My regular readers know I call myself a Network Evangelist. Just check the communities on my sidebar! It has nothing to do with religion, but rather how much you can achieve by showing interest in others and sharing some from yourself. Blogsphere is a perfect arena for doing so and never have I learned so much about other people; their country, traditions and culture, then since I started to blog more than two years ago. That’s why I say: ‘Blogging connecting people’ so ‘Make Blogs not Wars!’.

Sometimes I’ve posted about sharing some small, but significant and typical things from others. I’ve got a lot of postcards from all over the world, one time a Christmas ornament from Lynn and another time maple fudge fro Zhu. This time I’ve exchanged with a great blog friend Dackel Princess who lives in the White Mountain and Lakes Region of New Hampshire, US and this is what I found in the package (click all picks to enlarge!):

The Package
On top you see a typical bird living around at their lakes: a Loon. We have them in Norway too, living by lakes in the mountains and we call them Lom. Actually the fauna, the climate and the animal life are very much alike in Norway compare to North East of US and Canada! I know it also since my wife is from upstate New York :-)

But let’s dig into some more details from the package:

Old Man of The MountainA pewter Christmas ornament: The Old Man of the Mountain, also known as the Great Stone Face or the Profile, was a series of five granite cliff ledges on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA that, when viewed from the correct angle, appeared to be the jagged profile of a face. The first recorded discovery of the Old Man was in 1805. The outcrop was 1,200 feet above Profile Lake, and measured 40 feet tall and 25 feet wide. Sorry to say it collapsed on May 3, 2003. To make it short in a kind of comparing: It reminds me of Preacher’s Pulpit (Norwegian Prekestolen) in Lysefjord.

Then another symbol from New Hampshire aria:

The Cog RailwayA medallion: The Mount Washington Cog Railway was the world’s first mountain-climbing cog railway (rack-and-pinion railway) with a Marsh rack system. It climbs Mount Washington in New Hampshire and ascends the mountain beginning at an elevation of approximately 2,700 feet (820 m) above sea level and ending at the summit of Mt. Washington at an elevation of 6,288 feet (1,917 m). It is the second steepest rack railway in the world with an average grade of over 25% and a maximum grade of 37.41%. The railway is still in operation. It reminds me of ‘Dovrebanen’ in Norway from Oslo to Trondheim. At least it climbs in similar mountains.

So just by this little but significant exchange, I’ve learned a bit more about where Maribeth lives: A Scorpio (like me :lol: ), who loves to cook, read, travel, write, snow ski and be with her Hubby, her daughter Amanda and of course her adorable dogs. Please spend a minute and go over and visit her to see what she got from me – tell her, I sent you!

Is there anyone else who wants to give and gain like this?


  1. It is so much fun to trade small things from other parts of the world and get a little mystery treat in the mail. Not only that but we get to know each other better, and make a stronger connection. I so much agree with your motto, Renny, Blogging connecting people!!

    You got it my dear: Stronger connection that break down religious, cultural and other barriers – that’s what the world needs!

  2. This has been so much fun and we feel like we know you and Diane even better now! Yes, Blogging has been so good for creating an atmosphere of caring in the world!
    Blogging is not only fun, but truly a way of connecting to the people of the world!

    I agree; A lot of fun and very educational – thanks for playing with me!

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  4. I must say this is absolutely wonderful and a joy indeed to exchange gifts :)

  5. ah what a lovely set of things from New Hampshire. i haven’t forgotten my promise to send something. hoping to get to make the items this week or so.

    I do agree – The things from Maribeth was great!
    Take your time Lime – I’ve not finished collecting the things I’m gonna send to you either!

  6. Through blogging I manage to know alot of nice people and you are one of them Renny. And in every sense it is a gift in itself.

    Thanks for saying so Chase and you know: you was one of my first friend in Blogsphere and also I’m also gratefully that you would design my blog!

  7. What a fun idea! You got some good stuff!

    You wanna exchange too Teena?

  8. Hi, I came over from Dackel Princess’ place – what a great idea you two had! I am off now to rummage around in your archives a bit. Don’t mind me!

    Welcome over then – always great to see new readers. Hope you had a great time surfing around on my blog!

  9. I am absolutely overwhelmed by this international friendship. Of course, as a friend of Maribeth’s, I know how special she is…but now, she is introducing me to wonderful folks around the world…which, actually, she has already done before.

    I am truly touched and moved by this way of showing how small the world is and how easy it is to spread love and good will.

    many happy smiles!
    linda in delaware, USA

    Thanks for hoping over Linda – always great to see a friend of Maribeth here too and glad you liked the concept!
    Glad I could touch you – play along – its a Givers Gain you know!

  10. Ohhhh, I would LOVE to… but I live in such a diverse area, I’m not sure I’d be able to choose which way to go in sending you things! You let me think on this for a little bit Renny – and I’ll get back to you! Or … well… I’ll get back to you!

    Would love to too Melli. It’s doesn’t have to be more than what you think are special or simply something you like to share. Take your time – I’m here!

  11. This exchange is just wonderful, I visit both of you regularly so it’s very special to read this post. I don’t live in my country of birth and if I was to send things they would be mainly edible, like a good cured ham, Manchego cheese, Rioja wine, and then Ravel’s Bolero maybe!!

    Glad you liked it too Mar and I know you are a regular reader on both of our blogs.
    To my imagination it sounds delightful – like a wonderful Friday night feast!

  12. What a fantastic way to share “pieces” of one’s culture. I might be game for an exchange…

    I think so too and you are welcome to play along!

  13. What a wonderful experience and such giving gifts.
    Amazing how Internet connects people. And your are the first to know.
    Even my youngest Son do know about that fact.

    Anna and Tor

    PS. Stompa is now back in his home. Rosa and Felicia missed him the moment I brought him out the entrance door in his Cage.

    Actually I think its amazing and very educating.
    hugs back – to Stompa too :-)

  14. Well I see you have had a lot of visitors!! I knew this piece would be popular because it really is proof of how blogs connect people!! I am glad everyone is having fun with it!!

    Well, I just love blog gatherings like this you know ;-)
    I do agree: the proof of the pudding – blogsphere is fun and educating as it connect people!

  15. I’ve been involved in a few food exchange packages through blogging, and it has been great fun. I see blogging as the replacement for the French café where I should be hanging out but of course don’t — a place I can exchange a few ideas in the evening, philosophical or banal, with interesting people that I have things in common with. I agree with your blogging philosophy. Blog on!

  16. I got to know some people in blogworld. Shionge and I are like sisters :) We exchange a lot of things. Though, mostly chocolates ehheeh. And I also got to know what’s going on in other parts of the world.

  17. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been overwhelmed by the way cyberspace connects people. It’s amazing that despite of differences in culture, race and Religion people became close because of the power of blogging.

    Great post you have here…

    Oh I have a tag for you in my site. Take care…:)

  18. what a fascinating collection of mementos Renny !!!
    this is a terrific and fun way to communicate in the blogosphere :)

  19. Lucky guy, getting stuffs from all over the world! This one is a great one. So many little things in one package… it’s like a little piece of the USA with you now!

    I suggest we do another “little piece of the world” exchange in the summer.

  20. Ohhh, that si so exciting. How do I get started? I like to give stuff…I have even started my book passion at This sounds exciting! I can share my adapted country’s stuff.

    Maybe you can start little piece of us or something like that and we could all joined it and send a little something about where we live.

  21. As you know, I thought this was great… in a time when most “Netizens” are sniping at each other over debates or wasting bandwidth with lack-lustre restaurant reviews for places most of us will never visit, this PROVED the internet is a global meeting place… and can be good!

  22. What a wonderful idea! I always enjoy your inspiring posts RennyBA! Thanks for giving a nice little BOOST to my blogging day! :)

  23. hi, renny! i agree with you. it’s always nice to form true friendships with different people from different parts of the world, noh?

    by the way, that medallion looks big and pretty.

  24. that’s why i say blogs are a gr8 invention! it connects ppl together, share with each other the sweet and the pain… and most of all, the friendship! imagine u can be friends with ppl around the world without having met them b4!

    and the gifts too! ooohhhhh

  25. Hey Diane ,

    You made a lot of work from this post, like to read it all and it is like I am knowing you better now…

    hey hahaah ooooow denise,

    Happy weekend, I missed you olook at my “Friday skywatch” you can still look at my post from Friday I added 48 different sky’s from (our Holiday) Luxemburg in 1 photo.
    Bye hope to see you again JoAnn

  26. Renny,
    you and Diane are the sweetest.

    Anne 60:
    I’ve allready have a challenge to reserve more than the 20 double room they have.

    But you know me? papa fix

  27. Hi Renny,

    I have found since I started bloggin that I have met people all over the world and learning about thier culture is really great. I joke that I have been all over the world just by blogging.

    I have something for you at my site.

    Love and Blessings,

  28. I bloghopped from the Dackel Princess site as well. What a cool idea. I love international friendships I gained through blogging too.

    You blog is worth reading, I’m adding it in my feed reader! Would love to read more about Norway!

  29. Blogging really does bring us together! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Renny.

  30. What fun! If you are making a list or calender of blog exchange friends, please add me in! I love sending little “care packages” to children at camp or homesick friends who’ve moved away, so this kind of thing is right up my aleyis right up my alley.

  31. I did not know there were Loons in Europe. I live in Massachusetts but have seen and heard them in Maine. Beautiful and haunting sound. Nice work.

    Glad I could teach you something new today then – it’s a beautiful bird and I do like the sound of it.

  32. You are absolutely right. The internet is bringing people together if used wisely.

  33. I like the beautiful medallion!
    I have made wonderful blogging friends from all over the world and met some of them. I hope to visit you and Toraa in Norway one day. Got to check out the Vikings myself. *peep peep* hahaha…..

  34. What a fun little package! I really enjoy reading blogs from other countries!

    It was great fun to receive it – glad you enjoy my blog too!

  35. I can feel the enjoyment of sharing from you, RennyBA. And this is the reason I love your blog.:)

  36. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Make me feel like a special guest and I am very grateful for your offer to meet my hubby on his forthcoming visit to Norway this May. He is looking forward to that! I hope it’s okay. It’ll be a great deal for my hubby who will visit your country for the 1st time.

    It’s so nice to see a warm person like you reach out to new people who will become good friends. Yes, like you, I find the blog world a good venue to foster camaraderie and peace. Keep it up! Who knows, we may be welcoming you to our place one of these days.

  37. P.S.

    Count me in the givers gain…I hope you’ll meet my hubby this May so he can personally give you my “share.”

    God Bless!

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