Canadian Maple Fudge invading Norway

My regular readers knows my saying: ‘Blogging connecting People‘ as we share about our daily life, our experience and adventures and how that break down religious, cultural and other barriers. You get to know them, you see other people and countries and traditions from newer perspectives and you make friends. During my more than two years of blogging, I’ve learned a lot about a bunch of people from all over the world. Today I’ll share something with you which is about more than sharing by posting. Not that it is that big of a deal, but it touched my heart:
It all started when I had my two years of blogging Anniversary post. I made a quiz about me and my blog and as always got a lot of comments and answers. One out of four who had all the right answers was Juliette, aka Zhu (French and half Canadian living in Ottawa). As promised, I sent her one of these Trolls from Norway:


She decided to return the favour and today I received a Canadian Treat: A post card and Maple Fudge from Turkey Hill. It taste sweet, kind of melting on your tongue and with a lovely flavour of maple syrup of course (thanks Zhu, it’s already one of my favourite too!):

The other three who won the quiz was Shantanu, Tin-tin and Gretchen, a trustful reader from USA, who fell in love with a Viking and are now living in Norway just like my wife.
If any other of you want to exchange small but significant things from your county in exchange from typical Norwegian Souvenirs (I’m not sending snowmen or a barrel of oil:-), your welcome to hint in comments.
This post is about meeting people in Blogsphere and building relationship. I call myself a Network Evangelist and I’ll gladly invite you into my network. If it’s for professional reasons, you might like to check my LinedIn profile, or Facebook for more social reasons. Even more, I ask you to check my blogroll, and pick out at least one to visit, comment and tell Renny have sent you. Happy Networking!

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  1. Yes, fudge is very very very sweet! It’s very popular here in Canada. Have you had it before, Renny?

    And Ottawa is a great city! I was there last year and had a blast!

    I’ve never had it before and it was a thrill and tasted heavenly!
    Wish I could go there too, but must admit that Vancouver is prio #1 in 2010 (you might know why?).

  2. You are so creative when coming to be a network evangelist.

    PS. Send a Snowman. Can need it here in Oslo South. LOL.

    Thanks for your compliments – you are quite good in it too I think!
    Because of the rain today, the snowman is gone :-(

  3. Hey Renny, I’m so glad you finally got it! Hope it wasn’t frozen :lol:

    Fudge is one of my favorite… I discovered this treats my first winter here. I was walking by the Canal, frozen, and I saw this little place selling fudge. They had so many kind, it was just amazing! No, I didn’t taste them all… but I got addicted!
    Maple syrup is our drug too… Yummy!

    Sorry again for being so slow, it was initially a Xmas/ troll adoption treat, but we were buried under the snow… you know the problem!
    As we say in French… bon appétit!

    As you can tell I’m thrilled and so is Diane! I can feel, taste and smell Canadian uniqueness in this and thats why it is so dear to me.
    Don’t be sorry – its a waist of energy and don’t do you any good – it came out well in the end and that is what matters!

  4. Where else in the blogosphere can you find a blogger who talks about trolls and maple fudge in the same post?! hahaha

    Good point and proves that in Blogsphere, anything is possible – only the Cyber Space is the limit :-)

  5. oh what a delightful post Renny….
    a troll for fudge….LOL …. how unique….
    you are the networker King :)

    Glad you liked it and wasn’t afraid of the Trolls :D
    If I’m a NW King, the you are a Queen :)

  6. YUMMM! That Maple Fudge sounds quite Scrumptious Renny….And I can see how that might become adicive….LOL! It’s probably a good thing you can’t get it there in Norway….LOL!

    Yea, I was just great so maybe it is good that I can’t get it so easily :-)

  7. How lovely! You are a good friend and so is Diane. I enjoy reading your posts and learning more about you, your country and your family.

    Want a Waxed Duck? hehehe…..

    Yea and we all love the friendship! I’m glad you like and learn from my blog and of course I thank you for being a trustful reader!
    A Waxed Duck – is that the most Singapore there is? :lol:

  8. Okay I wanna know what a waxed duck is….

    hehehe sweet post today as always, you know I come from a land of maple fudge too and remember visiting the maple sugar farm in Vermont as a child. A good blend of culture for today – blogs connecting people!!

    You know I’m a bit curious too…
    Thanks dear and I know you are an expert in this – thanks for supporting me in Blogpshere too!!

  9. Maple Fudge? My teeth are aching just reading about it! Sounds delicious :-)

    So I take it you have easy access to it then :D

  10. What a good plan exchanging sweeties and trolls! I always enjoy coming because I discover always good surprises and lot of joy!

    Yea, you might call it a good cultural match!
    Thanks for your compliments and its always great to see you and your comments!

  11. what a lovely idea! i like it! and i can see you did too :) i’d be happy to do some sort of swap.

    Yea, A Perfect Networking Match :)
    So let’s swap – see my mail to you!

  12. An example of exactly how things should be – exchanges of ideas, and now sweets too :) My sister lives in Canada so we frequently sample the many delights of maple syrup!

    Yea, like I say: Blogging as well as Networking is ‘A Givers Gain’!
    Hope your sister send you some treats now and then!

  13. You want a coconut from the Philippines, Renny? ;-)
    You are indeed “connecting people” evangelist !
    Good work, Renny!

    Would love to Sidney – and you wanna a Troll back? ;-)
    Thanks and I’m so glad I can count you in in my network!

  14. it’s always a thrill feeling having received gifts and postcards from faraway land! it’s been a long time since i last received something like that. :(

    your wife is not from Norway?

    Well, if you like to swap a Troll for something from your place, I’m in!
    No, Diane is from NY, US.

  15. since Sidney already suggested a coconut, I’ll think of other things here :P

    You make me curious – what could that other thing be?

  16. the picture made me really thankful that you didn’t send a trol.. thanks again renny. i can ask for anything??? as in anything?
    i like the promised lunch. just kidding ooh.. i know! the crystal cup, the one even ie you step on wouldn’t break. hehehe. just kidding.
    sorry if it’s only now that i visited your blog. really busy these days

    Well, glad you liked your little rose painted box then!
    You know you can always claim your free lunch in Oslo and then I buy you that Porsgrunn Porcelain cup too :-)
    You don’t need to excuse yourself Tin-tin – I know how it is!

  17. Hi Renny, I had visions of platoons upon platoons of squares of maple fudge marching from Canada to Norway and overrunning everything! Then the Norwegians come out of their houses with cartons and buckets, kidnap the invaders, take them home and eat them!

    That will teach maple syrup fudge squares to invade another country…

    Sorry…I’m in a silly mood at the moment and couldn’t resist that. I love fudge and I love maple syrup and the two together sound absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

  18. The one thing I can offer you are some real palm leaves, we have them also up here in Charleston! :-)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, Renny. Pictures in B&W from Charleston is like turning back in time, right?

    Yes, step by step we are going over to a “normal” life again.:-)

  19. Ah, maple fudge and maple syrup is the best! You must have it there too don’t you? If I weren’t diabetic, I’d have it evey day, especially pancakes! As it is, I have to have the Aunt Jemima Light syrup which isn’t the same. (If you don’t know Aunt Jemima, ask your wife, Diane!)

    Thanks for the visit. We just had another storm yesterday and got 8″ of snow so of course, my husband is going skiing today and tomorrow!
    Sending you snow and Hugs..which I guess could be called “SNUGS”!! LOL!

  20. I’ve never tried it but as I have a sweet tooth and I love Cornish Clotted Cream fudge and also pancakes with maple syrup, I’m sure I would love Maple Syrup fudge!

    Now if you would like to try Cornish Clotted Cream fudge……

    (That just been reminded me that it is Shrove Tuesday on 5th February where traditionally, here in England, we eat pancakes. We also have pancake races where people have to run a race while tossing a pancake in a frying pan…..madness!)

    So now you have a bit of UK tradition :-)

  21. Those trolls are adorable. Nothing like the ones I grew up with. Hint Hint! Not sure what would be of interest here in the south I would have to think hard on that one!

    Fudge of any kind is one of my favorites. Of course I wear all I eat proudly on my hips! :) So I do not get to experiment in different kinds as I like.

    In the past 2+ years of blogging and with such little time on my hands I tend to be more of a voyeur blogger and comment only when really moved to! I love to click a link and see where it takes me. I find there is so much stuff out there in the world I can’t possible read it all! But I do try!

  22. I love fudge! First it was only available in English shops, but now they sell it in a lot of shops. Although I still like the English fudge the best. Haven’t had Canadian yet though… ;-)

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Renny.

    From this post, I can see that you’re a very decent person & I’ll be coming back. :-)

    Your welcome and thanks for the compliments!
    Always good to welcome new readers – welcome back any time :-)

  24. Hello, Renny, thank you for your comment! I’m happy to hear from you. I found your page on Zhu’s blog! I’ve started my english blog recenlty, but I’ve been writing my russian blog for 1, 5 years and we have this tradition to send post cards to each other from all over te world. I’m keeping them and thinkin to put them on the wall or smth like this. :) Haven´t sent yet anything from Canada.. oh..
    I’ve never been to Norway and never had friends from there, but always was interested in this such a beautiful country. It´s my big dream to see fiords and notheren lights! :)
    Thank you for your amazing blog !

  25. Thank you for your website. I am from India. I am an evangelist travelled more than 10200 villages in India with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    I have never been in Norway. I would like to visit Norway. I would like to have friends from Norway. My physical address: Abraham T.Mathai, Thannickal,
    Chalappally P.O., via.Ezhumattoor-689586, Kerala, India.
    Email: atmministries@yahoo.co.in

    Thank you for your wonderful blog.

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