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My regular readers know that I met my wife on the net about 10 years ago. She’s from upstate New York and was brave enough to move over to Norway along with her two sons to live with me. For more details, read my Love Story post!

She is very supportive, including my net-, networking and blog addiction. She’s the best proof reader you can ever have and even guest posted on my blog several times . The most popular ones have been ‘On top of Norway’s mountains‘ and ‘Gaustadtoppen and Rjukan Waterfall: Norwegian Natural Treasure‘ when she tells about an immigrants adventures in the heart of Norway’s nature.

Now she has started her own blog:

DianeCA’s Metamorphoses

Diane is a person who involves herself quite a lot in helping others. She has now “come out of the closet” as a feminist and an activist…it’s kind of like living with a force of nature. After some years in Norway, she chose to take her Bachelors Degree in Social Work and currently is working on following up with a Masters. About her blog she says: ‘People fascinate me, why we do what we do and believe what we believe. This blog will be about people and society, full of reflections on the societies we live in and the dynamic and ever changing world around us‘.

I blog about Norway, our culture, traditions and habits. Diane blog about the cultural adventures and the dynamic world we live in, both in Norway and as a global society. Go visit her if you haven’t already and contribute by commenting about the changing world all around us!

Btw: It’s winter brake in Norway this week and from today we’re at our vacation home in Sweden with my blog friend Tor and his wife. They actually came one day before us and you can read about their first day stay on his post for today. So stay tuned for new adventures during this weekend!

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  1. Renny!
    great reading on your blog as ever, after a long time I have been away. You may be intrigued to know I learned to snowboard in that time haha. I will definitely be visiting Diane’s blog. Have a great weekend =)

    Soooo great to see you again blog friend and how lovely to hear your learned snowboarding – hope you had fun!
    Hope you find Diane’s blog readable!
    Wish you a great one too =)

  2. Well this is cool. Now I’ll be able to learn more about you and your wife. Very good. I’ll put her site in my Google reader as well. Have a great day. :)

    Thanks for your interest and support – hope you find Diane’s blog readable too!

  3. Hi my dear! Thanks for putting me on your blog. I know it has taken me a while to get a good theme and the feel of blogging but I have learned a lot from you and I think my visitors will be well satisfied. Thanks for launching me….shall we christen the blog with champagne?? Cheers!!

    Your welcome and of course I will support you as much as you support me!
    Yea, pop the cork – as a matter of fact let’s do it while here in Sweden this weekend together with Tor and Anna!

  4. She might be the proofreader but you’re the best blog agent for her! ;-)

    I had the chance to meet her online already and she has been in my RSS feed for a little while. She is also a great commenter… like you!

    What a blogger couple!

    We make a smashing team you know!
    Glad you’ve met her already and even feed her blog!
    Btw: We have Tor and Anna visiting us in our vacation home in Sweden and we still have some more maple fudge for them to try!!

  5. How wonderful that the four of you are spending time together! Have fun and cheers to you all!

    Hope you and your husband can join us one day too and then we’ll really have fun :lol:

  6. The blogging couple, :lol: ! I suppose you have a lot of fun with Tor and better half ! Hope you have nice weather too. I can’t complain we have blue sky and sunshine!

    :lol: We have great fun – I can assure you! Its fresh, windy a bit snowy and sometimes raining – we have it all!

  7. Bookmarked! In fact, I visited last week from your link. I look forward to reading more. Have a wonderful vacation!

    Great – hope you like her postings then.
    We have and hope you’ll have a great end to your week!

  8. The Norwegian Blogging Couple!! hehe…. It’s great that Diane has her own blog. She should and it’s high time! hehe…. It’s really brave of her to leave her homeland and move to Norway to be with you. Fortunately you are a wonderful man… hehe…. if you bully her, I’ll make sure you’ll never have the problem of having your dick stuck in a zip! muahahahahaha……

    Here’s to the lovely Norwegian Blogging Couple!! Cheers!!!
    *whistle, confetti, champagne*

    Are you meeting up with the good Captain in Sweden? Please send my regards to Toraa and Anna. Have a great weekend!

  9. I’ll be right over to visit Diane after I finish here!

    Hope you all have a great weekend and Winter break, and give my regards to Tor and Anna. ;-)
    Love and hugs,

    Thanks for paying my wife’s a visit too!
    We had and I’m soon going to post about it ;-)
    Bunch of hugs back to you from all of us!

  10. She is not worried that you might meet another woman on the internet? ;-)

    Wow! You are a blogging couple now!
    Enjoy your vacations!

    Not more than I’m worried she meet another man ;-)
    Yea we are and glad you visit us both!
    We will!

  11. She needs to proofread you on brake vs. break, although I really like the concept of “winter brake” — I mean don’t we all need to slow down during the cold months? I know I do.

    Seriously, Diane’s blog sounds fascinating and I’m putting it on my Google Reader immediately!

    She often tells me – a typical mistake – like mixing which and witch :lol:
    I’m glad you subscribe to her blog!

  12. I have been reading Diane’s blog too. A really interesting read!

    You seem to have a disproportionate number of ‘Dianes’ visiting your blog, I notice. I can’t even use my initials to differentiate me from YOUR DianeCA so I will have to be just Diane…..

  13. My bestfriend is named Dianne, too. :) Thanks for the visit on my site. Not much to read in my site but I’m trying. I will check out Dianne’s blog.

  14. First of, thanks for visitng my other blog (VERB).

    Second, I gotta say congratulations to your wife for conquering herself an go blogging. So it’s now the two of you blogging -wow!

    Off I check her blog now.

  15. Thank you, RennyBA.
    You’re a gentleman.You’ve a great blog.
    I’ve two virtual friends in Norway. With you three.
    Greetings from Brazil and a great weekend too.

  16. I’ve already discovered your wife’s wonderful blog! Now that I think of it, I must add her to my blogroll. I enjoy reading her very much.

    Have a wonderful break with Tor!

  17. It was the blog I was waiting in my mind of course! Metamorphose is really genial! All subjects, Diane write about, touch us! It is very interesting to hear all feelings about different subjects all around the world with different perceptions! I don’t want to miss your advantures with Tor and Anna in Mariestad

  18. Renny,
    your “amour” Diane do have a very important blog. Her dedication to her work and studies and family is of premium quality. I write this in public, because both Anna and I know her. And are humble friends.

  19. Her blog is an enlightening read. Such focus on major world issues is a way to get our attentions on them.

    What a sweet blogging couple u guys are!

  20. It seems that every time I turn around you European Homesteaders get a vacation… I know the lack of vacation is so bad for the moral.. But alas, I get a few days away…. Congrats to Diane for her new blog! And hope you enjoy your week off!

  21. Good luck living with a feminist. And what is there for them to do in Norway which is already much more socialist than New York? Now everything will be your fault for being a man, and a married one at that!

    If everyone goes on vacation at the same time, who is serving the vacationers at the touristy spots?

    Vacation is a priority in Norway because we believe that every worker has a right and a need for time off. We respect all our workers rights to family and private life, and because it is the law everyone is treated equally, not just the upper class with the best jobs. Of course our summer vacation is staggered from the last week in June to early August, so not everyone goes the same weeks. Our vacations are also less commercial and more nature based. We don’t require much service while at our rustic cabins.

    Its fantastic to live with a women who fights for what she believes in, is well educated, and dedicates her time to helping women away from a daily life of violence. But of course you are welcome to express your opinion and vote your conscience – a vote secured for you by feminists in the USA in the 19th Amendment, August the 26th, 1920….seven years after women achieved the right to vote in Norway.

  22. Hi Renny! That’s so cool to have your wife as a guest blogger here, you guys sound like a cute couple. I hope you’re having a good week and I can’t wait to read ur love story! :)

    Since I post about Norway, its nice to report from an immigrants perspective sometimes you know. Thanks for your warm thoughts and for your nice comment on the Love Story post too!

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