I had another quality time out in the nature with my wife and our little guest this weekend and of course I’m happy to share it with you: It’s early in the first month of spring and the days are getting longer (from 6 to 7 hours daylight already!). It has been quite a warm winter with little snow, so we are hoping for a better spring. We had a nice preview today and took advantage of the glorious weather to go for a walk on a nearby beach. Some of you might think that beaches are only for sun lovers in bikinis – but its so much more than that, let me start with a picture to describe what I want to share:

Beach Spring Playing

The greatest experience on this trip, beside having a nice walk with Diane and our little friend, was to see that Norwegians still like to spend their time out in the nature and that children can have so much fun. I have nothing against fixed playgrounds and amusement parks etc., but nature is natural and invites much more to physical activities and challenges a childs creativity. Again, pictures prove more than a thousand words, so let me give you a couple examples:
Beach Spring Playground
Can you think of a better way to explore physics than in nature?

Spring Beach Constructions #3
Playing with natural resources makes the best constructors and architects, don’t you agree?

This experience literally took me down memory lane. If you ask my mother, she would say I was out and about in the nature all the time. I admit I was a rebellion, loved to climb trees and mountains and she always had band aids ready. I didn’t play much with pre made toys as I found and made my own in the nature and I was happy to see that things haven’t changed so much!

My wife also made us a special treat – picnics aren’t only for summer:
Spring Beach Lunch
Hotdogs in ‘lompe’ – The bear is our little friends buddy :-)

We even saw the fist sign of spring – flowers out of hibernation:
Anemone hepatica

I took a lot of pictures and collected some of them in a movee (sorry I forgot to include it in this post last night):


Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday? Feeling spring is in the air and that the summer soon will be here. Then this beach turns into a hot El Dorado for sun lovers in bikinis – so stay tuned ;-)

My wife has posted about the same nature adventure – click and read!


  1. What a wonderful day out. Your photographs are lovely too. I love days like this when the sun is shining yet the air is cool. I’m sure your little friend had a great day out :-)

    Thanks for commenting so soon – less than 10 minutes after I posted – I’m glad you liked it and the touch of crispy air too :-)
    She had and we’re so glad to experience it with her!

  2. How nice! I went out today to make a short film, but the weather was not nearly as pleasant.
    I grew up on Cape Cod and I literally was never in the house as a child. The beaches, the woods and the swamps were my play area. My fondest memories are of times spent there.

    I’ll visit you later, but have to go to bed now (almost one hour after midnight in Norway!)
    I knew we where two of a kind and you know what: I’ve been to Cape Cod, the place for my wife and mines ‘honeymoon’ ;-)

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  5. I’m so ready for spring. We’ve had a colder winter than usual. I’m so ready for spring, the longer days and the warmth it brings. :)

    Me too and different from yours: we had a too hot one!

  6. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday and look at the size of those Hotdogs. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by – always great to welcome new readers.
    The hot dogs are called: Wiener Sausages :D

  7. oh i so agree. playgrounds are fun (I am a big fan of the swingsets) but the natural places are such a joy to explore. my boy is a tree climber too and one of my favorite pictures of him from when he was smaller was as he was perched barefooted atop a giant pile of logs.

    i think i’d like to explore those tree roots and find out if maybe there is a troll or two hiding among them. ;)

    I do agree – swing sets are great, but more fun if you do like Tarzan swinging from one tree to another :lol:
    Seams like your boy and me are very much alike.

    Great observation, those tree roots could easily be hair from a Troll ;-)

  8. Hi Renny. I think the beach is wonderful any time of the year. In winter, there is nothing more liberating than to walk the beach on a wild, windy and cold day, all rugged up then come home to a warm house, a bottle of red wine and a meal (mostly prepared beforehand)…bliss.

    I loved your photos of people enjoying the beach on a lovely spring day. Thank you for that…we’re going into autumn (which we really don’t have here, but people like to think we do).

    Take care,.

    We are two of a kind – nature is lovely in all four seasons – and ending up home with a bottle of red wine is a great idea!
    Glad you liked the pics and I know you down under is in reverse, but then again you’ve just had summer!
    Wishing you a great week!

  9. Beautiful pictures – it’s so nice when the days get longer isn’t it! I feel my soul lifting – summer is coming yay

    Yea, after a long dark winter season, it is! What a great expression: ‘Soul Lifting’!

  10. Oh, Renny, you’ve done it again! You’ve made my whole family (me, Big Pig, and Piglett) really wish we could be there with you with all of your exciting adventures. Some day, perhaps! Some day I’m going to get back to Norway and do all of the things Norwegians do… skiing, eating good food (I’m ready to try some whale, which I’ve heard is quite lovely), spending time with friends and family… Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Hello, Renny. Your blog is getting to be a regular habit of mine. It’s so nice to be able to see the other side of the world without leaving the comfort of my home. I live in a country composed of 7,100 islands (more during low tide). You can imagine how long our coastline is. We have really beautiful beaches here. Flowers never go into hibernation because we only have two seasons, the rainy season and summer. For us, going to the beach in January and donning a bikini is just ordinary. I wish I had your knack at photography so I could show you how beautiful it is here in the Philippines.

    Aww, a new trustful reader – I’m flattered – and you are welcome any time from your comfy home!
    I know you have a long coastline and so do Norway you know – not that many beaches though, since there are a lot of fjords with high mountains.
    Please give it a try and take some pics – would love to see it through your eyes!

  12. What a fun and wonderful day!!! I love the beach off season anyways :)

    I knew we where two of a kind in this too :-)

  13. You can really see that Spring is in the air… a lovely sun.
    No wonder that its fun for the children and adults alike to play near the beach.

    Both see it and feel it I can tell you :)
    Fun for all generations you know!

  14. I see, you all had a very nice day at the beach! And I know now also about the first sign of spring time in Norway too…:-)
    Thanks for your kind comment at my blog, Renny.

    We had and I’m happy to share it with you too – as much as you shared spring from your part of the world :-)

  15. Hiya Renny, just visited Diane’s blog and oh what a lovely day to spend at the beach :D

    I wish I could be there…..love the sight of the food that I wish I could have a bite in it :D

    Glad you paid my wife a visit too and thanks for coming over here afterwords!
    Your always welcome to join us at the beach – maybe in the summer, but then you should remember to bring your bikini :D

  16. Oh darn it I thought you were gonna show me some naked men!
    Just kidding RennyBA!
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.

    So now I’ve got you :lol:
    Come and visit in the summer time and I’ll guide you through the nude beach nearby!

  17. Renny my friend…now that is my kind of playgound too :)
    Spring is on its way here too, but also the threat of snow this week, but overall the winter has been very mild.
    I have a simple tag for you. Participation is your choice :)
    Take care and have a wonderful day,

    Colin from Life

    I know we where two of a kind Colin!
    So you’ve had the same kind of weather as us then – hope for a better one next year then, but now looking forward: to spring!
    Thanks for plugging me dear blog friend – I feel honoured and very happy for your review of my blog!

  18. I love the outdoor playground! I love the beach in the winter; it just seems more peaceful. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    I’m glad you liked it and happy to know you’ve been to Norway and seen some with your own eyes.

  19. Every time Nicholas (7) comes to visit us at our house, Renny, he and I go play in our woods, so I know exactly what you mean. He has learned more than once about “physics” when he climbs on fallen tree trucks and isn’t careful! But every time he falls, he learns a bit more about being careful. Nature is the best Toy we can ever give our kids and grandkids! Absolutely!

    Good to know that you by experience from your grandkid knows what I am talking about and then you know how my mother felt too :-) I learned the same way you know – that’s why I love nature that much still and also love to play.

  20. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Wish I could have been there.

    Your welcome any time and like I said to Shionge: maybe in the summer time brining your bikini ;-)

  21. This is truly refreshing to see and is so hopeful for the coming of Spring. We had a day like that yesterday and it was 10C and sunny!!! Then to -10 last night again and tonight freezing rain! And my husband just bought new Solomon racing skis for 20 k ski-skate race this Sun.
    I love that the kids built sand castles. Our kids wouldn’t unless they were cottage kids!
    We sure don’t have any flowers anywhere yet…not even hidden!

    Refreshing is the right words. I know you have colder weather and more snow that we have had – kind of a strange weather this winter I think. Today we had a bit of snow again in Oslo.
    Sending your husband all the best luck for his race!
    I liked the ‘cottage kids’ expression and I certainly was one when young. Today the urbanisation and indoors activities has take to much over I’m afraid.

  22. really great quality time!i bet you and Diane enjoyed the nature.
    I got now what you meant by the title of your post,haha!
    great pictures Renny!your time wouldn’t be a quality one without your loved ones with you.

    thanx for linking up my new site…wish i can blog hop a lot right now,i am just in a net cafe and i cant visit Dianes site so I want to say hello here :)

    Happy Wednesday!!

    We had and glad you got it too :lol:
    Of course you should be on my blog roll with your new one too – hope you’ll visit Diane next one then :)
    Bunch of hugs back!

  23. The picture showing the kids playing with the big roots underscores your point: Nature it self is the best playground for Kids. Look at the activity and happiness.

    The rest of the wonderful pictures shows you had a very nice Spring Day by the seaside.

    I know we are agree and two of a kind this way too Tor!
    We had – spring was really in the air.

  24. Quality time is fun! Nature… beach, clouds, sand etc~ thanks God they are free or else we can’t afford them! Lovely photographs. :)
    Thanks for visiting my site.

    Good to see you here – always great to welcome new readers!
    According to Norwegian law: no shore line aria can be privately owned – all beaches are free.

  25. I just get a kick out of all of the beach activities with such warm clothes on.. I guess this would only come from someone who great up in warm weather near the beach. ;-)

    And yes I do wish I could change planes in Norway.. Too bad I could only get to London!

    I just love it when I can give you a kick out you know :lol: and I think your right ;-)
    So maybe next time then – or maybe we can meet in Vancouver at the winter Olympics in 2010!

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  27. This is just wonderful. A little mind vacation.

    What a great expression: A mind vacation it was!

  28. You’ve reminded me I have a saved email from you with post links of beaches that are bikiniless! hahah So, where are they in this post? Hmmm *scratching my head* Regardless, great pics. Looks phenomenal and the fact you went on this nature trip with your wife is simply divine. Thx so much for sharing your Norway adventures. Good day, sir :)

    So have you checked the link then? hahah
    Glad you liked it and happy to share it with you too!
    Good day, Madam :)

  29. It must be freezing cold to swim! I love to build those sand castles too, it’s fun.

    Come back in 4 month and you can enjoy a swim! The castles where breath taking!

  30. Hi Renny!
    It’s nice watching the children having fun, right? I enjoy just watching them having fun!

    It’s the greatest and I knew you would love it too!

  31. I do love a good picnic, but I’ve never been on one in the winter. Perhaps I should give it a try!

    ‘Winter, spring, summer or fall – all you got to do is call……..’ It great all year through as long as you know how to dress properly you know!

  32. I’m total agree with you! Nature is much better than parks for kids adventures. I like beaches in all seasons, not only in summer. A nice picnic I see!!! Yes, i’d like to have a such sunday in nature. tomorrow we have to vote for the municipal elections and the afternoon we are invited for the 20 years old of julie the daughter of Pierre’s sister. Many sweeties in the air I think!

  33. Perfect! I love to see children out enjoying the natural world. We much prefer the beach in the winter – more room :)

    We are two of a kind :)

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  35. wow kids are really having fun .. sorry i was thinking of something else , the title is so convincing hehe

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