Care for Women Living in Poverty

My regular readers know I like to say: ‘Blogging Empowering People’. As a network evangelist I also look at it as a Givers Gain. This time I would like to Give and in the end challenge you to do the same. It’s about supporting impoverished women for proper resources.

A good friend of mine and co-founder of LinkedInNorway, Morten W. decided to raise money for a good, international cause and asked if I could help. ‘How about using your blog – you have friends all around the world’ he said. Read about the cause, and you’ll understand why I do it:

CareHe wanted focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help entire families and communities escape poverty. Morten works for CARE which is one of the first to respond in emergencies such as natural disasters or civil conflict. Their projects directly assist survivors of natural disasters and conflict through immediate relief and longer-term community rehabilitation, which includes food, temporary shelter, clean water, sanitation services, medical care, family planning and reproductive health services, and seeds and tools.

CarePoorWoman #2Morten believes in what his is doing and does what he believes in. Last Saturday he did as promised in a FaceBook group: “Walking around the Oslo City Hall’ and walked around the big building one lap for every 500 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) (90$ or 60€) he had collected so far. I walked together with him as a witness and of course I had my camera to prove it.

Walking around he told me: When the total donations reach 20 000 NOK (3,775 $ or 2,500 €) he will start walking again. And this time he guaranties attention from the media. 40 laps around the City Hall of Oslo will take him more than 6 hours!

Okay. That one picture might not be a solid proof of the pudding. So let me give you a movee with some more of the pics I took then:

So my challenge to you dear readers and blogger friends: Would you like to see him walking for a good cause and support him supporting these women!?! If so, Click Here and enter Care’s secure website to donate for this cause – every penny helps! Note that when you get to the donation page its sat up for 500 Norwegian Kroner. That’s equal to 90 US $. Feel free to donate any amount you wish simply by changing the amount!
1: First a BlogCatalog friend of mine aaidjs, spread the word with a post on her own blog.
2: Then a very good blog friend Sueblimely from Australia posted CARE For A Walk.
3: My beloved wife Diane on her brand new blog did the same – !
4: Another good friend, A. in A Changing Life, posted Do you Care?
5: Diane in ‘Much of a muchness‘ also support in her post: CARE and Bookwish need you…
What lovely contributions! You might like to do the same!?!

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