I had a blast Wednesday afternoon when I was invited to a Release Party by a couple of friends from The Norwegian Computer Society, who you might call serial founders. They’ve had their ups and downs, but quite a lot of success separately. Now they are putting their joint efforts into a new Information technology consulting company: Incepto with the Vision: ‘A new Beginning – A new way of doing things’. Giving them both credit, I’ll start with two pics from their presentation of their new business concept (just had my Nokia Mobile phone at hand so bear with me the quality):

Photobucket Photobucket
Truls Berg and Svein Stavelin.
The picture to the left is from Microsoft’s Christmas party at 1987!

AbsoluteRennyBAAllow me to present the place for this party within a big bottle *giggle* as it was held at Oslo Mini Bottle Gallery, own by Christian Rignes, a fourth generation brewer and eager collector from Norway. He was 7 when he got his first collectors bottle from his father and here he shows 54 000 of them. Roamers says that his collecting hobby was inherited from his great-grandfather who started Ringnes Brewery in 1877. His wife Denise hated the collection in their home and when it accidentally crashed he started to work on the gallery to hold the collection instead – which opened in May 2003.
A miniature bottle is smaller than 0,1 litre bought from air plane, mini bars and elsewhere. Of course they are a teaser for the bigger bottles. Collectors have their own clubs, magazines and web pages and are eager in trading in early additions, through ads and via Internet.

Other than a great party, just perfect for a network evangelist like me (I met people from my whole carrier in the IT business from ’75 up until today!), I took some more pictures with my mobile phone and gladly share some with you:


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  2. Its really amazing . A different thing ..i like the concept.

    I do agree: quite unique. Thanks for the visit – always great to welcome new readers!

  3. Wow that is so neat! By the way, I voted for you on the Santa Blog Awards!

    ;-) Thanks for your vote Chase – your such a great supporter!

  4. Oslo Mini Bottle Gallery is so awesome! I collect mini bottles of alcohol and perfume.

    I’m so envious of Mr Rignes’ collection!

    Sounds interesting – please show us your collection then :-)

  5. I don’t want to scare you but it seems like you’ve been trapped in a big bottle. Don’t panic. They are harmless unless they contains some kind of fancy grapefruit “juice” :lol:

    Not the baddest place to be trapped in I would say LoL. I did not find any juice, but we had champagne.

  6. So interesting to see what can be done if you collect “properly”. I’m just a magpie who can’t throw things away and end up with a motley assortment of odd and ends:)

    You got to have a collective mind i guess. My passion is pins you know:)

  7. What an interesting gallery for such an event! the only bottle collection I know is my husband’s wine cellar :)
    Greetings from the deep South!!

    Yea, a perfect match for a release I would say – please invite me when you have yours in your husband’s wine cellar :)
    Thanks for the Spanish greetings!

  8. Actually I prefer the big bottles, they hold more…

    Seriously, though, 54,000 bottles! That’s a hell of a lot of bottles and I don’t blame his wife for not wanting them in the home…there’d be no room for anything else, let alone people!

    Well, if you have enough of them, small once can do too…
    You have a good point, but I can assure you, he has a very big house!

  9. Quite an unique place and collection without doubt! Love the big Absolute-bottle most of course – as the true Swede I am…. *giggles*

    Seriously, a very impressive collection and gallery for it. GReat idea, well performed :-)

    Yea, I felt so Scandinavian in that big bottle *giggles*
    Glad you liked it – how about a Cyber Cruise gathering in that gallery!

  10. 54000? This is amazing and I found this very interesting indeed :D

    You can find me here Renny ~ http://www.soshiok-.blogspot.com

    Glad you liked it too :D
    I’m on my way to your blog home!

  11. i’m really learning a lot from this blog. andone thing i’ve learned about you, you’re a guy who should be invited in every party. hehe.

    ey renny! thanks again for the prize. til the next contest :)

    So when is your party then? hehe
    Your welcome and I’m glad you got your non Troll prize :)

  12. Is it you inside the mini….woops I mean big bottle? :-)

    Yea, its me …. so then you know it has to be big!

  13. Good grief! I can’t imagine having such a big collection!

    Yea, I know its hard to believe, but the guide said so!

  14. I love the doll house. It really touches the child in me.
    I also love “Renny In A Bottle!”

    My sister got one from our grandmother and actually I though it was nice too.
    Both Renny and the Bottle you mean :lol:

  15. What an interesting and funny collector! Finally bottles speak herselves of their time and society! Always something to learn with you Renny!

    Yea there is an interesting story in each and everyone of the bottles – if they could speak :D
    Glad you learn something from my posts – thats what I aim for you know!

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  17. I have always been interested in visiting that gallery… Hmmmm… Have a nice Sunday, Renny! :)

    You really should go there Mark!
    Wish you a good one too :)

  18. I don’t need to save time in a bottle if I can just save YOU in a bottle :-) Very well written post as always!

    You don’t have to save me darling – I’m here for you, all the time ;-)

  19. my god you are an observant man !!!! not a new blog the same old one but i am still not blogging anymore. hope you and yours are all well !! :)

    Well, Technorati is a good helper you know – good to see you back here again – we are fine and I do hope the same for you !!

  20. Oh, what an interesting gallery for such an event and it seemed to be a very nice party ! No wonder you enjoyed it !

    Today I have a very special little video on my blog. It is absolutely hilarious and shows the demolition of several houses in Brussels. It happened last week. They did it so good, that the neighbor found himself with a toilet without wall. If you like it give the word.
    I found it on a Belgian blog !
    Demolitions are still continued …

  21. in case you don’t know, i’m in the IT world too but now i’m an information security officer in the financial industry :P

    btw, please update your links to my blog to my new domain: Backpacking Philippines. tnx

  22. You do get around, Renny, and are certainly the biggest and best Network Evangelist I have ever known!

  23. What an interesting party! I have some kitty wine bottles … can I come next time?

  24. Hi Renny!

    what a party huh?i thought what was to “release! at first,LOL!

    I love the pics,esp the champagnes!!wow!give me one! :D

    btw,heres another hidden pics in my flicker.. *giggle*

    Happy Monday !!


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  26. I hope you get out of that bottle soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog & yes, we voted for each other at the BCA a while ago! :) Good luck…maybe I’ll be lucky enough to come to Norway and visit you someday!!!

  27. That is one big bottle! Sounds like a really interesting place!

  28. Renny – As always, I learn something new each time I visit your site :) All I could think about in seeing all those bottles is that this was definately not a place to take the kids!

    Have a good week!

  29. You now have access to the new Cyber Cruisers blog. Login with your already created WP userid and password and you’ll have access to both the Cyber Cruisers and eventual other blogs you hold there at the same time. (Just be sure to write in the right blog ;-)

    You’ve been assigned the role of Author, as all the old A-Team’ers will be, which means that you’ll be able to publish it directly without me reviewing it first.

    Welcome to test it by writing a post with a short introduction of yourself with a link to your blog. (not obligatory)

  30. The Mini Bottle Gallery seems to be a well kept secret. The collection is fantastic and the presentations and settings is extrodinary. Well presented here in a very special setting

  31. There used to be a mini collectors coke bottle and I still have one!!!

  32. Just floating by on a surfboard to share some warm Maui aloha! Looks like a fun party!

  33. Renny in a bottle. How fun! This sounds like a wonderful time. I’m so glad you shared it with us.

  34. Oh mini bottles! I have a few of those collector’s bottles. My favorite is a small violin bottle with peach liqueur in if from The Donnau.

  35. Glad you had fun at the party. Mini bottles i didn’t even know they existed, in my head they are for little people like Smurfs

  36. Hi Mr Renny! you look cool inside the bottle hehehe

  37. I just saw on Tor’s blog that it is Diane’s birthday today so I pop in to wish

    A very happy Birthday !!

  38. Thanks for the birthday greetings on Tors blog. That was really sweet. Looking forward to sushi tonight ….mmmmmmmmmmm I’ll even let you take pictures!

  39. You are looking great in that huge bottle! Love that shot especially!:)

    Thanks – I’m blushing :)

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  41. Hi !
    The collection is fantastic ! Have you mini bottles from Croatia ?
    Best regards !

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