Contrasting spring weather in Oslo

Since my blog mostly is about my daily life in Norway – where we talk a lot about the weather, and its great variation – and I’ve complained a lot about missing snow in Oslo this winter, I might as well give you a weather report from the last two days.

In my last post (scroll down!), I reported about a taste of spring from a beach without bikinis. Yesterday, when I left office, I got proof of that it can change quite rapidly as I met a snowstorm right in my face. Walking towards the bus, I was thinking: ‘I have to share this with my blog friends‘ and of course I had my Nokia mobile phone at hand. It gives me the chance to show and tell you about the city, the habitants and how they get home from work too (always want my readers to learn something you know:-). Lets start with a picture close to flower square (click all pics to enlarge!):

Its hard to capture, but I hope you can see the snow in the air!

Then I passed an Italian Ice Bar and confectionery:
A new trend is to have a bench in the windows so you can sit and face the street.

Sitting hight and dry on a bus, we passed another stop and also here I hope you can get an idea of the snowstorm:
People are clinching the wall to get some cover from the snow.

I take the opportunity to tell you a bit about Oslo with a some over 500 000 inhabitants (areal 454 km²): The city is characterized by a mix of old and new architecture, parks, hills, museums, monuments, lakes, forests and the fjord. It is a vibrant city, excellent for shopping, cultural and sports activities. Oslo offers a wide range of excellent restaurants and a sparkling night-life. Through more than two years of blogging, my regular readers have seen a lot from Oslo and for those who want to refresh their memories or dig more into it, click her for my vault!

The urban lifestyle has of course hit Oslo too, so we have our broiler factories where you can exercise your biceps – nice and warm – as you watch the snowstorm:
Actually I wonder why they don’t take the trolley for 20 minutes up to the mountains to go skiing :-)

In the beginning of this post I talked about two days and the rapid weather change. So here is a brief summery from today then, when we’ve had a nice and sunny day. Karl Johan (the main street) is bathing in sun and the street musicians accompany your walk:
Well, its still around freezing so you do best if you know how to dress well :-)

Then I’ve saved the best till the end: I just love to see children having fun and at the fountain in front of the Parliament (transformed to a skating rink in the winter time), I saw these group from a preschool having a lunch break from their skating adventures:
I so much wished I was 5 or 6 again and could join them – their thermos with hot chocolate smelled delicious too ;-)

This weekend we are going to my home town, gathering for the yearly family Norwegian fish feast party. We are eating Rakfisk (fermented fish) – click to see my report from last year! So please bear with me if I don’t visit and comments on your blog the coming days. I’ll keep you posted later on though – as always :-)

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  1. Melbourne is known to be a city that has 4 seasons in one day but it is extremely rare to see even a flake of snow. I was just about to turn the air conditioning on but your post cooled me off :-)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your feast.

    I know: never been to Melbourne, but to Sidney, in the summer time (well January then, so it was winter in Norway:-). I know you are starting fall now down under and I’m glad I could cooled you down :-)
    We will – enjoy your weekend too!

  2. Enjoy the Rakfisk and of course the company… I hope the snowstorm will not spoil the fun!

    Thanks Sidney, we will .. the weather forecast says rain, but we will be eating indoor :D

  3. I love to be outside when it’s snowing, and I may get my chance tonight/tomorrow! We’re forecast to get 3-12 inches of snow and it should be starting any time now. If we get any snow it will be the most we’ve gotten this Winter, although the calendar says it’s only a few weeks until Spring. I love snow!

    Hope you enjoy your feast and your weekend, Renny. ;-)
    Love and hugs,

    Yea, I know you’ve had too little of snow so far this winter too – hope you’ll get a taste of it this weekend then!
    Wish you a lovely weekend too and a bunch of hugs back to you ;-)

  4. That is lovely of you, to think of us your blog friends and to share those Oslo pics.
    Love the benches in the window!!
    We have had “very cold” 6ºC / 42ºF during the day this week and we are all freezing, that’s how spoiled we are :) And we are hoping for a rapid weather change over the weekend…

    Well; walking around, blog friends are always on my mind you know.
    I know it has been rather cold for south of Europe lately – hope you get nicer weather this weekend too!

  5. Hello Renny!
    I’ve waited for the snow this Winter. Well, it finally snowed in our place and I really had fun watching the children with their sledges. I even posted some pcitures. :) After the snow, there was sunshine. Really great!

    Enjoy your weekend then!

    I know there has been lack of snow in mid Europe too – good to know you finally got some at least for the sake of the children.
    I’m hoping over to see!
    Wish you a good one too!

  6. snow storm, eh?
    here there’s a sun storm
    summer’s here and heading to the beaches…three weekends…3 different beaches for me :P

    Proofs some of the difference from Norway to the Philippines I guess :-)
    Beaches are quite different too I guess – check my previous post!

  7. Come to think of it, we too had freezing rain at the beginning of the week. So I guess everyone is on the same page! At least you aren’t in Ontario and Quebec where storms don’t look as beautiful as the one’s Switzerland left!

    That snow storm, might seal the deal for good snowshoeing in Interlaken!

    It reminds me of that often we have the same weather as you – a week after :-)
    I’ve tried snow shoeing once – not very common in Norway – it was fun!

  8. I have a thought to ponder? Why is it that in Vancouver and many other over populated cities, that nobody uses trams/trolley’s to get people from point to point? To me it’s obvious, don’t plan and you affect climate change… Just another reason why Vancouver has done it all wrong… Why can’t they learn from places in Europe like Oslo? Germany? Netherlands? Switzerland eh? :)

    Good point ET! Public transportation is the best contribution to fight our pollution problem and I do like taking the bus to work (reading newspaper or taking a nap:-)

  9. Hey, I’m here to tell you I’ve tagged you – yesterday and today…not sure if I told you. Anyhoo think you’ve done the band meme already, but want you to know I was thinking of you *blushing*

    Now, I’ll read your post! The pics look awesome. Great day to ya friend!!

    Thanks dear blogger friend – your Link Love efforts for me is flattering!
    Glad you liked the pics too – wishing you a great weekend!

  10. OK. Read. Does your chamber of commerce know about you?? You should connect and get publicity there too. You make a heck of a sale on this Oslo place. Wow – I wanna be there, snow or not. Big smackeroos to ya, baby and happy weekend in a beeautiful place!

    Thanks for the endorsement – I’ll tell them :-)
    Returning the smackroos – great weekend to you too!

  11. so oslo sounds like Pennsylvania in the late winter, early spring. “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it is sure to change. ” thanks for sharing the sudden snows with us!

    Well, maybe it takes more than 15 minutes, but it seams like Pennsylvania’s could do fine in Oslo :-)

  12. Hello and thanks for the comment on my blog. It’s nice seeing your photos from Oslo, the weather has been very weird today. Looking forward to follow your blog and potentially see how technology is further changing the way people live their lives. – Sondre

    Your welcome Sondre and thanks for returning the favour!
    Looking forward to follow up your too – and for the same reason :-)

    To all:Sondre won the Geek of the Year Award last night – check him out!

  13. Rakfisk?? Interesting … do you consider this a favourite food? Hope you have a super time at the fish feast party.
    I liked your comment about folks working out in the gym along the streetside – skiing does sound much more enjoyable.
    As always, I really enjoy all of the photos that highlight your community – a bit like taking a virtual trip to Norway!!

    Eric “Speedcat Hollydale”

    A very old traditional and special Norwegian dish and yea: one of my favourite – I now we’ll have a great time tomorrow!
    I’m glad you got the point about ‘broiler factory’ :lol:
    Your always welcome back for a virtual tip to Norway!!

  14. Oh I remember last year! I hope you and Diane have a wonderful time! Does she like the Rakfisk? I would be interested in trying it. I do love fish, of almost any kind. But Hubby and our Finnish friend tell me that Rakfisk is an acquired taste.
    Have a splendid time!

    Diane loves Rakfisk too and actually from the first time we got to Norway, but your right: it takes some time to get use to it – I hated it when I was young (especially the smell:-).
    We will – I’m in Porsgrunn, my home town at my Sister’s now and its 3 1/2 hours to the feast!

  15. I’ve really enjoyed reading this post. What a great idea :-)

    Glad you liked it Tinsie and good to see you again :-)

  16. Wheeee!! Snowstorm! kakaka….
    *runs around playing, catching the snowflakes*

    We never had snow in Singapore, so it would be fun to play in it! Wheeee!

    I do hope you’ll come and visit in the winter one day – would have been lovely to make a post out of you running around to catch snowflakes :lol:

  17. Hi Renny,
    what a splendid story from downtown Oslo right now.
    I’m a third generation citizen of Oslo, which is in fact something rare, but after thinking about it: year 1900: 229.000 people living here – today. 561.000.
    I wish I could visit the charming, and very different parts of downtown Oslo more often.
    Thanks for reminding me of my hometown;))

    btw. Hugs to you and D – and have a great weekend. Z U soon in Mariestad
    Anna is preparing Piroger (what a smell)

    I know Oslo is your home town as much as I am in mine right now. Maybe we should take a trip together and blog about it again?
    Wish you a good one too – Piroger sounds great, but Rakfisk is better ;-)

  18. thanks for this beautiful walk in Oslo’s streets! I imagine it’s a very nice place to live. And how children enjoy skating! I’d like to participe with them and drink a good chocolate too! I can’t wait to read about your weeend! You make me hungry with the rakfisk!

  19. We have one snow storm in Dallas last week. It didn’t last the whole night, and by morning, the snow was gone. I took some pictures as i made a run for fast food, but it didn’t come out too well in a phone camera.

  20. I can see the snow Renny and it looks lovely there, despite the freezing weather. I wish I was there right now, I’d welcome your lovely snow for a change. Love the pics as usual! :)

  21. No snow here but we are about to have the ‘worst storm of the year’. The wind is picking up and I am battening down the hatches and watching my river nervously. It is coinciding with high Spring tides, so there are severe flood warnings out – eek!

  22. Still no snow here :) Love the picture of the kids with their cocoa – all bundled up for the weather. I know, I know . . . there is no bad weather just bad clothes!

  23. Hi there,

    Nice to have discovered your blog! :) I totally love Norway. I’ve been there once in 2000 and I loved my trip.

    I can only wish I could come back. But with your blog, I feel as if I have gone back.

    Thanks for sharing your daily life :)


  24. Looks good! All I had was a Hamburger. :-)

    Thanks! Just a Hamburger – hope you’ve got some Rakfisk from my next post then :-)

  25. Nope .. no Rakfish either. I’m not going to even take a picture of my dinner as it is the epiphany of Americanized cuisine :lol:

    I can send some Rakfisk over if you like :-)
    I think I know what you mean – have been there and done that you know :lol:

  26. My wife and I are going to visit Norwy during our spring break. We are both teachers, and both (how to say this…?), mature. Our children are all grown and we have 8 grandchildren, so that sort of frames the ages! Anyway, we are taking two days to go to Myrdal/Flam/Voss and return; we want to attend the Oslo Philarmonic performace that week; and, see as many museums as time allows…we arrive Sunday afternoon at 14:00, March 15th, and depart Friday, March 20th at 10:00. It’s altogether too short, but it’s all the time we have…any suggestions on things we must not miss would be appreciated.

    Depending on how the train and symphony work out, we will try to catch a Church Music Festival performance or two, and opera nihgt at the Underwater Pub is intriguing. We’re staying at Comfort Inn Boersparken, so we should be close to most things.

    We will bundle up to walk, but will it be just to cold to be outside for even short strolls? For example, is it too cold to visit the Viegland Sculpture Park and stay outside long enough to absorb the garden?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. We look forward to the visit.
    Philip Wedding

    It is never too cold to be outside, and especially not in the spring. The weather will likely be in the 50’s (f) in April. It may not be as warm as you are used to but if you make sure you have warm clothes, you will be fine. If you are used to warmer temperatures you may want to have long underwear under your clothes and a turtle-neck under a sweater and a jacket, maybe even a hat if you are prone to freeze. In April the snow is usually gone from Oslo although you will see some if you travel across the mountains by train. You really should get outside because that is where the beauty is in Oslo and Vigeland Sculpture park is to be enjoyed year round. We were there just this weekend.
    I’ve sent you more details in mail.

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