My regular readers know I am a member of The Norwegian Computer Society, Norway’s largest special interest society in information technology (IT). My main job is to launch the new European Certification program for IT-professionals, EUCIP, but I’m also involved in some work groups, like one for IT Strategy and Leadership. At the end of every season of intense teamwork to provide our members with a variety of cutting edge subjects, we believe we deserve a social gathering. What’s better than a culinary feast and trying a new restaurant in Oslo then? So this took place mid December last year, but I hope it’s worth waiting for my report when you see the wonderful treat. Lets start with the work group members around the table (do some of you recognise at least two of them?):

Restaurant Eik #9
Yea I know: too many men or actually too few women – typical for the IT-industry ;-)

It was at Restaurant Eik (Eik = Oak – sorry only website in Norwegian) with excellent service, even more excellent food not to mention very good wine to go with the courses. Lets begin with the starter and the very nice waiter (a girl from Sweden – there are many of them in Oslo, party because the salary is higher). She let me take the pictures when she poured the wine as well:
Restaurant Eik #1 Restaurant Eik #2
Champagne – biscuit mouthful and asparagus soup

Restaurant Eik #3 Restaurant Eik #4
White wine – Fennels soup, aquavit marinaded trout and veritable spaghetti.

Main course:
Restaurant Eik #5 Restaurant Eik #6
Red wine – duck leg confit, onion fried asparagus beans and Madeira sous.

Restaurant Eik #7 Restaurant Eik #8
Moscato D’Asti wine – Berries, sorbet and yoghurt sous.

Is there a better way of enjoying good colleagues company and discussing the future of the Computer Society and our work groups activities for the coming season? We fully agreed we are the best work group team with eager and enthusiasm to start a new and successful season and of course looking forward to the next culinary feast in mid June.
Check our earlier gatherings: ‘Office Christmas Party Season‘ in December ’06 and ‘A feast of Caribbean cuisine‘ in June ’07.

If any of you ever visits Oslo: would you like to have dinner with me at The Oak Restaurant? – Carpe Diem ;-)


  1. What an elegant dinner! And is that Tor texting at the table? Shame! But maybe not so unacceptable with a table full of IT experts. I’d surely join you but I may be dancing on the tables after 4 glasses of wine.

    Yea, its Tor, but he is occupied with his camera – eager to show pictures from his trip to Argentina :-)
    Your in next year – I mean we need more woman in the group and one who would dance on the table is just what we’re looking for :D

  2. This is good for bonding. Looks like a great meal and lovely restaurant.

    Yes and bonding was the whole point you know :-)

  3. Shall we celebrate Valentines Day there on Friday night? (Since you have a business dinner on Valentines day??) No, thats right we are giving our valentines gift money to CARE. Okay then I will have to recreate this fabulous dinner in our kitchen!! (good luck hahaha)

    As long as you’ll be my Valentine, then its fine whatever you chose my dear ;-)

  4. Oh, Diane and Renny you are so sweet! Anyway, I would love to dine with you Renny( and Diane) next time I am in Oslo at the Eik! Actually I could be there anytime, so let me know what date is good for you both! :-)

    What a lovely idea, we would love to meet you and dine with you. See my note to you for details.

  5. Yes, I dinner with you at the Oak Restaurant. I love wine with my courses too. We would do just fine. Excellent read. Have a great day. :)

    Glad you liked the idea – tell me next time you are in Oslo then :-)

  6. You’ve got it, Renny. Dinner at the Oak Restaurant with you and Diane when Donica and I come through Oslo again some day! :)

    Don’t take to long time before you come back to visit Oslo then. Both me and Diane would love to meet both of you!

  7. Lucky dogs, you and Tor, Renny. The food looks delicious! Too bad I’m not very likely to ever be in Norway, but I can enjoy everything through your posts. ;-)

    Have a great rest of your week, Renny.


    Never say ever Diane – let’s hope we can meet one day!
    Wishing you a great one too :-)

  8. I will dine with you and Diane there whenever we get to Oslo! In fact I hope we shall dine several good places if/when we come!

    We do hope you both can come and visit one day too and of course we will find good places, including our home of course!

  9. Wow, can I join the group to share some nice dinner meeting? That looks great!

    Looks like fine food but yet not the kind of “nouvelle cuisine” that leaves you broke and empty.

    Your welcome any time of course – I’m sure you would fit in very well!
    Your right about the cost, that’s why it isn’t a every day occasion.

  10. Looks like a great dinner… and with lots of wine flowing too. :-D

    I knew you would like it :D

  11. Hello Renny!
    Nice dinner! Complete with all the wines!

    My, my, I love Moscato D’Asti, a good one of course. :) I can finish one bottle without getting drunk. :wink: But a glass of champagne makes me tipsy already. :lol:

    Have a great week!

    Complete and very tasty – yes!
    That wine was the top of the cream at then end of the lovely dinner. When we dine, I’ll see to that you only get one glass of champagne then :lol:
    Wish you a good one too!

  12. Duck leg looks delish! yumm!! Looks like you had a fantastic D my friend!:) Good food is one of my weaknesses!

    Enjoy the rest of your week pls! take care!

    Btw,kindly send the html of the links pls!no rush !!;) thanks renny!

    So you like ducks too – great. I must admit: both wine and food is some of my weakness :D
    Wish you a great one too Cheh!
    The note is sent!

  13. sorry i haven’t made it here until now. it’s been quite a week….you’ve made me hungry with this meal!

    Don’t you worry my dear blogger friend – I know you’re visiting as often as you can!
    Glad you liked the treat too!

  14. Sounds like the perfect place for any celebration!

    Yepp, a perfect match!

  15. whoah!!cool IT guys!!
    what a wonderful life!with champagne,biscuits and….ties?hahha!

    I really thank you for the ecard you sent me Renny!You rock!Thanx so much!I`ve posted it in my Bday update :) Happy Valentine`s Day!!


    Well, it’s not an every day adventures, but some of them use ties every day hahhah
    I’m glad you like your Birthday card and what a lovely BD post you’ve mad. Hope everyone visit to see!!!

  16. Oh dear Renny, this was in fact the right time to present this joyful gathering, after our successful “Trends within IT” last Monday during Software 2008. I do so very well remember this exceptional gathering. It is worth celebrating.

    btw. we are looking forward to next week in Mariestad. Hope my PC will be up and running again until then.

    I do agree with you Tor and thanks for your participating and efforts making our conference for The Norwegian Computer Society a success too!
    Looking forward to spend time with you in our vacation home in Sweden next week too – you really would need your PC! :-)

  17. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

    Thanks – wishing you the same!

  18. I like this restaurant! All seems so fine and delicate! I see beautiful paintings in the plates and nice bottles!

    I know you are a French woman with style Claudie, so I’m not surprised that you loved it.

  19. Good food, good wine, good conversation and good company. Is there any better way to spend an evening?

    I can’t think of any Lisa :D

  20. hello Renny, how are you? looks like you had wonderful gathering with your colleague :)

    hmm cool i also want to be in IT industry. i might planning to review my programming skills again hehehe

    have a nice day to you!

    We had and your welcome to join us hehehe
    Wishing you a great weekend then!

  21. I love yoghurt sous…

    Me too – hi: great to see new readers!

  22. Hey Renny,
    I love red wine…
    I missed!

    Hi Hemant, good to see you!

  23. When I go over to Norway, I want to try all the food there is available! hehe… I will fish for my own salmon. yum yum….

    Happy Valentine’s Day Renny and Diane!!
    *throws chocolates and red roses*

    I’m glad you said when and not if and you know your welcome any time and have to stay for quite a long to eat all avaiable heheheh and of course we could go fishing too!
    Thanks for the flowers and chocolates!

  24. hi there! thank you so much for hopping by at my place. :)

    Your welcome – always great to see new readers – welcome back :)

  25. It would be my honour & pleasure to have dinner with you at The Oak of course and hey..Happy Valentine’s Day Renny :D

    Hope we can dine there one day then – I would love to you know!

  26. Happy Valentine’s Day Renny!! And to all your readers as well!!! Here is a video valentine to you!!

    Sitting at the office busy but could not resist watching the vid and commenting right away: Thank you my dear! You know I’ve found what I’ve been looking for and from you in addition I’ve got unconditional love – what more can a man ask for on a day like this, and the rest of the year through too ;-)

  27. Hello Renny!

    Just would like to greet you!
    Happy Valentines Day to you and Diane! Enjoy and have fun!

    Hi Sofie, how nice of you to stop by – hope you had a good one too!

  28. That’s quite a feast, Renny….! Yummmmmmm! Sure, I’d love to have dinner with you there!
    And wishing you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Hope it was filled with lots of lovely Hugs & Kisses, AND, Chocolate, of course!

    Wherever it is in the world: let’s hope we can have dinner together one day Naomi!
    Thanks for your Valentine’s greetings – hope you had a good one too!

  29. Restaurant Eik rocks!!! Have you tried Annen Etage?

    I do agree! Have never been in Annen Etage, and you?

  30. Happy Valentine x millions!!!

    I know it will be filled with a lot of Love… and then some Love again.

    Simply LOVEly :-)
    ((Hugs From The Love Bugs))

    Thanks Capt’n – your so right and I’m happy you can experience the same ;-)

  31. haha I had to laugh when I saw Diane’s comment to you for Valentines Day…
    sounds like you would have had a very romantic evening… :)
    I always get so hungry when I visit….looks like your event was a huge success :)

    Interesting that someone reads both comments and my replies – She’s my Valentine you know ;-)

    Really hope we can have dinner together one day Kim!

  32. All that wine looks delicious!! Wanna share??!!

    But of course Teena, always – with you!

  33. Hey RennyBA!
    moscato d’asti….mmmm
    I have a new award from Italy with Love for You in my blog….

    Hi Hanna and thank you – I’ve collected it on my Award page of course!

  34. Nice dinner! Good food and good company.. it’s a better be you.. Have a fabulous weekend!! -himalman :)

    Well said :lol: Wishing you a good one too :)

  35. Hei there! Thanks for stopping by my site and I am also feeling the link love :)

    Hei Stanley – always great to welcome new readers :)

  36. hei renny!

    a post on information technology and it is making me hungry? what’s wrong with this picture? my first visit here – thanks kim – and i look forward to many more. tusen takk for paying me a link love visit. skal! woof!

    Hi PetMono – always great to welcome new visitors – Kim is a great blog networker!
    Your welcome back any time. Skål! :D

  37. This is a wonderful way to enjoy life! To work well and then to eat well and drink well with the same people. Everything looks wonderful.

    Yea; Its quite inspirational and gives courage to keep up the good work you know.

  38. Late as usual – sorry :-(

    I hope the Eik restaurant is a big one as you will have so many guests dining there with you! I hope you can squeeze one more in though. The meal looks completely delicious, I’m on my way – when’s the next plane? :-)

    Oh yea, Eik takes a lot of guest, but we don’t have any plans yet, so we’ll have to make special arrangements when you are coming :-)

  39. Hello #115 from California (in the U.S.)! That food looks great! I’m ready to go to dinner there, too! How much does it cost for a plane ticket?

    Nice to welcome another visitor from The Big Bang list!
    For all our 5 courses and the wine, it cost about 120$.

  40. Oh la la! Looks like you and your gentlemen friends had a real wonderful night…food looked prepared by good chefs….so when are you taking me to this restaurant? *lol*

    Ah, I also said to my husband who isn’t a wine nor dessert wine drinker that the glass of moscato d’ asti I had w/ my dessert during our Valentine’s dinner was superb…reminds me that I need to find that bottle.

    Have a great week ahead, Renny!

    It was a great evening, even with only one woman’s company. Tell me next time you are in Oslo, and I’ll see what I can do :lol:
    I am very picky when it comes to desserts wine too, but a Moscato is always great.
    Find the bottle from Valentine’s Day?!?!: so there are still more left? :lol:
    Wishing you a good one too!

  41. Just one woman! When I trained as a programmer in the dim and distant past, more and more women were coming to work in IT. Then somewhere along the way, before my two sons left school, hardly any girls were taking computer related courses at all. I really can’t understand why.

    Well, I don’t think this groups is representative A. A lot of chiefs, but no indians if you know what I mean :-) There are in fact quite a few females who study IT in Norway now.

  42. Wow – if the scenery isn’t enough to make me want to visit Norway, the food will definitely reel me in.

    When I get to Norway, I’ll be looking up this restaurant :-)

  43. The restaurants here are great…but they are expensive!!! I hope my sweetie will forgive me for ordering pizza on the last day of writing my exam paper, and after just having had the night shift……(batting eyelashes and looking irresistable..) Hope you and Tor choose to eat indoors in Sweden! We do have a balcony if you must go out and smoke…but somehow I doubt you will use it ;-)

  44. This looks delicious, Renny. My French teacher, Sandrine, has a blog on all the various dishes she makes. You might be interested in it, but it is all in French. She LOVES food and cooking.


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