Its here – at last – the winter season, the time before the Christmas Holidays: Its December, Advent , Yuletide or whatever you like to call it. The anticipation: what will I get for Christmas this year? Not to mention the preparation, the smell of food in the house (click to get the idea from my Christmas Smorgasbord last year), the Advent calendar (read my post from two years back!), the darkest time of the year, where everyone is enjoying the coziness inside the home with candles lit and sitting by a cozy fireplace. There is no other seasons that brings up so many good old memories from childhood. The days were short – around 5 hours of sunlight – cold and snowy – and you could go skiing or ski jumping or skating, but most of all you prepared for the holiday season. All these memories ran through my mind when I walked in the streets of Oslo to a meeting last week. The fresh crisp air – the sun low in the horizon – and everyone busy stressing around in their errands.
In this mood and settings, I walked by a Yule Market at the Town Hall Square:

See all pics at Photobucket

I had my Nokia mobile phone at hand of course and was thinking: why not take a break and really get some Christmas spirit? – so I went inside and had a look. To make it short – as pictures can tell more than a thousand words:

Let me emphasise a couple of stands that really caught my attention:
See more at Photobucket See more at Photobucket

It was this cute young woman who had made these Advents candles with a mark for each day from the first to the twenty fourth of December. I remember every morning before my sister and I went to school: my Mom invited for a special breakfast in December with the table lit with a candle like that!
These candles are hand made and If anyone wants them, I promised her to tell you that you can ask me if you are interested, and she will send it to you :-)

The last one I will mention, is of course one of the most traditional Yule or Christmas/winter food from Norway: Rakfisk (fermented fish). In our family its a tradition to eat it after Christmas and you can read all about the gourmet treat here. I can assure you that the rakfisk is in my refrigerator now :-)
See more at Photobucket

I hope this puts you into the right Holiday spirit and bring back some good old traditions from your childhood. In this time of the year, its good to be a bit childish with the anticipation you can actually feel in your stomach. Whats your best Yuletime memories?

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  1. Ah, so now I’ve been to an Yule market. There seem to be a lot of nice things there. Well presented :-)

    We call it Julmarknad here in Sweden and I haven’t been to anyone yet. Too busy – my Mom is sick again too – but I’m also concerned with the weather – it has been raining for over 24 hours now and a lot’s of rain before that too. It begin to look like I have to go to Julmarknad without snow. Maybe by boat? *giggles*
    You know that I don’t like snow normally, but it is a sign of xmas, so it should be here around xmas time.

    I’ve updated my Friday post with a link here :-)

    Yea; a great place to get the Yule spirit you know – thanks for the compliments :-)
    I know and we call it Julemarked in Norway.
    Sorry to hear about your Mom – hope she gets better before Christmas – and that goes for the weather too.
    I know your not a snow woman – but glad we can agree upon a white Christmas!
    Thanks for your link love!

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  3. Xmas markets like this one reminds me of my childhood as well! Doesn’t really exist in Canada though… too cold I guess!

    I can almost smell this market, the wood, the fire, the sweets are others, all mixing up… smell of Xmas!

    My Xmases are quite different since I moved to Canada, mostly because I don’t have family here (well, husband but…). But I will make sure to make Xmas magical for my kids when I have some!

    Glad I could take you down the memory lane then. I don’t think it is colder than in Norway though?
    You said it right: a great taste of Xmas.
    It might difference from place to place, but the Xmas spirit comes from the inside you know – and of course important to pass to our children.

  4. We don’t have them here. Just massive malls. And those are located an hour or so south of me. (happily!) These markets look wonderful!

    I know and I hate malls – way too much commercialism. I like these markets and the personal touch much better too.

  5. Lovely, Renny! One of my dearest childhood memories is of my Christmas stocking. It always had an orange in the toe, an apple and sometimes a tangerine. And there was always candy and mixed nuts in the shells!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Renny. ;-)
    Love and hugs,

    Thanks Diane and also for sharing your memories – hope you still have your Xmas stockings! The things you had matches very much to what I had in mine too!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family too Diane – hugs back to you from me and Diane :-)

  6. Wow, I find it so interesting to hear what people from other countries are doing for Christmas, but five hours of daylight? I think I’d rather have the 15 to 16 hours of daylight we are having at the moment, along with very humid weather. That’s Australian Christmas weather.

    I know how you are as I was in Perth, Australia on Xmas too. Very exotic for a Norwegian and very hot too :-) Hope you get better weather for Xmas then!

  7. Hey Renny! I am really interested in the advent candles. They are so unique! I love the triangular shape of them. Could you tell your friend of the candles that I am interested in them? Thanks! I love your Yule fest post! And the Santas with accordions! Awesome! Just let me know whenever you get a chance. :-)

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  9. You pictures make me think of the Aachen’s Christmas market. In Waterloo we will have one next week. I will try to get some pictures there. I also wanted to make a picture of the yearly Christmas tree on the Grand’Place in Brussels, but we have such an awful weather for the moment, storm and rain, that it would be impossible.

    How nice to know you can visit one too then – please keep us posted!
    I saw the Christmas tree at Grand’Place when we was there two weeks ago – it was huge. Hope you’ll get better weather soon too.

  10. oh that was lovely. i’m glad you stopped to take the time and share this. the candles remind me of ones my mom had for our birthdays when i was a child. i think it went to 18 or 20 and she’d burn a number off each year for our birthday.
    wondering if you got my email of the little viking troll i found at a holiday market here? :)

    Thanks, you know I love to share from my daily life in Norway – your candle tradition sounds great too.
    I’ve got your Viking Troll picture – thanks – see my note to you about it!

  11. Wonderful market, Renny….It is all so very festive! I am not yet in The Christmas Spirit here…maybe because of what I am doing right now with all this cleanung out of “stuff”….But seeing your Market place certainly puts me MORE in the “spirit” of Christmas, Renny….Beautiful shops with Beautiful things…..Those candles are very special! I hope you have a splendid Holiday, my dear, willed with much good cheer!

    Glad you liked it Naomi and good to know it put you into at least a tiny bit of Xmas spirit :-)
    Thanks for your greeting and warm thoughts too!

  12. Thanks for the nice comment on my tree :) You can keep your fermented fish, but those candles are lovely. I’ll also take your rainy cold weather as I would settle for any cold here.

    Your welcome and it was great – hope others will go visiting you and see it too :)
    LoL, so you don’t like Rakfist?
    You can have as much of our cold weather you like – wanna have some snow when we get some too?

  13. I remember reading about this market somewhere.
    And I see you changed the look of your blog, probably a long time ago, but I haven’t been around in the “blogworld” for a while :p.
    But I like it :D

    Skriver litt på norsk jeg. Ryker av julestemning overalt nå! Gleder meg til JUL :)
    Ha en fin helg, hilsen datteren til AL

    You should really take your Mom with and go to that Market and get some more Xmas spirit:-)
    Thanks for your compliments – Chas helped me and did a great job I think!
    Gleder meg til JUL jeg også :-)

  14. A wonderful season no doubt!
    I wish you already a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I am going to Belgium for some vacations (again). Not sure I will be blogging before the end of January but I will be back and visit you as soon as I am online again !!!

    I knew you’ve like it!
    Thanks for your greeting – wish you a good one too – have a great trip back home!

  15. Enjoy the beginning of the festive season!

    Wanted to let you know that a little troll paid me a visit today! Thank you very much. I took a pic with him and posted it on my blog… :-)

    Thanks – hope you’ll enjoy it too!
    Glad your new friends has arrived and thanks for your lovely post about it – very interesting!

  16. oh! I would love to go to this Yule Market! If only it was not that cold :)

    happy holidays!

    It was great and not cold at all – you just need the right clothes you know.

  17. That is so nice and now I am pretty much homesick! I miss going on a ski trip and most of all my family there. But at least Odd will be here so in a way I will be comforted

    I know how you feel and are sorry you can’t be here now. Glad Odd will be with you soon then and hopefully you are back in Norway before you know!

  18. Ciao Renny!
    want you go up on the train of love?!?

    Hello Hanna! Thanks for the invite – you know I love traveling :-)

  19. That was a lovely post Renny! I felt as if I was in Oslo myself, wandering round the stalls and feeling all warm and Christmassy inside. :-)

    Thanks for your compliments – glad I could give you some seasoning spirit :-)

  20. wat a lovely Christmas themed market! I bet Christmas in the Nordic countries is an helluva experience since there are tonnes of snow. I like Norway for its majestic fjords. Do you hv pics of that? ;)

    Hopefully when I get the chance to travel there, the snow is still intact despite the worsening global warming phenomenon.

    Thanks for your compliments!
    I wish you where kind of right, but there is no snow in Oslo yet:-(
    I have a lot of pics from the fjords. This is one of the most popular picture I have on Flickr:
    Tell me when you come to visit – I’ll gladly show you around!

  21. Yule market in Oslo is beautiful. I didn’t go to xmas market still here and hope to have time to do it next weekend.Dificult here to think we are in december and soon christmas. But markets, lights and supermarkets full of super food tell us we are in christmas time!
    Love the candles!

    I knew you would love it Claudie and I do hope you’ll make it to one of those market at your place soon – to get the right spirit.
    These supermarkets are overdoing a bit, don’t you think?

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  23. I love the Yule market! The candles caught my eye also. We always had an Advent wreath each year.

    We only have a bit of snow here so far this year. I miss outdoor skating. In my town now there is only indoor ice skating and that just isn’t the same.

    I knew you would love it too Lisa as you have an eye for the natural beauty. We still have Advent wreath on our dinner table.
    Grate to know you love skating too and I do agree, the good once are the outdoors:-)

  24. That market would bring me the yuletide spirit for sure! We don’t have a lot of those over here, pity.

    So glad I could give you some good Yule Spirit!

  25. Ohhh Renny! What a wonderful treat! I looooove being taken through your Yule Market! It looks so quaint and “homey”!

    Good you liked the little trip and got the Yule and homey spirit too!

  26. it sounds like you will be having a wonderful….exciting…and very cozy Christmas Renny…….
    a wonderful selection of Yule Market photos :)
    I had better start putting my Christmas Tree up now!!!

    Glad you liked it too Kim and thanks for the compliments.
    Its up to you of course – ours wont be up before the day before Christmas (according to Norwegian traditions :-)

  27. Oh that yule market makes me miss a good cold European Christmas so much. Its just not the same here.

    Best Yule memory – the first time I remember being snow bound in my parent house in London and we had the day off school, spent it drinking hot chocolate and having snowball fights and actually getting along with my sister

    But at least you know what I mean and have experienced it yourself.
    Sounds like you’ve had a great snow experience and a good time in the best winterly spirit – thanks for sharing!

  28. What a fascinating Yule Market! I would love to visit one! The handmade candle is so unique and pretty. Lovely gift and also looks great lighted on the table for Christmas.

    Only 5 hours of daylight!? So most of the Norwegians go home earlier, from work and school? I would love to have more time to spend with my family.

    Your welcome to visit any time and if you like, I can have a candle sent to you.
    5 hours of daylight doesn’t me we are closing down you know :-) Still at school or working 9 to 5, but mostly in house with the family in the evening.

  29. What a lovely market, RennyBA! love your pictures and reading about your traditions. I grew up having Xmas in the summer time, so my childhood memories are very, very different!!

    Glad you liked to read and have a look at the pics too. Yea, Xmas and summer sounds strange to a Norwegian too you know!

  30. It is awfully beautiful isnt it? But I want more snow! :)

    So have you been to that Market too?
    Me tooooo – mooore snow :-)

  31. Late visiting – I’m so sorry. The reason I’m late – I spent yesterday at our own Christmas market and since then I’ve been playing with the photos :) Yours looks altogether bigger than ours. I love to read about traditions in other countries, and this certainly puts me in the Christmas spirit.

    No worries – glad you could make it anyway.
    Looking forward to read your post then and like you I love to learn about others traditions too you know.

  32. wow Christmas is all around the corner in Oslo. Isn’t it wonderful? i love Christmas and again you have lovely pictures its feels like I’m familiar with your place already hehehe

    Yea, I think its great – brings lovely memories you know!
    Thanks: I know you are a trustful reader and carefully notice the place I take you!

  33. I love how these memories can elicit so much for us, Renny. I believe your European traditions are much better/deeper than ours in the States, but being her in Amsterdam has given me a new appreciation for this time of the year.

    I do agree, at least it does for me and also these traditions are passed over from generation to generation over a long period of time you know and I know its the same all over Europe.

  34. It is funny, but those markets do not look marketedly different from ones you would find in Canada.

    As I have quite a lot of Canadian blog friends, I can tell there is a lot of similarities in our countries – hope I can visit you and see for myself one day!

  35. Thanks my friend for this post.
    Now we are prepared to come back to Norway from South America

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  37. Oh, I had missed that ! Fortunately I found the link on Mrs. Lifecruiser blog. I love to see other countries Christmas markets. This one looks beautiful.

    Glad you found your way here then and thanks for the compliments. You know I love your post from GrandPlace too!

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