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Hunting Easter Bunny Eggs in snow

If you could put Christmas, New Years Eve, National Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, first day at school and even summer vacation all in one day – for me you get: A Happy Easter Bunny Egg hunt. This is the most cheerful family tradition for me – a multitude of quality time and of course I will love to share it with you. My regular readers knows it’s not the first, but actually the third time I’ve posted on this, and in the end I’ll tell you how my family ended up not wanting to miss this for anything.
Let’s start from the beginning though – the ingredients: 1: A family who cares for each other, 2: who loves to be out in the nature, 3: + who believes in ‘inside secrets’ and fairy tales, 4: A bunny who lay Easter eggs, 5: back bags with sausages, hot chocolate, oranges and sweet rolls and 6: some logs to make a bonfire.

There are always surprises on occasions like this and this year – can you believe it, in Norway? – it was that we had snow – lots of it. My regular readers knows I have complained about too little of it all season. So when we went away last week for our Easter break, ski equipment was the last thing were thinking of. I mean in a post a couple of days ago, I showed you a lot of spring flowers!
Last Friday though, the southern part of Norway got up to one meeter (3,3 feet) of snow. So when we traveled to my home town of Porsgrunn to start the egg hunt on Easter Day, we looked like this (click to enlarge all pics):

Easter Egg Hunt Norway #1
poles are good for walking in snow too you know :-)

The walk into the forest was great fun as we laughed and sang all the way to our destination. After half an hour walk we found a nice spot for a picnic and bonfire and sat down our backpacks. Then my sister shouted: Look, Easter Bunny foot prints! and the hunt began:
Easter Egg Hunt Norway #8
After a lot of chaos of foot prints the eggs were harder to find :-)

Its important that you find your personal egg. My sisters and mine are about 50 years – a bit taped – but still going strong and an important part of feeling for this tradition.
When each of the eggs are found we sit down by the bonfire to roast the sausages on sticks cut from birch branches, drink hot chocolate and of course eat some of the sweets in the eggs:
Easter Egg Hunt Norway #18

When I was young, I though everyone hunted the Easter Eggs like this of course. Growing older, I’ve realised its kind of special and asked my Mom where they got the tradition from. She then told me that they wanted to give my sister and me some special experience connected to Easter and combined some traditional European rituals with the joy of outdoor fun. Since then we have passed it on to our children and now I’ll pass it over to you. If you would like more details (all pics can also be seen at my Flickr account): Here is a slide show I made with some more of the pictures from this advantageous tradition (couldn’t resist the music as I think it’s wonderful):

In my last two post from 2006 and 2007 (click to read more about our tradition and why The Easter Bunny lay eggs), you can tell it doesn’t have to be snowy! So here it is – from me to you: A new Easter Egg hunt family tradition for free!

Until next Easter then: In comments, I would like to know about Your Easter Egg tradition!

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  1. Oh what a lovely post, and some great photographers too (giggle)!! I am happy you got what you wanted for Easter. These are memories we will never forget!!

    No wonder we get great photos with you behind the camera ;-)
    I’m happy too and its twice as fun doing it together with you of course!

  2. That’s a wonderful tradition. I liked reading and seeing all about it!

    Good to see you Tink and glad you liked it too!

  3. What a lovely tradition. Until this year we have always had a chocolate Easter egg hunt – left by the Easter Bunny. This year it was a parent laid “treasure hunt” – the treasure still being eggs but the hunt trail given by clues. We had fun.

    Glad you liked it too Sue and thanks for sharing your new hunt experience – a nice twist!

  4. Oh what fun! I love the video you made and Diane’s pictures are wonderful!

    :-) Diane knows how to catch the right moments of quality time you know!

  5. Sounds like a very entertaining and family oriented tradition – how amazing that you had so much snow this year!!

    We have no special Easter egg tradition in my family. Perhaps I should start one hehe ;-)

    Entertaining is the word and of course even more joyful with all the snow!
    I really think you should make your own tradition – keep me posted ;-)

  6. My son’s been asking me if the Easter bunny & Santa are real, because the Easter bunny didn’t hide an egg in the garden this year. Hmm… we might have to get creative when my husband gets back home from business tonight :D We might work on making those eggs like you have and organising a late gathering with the family for a bushy BBQ over here.

    Happy Easter!

    Of course both of them are real! Do something when your husband gets back and tell you son’s that Easter Bunny was delayed since he had so much to do in the Norwegian forest this Easter.
    I would love to join a bushy BBQ down under one day!

  7. As I was saying over at Diane’s blog, what a wonderful Easter celebration with family and friends :D I bet the eggs will be frozen by now kekekek…..what an EGG-citing time Renny, thank you.

    Glad you were EGG-citing by this tradition too :lol:
    We took the eggs inside after the pick nick, so their almost melted kekekek

  8. Here in France, chocolate eggs are the big thing. I think some families hide them, but the Easter Egg Hunt doesn’t seem to be the big tradition it is here. Often the Easter chocolate — eggs or other — is just given to the kids in a package.

    The Easter meal is a big deal, as you would suspect in France. Usually lamb is the main dish, and there is often a chocolate dessert.

    Chocolate eggs are quite commend in Norway as well – we just feel like making a bit more out of it.
    Since a lot of Norwegians are in their cottage for Easter, the food is a bit more simple, but leg of lamb is quite commend in some families.

  9. What a nice day you had ! In Belgium too it snowed and quite a lot ! Apparently it’s the coldest Easter since 1975 ! This morning there must be at least 30 cm which is already something very special. On one of the pictures you wear exactly the same coat and hat as Mr. Gattino ! It’s from Australia isn’t it ? I have the coat too.
    If you want to know how Belgium got finally it’s government just have a look here

    I’ve notetist that there have been similar weather in mid Europe – kind of strange even if its still the beginning of spring.
    Yea, my coat and hat is from Australia – actually I bought it last time I was in US to visit Diane’s family.
    I’ll be right over Gattina.

  10. looks like you had lots of fun Renny…..great pics Diane
    that snow certainly looks deep !!
    our Easter was very simple and one of the few years where we were given TOO much chocolate….we had to give it away :)

  11. We had a minor tradition of hunting small chocolate eggs in the garden. I don’t know where it came from (my imagination?) because when I was that age we lived in Africa and chocolate eggs, if we ever had any, would have melted before they were found!

    We’ve had a very cold Easter too, but no snow in the south of England.

  12. wow, it must really be fun! i’ve never tried easter egg hunting ever… =D you obviously had a wonderful easter. =D i like your blog. i got here from the queer chef’s.

  13. how special that you got both your favorite tradition and finally got some snow to go with it! it really looks like such a special time and i think your mother was a wise lady to start such a wonderful tradition. thanks for taking us along in a virtual sense. :)

  14. Nice to share this tradition with us, Renny! It seems to be a fabulous moment in family!!! And chance you had to pass this moment in the forest with snow and sun! Here parents who have little kids hide the eggs in the garden. It’s a great moment for families. Generally we eat the lamb of easter but this year, Pierre cooked a”daube provençale”. Bravo for the slideshow!

  15. That’s so much fun to see. Great tradition you have there. My next Easter wish will be to frolic and do egg hunting in snow. By the way, many thanks for dropping by my site.

  16. I remember reading about last years egg hunt. A wonderful tradition! I loved the picture of the flower fighting the snow…it looked like it was winning! :)

  17. It’s such a great family tradition, Renny! thanks for sharing this. I grew up without Easter eggs and classical music only during Easter, as I was living in a Catholic country and there was no fun allowed for those days, bummer! Luckily, it has changed now :)

  18. hi there.. thanks for visiting my blog, It feels good getting the visitor from Norway. You know, I always have intention to learn about other countries such as Norway. It is so bored just to know about other countries like America and England.

    Actually I’m from Malaysia. I hope, I can know something about Norway from your blog and what people do in Norway. I’m a student, so I didn’t have opportunity to go to visit other countries yet, I hope, one day, I will be.

    If you don’t mind, I hope we can exchange the blog links. Nice blog sir and your entry is just telling the world how great to have a happy family.

    Have a nice day. :) thanks again.

  19. OMG! Look that the thick blanket of snow! And it is so white! Can it be eaten? It should be free from pollutants huh?

    Your Mom is so sweet to plan this Egg Hunt! What a lovely family tradition! I want to start one next year! :)

  20. This whole experience is just enthralling to me, Renny. I have fallen in love with your country and traditions over and over again! And I mean that sincerely!

  21. Hey Renny!

    I hope you and your family had a delightful Easter :)! I do not celebrate it, but my family (like your wife, they are Catholic) did and we had a very good meal as well.
    Slow delight meal is my kind of meal lol…I just love it :D!

    Salmon pate is amazing..Mmmm! I love salmon and its derivative products lol.

    I wish you a great week :D!


  22. I’m amazed how beautiful the nature around your hometown Really are – shall we call it Charming.
    What a natural “Easter” struggle you did have this year – i.e. Norwegians are crazy about snow at the end of Winter. The Final Touch – before Spring. And yes, we got it this year.
    And you kept your fabulous tradition alive and even found the eggs in the Snow covered Landscape.

    Great post, my friend.

    btw. Sorry – this is private, thus in Norwegian
    Tirsdag var det begravelse, min eldste tante som både Ragnhild og jeg gjennom årene hadde hyppig kontakt med (jobb, politikk, naboer og familie) – nesten 92 – 3 barn – 10 barnebarn og 10 oldebarn (så langt). Det var gripende.
    — dessuten -kjørte på en issvull på vei tilbake fra Mariestad. Slo i stykker en bunnplate. Fikk fikset midlertidig i dag, men ny er bestilt.

  23. Wow lots of great comments now!! Your easter blog posts are always popular!! And again great pictures ;-) It was fun to read the responses on what other people do to celebrate the holiday too. What a great idea!

  24. It looks like you all had a lot of fun, Renny :-) I simply scatter chocolate eggs and treats throughout the house. A lot less braving the elements I’m afraid ;-)

    We had – and you can do it the same way next year you know ;-)

  25. We don’t have Easter tradition. During my church days. The church organizes this kind of things. Since I lived in a very hot and humid country. It was fun until the adult joined in :P Talk about competitive parents!!!

    Thanks for sharing yours and I do think I understand – Parents should be more childish and first of all see to that the children have fun!!

  26. Looks like you don’t need my comment, but I’m pretty sure any egg hunt traditions here would be cancelled for snow! Great photos.

    No reason to cancel as long as you know how to dress right you know :-)

  27. How cool! (Literally!) ;) The Easter Bunny left a chocolate egg under my pillow this year…but I didn’t know it & ….woke up to a melted mess! HA! Looked bad…smelled great!

    Thanks for sharing your special experience – hope it tasted good as well!

  28. Renny, you weren’t kidding…this is a most delightful holiday tradition! Thank you so very much for sharing it with us. :)

    Hi Susan, always great to welcome new readers and I’m glad you liked it!

  29. Hi, I’m from the middle Europe and I would like to ask, on which day that egg hunt should be? Friday? Because we use to give chocolate eggs to each other on Sunday and boys go splash girls on Monday, so the girls will be healthy and nice for the next year, but we do not have egg huts, but it sounds like fun :-)

    Hi Susan and first of all: thanks for the visit and for taking your time to comment!
    To your question: Well we always do it on Sunday (the first day of Easter), but of course feel free to do it your way and I do follow your arguments.
    Hope you’ll keep us posted about how it turns out next year!

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