Happy New Year from RennyBA

Time goes by so quickly and now its time to summarize another year in Blogsphere, my second. It has been: Educational, Adventures, Interesting and an Exciting journey. I really enjoy visiting you and learning about other cultures, traditions and habits – from all over the world – as much I like to share about similar from my own.

This year I’ve really experienced blogging empowering people. I’ve visited all kinds of blogs, sharing all sorts of ideas and this communicating of experiences and insights is boundless. That’s why I say: ‘Blogging connecting People’, and ‘Make Blogs, not Wars’ as it breaks down barriers and make friends. It’s a givers gain too: the more you share, the more you get. All your visits and comments, which enriches the subject as you share your observations and similar experiences, inspires me to keep on posting – thanks for sharing this with me!

Before we move on to 2008, I’d like to give you a quick review of 2007 by focusing on some of the adventures I’ve shared with you. It’s accompanied by a favourite song of mine: Jim Croce’s: ‘If I could save time in a bottle’. Of course you can’t, but if it reminds my regular readers of some of my posts, that’s good enough for me. New ones are always welcome to search around for stuff I’ve posted about Norway and the Nordic countries as well:

One of the advantages of blogging over time is that you have posts from all kinds of occasions. New readers might like to know (or regulars might like to repeat) what a typical Scandinavia dinner is for tonight: Sea Food Delight – or how we crazy Vikings are celebrating the shiny New Year: Setting up our own Fireworks.

Like I say: One of the wonderful things about Blogsphere is to share. Link Love is one of them: where you feel connected – in one big family. So my New Years present to my faithful readers and friends is to list my blogroll. If you want to be enrolled and exchange in 2008, please mention it in your comment:
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Click on at least one of them, tell RennyBA has sent you, and wish A Happy New Year!

From all of Us to All of You:
Godt Nytt År!