It’s Yuletide and there is a lot of anticipation for the Holidays in Oslo’s crisp, fresh air. Everyone is talking about where to go, what to eat and what to do at Xmas and New Years Eve. Most Norwegian will start the holidays from Friday and quite a lot take vacation until the 2nd of January. With 5 weeks vacation it’s quite convenient, especially if you are travelling to visit the family or seeking the sun in The Canary Islands or Far East (very popular at this time of the year). Who could blame them, with -10 C (14 F) and less than 6 hours of daylight? Well, I don’t complain! My regular readers know my saying: ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes’. Besides, in 6 months, we’ll have almost 19 hours and 20C (+ there is LoL) – I just love the significant four seasons!
One of my faithful readers – EastCoastLife – asked earlier (when I told about the duration of day): ‘Do most of the Norwegians go home earlier, from work and school?’ No we don’t :-) and since then I’ve been taking some pics with my Nokia mobile phone back and forth to work, to show how perfectly well we are doing from 9 to 5 evening at Dusk and Dawn. Lets start with a picture from the farmers or flower square:

More at Photobucket

It’s taken 4PM and as you can see, it helps with some spot lights. Since well dressed, both the salesclerk and custumers are doing fine. Even the flowers and Xmas decorations survive in -10 (I have forgotten to ask how they manage that LoL).

Inspired by the question are the Norwegians only at home when it’s dark in the winter time, I took some more pictures of shopping streets and landmarks in Oslo. The Parliament, Grand Hotel and even Glassmagasinet (the oldest ‘mall’ from the 18th century). I’ve told you before why I love Oslo: ‘The City with the big Heart’. The capital of Norway isn’t big, but it’s cosy and charming without being too overcrowded or stressful and very few malls to suck the money right out of your wallet. Without further description, I’ve made a movee so that you can see for yourself (the pics are taken either around 9AM when I go to work – or 4PM when I go home):

Part of building up the anticipation for the Holiday season or winter solstice celebrations, is all the Christmas Parties going on in December. I told you about ‘A feast of Caribbean cuisine’ last year, with colleagues from The Norwegian Computer Society. We’re having another one tomorrow night. TorAa, my good blog friend will be there too: So stay tuned – in both channels!


  1. Renny! I need more than 6 hours of daylight!!

  2. Hi Renny!
    So funny that you mentioned good weather/bad clothes because today I was walking down the street in pouring rain….just buckets…NOT little drizzles.
    I had my giant umbrella, my fleece and my rain boots. I felt like splashing in puddles I was so prepared, but I was worried that people would think I was wierd…..
    Anyway I thought about you then, and what you would say……I did pretty good, but I confess, I forgot to wear socks.

    Have a lovely holiday and stay tuned for India again……

    Its always great to hear about you adopting my clothes saying. Don’t worry, you can always say a crazy Norwegian has told me to do so LoL
    Remember to wear socks next time – its important to stay warm on your feet you know!
    Wish you a good one too and of course I will follow your yearly trip to India – its always a great read!

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  4. As is the case here, it depends on where you live..people who live in rural areas mostly stay in and cocoon more in the, watch tv, rent movies etc. but if you live in an urban area and especially a city like Toronto, the night life still thrives. We’re in a small town so not many go out at night except to activities like the gym, choirs, church stuff etc. This year my birthday falls on Winter Solstice, the 22nd, the darkest day..sigh***

    Interesting – thanks for sharing your thoughts from Canada – it always enriches the subject!
    Congrats in advance – Birthday Card is on it way!

  5. What gorgeous pictures — I love the idea of a winter flower market at dusk. Enjoy your holiday celebrations!

    Thanks Betty C. – glad you like it.
    Wish you a lovely Holiday too!

  6. The most important thing is to like the place where you live. From south of France here my cousin had to live in Paris several years and it was an hard time for her. During several years she thought of her village in South, and hills and sea. She was very sad in Paris. But some adore to Live in Paris. It depends of everyone. Oslo is a beautiful town and seems to be quiet and comfy in the same time. All people need to be in harmony with civilisation and nature together. Hé! Hé! How can these beautiful flowers survive with – 10°c! They love Oslo, sure!

    I do understand as the different from a charming place to big Paris is huge. I think it would have taken me quite a bit of time to get used to it too.
    Glad you like Oslo then and one day I hope you can come and visit and experience it by yourself and your family.
    Thanks for solving the flower and temperature code :-)

  7. Your pictures remind me of Hamburg, somehow…when I lived there I remember it was night at 4pm in December but life doesn’t stop when it gets dark!! I love to have different seasons, couldn’t stand sunshine and hot weather all year around…my sister lived in the Dominican Rep for 3 years and when she’d came to Spain to visit she would sigh at the sight (!) of scarves, gloves and sweaters!
    Lovely pictures as always!

    I do agree; Hamburg is in many ways like Oslo and of course the life goes on :-)
    Yea: he differences is appreciated.
    Those clothes are a must, but the again you can enjoy to be outdoors!
    Thanks for your compliments!

  8. Hello Renny!
    Oh yeah, it seems like the day is getting shorter… and it’s getting colder too. In our place right now, since it’s near the lake, it’s quite foggy and I can’t even see the sun.
    I could go out at -10 C but can’t imagine, being out throughout the day at -10 C. My, my… :)

    Have a nice week!

    Hi Sofie! Yea, shorter for a while, but soon longer and longer!
    The temp is no problem if you dress well you know :-)
    Wish you a good one too!

  9. We have light from about 7:30am-4pm right now. The darkness doesn’t seem to bother me. In fact in some ways when it is so cold I like the darkness. Summers are also wonderful. With so much light 4am-8:30pm (these are rough guess-t-mates) and the air is warm I love to be outside doing things.
    I love the pictures. Really beautiful!

    Yea, the significant in the seasons is fascinating and you never get board of it.
    Thanks for the compliments!

  10. it is hard for me to imagine the differences in daylight between summer and winter but it fascinates me. i think we all get used to the rhythms of where we grew up. it was strange then to live close to the equator and have almost equal length days and nights all year round. i’d like to see what it is like nearer to the poles.

    Well, blogging is an eye-opener for me too as I wasn’t that much aware of it before I start posting about it :-)
    My blog gives you and idea and you are always welcome over to see with your own eyes.

  11. oh, btw i gave you a little award in my tuesday post too. come see. :)

    Thanks for the honor and for your kind words to go with it – it’s collected on my Awards page of course!

  12. I enjoyed the walk through Oslo ! It looks so nice with its Christmas dress. I thought it would get dark earlier then 4 because here in Belgium it gets already dark around 5 pm. I don’t know why I believed it was 3 pm or maybe I mix it up with Finland where I have a non blogging friend. I was in Brussels on Sunday to see the Christmas market and the tree on Grand’Place I made pictures too and will publish them asap (I tell you) There were so many people there I thought whole Belgium was on the Grand’Place I could hardly move ! and a lot of tourists too.
    For the moment we have wonderful cold weather, sunshine and – 3° !

    Glad you liked the walk with me!
    Well, it takes almost an hour from sunset to dark you know.
    Looking forward to see the tree lighted – I just love that place you know (and it seams like I’m not the only one:-).

  13. Renny,
    thanks for this sightseeing in my own hometown. It looks so wonderful at Christmas time with all the lights and colourful decorations.
    Here in Oslo South we have had “Christmas Card” Nature since we returned from Argentina (I posted at picture, taken from the Parking at my Office to day, here: )

    Your welcome Tor – Its nice to take a local for a trip around sometimes too you know.
    We have the same at the vest side – no snow, but white from frost anyway – its beautiful.
    The pics was great and very typical for how it is in Oslo right now.

  14. Lovely pictures again. Oslo looks beautiful in the lights. Well it always looks beautiful, but a different beauty. I must admit at this time of year, I feel ready for the days to become lighter again. I drive to work in the dark and return in the dark.

    Thanks for your compliments too!
    I know what you mean about the dark, but remember: in 6 month and the the advantage of significant seasons!

  15. Same here… the sunset is around 4:30 but it’s dark before that. As for snow… well, we have a lot of that too!
    I totally understand when you talk about crisp air – it’s sometimes so blue, I feel like I can almost touch the air!

    The pictures are beautiful… makes me wanna travel to Norway!

    Good to know, even if living quite a long a part, we can experience the same – well except for the snow then: send some over!
    You can both touch the air and feels the bite in your nose – just lively and lovely!!
    Thanks for the compliments – your welcome to experience it for yourself any time!

  16. Lovely pictures and great post, Renny. But I must say, I’m really curious why those flowers don’t freeze outside in the flower market!

    Have a happy, blessed and joyous Christmas season, dear Renny, Diane and family! ;-)
    Love and hugs,

    Thanks Diane – glad you liked it!
    I think they survive since they are mostly Christmas decorations made of pine trees branches and such.
    I wish you and your family a lovely Yuletide too with love and hugs back to you all!

  17. Renny, those photos of Oslo are beautiful…and very romantic looking, even at 4 pm! I’m like you…how do the flower survive the cold? I still couldn’t cope with only a few hours of daylight though…that’s why I love summer here…longer days.

    Have a wonderful Christmas…just in case I don’t get back to visit.

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked it and I do agree: its romantic too!
    Only a few hours daylight in the winter time is no problem when you have almost 24 hours of it in the summer time you know:-)
    Wish you a wonderful Yuletide too my dear blog friend!

  18. Oslo is enchanting! Like a Scandinavian Brussels to me. ;)

    Do get us more pics of the city and all around Norway, if possible, famous Norwegian architecture. I’m passionate bout architecture and art! :D

    Interesting comparing and I do agree with you.
    There is a lot of post about Norwegian architecture on my blog – just look around and use the search function. You may also find something you like at my Flickr account: and then I sent you a special note about it.

  19. I loved loved loved all of the photos! And yes it does sound funny about the daylight questions, but one never knows…
    And I must say that you have it easy if you don’t start work until 9am!!! I cannot believe that. I usually leave for work at 6:30am and get home about 6pm. Long days! No wonder I need the vacation.

    Hope you have a great holiday and well I’ll be back once I’m rested.

    Thanks for your compliments – coming from you who always do wonderful photos, its an honour!
    About work hours – interesting that you observed that ET: remember then that not only hours at the office counts any more. Modern communications makes it possible for me to work from wherever I am you know.
    Hope you and P. will have a wonderful vacation – welcome back well rested!

  20. Wow! those are awesome shots renny!

    I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas to you & your family! ((hugs))

    Thanks CheH for your compliments!
    From all of me to all of You: Have a good one too!

  21. If you want to see the Grand’Place again, I posted today the Brussels Christmas market !

    Thanks for sharing Gattina – I do hope all my readers go and visit too!

  22. Wishing you and your family an early Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, just before I leave for my holidays.
    Cheers from Fruity

    Wish you a good one too and a great and fruity Holidays!

  23. Yes, it’s the same over here, but I’m one of those who very likely could run away to the Canarian islands or at least somewhere warmer than over here!
    Of course, there are some advantages. I have my human radiator Mr Lifecruiser to warm me up ;-)

    Wanna come to a xmas market in Stockholm? (I’ve linked to your earlier one)

    The Christmas Street Market at Hornstull in Stockholm

    I know you are the sunny girl type and who can blame you at this time of the year – good to know you have a knight to keep you warm ;.)
    I was reading your wonderful Yule Marked post – thanks for sharing and for the link love!

  24. Un heureux Noël à Oslo, de la part du Béarn, au sud de la France, Amitiés, françoise

    Thanks so very much for your visit and comments!

  25. Such divine pictures in these last few posts! Very busy with preparations over here. Wanted to stop by and wish you, Dianne & family a wonderful holiday season ahead and a grand new year for 2008!

    [hugz from oz]

    Thanks for your compliments and for taking your time to visit in these hectic days and for the lovely greetings too – you know we wish the same for you and your family!

  26. hi Renny
    it really does look like a Winter Wonderland….
    and to think I am sitting here in Australia at 7.15pm with full daylight….
    we have very long days with our daylight savings….
    wishing you immense peace and happiness with your family this Christmas Season :) :=X

    Hi Kim, Its so great to hear from you down under and I know; this is your longest day of the year you know: The Solstice day – the winter one up here north.
    I do wish you the same – God Jul :)

  27. Renny, here’s wishing you and your family Happy Holidays and a Wonderous New Year of health, happiness and success!

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