I still have some Yuletide adventures to share with you and this time with a very special group from Norway: The Dissimilis: A story of courage, joy, enthusiasm, creativity, entrepreneurship and perseverance:

Dissimilis Choir

We were special guests at an annual event in our local community. Special because we have a very special little person in our lives who chose to give us some of her tickets as she was playing in the concert. She is a our little princess who comes to visit us and stay for the weekend around once a month and has been doing so for the past four years. Our lives would not have been the same without her presence.

Our little friend, along with all the others in this concert has had a different starting point in life. The children in Dissimilis are children who are in some way different from most. You might call them handicapped, some might call them challenged, we call them beautiful and gifted and significant in this world. We call them friends, and family and loved ones. Every person on this planet is a gift and is here for a reason. Every person has something to share. It doesn’t matter if some of us have downs syndrome, or CP. Some can’t see that well, or have a different way of moving their body – inside we all have a treasure to give and happiness to spread.

A devoted and patient team of helpers work with the children in Dissimilis each week to help bring out their special talents, gifts and interests. If a child really wants to achieve something, and believes that he or she can, then it can be done. These children want to play music, sing and dance just like all children. They take great joy and pride in putting together a pageant for their parents and friends each year, and never ever disappoint. If one misses a step or misses a note the crowd just laughs it off and they go on playing. What a wonderful world when perfection isn’t a requirement but the joy of achieving something new is the real goal. Please join us in some highlights from this years concert, and in seeing how talented these precious boys and girls are (I would have liked to give you better quality, but I only had my Nokia mobile phone and the lightening wasn’t perfect):

Dissimilis President Zahl
From left: His wife, The speaker of Norway’s Parliament and Dissimilis founder: Kai Zahl.
A boy gave flowers to Norwegian’s Princess Astrid, the patron of Dissimilis.
Santa Lucia.

One thing is to see, another to listen. I hope you get the spirit from a solo performance:

You can read more about this special organisation on their homepage!

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  1. A wonderful and moving post Renny. Of course I have voted for you – with all my heart!

  2. Wonderful post and event. Actually I sometimes think that those challenged ones, are more happy than may others are, they have learned to appreciate life in another way than we spoiled ones :-)

    (I’ve already voted)

  3. Very cool for sure! And count me in too. Congrats.

  4. Voted! I’m French, I like voting… :lol:

    Looks like you got all the perfect ingredients for the holidays season: snow, food, travel, family around, a bit of giving and receiving… And a great year ahead of you!

    Just don’t work too hard ;-)

  5. Wonderful post, Renny. I have a child with a disablity, Fragile X Syndrome, and there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than his school concerts. They put so much effort into preparing and seeing their enjoyment is a delight. I commend you for taking this little girl under your wing and making this regular commitment. Having no other family in Australia it would have been wonderful for my son to have had this.

  6. HI RennyBA, I am back!
    Your little friend sounds like such a dear. I am happy that you have her in your life.
    Happy New Year!

  7. A lovely post as always! Happy to share it with you!!

  8. What a marvelous organization and this is a moving and special post too. Your commitment and devotion to your ‘little princess’ is a model for us all… you certainly have my vote :)

  9. Beautiful post- of course I voted for you.

  10. how wonderful! it looks like it was a very well done production. thanks so much for sharing this lovely program with us.

    headed over to vote now.

  11. What a wonderful institution and it is so nice of you to take this little girl home once a months. We have a whole village here near Brussels it is called “Village Reine Fabiola” there are adults and children and they live all together like in their own little town. It is very good if a country takes care of these people !

  12. handicapped or not, they are as beautiful as anyone of us. and i’d say this is a wonderful organization to be in! i salute you and your pals for making this world a better place.

    and oh yeah, i’ve voted for U! ;)

  13. This is wonderful!!
    They are all doing a great “job” – the people that work with the kids and the kids.
    Keep it up and make the world a happier place!

  14. Hello Renny!

    That’s one thing I really appreciate to those who are helping these kids that these kids are being given a chance to show what they can do. It doesn’t matter if they really can act or not, can dance or not, can sing or not. What’s important is, they are happy performing for others.

    God bless them always!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  15. Bless you Renny….
    you are making the world a very magic place for a very special little girl…
    have a wonderful day !!!

  16. This is beautiful, Renny. I had a brother who was handicapped and so many children and people made terrible fun of him. He really suffered. How wonderful that the world is changing now and we can see the beauty in these special children.

  17. It’s so neat that you and Diane are involved in this and great for your little friend too! I worked with a little 4 year-old girl with Down’s Syndrom for a whole year before I started teaching and i so think of her fondly still!

  18. Dear Renny, what a pleasure to come and read your blog. I have a daughter with Turner’s Syndrome. At one time almost all Turner’s children were considered mentally retarded and unable to achieve. However, that was a phallacy. She has gone on to achieve her PHD. Also I have the very great honor of being the step mother of a child who is mentally retarded. And, he is the joy and the sunshine of our entire family. He truly is an angel that keeps us all in stitches with his wonderful sense of humor and this child is happy all of the time.

    This is a great and lovely gift that you have shared with us. Thank you for such a wonderful and delightful post. I am so pleased that you won Santa’s Blog of The Day…congratulations. And, I love the scroll box. you did a great job with it. I wish I were more of a techy as I wouldlove to learn how to add one to my blog.

    God bless you for highlighting these wonderful and beautiful children. If only everyone understood just how very special all children are wouldn’t it be such a grand world?


  19. ohh,its my first time to see the Norwegians Princess Astrid!Thanks Renny!

    The children must be lovely!and the soloist has a good voice :)
    Good to know that you and your wife Dianne care for this kind of organization :)

    TGIF!!Lets enjoy it!!


  20. Renny, a great post about something phenomenal. This group has spread joy around our country and even abroad for many years. And to experience each members proud to be a member is unique

  21. Thank you for sharing this wonderful and blessed event with us, Renny!

  22. Ohhhhh Renny! What an AWESOME post! What a GREAT group! What a LOVELY thing… I loooooove it! I only wish that you had shared a picture of YOUR special someone… so we would all know.

  23. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post Renny and yes, they are very special indeed and thought us much.

    Sorry been away for so long, be catching up with you :D

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  25. I red this post already two days ago but just I had a problem with my connection. Now all seems ok again. This a very “bellisimo” post. If only all lands all over the world had a such reference. The little angels are so charming.

  26. Renny,

    I have entered your name in my giveaway. Please check back Wednesday my time to find out who won.


  27. I am glad you are the one getting the votes because your blog Rocks!

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