Care for Women Living in Poverty

My regular readers know I like to say: ‘Blogging Empowering People’. As a network evangelist I also look at it as a Givers Gain. This time I would like to Give and in the end challenge you to do the same. It’s about supporting impoverished women for proper resources.

A good friend of mine and co-founder of LinkedInNorway, Morten W. decided to raise money for a good, international cause and asked if I could help. ‘How about using your blog – you have friends all around the world’ he said. Read about the cause, and you’ll understand why I do it:

CareHe wanted focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help entire families and communities escape poverty. Morten works for CARE which is one of the first to respond in emergencies such as natural disasters or civil conflict. Their projects directly assist survivors of natural disasters and conflict through immediate relief and longer-term community rehabilitation, which includes food, temporary shelter, clean water, sanitation services, medical care, family planning and reproductive health services, and seeds and tools.

CarePoorWoman #2Morten believes in what his is doing and does what he believes in. Last Saturday he did as promised in a FaceBook group: “Walking around the Oslo City Hall’ and walked around the big building one lap for every 500 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) (90$ or 60€) he had collected so far. I walked together with him as a witness and of course I had my camera to prove it.

Walking around he told me: When the total donations reach 20 000 NOK (3,775 $ or 2,500 €) he will start walking again. And this time he guaranties attention from the media. 40 laps around the City Hall of Oslo will take him more than 6 hours!

Okay. That one picture might not be a solid proof of the pudding. So let me give you a movee with some more of the pics I took then:

So my challenge to you dear readers and blogger friends: Would you like to see him walking for a good cause and support him supporting these women!?! If so, Click Here and enter Care’s secure website to donate for this cause – every penny helps! Note that when you get to the donation page its sat up for 500 Norwegian Kroner. That’s equal to 90 US $. Feel free to donate any amount you wish simply by changing the amount!
1: First a BlogCatalog friend of mine aaidjs, spread the word with a post on her own blog.
2: Then a very good blog friend Sueblimely from Australia posted CARE For A Walk.
3: My beloved wife Diane on her brand new blog did the same – !
4: Another good friend, A. in A Changing Life, posted Do you Care?
5: Diane in ‘Much of a muchness‘ also support in her post: CARE and Bookwish need you…
What lovely contributions! You might like to do the same!?!

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  1. As you know I have been a Care supporter for years…you know those little envelopes that come in the mail each month :-) I do believe that empowering women in many parts of the world will do much more to bring peace than any military action. Care believes that women in poverty often show more responsibility, they are more careful with their money and inclined to put aside even a small amount for the future. Keep on blogging for the good cause!! Blogging…empowering people!

    I know as you really are a woman with a big heart and I do agree with you: the world need peace and not any more military actions! I do as you, believe in woman’s capabilities too. Men, especially the ‘powerful’ ones have proofed they’ve failed.
    I will keep on and thanks for your support my dear!


    Glad you agree and also for touching you!

  3. You’re making a great use of your blog!

    Being the poor student (yep, teacher but also a student!) I usually give time to charities by volunteering a few hours each months rather than money but I’m gonna look into this one.

    Thanks – I’m glad you think so and I think it’s an interesting experiment.
    Your a woman with a big heart – volunteering is a great way to contribute too!

  4. That’s really great of you,Renny!
    Supporting your friends through blogging and your friends motivation is really an interesting one!
    Good luck to him and I hope he continues his support to women!!

    Its a Givers Gain you know and I could not resist for a good cause – glad you liked it too!

  5. what a gr8 cause. so nice, Renny. i would love, love, love (emph on love) to give – if i had it. i’m a writer. i don’t work. i have nothing to give but my talents and my love.

    I know you are a good supporter of the idea anyway and if you wanna contribute with your writing experience, you might like to check DaineCA’s contribution!

  6. Renny – that is such a great cause! I actually love the video with the TV. Keep doing that, I just can’t explain it but I LOVE seeing the video’s that way.. :)

    I know you are a woman with a big heart and would support it. Glad you liked the vid too – could I inspire you as a great photographer you are :)

  7. Talk about using your blog for good! I shall go over to the site now.

    I try the best I can – thanks for your support too!

  8. I think it is WONDERFUL, what he is doing, dear Renny…But One has limited resources and ‘one’–ME, can only do so much for so many worthy and needed good and great causes…! So forgive me for not participating in this very worthy and needed cause…..I applaud your friend and you for doing this. my dear….And I dearly wish I could help. So many right here need whatever help I can give them.

    I knew you would love it Naomi and of course your forgiven as I know your helping a lot anyway! We can always hope for others you know :-)

  9. A very nice initiative. Good you are helping to spread the word!

    Thanks Sidney and you are certainly doing so to – with your reports and pics!

  10. you’re such a blessing to others for your generosity. keep it up

    Thanks Orange, I hope it’ll collect a lot of money for the poor woman!

  11. this is such a wonderful gesture Renny and a very worthy cause …
    I will give it a digg :)

    I do agree Kim: very worthy..
    Thanks for the digg – your such a great supporter :)

  12. Thank you for everything you do Renny.

    Also, thank you for stopping by my blog and reminding me to update the Big Bang. I try to update at least once a day, but sometimes get busy and forget.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend in Norway!

    ~Sandy G.

    Your welcome Sandy and you know I appreciate your contributions and support in Blogsphere too!
    Wishing you a great one too ;-)

  13. Well done! Yes, it really is a good cause. Let’s hope it will help a lot. There are sooo many people in need every where and also so many help organizations thankfully. We all do what we can, small or big amounts, volunteer work, writing etc.

    It should get more exposure everywhere, to get more people to understand how much poverty that needs our attention!

    Thanks Capt’n and you know your doing your fair share too!

  14. Beautiful one.Keep it up Renny.Wish you a grand success.I would love to see your work reach more people.Thanks for such nice thoughts and initiatives.

    That’s Deb, great to have your support for such an important cause.

  15. Such a nice initiative you had! Blogging opening the way to people who need help all over the world. This is a beautiful action.

    I knew you would like this Claudie – yea, Blogging empowering people you know!

  16. I am a bit late getting to this but as it gives me great satisfaction being able to use my blogging voice to help good causes, I have written a post to help publicize this very worthy cause. Thanks for letting us know Renny.

    Thanks Sue! This really show the strength of networking and the power of blogging. Thanks for your contribution. I’ve updated my post to let everyone know of course!

  17. A great post for a great cause. I’ve added my voice to try to spread the word. It’s a great use of blogging.

    Thanks so very much for adding your voice A. – your such a great supporter – I’ve updated my post with a link to yours too of course!

  18. Thanks Renny, the backlink is appreciated but I would have done the post anyway :-)

    I knew you would Sue, but I thought it was interesting to collect all other blogs posting about this you know :-)

  19. Just dropping by today to send along my heartfelt thanks for such a lovely happy birthday wish! Y’all made my day so special yesterday, and I cherished every single wish left in my comments. You’re a treasure!!! Thank you kindly!!!

    Your welcome Anni and worth it – glad we could make your day!!

  20. I have heard of CARE and I think you have posted a wonderful article to bring their cause to the attention of us bloggers. I so agree that empowering women in poverty will bring peace more quickly than bullets, bombs and bloodshed. Well done to both you and Diane.

    I knew you would like it too and thanks for the compliments – I so much agree with you, you know: men’s way of doing it so far, does not work!

  21. I’m confused. (So what’s new I hear you ask?!) When I clicked on ‘Digg this’, it went to another Digg (you for best blog award) so I set up one for this post and 4 people have dugg it but it doesn’t link through from the ‘Digg it’ icon under this post. Help!

    I’m sorry Diane and I’m confused too and I’m not that good at Digg, so I have to check and try to sort it out. I use a standard script and thought it automaticly should referee to the right post, but no? If you click on the post’s phermalink it works though. See my mail to you about it!

  22. That’s a good thing to work for.
    We do it our way. Like f.i. all Christmas Gifts this year were bought in the Andes, genuine Knitwear and we checked they were handmade by the locals – and Knit ware is always made by poor women.
    We even stopped at local tiny cafeteria and shops, just to buy something (more than needed). You know, as commented on Mrs Lifecruiser, a few extra dollars turnover a day, makes the difference.

    I know you and Anna are warm hearted people and your way in contribute is great!

  23. Hiya Renny, this is something very interesting. Over here in Singapore, we do have organisation that empower women in India, Northern Thailand etc. by bringing in their handicrafts to Singapore to rasie awareness about poverty in their countries so you have certainly raised my awareness over in your country too which is commendable :D

    I’ll stay tune for sure.

  24. That’s a great cause!! we just need more people thinking that way… I will be selling (donated) books the first weekend in March, we organized a charity market to help people in need in our community. I should bring my camera along…

  25. Hi
    I am very thankfull to Renny and his initiative. And to all of you leaving your statements here at his blogg – what can I say: Thanks a lott for your moral support. There good to have proof that there are people still caring.

  26. A very noble cause indeed and wishing your friend the best in this endeavour. We do a lot for a women’s shelter here in my own town. There is need in every corner of the worlds.

  27. There are many walk-a-thons and runs for good causes. It is actually a huge business in the U.S. with companies that organize these and take a percentage. I use my blog to remind women that they control poverty. If women marry the father of their children, finish school, and don’t begin their families until after 21, the poverty stats are almost nil. There are always exceptions, such as married men who desert their families (or married women). But for the most part, the government is not a good step-father for children.

    My MIL in US, participated regularly in walk-a-thons from many different causes, and she was also an avid volunteers. Thanks for bringing it up.

  28. What a great entry! Do you mind if I post this on tuesday as a lead in to my poverty blog article on wednesday?

    But of course you may – I take it like a great compliment!

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