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Are you Dreaming of a White Christmas?

The Yuletide anticipation is crackling in the air – the tree is decorated as is the rest of the house – even the presents are tempting us, soon ready to be opened and surprises revealed. In Noway the celebration starts at 5PM at Christmas Eve, when the church bells ring. Then we have dinner at 6PM and after the kitchen is cleaned (while the children are whining and can hardly wait), we sit down in the living room and what everyone has waited for over a month can begin.

I hope you’ll have a great Holiday too and send you all my greetings:
Happy Yuletide from RennyBA's Terella

It was so beautiful outside in our neighbourhood yesterday – all you can wish for: A great Christmas spirit with fresh, crisp air and the sun low on the horizon. I just had to take some pics (this time with my Nikon Coolpix S2) and I think it came out pretty good, so I’ll share some with you as a virtual gift from me to you:

You can find out more about our Yule traditions by checking out:
-> What we eat for dinner at Christmas Eve: Lutefisk or Pinnekjøtt.
-> Our traditional Smorgasbords at Christmas Day and
-> Christmas and Yule traditions in Norway

– G o d J u l –

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  1. Hi YES!!!!!!!!!! I am still dreaming of a long whit christmas , we were having only white frost untill now…!

    wish you a good and merry Christmas with your Partner, friends or family, and I show you some Christmas “decorations & music” on my blog come and see my blog, thanks for being such a nice & good blogvisiter, Your blog is great to me thanks for that!

    Christmas greetings from JoAnn

  2. Christmas time is beginning now! I hope you all, you, Diane and the family a Merry Christmas! I’ll come back tomorrow to read all informations about your Christmas traditions! I’m so curious to learn about this marvelous fest all around the blogosphere!

  3. YES, I’m dreaming about a white Christmas since 7 years now. I wish to celebrate this day once again with my kids and friend in Switzerland!…maybe one day…!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU and your family, Renny!

  4. Oh Yes to that question, Renny! Unfortunately our temperature has risen and we’re even expecting rains the coming days..bleh!

    anyway I would like to wish you and your entire family, A BLESSED CHRISTMAS, GOOD HEALTH AND CHEERS!

  5. We have a very very white Christmas over here! We had snow all day again… but relatively light snow, so at least we’re not buried under the blizzard.

    Xmas with kids is so much fun… Enjoy time with your family and I wish you a very happy Yuletide (new word in use!). ;-)

  6. God Jul! Merry Christmas and Frohe Weinachten!!!
    I hope you and Diane have the best Christmas ever. I will think of you both today as I am so happy to have met you both this year!!!

  7. Merry Christmas :) Very beautiful slide show. I’m sure you are enjoying the white Christmas there :) Oh and I noticed in your Christmas greeting, there was even my language there – Tagalog.

  8. God Jul to all of you. I hope it’s filled with joy, happiness and laughter. I know you already got the white fluffy stuff ;-)

    We’re stuffed with goodies… having a really peaceful xmas holiday, enjoying ourselves!

    ((Xmas hugs))

  9. We had no snow in central Ohio, but had the next best thing–a clear blue sky and bright sunshine. Much of our winter is overcast. You have some lovely customs. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my poem.

  10. Re Hello
    I come back after all the Christmas festivities by you because now I’ve more time to read your traditions. Your posts are super and pictures beautiful. You’ve got chance your mom keeps all food traditions. Traditions find their origins in religions, they lose themselves in the night of time! That’s why they are so interesting and mysterious! You’ll find the 13 desserts of Christmas in my post, another exemple of this!

  11. That’s the same in Germany, only we open the gifts BEFORE we eat, lol while drinking an apperitif we open the gifts.
    If you want escape Christmas decoration or Christmas markets go to Holland ! Amsterdam was even worse than I expected. There is nothing in the city compared to other European countries. I will write about this on Saturday.

  12. Looks wonderful! We had a soggy Christmas this year, which just doesn’t compare with your very generous sprinkle of snow…

    Merry Christmas!

    Glad you could experience White Christmas here then :-)
    Hope you had a good one too!

  13. Very Beautiful Christmas Gift! Thanks!
    Wishing you and your Family A Happy, Lovely and Successful New 2008 Year!

    Your welcome Krystyna – always great to welcome new readers you know!
    From all of us to all of you: wishing you the same!

  14. yes!! i am dreaming of a white xmas,Renny!and your video is really inviting me to your place!whew!!ok,i have to work a lot for that plan :)

    I just stopped by to wish you a very bountiful New Year to come!!


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