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  1. TorAa
    Jan 04 - 00:43

    OK, my dear friend,
    now I know what we missed on New Years Eve, besides you and your beloved ones: The food. All the heavenly dishes.

    A blast of a post. Can we event a time machine?

    The only thing I do think was better here, celebrating N’s 70 BD, was the view over the inner Oslofjord Bassin at 12 pm. The most spetacular Fireworks I’ve ever seen in Oslo , from the Hill just a minutes walk away from our winterhome.

    btw. Our dishes were very simple: Rakefish with onion and quail eggs, Confit de Duck with green beans, souffle de pommes de Terre etc and some fresh berries (from the summerhouse). Simple as that.

    hugs to all of you

    A and T

  2. Diane J.
    Jan 04 - 02:05

    Wow! And, Yum! ;-) The fireworks were great and the seafood looks divine, Renny. Makes my supper of fried eggs and homemade biscuits seem very humble, but it hit the spot nevertheless.

    Happy New Year again!

    Love and hugs,


  3. pearl
    Jan 04 - 03:25

    wow, thats some new year celebrations Renny :) Great video and superb food. You are really tempting us all to be there next year :)

    PS: I’ve tagged you… check your email .. tc

  4. Maribeth
    Jan 04 - 03:41

    Now I know that Scandinavians are truly big fish lovers. I am too. I was born on Cape Cod and they joke that a Cape Cod girl loves fish so much that they comb their hhair with Cod fish bones! Sounds sort of yucky to me, but truly, we love to eat all fish!

  5. Captain Lifecruiser
    Jan 04 - 04:35

    Ah, looks like you had a great new years celebration in Sweden :-)

    We had a bit of combined fog and hails just at the time, so it was bad sighting, never the less we saw the closest fireworks and a happy new year came on!

    I’ve only eaten scallop lobster once, since we were not seafood lovers in my family when I grew up and not my ex either, but that was delicious!!!!

    BTW: you’re gonna be surprised next time you visit my blog….

    *making you curious*

  6. Teena in Toronto
    Jan 04 - 06:49

    Looks like a fun way to spend the holidays. Ours were quiet.

    May I instead have fireworks and pizza??!! You know how I feel about seafood :)

  7. expatraveler
    Jan 04 - 06:55

    I agree with Tor – we need a time machine! I’m hungry just looking at those pics and the fun!

  8. Zhu
    Jan 04 - 07:18

    So that totally answers my question: lots of seafood! I love it… I don’t eat much meat (not a vegetarian… just by taste) and I think I’d love to spend Yuletide and all the holiday season in Norway!

    In France (and maybe in Mediterranean countries in general), we always have the stereotype of cold — not unfriendly, just cold — people in Nordic countries, and no much fun. Your blog proved my wrong from the beginning!

    *Smashing stereotype*


  9. lime
    Jan 04 - 12:43

    well that was fun. we never got around to shooting our fireworks, lol. we had fun watching movies and playing cards though. happy new year renny!

  10. Lisa
    Jan 05 - 05:08

    Happy New Year to you also, Renny! I love your fireworks video and what a feast you had.

  11. kyh
    Jan 05 - 09:33

    wat a cool new yr u had there! and my my… wat a big feast! norwegians r blessed with abundance of seafood, aren’t they? ;)

  12. Diane
    Jan 05 - 11:40

    I love the firework video and the food looks delicious. I’m coming to you for New Year next year – OK? ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  13. Caroline
    Jan 05 - 13:23

    Thanks to your beautiful pictures- hubby has decided that he definitely wants to spend next Christmas and New Year in Norway (and Sweden). Yeeeaaaaaiiiii And he wants seafood……
    Thank you Renny

  14. lad madrigal
    Jan 05 - 17:31

    it sure looks yummy.

    i think i’ll have a gastronomic adventure in your country haha.

  15. Shantanu
    Jan 05 - 17:40

    That’s a lot of sea-food. :-) An apartment complex run by Norwegians in Sweden? That’s interesting…Is Sweden a popular touring destination for Norwegians?

  16. Gattina
    Jan 05 - 18:13

    Nice firework ! and still alive, lol ! For once we had decided to got to Brussels to watch the annual firework it was cancelled ! For the first time Brussels was under terrorist alert ! People were very angry because they think it was exaggerated and I agree in London where it’s much more dangerous they had a firework. Some people even said that the government as they are always fighting didn’t want the flemish and french speaking people together ! The tourists too were disappointed. The firework is usually very big and nice and hundred of people are in the city center with bottles of Champagne to share. So no pictures from me of fireworks.

    But here in my street in Waterloo we also had a very nice firework and everybody was shouting “Bonne Année” !

  17. Ruth
    Jan 05 - 18:36

    Love the fireworks tradition! Wish we had that!

  18. Captain Lifecruiser
    Jan 05 - 19:52

    WELCOME to:

    Start The Ship Party!


  19. claudie
    Jan 05 - 22:58

    A beautiful video and a beautiful slide show! Really! It seems we were at table with you and Diane! The decoration of the table is marvelous! And tomorrow I will visit Kristie to see how she celebrated the New Year!
    I’m at the Lifecruiser party, dancing on the song of Cloclo and the Claudettes!
    Fench people like to dance on his songs still in Night Clubs!

  20. Gattina
    Jan 06 - 07:06

    Today is Three Kings Day which is very much celebrated in Belgium. I wrote about it today.

  21. Mark
    Jan 06 - 12:09

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Renny! That crab is a monster! :)

  22. Kristie
    Jan 06 - 12:43

    Thanks Renny! Its easy to adjust when its so fun :)

  23. Tinsie
    Jan 06 - 15:43

    Happy new year Renny! Your photos are mouthwatering mmmmmm :-)

  24. Hexe
    Jan 07 - 00:25

    Lobster – YUM! Lobster is also our family tradition but for Christmas. My mother makes her lobster stew that is better than an restaurant. Hope you enjoyed your lobster. Happy New Year!

  25. SwordMama
    Jan 07 - 01:35

    Godt Nytt År Renny! Sorry it took so long to get here. I showed my son D the video of your fireworks; he loves them! It sounds like y’all had a perfect celebration for bringing in the new year. Your food display is so perfectly yummy looking.

  26. chase
    Jan 07 - 04:39

    Godt nytt år Renny selv om det er litt sent hehehehe. Anyway, it is nice to see that you had a blast and wishing you more success, health and love on this new year!!!

  27. lad madrigal
    Jan 07 - 19:03

    was here again!
    have a nice day Renny!

  28. shadowfalcon
    Jan 08 - 02:18

    Hey thanks for adding me! Looks like your New Years was great fun! and that crab is making my mouth water, I shall chew my muesli in vain

  29. A.
    Jan 10 - 17:03

    A great feast for the New Year! Wonderful seafood and a wonderful party.

  30. RennyBA
    Jan 11 - 01:39

    My great blog designer The Queer Chef is working on my blog and I just have to test the new features in comments :-)

  31. Comedy Plus
    Jan 12 - 16:50

    Hi Renny – If you sent me an email it ended up being deleated in my spam filter. Please resend. I’ll help in any way with the Technorati Link LOve. :)

  32. […] When my wife came over, she was of course eager to learn about Norway, our culture, traditions and habits. I remember I asked what was typical American folk traditions, clothes, way of doing things and not to mention food. It was of course difficult to answer as the culture is so diverse and actually a mix of European cultures, a bit of Asian and others traditions. Then of course I’ve learned a lot from reading all my dear blog friends sharing their daily life which enriches the subjects and deepen it. I’m not an expert, but to me it’s clear that one thing is typical: Thanksgiving – celebrated both in the US and of course Canada (on different dates). Maybe I should go as far as to say: Spare Ribs for the 4th of July is another one, combined with fireworks (which for Norwegians mostly are connected to New Years Eve). […]

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