Are you Dreaming of a White Christmas?

The Yuletide anticipation is crackling in the air – the tree is decorated as is the rest of the house – even the presents are tempting us, soon ready to be opened and surprises revealed. In Noway the celebration starts at 5PM at Christmas Eve, when the church bells ring. Then we have dinner at 6PM and after the kitchen is cleaned (while the children are whining and can hardly wait), we sit down in the living room and what everyone has waited for over a month can begin.

I hope you’ll have a great Holiday too and send you all my greetings:
Happy Yuletide from RennyBA's Terella

It was so beautiful outside in our neighbourhood yesterday – all you can wish for: A great Christmas spirit with fresh, crisp air and the sun low on the horizon. I just had to take some pics (this time with my Nikon Coolpix S2) and I think it came out pretty good, so I’ll share some with you as a virtual gift from me to you:

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– G o d J u l –