RennyBA living with a Metamorphoses

My regular readers know that I met my wife on the net about 10 years ago. She’s from upstate New York and was brave enough to move over to Norway along with her two sons to live with me. For more details, read my Love Story post!

She is very supportive, including my net-, networking and blog addiction. She’s the best proof reader you can ever have and even guest posted on my blog several times . The most popular ones have been ‘On top of Norway’s mountains‘ and ‘Gaustadtoppen and Rjukan Waterfall: Norwegian Natural Treasure‘ when she tells about an immigrants adventures in the heart of Norway’s nature.

Now she has started her own blog:

DianeCA’s Metamorphoses

Diane is a person who involves herself quite a lot in helping others. She has now “come out of the closet” as a feminist and an activist…it’s kind of like living with a force of nature. After some years in Norway, she chose to take her Bachelors Degree in Social Work and currently is working on following up with a Masters. About her blog she says: ‘People fascinate me, why we do what we do and believe what we believe. This blog will be about people and society, full of reflections on the societies we live in and the dynamic and ever changing world around us‘.

I blog about Norway, our culture, traditions and habits. Diane blog about the cultural adventures and the dynamic world we live in, both in Norway and as a global society. Go visit her if you haven’t already and contribute by commenting about the changing world all around us!

Btw: It’s winter brake in Norway this week and from today we’re at our vacation home in Sweden with my blog friend Tor and his wife. They actually came one day before us and you can read about their first day stay on his post for today. So stay tuned for new adventures during this weekend!