go there by yourself.
    I saw your post – it was great – sounds a bit like our Nisse – a great tradition.

  27. Hi The link was mistaken so I send the “good link” to my blog again sorry:)

    Thanks again JoAnn.

  28. You weren’t so long from France! Brussel seems to be a nice town and restaurant opening in the street! I can understand you couldn’t resist!
    A beautiful way of life even if Belgian don’t have government! It seems they can live without!!! Ha! Ha!

    I know – I do hope we can meet one day!
    They seams to manage quite well anyway :-)

  29. Hello Renny,
    I react like you, when people do everything they can to gain you as a customer. Usually I walk away. But, in this case: What a pleasant meal.

    Our meals here in Buenos – haha – you must wait with patience – even for pictures.
    Love from
    The 3 travelling Vikings

    I knew we where two of a kind :-)
    Looking forward to your travel reports – have a great stay.

  30. Great pictures and narrative, as usual – they make me want to go to Brussels NOW!

    I can’t wait for the Yule Market post :-)

    Go for it Tinsie and keep me posted :-)
    I’ll try to find time to post it today.

  31. That would be nice Renny coz I also heard that they have nice chocolates there too!!!

    They have – one of the worlds best you know!!!

  32. Everything is so colorful!

    Yea, and tasty too.

  33. one of those places I wish to visit someday…not just Europe but the whole world. i can only do virtual traveling

    I just love traveling too and it’s nice at least to get a peek in blogpshere you know :-)

  34. Hello Renny,
    Awesome photo’s and descriptions of the fish market and restaurant…..seafood is definitely a favorite with me, and you can’t get better than fresh sea bass :)

    I’ll be working on a scroll text box and have it added in the next day or two, which will include the awrd and list of nominees.
    Have a wonderful day,

    Thanks for the compliments Colin and of course I do agree with you :-)
    Thanks for your effort – I think it will be useful for everyone who will return this favor of yours!

  35. Hello Renny,
    Just to let you know I have added a scroll down box to
    Have a good day

    Thanks Collin. I plan to post a return of the favor during the weekend.
    Wish you a good one too!

  36. seafood is definitely my fave! not been to fish market for ages

    happy weekend renny!

    So we are two of a kind in many ways then LoL – glad you could be on one on my blog then!
    Happy weekend to you too CheH :-)

  37. Nice Brussels place and great food.

    Thanks for the visit Fruity – glad you liked the food too!

  38. What a delightful fish-market. The sea-food on the plates look great too. :-)

    Glad you liked it – you know I love your food posts from all around the world too :-)

  39. What a neat fish market! I would have enjoy shopping and eating in here too. The fish market in Singapore is dirty, smelly and noisy!

    The seafood looks fresh and very tempting!

    So pay us a visit and I’ll take you to the fish market in Oslo and then we can go home to us and make a fish feast!

  40. Hi Renny!
    Just to say hello!
    I was out for at least a week, just got back last Saturday.

    Thanks for the Brussels tour. And oh, how I love seafoods, just like you!

    Hello Sofie, good to see you and thanks for stopping by!
    Your welcome and I’m glad to hear your found of seafood too!

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  42. Well, step right in into Brussels No.1 tourist trap… and the address is “Pte. rue des bouchers”, if someone really wants to go there.

  43. THANK you very much for the site you make about our restaurant. It s me on the picture and our restaurant La Bergerie is very happy for that. Don´t forget to visit us .

    Robin Ghanno
    la bergerie
    petit rue de bouchers 18

    Thanks Robin – we so much remember this culinary sensation and for sure wanna come back one day!

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