I had another quality time and cultural adventure with my wife this week and of course I’ll share it with you: Imagine yourself in a church; drinking wine, meeting good friends and colleagues and watching a sensual woman dancing Spanish Flamenco – as a Network Evangelist, I would say A Perfect Match!
It was the yearly wine tasting seminar hosted by The Norwegian Association of Masters of Science in Economics. You can read all about Jakob Cultural Church from the seminar two years ago on my post: Heavenly good wine. This time it was featuring Spanish wine and the expert guiding us through the list of 4 wine examples was again Yngve Lofthus Teigen from the wine importing company, Bibendum. The lightening was perfect for tasting, but not for photographing – I hope you get the spirit of the evening anyway:

See all pics at Photobuchet

As a starter we had Faustino Cava Extra Seco – you know the sparkling white one which tickles and bubbles on your tongue.
Then the red wine sensations started with Fortlus Tempranillo from 2005: Fruity aromas and smooth taste makes this wine very fresh and most pleasant to drink – you really taste the American oak cask taste too.
The next was Condesas de Leganza Crianza from 2003, made of the grape: Tempranillo and aged in oak casks from Pennsylvania: Very tasty, good tannins, ample and bold.
Then Portia Cosecha Especial from 2004, also made of Tempranillo: Garnet cherry-red intense with aromas of blackberries and currants – a creamy sensation and pleasant tasty notes.
The last one, a legend: Faustino I Grand Reserva from 1996, 28 months in cask (American and French oak blend): Well finished of course and powerful – enveloping tannic notes in the mouth that develop into an elegant boldness and just the right acidy to match any dish.

After the tasting we where invited to the church cellar for tapas – more that 200 people and some of us hadn’t met since last year – this was a great way to catch up though:

But if that wasn’t enough – I’ve saved you the best: A Norwegian girl Tonje gave a breath taking, explosive, powerful and sensual Flamenco show. I’m sorry about the quality as it doesn’t do her credit (difficult lightening), but I can’t resist giving you a glance of this Spanish dancing firework:

Anyone want to join us next year?


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  2. Yes I would love to join you next year. Maybe then I would know how to pick out a good wine! I never seem to find one I like. I prefer a sweet red wine and they always say they are on the label but I find them too tart! Almost bitter. I need to learn. I have been bugging hubby that we need to find a winery that offers wine tasting and this posting reminds me of that!

    Would have been lovely to see you next year – I’m sure you could pick up some guidance to find good wine. If you go to a winery, please keep me posted!

  3. Amazing post – – –
    You know I’m working outside down town Oslo, and do only go there on our Professional meetings. This event must have been a real kick.
    Happy you shared it.
    from a Viking living in Southern Oslo

    I know you work in the little house in the prairie :D
    It was a kick and of course I love to share!
    – from a Viking living in a western Oslo suburb.

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  5. With wine, you can’t expect much from me. I’m not too fond of them (yes, even after having lived in Norway for 1.5 years now where wine is present at least once a week) since I get drunk with just a glass. Hahaha. But tapas, you can count me in! I was just at a tapas restaurant in Grønland last Friday night and it’s good. It’s called Vann & Brød, beside Grønland Basar, if you still haven’t tried it. :) Happy week ahead!

    You’ll get used to it after a couple of more years Mark :-)
    Haven’t heard about that restaurant – will have to try one day.
    Wish you a good one too :-)

  6. Tapas and vine… that’s my kind of evening!

    I wish I could find tapas here, used to be my favourite in France. I liked just about anything. But we have Mexican food here instead…

    (Any luck receiving Canadian treat? Posted two weeks ago… email me for the tracking # if you want!)

    I knew you where one of the kind :-)
    Well, Mexican is great too – as long as you have the right wine I mean.
    Sorry no Canadian treat yet – see my note to you!

  7. You really know how to enjoy the good things in life!
    Another great event!

    Yea we do, and sharing it is the best thing you know.

  8. You guys have the most interesting mini-adventures. Thanks for sharing! (I’m up and running again after a little hiatus.)

    Good to see you up and running again – have missed you, you know!

  9. Yummy, yummy, Spanish Tapas sounds just right for me, the wines not bad either – and the Flamenco is perfect! We heard a lot about the Flamenco this summer when we met Paco at Fårö, he comes from Cadiz in south of Spain where they often have Flamenco dancers. He had the right hand clapping technique alright!

    Wished you could be there and share this adventure with us!
    We hope to see you at Fårö and dance Flamenco with you!

  10. I don’t drink alcohol, but the tapas and Flamenco look very good! Tonje is amazing!

    Well, the food and the dance was at least half the fun – Tonje was great and also a very nice girl to talking with.

  11. looks like a fun time. and i notice some of the casks were from my home state:) thanks for sharing.

    I was very nice and I actually told Diane about you and your state when we saw that wine:-)

  12. That is a really a bomb! I am always amazed with those Flamenco dancers!

    You said that right Chase – I was amazing!

  13. hi Mr Renny looks like you really had fun! was that really insider the church?

    anyways, you’ve been tagged hope I dont disturb your precious time :D

    We had and yes, it was in an old church!
    Thanks for tagging me – your such a supportive blog friend :D

  14. Sounds fun and different. I’m not big on wine, Spanish or otherwise, but I would have loved the flamenco performance – and the tapas!

    Yea, a bit of a unique experience, but great surroundings for winetasting and of course Flamenco!

  15. Oh what fun this looks like! I wish I was there with you and Diane! Who knows, maybe another year!

    I was and I do hope to see you and your husband with us one day – your welcome any time you know!

  16. For my first-time visit, you really thru me in this post! Fascinating, and of course, sounds divine. Thx for your visit, for the compliments and hope to see you again soon. I’d love to blogroll you and come by often. Have a gr8 week!

    Always great to welcome new readers and thanks for your compliments – inspiring to me!
    Wish you a great one too!

  17. Both the wine and the dance were delightfully spicy and I wish everyone could have been there. Its a good thing you are out sharing our adventures with the world. Olé!!!

    Thanks Love – and the best thing: to share it with you!!

  18. thanks very much for dropping by in my page. by the way, my aunt is living in norway at present but i dont know exactly where she lives there. we’re not that close. youre blog is very interesting

  19. Wine tasting is so much fun!

    I couldn’t agree more – and tasty too!

  20. After all this wine I lay under the table, hic ! But before I also tried a flamengo on the table !

    In Norway we have a saying: The last one under the table, brings the bottle! Would love to see you dancing first though :D

  21. I loved the Spanish Dancer Renny !!
    looks like you had a fabulous time and all those wonderful wines to choose from… woo hoo :)
    have a great day :)

    You should have seen her live – she was breath taking!
    Wish you a good one too :)

  22. it was nice to know that you had fun.
    and the flamenco was sooo nice. i really really love it.

    thanks for voting Renny. :D and for the visit as well.
    a good day to you and your family.

    We had and I’m glad you liked to see it too!
    Your welcome – I enjoyed visiting and reading!
    Wishing you a great one too!

  23. Such a wonderful evening with all the food, drinks and friends, of coz…

    Yea; A very Fruity evening :D

  24. Renny,
    come to think about it: Why not join the next gathering in “Les Amis du Vins”?
    (Vinens venner – Friends of Wine) They have their regular meetings with tasting and some food, at Schafteløkken – Frogner Menighetshus. By the way, have you been to this Mansion? (a hidden secret at Oslo West End).
    Even though this Wine Club has been started by French living in Norway, you need not speak fluent French to gather. They (most of them) do speak Norwegian. You can see the program for 1H – 2008 here:
    Here is the meeting place in Oslo:
    And here you can see the Mansion:

    A good idea for you my good friend – to create a new reportage from “Secret Oslo”?

    btw. Johs and I have done progress with our planned May 8 Seminar.

    Good idea – thanks for the tip – we can go there together – I’ll work on it!

  25. Oh, the wine with the blackberry and currant tones sounds divine. And then Flamenco too? What a wonderful evening.

    I knew you would love that Lisa – and the Flamenco too :D

  26. Nothing beats good wine, good food, good company and good dancing. :)

  27. Sorry to come so late here but I changed my computer. Sure you had great time. The video give us the spanish atmosphere. Love flamenco and I’d like to taste all these good wines!

    No problem Claudie – we all have our challenges – I haven’t been around to much lately either :-(
    Glad you got the feeling!

  28. It sounds like a memorable evening – except that after all that wine I doubt if I would remember so much :) Tor’s les Amis du Vin would be a good follw-on!

    I was and I admit it was good to have the pics and the vids to recall some of the moments :lol:
    I do agree with your follow-up!

  29. u’re an evangelist? wowwww….

    oooh that seems so enjoyable and yes, romantic! Spanish music and dances are so full of energy and passion, aren’t they?

    Well, a network sort of at least….
    You said that right – so very much of all that!

  30. I’ll have some of the wine from 1996. That year is a special year! ;-)

  31. Here i am having only just finished working on my proposal to a hotel on my business networking event for women which will be featuring flamenco as entertainment. :O far out brussel sprout – what uncanny timing to see you do a post that features flamenco dancing also including use of “the fan”! Quite a lovely moment of the world working in strange (and yet interesting) ways for me to see this. Thank you for sharing Renny!

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