Time goes by so quickly and now its time to summarize another year in Blogsphere, my second. It has been: Educational, Adventures, Interesting and an Exciting journey. I really enjoy visiting you and learning about other cultures, traditions and habits – from all over the world – as much I like to share about similar from my own.

This year I’ve really experienced blogging empowering people. I’ve visited all kinds of blogs, sharing all sorts of ideas and this communicating of experiences and insights is boundless. That’s why I say: ‘Blogging connecting People’, and ‘Make Blogs, not Wars’ as it breaks down barriers and make friends. It’s a givers gain too: the more you share, the more you get. All your visits and comments, which enriches the subject as you share your observations and similar experiences, inspires me to keep on posting – thanks for sharing this with me!

Before we move on to 2008, I’d like to give you a quick review of 2007 by focusing on some of the adventures I’ve shared with you. It’s accompanied by a favourite song of mine: Jim Croce’s: ‘If I could save time in a bottle’. Of course you can’t, but if it reminds my regular readers of some of my posts, that’s good enough for me. New ones are always welcome to search around for stuff I’ve posted about Norway and the Nordic countries as well:

One of the advantages of blogging over time is that you have posts from all kinds of occasions. New readers might like to know (or regulars might like to repeat) what a typical Scandinavia dinner is for tonight: Sea Food Delight – or how we crazy Vikings are celebrating the shiny New Year: Setting up our own Fireworks.

Like I say: One of the wonderful things about Blogsphere is to share. Link Love is one of them: where you feel connected – in one big family. So my New Years present to my faithful readers and friends is to list my blogroll. If you want to be enrolled and exchange in 2008, please mention it in your comment:
The Queer Chef -My blog designer! <-> An American In Oslo -Kristie from LA, US <-> A Changing Life -A in Europe <-> aka R’acquel -A great blog friend in Australia <-> A Yoga Cofee Outlook <-> Al’s Time Out <-> Born a girl -Balou in US <-> BackPackTourists -My son travailing the world <-> Bloggin’ Outloud <-> Box of Recollections <-> Brykmantra -Mark in US <-> Collecting my Thoughts -Norma in US <-> Confessions of an Expat’s Wife <-> Dackel Princess -Maribeth in US <-> <-> Dave Winer -Scripting News <-> Diane’s Place in US <-> EastcoastLife -a lively girl in Singapore <-> eGuiden-Backstage -Gunnar in Norway <-> eirikso.com -Media.HTPC.Mobile.Food.Travel <-> ExpatTravels -From Switzerland to Canada <-> Espreson -Sarbarth,Expressing with words <-> Fleur de Lisa -From Indiana US <-> Forbidden Planet -Richard in Canada <-> Fruity from Fruit Spices <-> Gentle & Compassionate -Ghee in Japan <-> House of Lime -Michelle in US <-> Here in the Hills -OldOldLadyOfTheHills in US <-> Humanyms -Pearl <-> In Soul -Ginnie in Georgia, US <-> In Nederland -Thess from the Philippines <-> Insanity Prevails -Melli in US <-> Interesting observations -Pearl with various aspects of blogging <-> Iternational Blog of Food -I’m a Team blogger her! <-> Fresh Mess -Mark from the Philippines living in Oslo <-> Italian’s Insight to Travel Italy <-> It’s all about luck -Morten Lund from Denmark <-> It’s all about me -Teena in Canada <-> Jen’s Horde <-> Karen’s Kooky Blog -Texas, US <-> Kladdeboka by Paal (Norwegian) <-> Ladybug’s Leaf <-> Laza83 -Claudie in France <-> Letters to the Universe <-> Lifecruiser -in Sweden <-> Life, Humour and Recipes -Colin in UK <-> LikeTress -Kim, an award winning portrait artist <-> maremagnum -a Chilean expat in Barcelona-Spain <-> Michele – she’s damn good at it! <-> Miss Cellania -a funny single mom in Kentucky, US <-> Moderatlely Confused Pinay in Deutschland <-> Motivated Motion -Lynn Tucker in Canada <-> My insanity! -a Filipino living in Chicago, US <-> My life is murphy’s law -Ev Nucci in US <-> My Sarisari Store <-> OldOldLady Of The Hills -Naomi in LA, US <-> Spilling Out -Mother of Invention in Canada <-> Sue’s Daily Photography -in Key West, US <-> Susies The Boss in US <-> Tin-tin: What Makes My Life Pretty? <-> The Van Der Galiën Gazette: Founder and Editor-in-Chief in Netherlands <-> The Queen’s Rambles <-> ~*~Tinkerbell~*~ -The magical journal of a Dutch <-> Thinking with my fingers -Torill Mortensen in Norway <-> Through JoAnn’s Digital Eyes’-NL <-> TorAa Mirror -in Norway <-> Tricia’s Musings -A nurse, A wife living the Fun fun social life <-> Trails -Gisle in Norway <-> Traveler’s Tales -Traveller, Foodie and Gearhead <-> Tutubi Flight Chronicles -paetechie in the Philippines <-> Will Pate – Hugs not thugs <-> Wish I was there -Hexe in Florida <-> Word Strumpet -Charlotte Rains Dixon in Portland, US <-> Yorokobee in Japan <-> Yours-Truly.net -Scotland
Click on at least one of them, tell RennyBA has sent you, and wish A Happy New Year!

From all of Us to All of You:
Godt Nytt År!


  1. What a great Video! Thanks for sharing :)
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year….

  2. Some great memories!!!! I can’t believe another year has passed already! Time sure goes fast!

    Happy Hilarious Fun New Blogging Year to you 2 too :-D

  3. Dear Renny and Diane and Kyle and Justin:

    We are so greatful for the days we had together in Mariestad this Summer. And I will never forget our women and the 2 wonderful guys in the Canoe at lake Vänern (The largest lake in the Nordics).

    You know, we should have been together right now – but circumstances… you know (comment to readers: Anna’s Best Woman’s husband 70 year party at New Years Eve – and we will host).

    We miss you all – and looking forward to the next opportunity to meet and enjoy life as we can do together.


  4. WOW Renny thats a lot of link luv your spreading for the new year!!!! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  5. Pingback:Happy New Year

  6. I blinked and another year has rolled by! ;-)

    Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you, Diane and the kids, Renny!

    Love and hugs,


  7. Happy New Year to u! May u and ur family be blessed with gr8 health and prosperity in the brand new yr! ;)

  8. Yes, blogging is awesome and it’s so great nowthesedays with all the blognetworks to find amazing new people :)
    Have a good start into 2008 – all the Best from my Side!

    (And you are on my blogroll :) )

  9. the connections are truly amazing and i am so glad to have made one with you. wishing you and diane the very happiest of new years!

  10. Wow, that’s what I call a blogroll! I enlist for the 2008 batch – you’re already in mine (see here: http://correresmidestino.com/the-world/ ;-)).

    I wish we all keep in touch in 2008. Meeting you on the web has been a pleasure, and I learned a lot through your blog. I wish you and your family a lot of happiness and good things to come for 2008!

  11. Woot! What an honour! Thanks for the Link Love. I’m the lively girl from Singapore. hehe…..

    Thanks for being my friend for this year! You and Diane have shown me the most beautiful parts of your life and the lovely country you live in.

    Wishing you a new year…..
    lit up with good times, bursting with fun and sparkling with a whole lot of joy!

  12. “Sniff Sniff” i’m not there…!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2008, you are right about feeling connected thanks to the power of blogging, lets make it our mission to get people blogging!

  13. Happy New Year to you RennyBA

  14. Happy New Year boss! Are you going to give me a raise this year? LOL!!!!!

  15. Dear Renny and Diane, A Happy New Year to you both from the snowiest December in New Hampshire’s history!
    It’s been a great year, sharing life back and forth and learning about each other’s culture.
    I look forward to the coming months reading more and more about you, your country and life in Norway!

  16. Renny, Godt Nytt År!
    My best wishes go to you and your loved ones for the coming year.
    Hope 2008 is another great one for you my friend :)
    Loved the video, time passes by so quickly doesn’t it?

    All the best :)

  17. A Happy New Year to you and your family

    Caroline and family

  18. Hei Renny,
    Godt nytt år til deg og Diane. Håper de beste til dere to i 2008!!!! Tusen takk for din support i 2007.

  19. Renny – I hope you have a wonderful time doing fireworks. I got a second flu strain and am trying to be well enough to stay up and out with friends.

    If you have photos, post them please for me :)

  20. Godt Nytt Ar to you, Renny!

    Thanks for the friendship in 2007 and I’m looking forward to all of your new and interesting posts in 2008.

  21. Renny! You are always so supportive and giving to my little blog over here! I appreicate it so much. It is also such a good idea that I just might have to steal it and post something similar tommrow :) Merry late Christmas and Happy New Year.

  22. Have a Blessed New Year, Renny my friend!

    ‘looking forward to your 2008 entries! (^0^)

  23. Gelukkig nieuwjaar!!!

  24. that was such a wonderful video RennyBA… I watched and listened to it twice and probably will again before the year is over :) I have really enjoyed getting to know you and your family, getting to learn many things/traditions about Norway through your wonderfully written posts……

    May 2008 bring you all a lot of happiness, tremendous success, good health and much more wealth….

    May 2008 be a WONDERFUL year for you and for all those you hold close in your heart….I so agree….Make Blogs, Not War! Cheers to you and Diane!

  26. Happy New Year! You are a true web ambassador, Renny!

  27. Godt Nytt År to you all too, Renny. The video is a great idea and I love your choice of music! Have a great 2008, full of happiness and happy blogging!

  28. Happy New Year, Renny and Diane! Much love to you both from Boston. XXOO

  29. Happy New Year from Greece! Have a great 2008!

  30. I love JIm Croce and especially when my mom sings with that song.

    Really, if i could only save time in a bottle.

    Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year for you and your family Renny!

  31. A nice post to fest the New Year 2008! What a beautiful seafood! And a beautiful table! I ‘m sure you had great time with fireworks!
    I’m very impresse by the long list of your blogfriends all over the world! I’m so glad to know you. I can’t way to learn always more about Norway in 2008!

  32. Hi Renny!
    It was your very successful year!
    I’m sure next year will be excellent and successful for you!

    Thanks for your visit!
    This little sick Kevin is my lovely first grandson.

  33. Thanks for that Beautiful video!

  34. Happy New Year, Renny and Diane. You are our blogging heroes, for sure! The best to you both in 2008!

  35. Kristie ( http://cultureshock.kristiejoy.net ) wanted me to stop by and wish you Gott Nýggjár.

    May you receive all you wish for in 2008.

  36. Godt Nytår from an ex-pat Dane living in Washington state, USA

  37. Happy Happy New Year to you my dear friend! I wish you and your family a blessed and fruitful new year!

  38. Happy new year, my friend!

  39. Happy 2008, ya old Norseman! Thanks as always for the link, and please keep me on the blogroll for the new year, if possible.

  40. Hallo Norway friend!! Thank you so much for your comment… hope we can keep in touch and be friends…

    Happy New Year from Indonesia..
    Trinity from Rooms of
    My Heart

  41. Happy New Year, Renny. And thanks for the link love in this post! :-)

  42. Hej Renny! I must say that I met a lot of wonderful people through your blogroll. It would be an honour if mine could be linked here as well. I’m not sure if I’ve told you before that I’ve linked yours in my “The 300” list in my side page! :D

  43. Hello RennyBA!

    Happy New year to you and Diane! Have a great 2008!

  44. Thanks for the sweet words and comments on my blog (as always). I am halfway through visiting everyone on your list! :) Have a great New Years.

  45. Happy New Year to you and yours also!

    It has been a joy meeting you this year – all the best for 2008!

  46. Hey and thanks for visiting!
    Godt nytt år, forresten! ;)

    You have a nice blog about Norway, good to see others blogging about all the interesting and special things we have here.

  47. Hi There Renny…I have already had a “visitor” who came from youy—KRISTIE—-This is a lovely idea Renny….And it definitely goes along with your “Make Blogs Not War”, theme….And as you know, I soooo agree with you! So thanks, my dear!

  48. thanks for the link love Mr Renny!

    Happy new year :)

  49. Happy New Year to you Renny! Everything you say about blogging is so true.

    I was just reading about the fireworks tradition in a book by Bill Bryson! I think he was talking about Finland, though.

    Bye for now!

  50. Happy New Year Renny! I hope that 2008 is a great year for you and your family!

    I’ve met a lot of great people over the last year of blogging (including you – well met on the Internet I mean!) and found a lot of great blogs. I just wish I could spend more time visiting each and every blog/blogger that I enjoy so much! I resolve to try to do that more often in the new year.

  51. Happy Happy New Year to you and your delightful Family Renny…
    It has been a real pleasure visiting your blog and following your tours and viewing your delicious feasts…..may you continue on in 2008 to provide as with your amazing smorgasboards of life and living in Norway :)
    :=X Kim

  52. With Jim Croce you sent me back to my teen years (sob), how wonderful!
    It’s been a fun year for me too as part of this great blogging community.
    Happy 2008 to you and yours, Renny!

  53. Thanks, Renny for including me in here! You are amazing in that you are a busy working person and yet put so much effort into blogging and trying to keep up with all of us. Kudos to you! Happy new Year of Blogging!

  54. Happy New Year Renny and Diane! We just got back from the beach and I was pleasantly surprised to have a comment from someone who found me through you. Thank you for including me. I then left a comment on LadyBug’s Leaf in order to keep the blogger love going :) I look forward to reading more from you about Norway in the upcoming year.

  55. Happy belated new year, Renny!!!

    I had computer problems or I would have been here sooner.

  56. Thanks for the mention renny!that is a lovely vid indeed.Again, all the best in 2008

  57. this is a lovely video. anyways, thanks for dropping by my site renny. i’m not quite sure which award is it though.

    happy new year!

  58. I am very, very late (circumstances beyond my control I’m afriad) in wishing you and yours the very best of health and happiness in 2008. And thank you for all your visits and very kind comments on mine :)

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