I’m happy to report that we finally got some real snowfall in the Oslo area this weekend. I’ve seen posts from other blog friends with this joyful white powder from other parts of the world, mainly the northern part of US and Canada, especially the east coast – and now finally its our turn. I have a feeling of that the area around the great lakes are the luckiest one, am I right?

Let me give you some examples: Motivated Motion (Lynn from Ontario, Canada), Spilling Out! (Ruth, same town), even It’s all about me! (Teena from in Toronto, Canada) and Correr Es Mi Destino (Zhu in Ottawa, Canada). I’ve told a lot of times I envy them, but now I can report about the same:

Snow in Norway #1

This picture was taken midday yesterday out of our living room window. What actually caught my attention, was that I heard children shouting and having fun and I just had to capture the moment of course:
Snow in Norway #2

– to proof our saying: There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes :-)

Even our neighbour had ‘fun’ in the snow or at least dealt with it in the more adult way as he shoveled his deck or terrace:

Snow in Norway #3

– well you might say: He might have found more appropriate clothes, but I don’t think he planned to stay out for long LoL!

To have our first big snow as late us January is abnormal in our area, but I’m glad it finally came. You might ask why: Well everything gets so much brighter, nicer and cleaner – more fresh if you know what I mean. It also helps in the dark season when the sun is up only around 6 hours a day.

I challenge all visitors:
I will like those of you who have posted about snow in your area this season, to mention it in your comment and I will update this post constantly to collect it and make this:

A Snow report around the world‘.
1: TorAa – report from Nevada Queva, Argentina.
2: Kristie – An American In Oslo: Winter Wonderland and More Snow.
3: Mark – A Philipino in Oslo: Snapped on schmap; Sunk in snow.
4: Mar – From her holidays in the French Alps.
5: Lime – In Pennsylvania, US: Favourite Pics of 2007 + Friday 55& Da Count-Snow.
6: The Dackel Princess – Maribeth in New Hampshire, US: Snow, Snow & More Snow.
7: Linguist-in-Waiting – A Philippine citizen: Buffalonian Yeti.
8: Ginne – From Georgia, US, reporting about snow on her trip to Michigan.
9: Ladybug’s Leaf – Lisa in Massachusetts, US: Snow-Flowers.
10: Britt-Arnhild’s House in the Woods -Trondheim, Norway: At this season.
11: Fruit Of The Spirit – Debbie in Georgia, US: Changes Are Always Happening!


  1. Well, actually, we did have a total of 2 1/2 feet in 3 different snowstorms right up until a few days ago and NOW it’s raining and about 12C!!, very warm for this time of year! We’ll thaw a bit and then get back to snow by the weekend!

    Crazy Canuck weather! As we say here, if you don’t like the weather out the front window, go look out the back!!! Or wait 15 minutes!

    We don’t have more than you then, but I’m happy for what we’ve got and afraid it will go again soon. Above freezing again now and the weather forecast says rain again :-(
    I think your saying goes for Oslo too :-)

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  3. Yes, it was about time with a little snow here in the Oslo area. Hope it will last.

    By the way, when talking about snow, here is a surprise:

    Thanks for your contribution Tor and your already listed!

  4. Wow, your neighbour doesn’t seem to mind the cold! :lol:

    I’m glad you had your snowfall as well. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Peaceful and quiet… even sounds are muffled.

    However, you might have to de-tagged (ouch, that sounds painful!) me soon… all the snow is melting… well, I still have like a meter high snow bench in my backyard, but this January thaw is quite drastic. It’s like 8C today…
    Supposed to be cold again next week, and more snow later on as well… we’ll see…

    Happy ‘snow collect around the world’! ;-)

    The neighbour is a true Viking you know LoL and yea, both him and the snow is beautiful :D
    I’ve wont de-tagg you as I have a direct link and it proofs you at least had snow!
    If you come up with another snow post, keep me posted and I’ll gladly put you on the list!

  5. Hi Renny! I just posted an entry with pictures of me in the snow here in Oslo. :)

    Thanks Mark – great post – thanks for your contribution too!

  6. A challenge, you say? You know I’d be here! :) I have to admit that the posts about waiting for and wanting snow far outweigh the posts I do have about snow (since we just got it). Bur here are the two posts I posted recently when we just got all of this beautiful snow! Isnt it wonderful? I love it!
    Winter Wonderland
    More Snow Photos

    Thanks Kristie – yea, I know you’ve been there and the best of all: you enjoy it! Thanks for your contributions!

  7. Awww Love snow!!fantastic shots Renny!!We are getting sunny weather down here in Munich. Infact, we’re not using heater during the day which is very unusual.

    Another thing we have in common then CheH – great! We had some of those days too and quite odd weather so far this winter season – have to use the heater though.

  8. Congrats on the snow. We’ve had it snow every night this week but it melts daily. Sort of the way I like it. However, it would be nice to see that thing called sun because I’m sure it’s been less than 90/365 that I’ve seen it.

    Thanks ET. Well, outside my office window its raining again today, so we’ve mostly the same.

  9. I Protest!! It will never snow in tropical Singapore!! I have no winter post to show!

    The photos are so beautiful, look like they were from a postcard. It must be fun playing in the snow, making snowmen and throwing snow balls.

    *throw snowballs at Renny…. PIAK !* hehe…

    Protest ignored but your welcome to visit, make snow man with me and even a friendly snow ball game hehe

  10. Believe it or not, even in Florida went the temperatures down to the freezing point, last week!!! Up in the Orlando area they had 32F! No snow, but freezing cold. And also here in Key West was the record deep 12C. That’s way to cold for us sun spoiled people..:-))

    Well, if you have the right clothes, wouldn’t you say that the fresh, crispy air could be nice for a change? :-))

  11. Um, sorry, Renny. It was in the mid 60’sF here today and stormy. No snow for us! Rain, though, we had a lot of rain. I wish it would get cold and snow. No snow at all for us this season so far. I envy you your snow.

    Enjoy the snow and have a great week!
    Love and hugs,

    I’m sorry too and hope you’ll get some of this lovely and peaceful white powder before the end of the winter season then!
    Hope you’ll have a great one too!

  12. So you are happy that finally you can build your snowman I hope you have an appropriate carrot for his nose.
    I don’t like snow and the black and white landscape it depresses me. I tried once wintersport and found it awful, lol !

    I love to build snowman, but it has been raining lately so there is not enough snow now :-(
    So lets agree that we disagree in this then lol !

  13. Those are beautiful pictures! I am glad I can enjoy the snow without having to shovel :) We had 1.5m of snow over the holidays in the French Alps, it was great skiing and I posted two pics today!
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow …

    Thanks and yours where great too – wish I could go with you skiing in the Alps!
    My post are updated with a link to yours so there is a lot of snow post here now – thanks!

  14. such beautiful white snow…..clean ….fresh…and oh so magical…Renny
    ….and here we are steaming on the East Coast of Australia !!!

    I knew it was difficult to contribute from you down under at this time of the year, but thanks for stopping by and comment anyway Kim!

  15. Hello RennyBA!
    I love snow!
    Unfortunately, it’s not snowing in our place this time so I can’t join the fun.

    Anyway, off topic…
    I don’t like to tag anyone but there’s an exception this time. You don’t have to do the tag too, you know. Kindly read my latest blog entry please.

    Have a great week then!

    Glad I could share some from Norway then!
    Thanks, I’m on my way!
    Wish you a good one too!

  16. wow, looks like you got a really nice big snowfall too! wonderful. you know i hadn’t thought about the brightness of the snow combatting the darkness of only a few hours of sunlight but that really makes a lot of sense.

    i didn’t really do a whole post on snow but i included a couple of pictures in a post last monday. this week has been so warm everything is almost melted. i hope we get another good snow soon.

  17. Okay all of my December 2007 posts, (pretty much) speak of all the snow we have had! This one has pictures too. http://www.dackelprincess.com/archives/2007/12/snow_snow_more.php#001494
    Today? it is 50 degrees (F) and raining/sunny/raining. Very weird.
    But very happy that the snow I sent you finally arrived!

  18. Hello Renny,

    So finally you get the snow, and we here in Buffalo are enjoying 60 Fahrenheit weather, since Monday! Speaking of snow, I have quite some entries about a snowstorm, back in December. Too bad I didn’t take photos; my camera was all packed for a trip to Washington DC the day after the snowstorm, but my entries are here for December 13, December 15, and December 16. Enjoy.

  19. beautiful winter pictures. look so magical to me. it must be fun getting showered by white snow droplets all over u!

  20. Hi Renny! Is the snow gone now? The temperature here is also rising and we really did not experience snow, just freezing point thus on lakes and small ponds children (adults too) were able to skate..but also that did not last long.

    Regards from Holland Renny…and thank you for your email…no problem with late meme doing :)

  21. Ooooh I miss the snow now and the coldness. My body cant seem to tolerate the heat here and I am getting sick most of the time. I really hate this and I am looking forward in going back home in Norway soon.

  22. im glad you had your first taste of real snow fall this year. haha and it really looks fun and beautiful.

  23. Ha! You wanted snow, you got snow!

    The last couple of days it was 13C here. We were breaking all kinds of records and most of the snow has melted. It turned really cold again this morning (4C).

  24. btw. I think I have solved the problem concerning my latest post. Had do redo everything. Probably a blogger.com caused problem. (Guess I’m tired?)

  25. Hi Renny and Diane

    Happy New Year!

    No snow (see, I mentioned the word) in our neck of the woods. Plenty of rain and floods, though, for a welcome change.

  26. It is very pretty to look at, and not so much fun when you have to shovel.

    The snow report from the northwest corner of Washington state is that there is much in the mountains all around me, but down here at sea level we have only been getting a few large wet flakes that melt as soon as they hit the ground.

  27. Happy New Year !
    I wish you all the best for 2008!
    Not sure if I miss the snow… it seems my body isn’t able to cope with cold weather anymore…

  28. What marvelous pictures! I love snow so much! I don’t expect to see the snow this year, perhaps next year! Sometimes, very rarely we have the chance to have snow during several hours…here in South! perhaps we’ll organize one day at mountain, who knows? Waiting this moment I will travel on the bloggosphere visiting the sites you give the adress! Good snow, Renny!

  29. My sister who lives in Canada had more snow than she requires for this year. Here in England we haven’t had a hint of it, in fact it’s very mild at the moment.

  30. What a beautiful white winter wonderland. We have no snow now, but had some before Christmas and even back in November.

  31. Congrat’s on your lovely snowfall! The pictures are so lovely, Renny.
    We got some snow in December, but it’s been quite warm here in Massachusetts this week, and with all the rain we’ve had, all the snow is completely gone – even the snowbanks!

  32. I can’t imagine living in Scandinavia and getting snow that late, Renny! What is this world coming to!!! So glad you finally got it. Let’s hope it stays cold enough for you to keep it for a long time.

  33. please check out my new post and if possible post something too.

    It’s a great cause for animals!


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  35. It’s beautiful too. I don’t want to live in snow country, but I so enjoy all the pictures from around the world. Enjoy the snow. I too added you to my blogroll, Google reader and my tag list. Don’t worry, I never expect anyone to do a tag if they don’t want to. Have a great weekend. :)

  36. Thank you very much for stopping by to wish me a Happy New Year Renny! I wish the same for you and your family.

    The snow is beautiful, but looks sooo cold. Have a fantastic weekend (shoveling now probably) :)

  37. WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL Pictures, Renny…I LOVE seeing pictures of snow like this…even your neighbor trying to dig out is great to see…..
    I haven;t seen snow in probably 42 years….! Yes! That’s right. Living here in Los Angeles, and not being a winter person….Snow has not been in my life since 1966….! I LOVE seeing pictures of it, but NOT having to deal with it….lol!

  38. I invite you to see the Ice Sculpture Exposition in Brugge !

  39. OMG, those are so pretty, especially the second one! This time the winter has been rather liberal with snow; it even snowed in Baghdad.

  40. ohhh,so beautiful Renny!I love snow better than rain!
    although,cleaning up the roofs would be a hard task,be careful then and enjoy the snow while it last :)

    thats a nice idea,Renny,what you wrote in your comment. maybe 1 day,I should review your blog and post it,if you want me too…(and its free,for you,LOL!)

    happy weekend!

  41. It snowed a bit here in Rodez, France too — nothing worth taking photos of, though. But I have a feeling more is on the way.

    So please keep me posted then – I would love to see a snow report from France!

  42. Very nice nature snow picture! I went skating on the frozen lake too…

    Thanks and skating is fun – did you posted about it?

  43. Oh, I’d love to contribute to this Snow Report meme! But Göteborg winter has so far been very lame. There was snow a week ago, but melted into slush just after half a day, after the temperature dropped and continuous rain. Snow definitely makes winter much brighter and happier! The next time it snows here, I’ll be much quicker to take photos before they melt! LOL! And by the way, thanks a lot for the link! I appreciate it very much. Cheers!

    Glad you liked it and are looking forward to your next snow post from Göteborg then LoL

  44. We’ve had no snow in London so far this year, which is a shame, as I love snow!

    Your photos are lovely, wish I was there :-)

    Hope you get some soon then and please keep me posted – I’ll gladly update this post!

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  46. You already have me on the list but I had to comment any way! I love snow! I always look so forward to our December trip to up state New York so I can see the snow as we get very little down here in the south. So this weekend has been so great to see it snow, for one because as I stated I love snow, but for two because this happened to be the weekend my granddaughter was visiting and she too loves the snow!

    Today (Sunday) the sun is strong and shining so it sadly is melting away but it is still very beautiful to look out and see it!

  47. I love the snow pictures! It’s summer all year for us here in Malaysia. :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, you have a terrific blog as well, hope to see u again! :):):)

    Glad you liked it and I can imagine its quite different from your place :)
    Thanks for visiting me back then – always great to welcome new readers – welcome back!

  48. yes summer pics are the best, i cant wait for winter again

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